Hersheys kisses


While Darian was seeking permission to eat the Hersheys kisses chocolate…

D: Mummy, what is this?

M: You sure you don’t know what that is? It is chocolate…

D: Can I eat?

M: Okie but only one. Eh Darian, tell me what does the chocolate look like? (So I was expecting him to say shit, 大便…(Oops please pardon the crudeness.)

D: (looking carefully at the chocolate) The chocolate looks like volcano!

M: Oh ya! You are right! Sure it looks like one. 🙂

Of course, I was impressed with his answer and seriously I was not expecting that too! Heehee… Later on, I got Papa Yap to guess Darian’s answer and his guess was ‘shit’. Haha… Well well I supposed it’s the parents who are full of crap rather than the kids! Heehee 😉


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