Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant


Winnie was telling Cassie and me about how yummy the Peking duck was at the Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant Paragon. Hence we decided to organise a brunch date there. According to her, we would have to make early table reservation as the place is rather crowded especially during the weekends, at the same time, the Peking duck have to be pre ordered too. So after firming a date, she immediately did the bookings.

The restaurant looked posh and we wondered if the food tasted as good as its appearance. Haha! Indeed the food and duck lived up to its name, Super Peking Duck, Super Delicious! Well at least the whole group of us thought so and it was to our liking. Thanks to Winnie’s wonderful recommendation. I told Papa Yap that we will have to revisit this restaurant again! And he agreed with me. 🙂




After our hearty and satisfying brunch, we headed to TCC for our coffee and tea time. The Jiejies and korkors never fail to entertain Double Ds. In fact, I’m also glad that they adored double Ds very much too! Likewise double Ds totally love their company and are always asking for them. 🙂



So the #Jiaklimnuagang had yet another great date. Double Ds even went home with new clothes and puzzles from the jiejies and korkors.  The only shocking part was when we left the Paragon Carpark. Haha…


Red star Sunday



Dim sum has been always my favourite and I can have them everyday. It has been two years since we last went to Red Star for dim sum. Hence I didn’t hesitate at all when the #jiaklimnuagang suggested for a dim sum brunch there. It was such a brilliant idea.

The restaurant is usually crowded during the weekend and the queue is constantly long. But we were willing to queue for the dim sum even with a baby bump. 😉 Anyways it’s always better to go there early as some of the food would run out by afternoon and the kitchen wouldn’t replenish them again.


I love going for dim sum in a group because we could order a table full of variety to share. And indeed we did achieve that! The brunch was simply satisfying. 🙂

In my opinion, food at Red Star is perhaps above average, not fantastic, but it’s the place that attracted me. The old school nostalgic ambience and traditional dim sum trolleys made our dining experience a more interesting one. As much as how special it was to have dim sum carts moving around, it’s best to hunt down the specific trolleys yourself especially when it’s crowded or if you are seated at the back. It’s almost certain that those popular dishes would take forever to reach you as people in front would have already taken them away.



After our satiated brunch, we headed over to Robertson Walk for our coffee session. Like what our hashtag #jiaklimnuagang says: Jiak-eat, lim- drink,  nua- slack, it’s a sequence that we had to complete. Haha 🙂


Impromptu trip to Downtown East 

***April 15***

We were all geared up for a late afternoon kite flying and picnic outing to the Marina Barrage and set off enthusiastically about 3ish. Yet little did we expected the sudden downpour when we were nearly there. Singapore’s weather is really unpredictable can! The kids’ spirits were dampen. Hence we let Darian decide on an alternative plan. He chose to go to Polliwogs at Suntec so we made a detour.


Upon reaching there, we noticed that the place was packed. Papa Yap and I had to convince the duo on a change of venue which they eventually agreed to after some persuasions. We ended up driving down to Downtown East. Thankfully Papa Yap was really accommodative and didn’t object at all! I know he would always try to spend quality family time with us during the weekend as he can be very busy during the weekdays. And that means he is either coming home past the kids’ bedtime or staying in camp. Anyways thank you my love! 🙂





Well no Polliwogs, the Explorer Kid was equally fun too! The kiddos had a great time, climbing, sliding and plunging into the ball pool together with their sporting daddy. While I took this opportunity to sit back and relax, watch them play the entire time. heehee 🙂




We then had our late dinner at one of the restaurants. We could tell how hungry the duo was after almost two hours of play. In fact Papa Yap and I were famished too! After our hearty dinner, we went to the arcade for some games before heading home.




Double Ds certainly had a wholesome enjoyable Saturday with their beloved Papa Yap. 🙂


The first #jiaklimnuagang outing at Coastal Settlement

***April 15***

After having several meet ups with Steven and Cassie, they organized another dinner date, this time round, with another two more couple from our secondary school clique. However only Kenny and his gf, Winnie, were able to make it.



We decided to do dinner at The Coastal settlement on Friday night. We ordered quite a bit of food. Food tasted alright but not exactly fantastic. I actually thought the price was a little steep. However the ambience was undeniably good, not to mention the company too! The kiddos had a good time with all the big brothers and sisters!




After dinner, we headed over to the CSC bowling center nearby. Darian was totally estactic to find out that we were joining the group for late night bowling games. His sense of road direction was really good. He could recall the route to CSC Changi and that was how he discovered that we were going there. Amazing!



The guys, Cassie and Darian played a few games while Winnie, Dyann and I were audiences. The last time when the guys played together was more than a decade ago. It was such a good time reminiscing our teenage’s life. Those were the days when we could stay up the entire night fooling around. Seriously, right now any time after 11pm sounds really tiring and sleepy already. Haha… 🙂


As usual the kiddos were full of energy when they were at play. They didn’t show any sign of tiredness at all. Yet they dozed off almost immediately after we start the car. Kids!


So this was exactly how team #jiaklimnuagang started! Our first outing and of course more to come! 🙂


 CNY 2015 – Year of Sheep

Woah! My last blog entry was actually in April… Since the June school holidays have just begun,  I finally found the energy and time to do some updates here. Obviously I’m going to have quite a bit of backlog posts coming up.

As I was going through my account, I realised I still had my Chinese New Year 2015 draft pending. Like seriously, Chinese New Year had already past for 4 months you know! But I feel that this significant occasion certainly deserved to be remembered. To me, it is not exactly about the goodies, yusheng, steamboats, liondance, the new clothes and redpackets but more of a yearly affair where everyone makes the effort and time for each other. You get to see those people who you hardly see in a year time. So how can I not love celebrating such a happy occasion in Singapore. Hence CNY 2015 would be my first post for the start. 🙂

***February 2015****

This CNY had been quite a crazy tiring one, given that the first day of CNY was on a Thursday, we had the luxury of having four continuous days of visiting all over the island. Although I love having the four continuous days to visit our friends and relatives, it was really tiring.



In fact, Wednesday seemed like the start of CNY already. As usual, reunion dinner was at my in laws’ place. Now that we have kids, having the reunion dinner at home would be more ideal for us. She had pre-ordered a set deal from Soup Restaurant and we thought food was mediocre only. Anyways it’s our custom for married woman to be having reunion dinner with the husband’s family. Though I miss having my mom’s steamboat, she can prepare anytime if we want. So it’s seriously not of an issue.






As usual, CNY Day 1 was spent at both the parents’ house where all the relatives gathered around. The first half of the day was at the in laws’ place before we popped over to my parents’ for dinner. The good thing is that they are both living few blocks apart which really made travelling so convenient. So the entire day was all about poker cards, foods, foods and more foods… Oh ya my mom cooked a feast! Her cooked from scratch, Deluxe Treasure Pot (aka Buddha jumps over the wall) was marvellous! We were totally amazed at her superb cooking skills. It was a pity that we didn’t take a picture of our delectable dinner. My father was telling us how early my mom woke up just to prepare the dinner all by herself. Yep we definitely appreciated her efforts and hard work but I guessed we appreciated her yummy food more. heehee 😉 With that, CNY day 1 ended nearly 12 midnight!














The next three days and the following weekend, we went around Singapore, from the west to the east, visiting our relatives and friends. It’s always such a joy seeing them during CNY. We even attended baby Tyler’s mini first birthday party. I’m sure double Ds were both elated throughout the festive period. I could see that they were totally immersed in the festive mood. Now, I’m already looking forward to the next CNY with new little ones coming. 🙂


CNY 2014

This Chinese New Year is rather an unique one for us. It’s our first time we spent CNY out of Singapore. It’s my first time having to prepare reunion dinner for my little family, making my own yusheng, albeit missing the CNY atmosphere. Back at home, yusheng is sold everywhere, my mother and MIL prepare all the ingredients and dishes for the reunion dinners, and all we do was just eat! Haha 🙂

Frankly, I was feeling quite emotional on the eve and the first two days of CNY especially when I browsed through lots of CNY photos in Facebook. I have always look forward to such occasion where family, relatives and friends gather around. It is certainly nice to see all the familiar faces during such festive season. Couldn’t help but to have such mixed feelings…

We only experienced a bit of the CNY mood the following week when we visited SLTC Tan and family, attended the embassy CNY reception and went to DA’s
house. Although we couldn’t find any mandarin oranges in stores, we managed to select the biggest tangerines among all to make do for our house visits. Heehee 😉 Still we did have had some celebrations with fellow Singaporeans after all.

So here I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Horse year with abundance of good health and wealth! Let’s us all Huat in this ‘Horseh’ year!! 🙂


Simple reunion dinner for the yappies. Fishball cabbage soup, breaded prawns and omelette, minced meat tofu and pan-fry fish. Obviously I overcooked again. Well it can also means abundance right? Heehee 😉


Darian and Dyann wishes everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai! 😉


My first homemade fruity veggy yusheng. It was a great success and Papa Yap finished the plate clean! Really yummy and I even prepared one for Papa Yap’s classmates the next morning. Am glad that they enjoyed it too! 🙂


Darian having fun tossing the yusheng! Huat ah!


Aww… My two lovely angels in their Chinese costume. 🙂


Papa Yap and Double Ds


Us at the Embassy  CNY dinner reception. 🙂



MCU tree decoration and potluck

***2nd December 13***

Our family attended a tree decoration and potluck party organized by the school for the international students. Families were expected to bring along a dish for the potluck session and a hanging ornament as well. Thanks to my very very nice husband who replied(without consulting me) that we would be bringing sambal(chilli) prawns. Oh why don’t you suggest something easier like green bean soup? Haha… That jolly meant that I have to shell and devein 2 pounds of prawns. Still, I was glad that the sambal paste that we bought was really tasty and spicy. We received good feedback on the dish and our Filipino friend, Richard, was telling us how spicy and hot it was. I suppose it was way too hot for him!


Sambal prawns. Yummy!

It was a nice evening to gather around with the other international students and their family. We tried quite a bit of international food and they tasted good too. It was certainly great that the organizing committee indented a bouncing castle for the kids too. I’m pretty sure the kids had a lot of fun, so did Darian. 🙂


International food.




Bouncing castle


The girl who cannot play in the bouncing castle.

As the tree decorations began, the kids took turns to hang their ornament on the tree. It was only then we realized that we have to bring along a hanging ornament. Thanks to Feroz who brought some hanging ornaments and gave it to Darian for him to participate in the activity. This boy insisted to hang his ornament facing the front because he wanted them to be seen!


Darian hanging the ornament.


All done! 🙂


Hi mister snowman! 🙂

At the end of the event, there was a lucky draw with some cookbooks and a light up musical snowman to be given away. We didn’t win any prize yet double Ds went home with the snowman! Guess what? A little girl(maybe 8 or 9 years old) who won the snowman gave it to Darian. Nope, Darian didn’t ask or cry for the snowman. It was just so unexpected when the little girl approached us and gave it to Darian. Wow that was absolutely sweet and kind of her being so generous! Of course Darian and Baby Dyann were really happy. So maybe we did win the lucky draw after all! Tis the season to be jolly… Lalalalala lalalala… 😉


Medieval Time


Medieval Times Castle


Darian and John at the entrance.


Yappies at Medieval Times! 😉


George and family

I am absolutely glad to have had made it to the Medieval Times for the dinner and tournament show. It was really that outstanding! Before that, I was actually having reservation going for it as I find the tickets rather pricey and the name of it already bored me. But I was so so wrong. It wasn’t boring at all! The food and the show certainly worth the tickets. It was a fantastic evening for us together with George’s family and their friend. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Food was yummy, show was great and service was good too! Darian was well entertained throughout the whole dinner and show. As for Baby Dyann, it was the food that kept her occupied the whole time. Seriously that’s good enough! 🙂


The flag that costs 5 bucks!


Beautiful white horse making its entrance.


Our knight!


Knights march out.


Last battle of Blue and Red knight. And the winner was Blue Knight!

Seatings were according to five coloured sectors, each representing a coloured knight. We were right in the yellow and red sector which made us the supporters of the red and yellow knight,  all rooting for him. Trust me everyone was just that enthusiastic with cheering or jeering at the knights during their battles. It really amused me! 😉


This is what we had for dinner. There was no way to take a decent picture of it so I grab it from the website. 🙂


Darian trying his tomato bisque. He didn’t like it but at least he tried. 🙂

Food was tasty and to our liking as well. The serving was quite a lot. I should have box up Darian’s share and shared mine with him instead. Interestingly, there wasn’t any cutlery for the meal in order to suit the theme. No choice but to get our fingers and hand dirty and greasy! Then again, it was a little difficult to snap a picture or two when your hands are that dirty.

 The only negative thing is that seating is based on tickets therefore unless I purchase a ticket for Baby Dyann, otherwise she would be on my lap throughout the entire show. There is no way they could put a high chair there. Yep she was on my lap most of the time which obviously made eating a little more messier. But it’s the medieval times! So who cares?! Haha 😉


After dinner and show.


Got a picture with our knight.


The girls with the king and princess.


My royal princess ❤


My royal prince ❤

I truly had a great dining experience on my birthday! Awesome! 🙂


Papa Yap’s big 30

***27th October 13***

Papa Yap’s 30th birthday is nothing of a big fanciful celebration, instead a simple homemade dinner with a cake to mark this date. He spent the first half of his day at the Marine Corps marathon and the second half limping his way home. Haha… Like seriously! Who in the right mind would go for a 42km marathon on his birthday! But seeing his medal with his birth date on it, made this day extra meaningful. 🙂 Birthday dinner was one of his favourite – chicken rice and dumpling soup. Seeing how satisfied the birthday boy was with the homemade dinner with an extra dash of love, made the hours spent in the kitchen all worthwhile. 🙂 The duo were all excited for the cake cutting session after the satiated dinner. To sum up, the birthday boy was absolutely pleased with his day. Oh simple pleasures in life! Like what Papa Yap said, “nothing beats being together with my loved ones”. After all, we are his main source of happiness! Heehee 🙂


Completed the run!


MCM 2013 medal

To my wonderful husband:
Happy blessed birthday my love! Wishing you good health, wealth and happiness always. This is our sixteenth birthday celebration together. It is just so amazing that we have come this far! Life is never perfect, neither is our marriage. Yes, we do fight and we do have our silly arguments and disagreements. But every morning, I’m grateful to have you next to me. You have made me a better person, taught me to open my eyes to possibilities and also loved me for who I am. Thank you so much my dearest hubby. Thank you for all the big and little things you have done for us. You have been truly a wonderful papa and hubby. Double Ds and I love you to bits! Cheers to many more to come! Muacks ❤


Chicken rice with dumpling soup. Seriously I highly doubt that I will cook this in Singapore where we can just head down to the coffee shop to get it. Preparation is really a chore…


Fruit cake from a Korean bakery


30th 🙂


Birthday boy with his two precious! ❤


We are happy family. ❤


Happy birthday Papa!


Papa Yap and I burst into laughter while he was making his wishes. Darian was very concerned with Papa taking too much time making his wish. Breaking the silence, he looked at Papa Yap and asked innocently, “Are you OK papa?” As usual Darian never fail to amuse us! Heehee 🙂



With the Greeks

***19th October***

Our family were invited over for dinner by the Greeks. George, Sophia and John were really friendly and nice. Darian was so happy to be able to play with John. In fact, he was very eager to go over since the morning. Sophia had prepared a table of yummy food and there was also some Greece desserts and drinks to serve us too. It was an evening of yummilicious food, joy and laughter. We all enjoyed ourselves, especially the kids. A big thank you to George and Sophia for being such wonderful hosts. One awesome dinner date for sure! 🙂


Busy girl going up and down the stairs. Thank goodness we are staying in an apartment. Haha 😉


John and Darian 🙂


George and Sophia setting up the table.


Tasty salad


Baked potatoes, beef meat balls and broccoli


Baked pasta


Playing a game of picking the candies.


So the prince came home with a bag of treats.