Mama J is one year older


Alright I’m already 31 years old, though I thought I was 32. Seriously… What a joke right? 😏 And on my 31st birthday, Papa Yap insisted that I ought to have my birthday meesua which I normally would cook for my little family. He even suggested to cook for me. Of course, I flatly rejected his kind offer. It’s kind of scary to even imagine him cooking in my kitchen… Haha… In the end, he brought me to Putien for a dinner treat, as well as fulfilling the ‘birthday meesua mission’. At least I got to eat it for my birthday as well. 😉


This year, I spent my birthday not only with my little family, but as well as my close relatives and siblings. Though it’s quite a pity that my parents were unable to join us due to their work commitment. Still, I’m happy enough.





I had organized a karaoke session at the Temasek club, the same place where Papa Yap celebrated his birthday. Looking at how spacious the room was, it was certainly enough to fit the family. Besides that, the additional soccer table would provide them with another activity to do, at the same time keeping Darian occupied. Anyways Darian was also anticipating to play the soccer table after knowing that we would be going there. Hello son, please understand that not all KTV room has a soccer table alright… Haha…






It was such a joyous night, singing and drinking with this bunch of people. I’m glad to be able to celebrate this special day with all of them. Double Ds had an enjoyable time playing with everyone too. To my siblings, aunts and cousins, thank you for your presence, as well as the presents and cake. Much appreciated.










It’s definitely a good reason for double Ds to stay up late. Isn’t it! By the way, they were really happy to be wearing their Spiderman and Snow White costumes. Silly kids! ❤



❤ ❤ ❤


Darian is 5 – Part 2


Day 2

Our first activity of the day began at Port of the Lost Wonder. This was our second visit to the water playground. We had quite a bad experience with Darian when we first visited POLW two years ago. Back then he was totally terrified of getting into the water. But now he has definitely outgrown that phase, in fact we actually need to cajole him out of the water. As for our little missy, it didn’t take her long enough to get into the pool. She seems a little more adventurous than her big brother. The kiddos had so much fun splashing with Papa Yap while I watched them played and captured all those priceless moments. Perhaps it’s time to get a water-resistant camera. 😉 Double Ds absolutely had a whale of a splashy great time there. Since then, Darian has been talking about a revisit. 🙂













Next, we brought double Ds to the Playcation event held at the Palawan beach. With a spending of 60 bucks at Sentosa, we were able to redeem two free play passes. However, the exhausted little missy was least interested about playing at all. She fell asleep soundly on Papa’s Yap arms while waiting for Darian to remove his shoes. So I ended up giving her pass to a random family. On the other hand, Darian was all ready for the next round of play. I really wondered where did he get all those energy from. The ball pool, slides, bouncing castle, rock climbing giant inflatables in the playtent kept Darian well entertained for the next 20 minutes.










After dinner at the Macdonalds, we continued with our third activity – the Luge rides. We were surprised to see how double Ds enjoyed the rides so much. We had two rounds of the Luge but they were still asking for more. They totally loved the thrills! Papa Yap was telling me how Darian kept asking him to go faster on the luge. Well Papa Yap and I did enjoy the rides too. But I didn’t like the skylift at all. So we took a bus up for our second round of Luge.







The last activity for the day was the Wings of Time show at the Palawan beach. Like the previous show, Songs of the Sea, Wings of time is yet another show of water, laser lights and fire effects. I thought it was really a fabulous way to end the night with beautiful fireworks and lights. 🙂







All of us were extremely tired after a long day outside. We snuggled into bed right after bath time. It was indeed a splendid family day at the beach. 🙂


Day 3

Like any other staycation, we would usually plan for a swim at the hotel on the last day. Double Ds were so happy to get into the pool. We brought them over to the Hard Rock Hotel where they could have both water and sand play. However, Dyann did not enjoy the sand play at all and was reluctant to walk on it. As for Darian, he was having loads of fun playing his sand play toys.







We concluded the last day of our staycation at the Trick Eye Museum. Darian was very enthusiastic about posing in front of the camera. He literally posed for almost every scenes. We could tell that he was totally enjoying it. Haha 🙂 Anyways Trick Eye Museum is similar to the Alive Museum, just of a different managing company with different photo concepts. Nevertheless, we still had a great time taking lots of funny silly photos. 🙂
















It was absolutely a terrific staycation! Awesome!

Until now, Darian has been asking for another Sentosa staycation. 🙂


Darian is 5 – Part 1






The night before Darian’s birthday, his favourite yiyi and John appeared at our door to surprise him with a birthday cake. Darian was really elated to see them! 🙂 Before that, he had mommy’s homecooked birthday meesua for dinner. This silly boy was so happy to see two eggs in his bowl. 🙂

Day 1






The next day, we set off to Sentosa where we would be spending our next two nights there. Needless to say, double Ds were extremely thrilled about the staycation. On the way, we picked up the grandparents who would be joining us for Darian’s birthday lunch at Earle Swenson’s, Vivo City, followed by a visit to Madame Tussauds Sentosa. Since we were all wearing blues except for my father in law. I bought him a blue shirt upon reaching Vivo City. So it’s Team Blue day out! 🙂











After a hearty lunch, we took the Sentosa Express over to Madame Tussuads Singapore. This is our second visit to a Madame Tussuads museum. The first one was in Washington D.C. I suppose our kiddos have no issues about visiting a wax figures museum because both of them are least camera shy and in fact quite a poser. Haha 🙂  MTS housed over 60 wax figures of both local and international leaders and stars. This is the time when one could have no reservations taking selfies and pictures with all those famous people. Some stations even have props for creative and fun shots. We all had fun posing around and taking pictures with the figures. For us, taking a picture with ‘Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew’ is definitely a must at MTS. The trip wouldn’t be complete without a picture with them. Last but not least, the unique feature here got to be the boat ride that takes visitors on a journey through the iconic sights in Singapore. Despite a quick ride, I thought it did bring out the essences of Singapore. 🙂






After sending the grandparents back, we checked into the Festive hotel where we would be staying for three days and two nights. This was our second staycation here in RWS. Although there was a bunk bed and sofa bed available in the room, we still preferred to snuggle each other to sleep on the king size bed. Well at least I didn’t wake up to backaches. 🙂





We ended Day 1 with dinner at Din Tai Feng, RWS, followed by a quick shopping at Vivo city. It was a good thing that Vivo City was accessible by the Sentosa Express. This made traveling in and out of Sentosa much easier.





Day 1 was fun but Day 2 was even better! 🙂


Papa Yap 32nd Birthday






Papa Yap’s 32nd birthday was actually on a Monday hence we decided to celebrate on the day before instead. This time round, my parents in law joined us in Papa Yap’s mini birthday celebration at Temasek Club where I had booked a room for 2 hours karaoke session. I supposed it was a smart choice to have booked the biggest room with a soccer table. The spacious room gave the kiddos ample moving space and the soccer table really kept Darian well entertained throughout the entire session.






Prior to the Karaoke session, Double Ds spent some time at the air conditioned playground as we were there early. Well they certainly enjoyed playing at the playground and I wouldn’t mind watching them play in a cooling indoor environment too.






We had a good time, ‘partying’ in the room. We sang, watched the kids sang “Let it Go” and danced to Gangnam Style, played at the soccer table, ate Papa Yap’s cute birthday cake chosen by Darian and took lots of delightful photos. It was absolutely great to see how happy everyone was. We ended off having dinner at Bedok Mall and getting Darian a toy at Tampines Mall. Hmm… I wondered whose birthday was it actually? Haha 🙂











So on the actual day, 27th October, Papa Yap came home after work to the usual home cooked birthday noodles and a card specially made by me and the kiddos. 🙂



Simple gift simple food.

Major love major happiness! ❤


Medieval Time


Medieval Times Castle


Darian and John at the entrance.


Yappies at Medieval Times! 😉


George and family

I am absolutely glad to have had made it to the Medieval Times for the dinner and tournament show. It was really that outstanding! Before that, I was actually having reservation going for it as I find the tickets rather pricey and the name of it already bored me. But I was so so wrong. It wasn’t boring at all! The food and the show certainly worth the tickets. It was a fantastic evening for us together with George’s family and their friend. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Food was yummy, show was great and service was good too! Darian was well entertained throughout the whole dinner and show. As for Baby Dyann, it was the food that kept her occupied the whole time. Seriously that’s good enough! 🙂


The flag that costs 5 bucks!


Beautiful white horse making its entrance.


Our knight!


Knights march out.


Last battle of Blue and Red knight. And the winner was Blue Knight!

Seatings were according to five coloured sectors, each representing a coloured knight. We were right in the yellow and red sector which made us the supporters of the red and yellow knight,  all rooting for him. Trust me everyone was just that enthusiastic with cheering or jeering at the knights during their battles. It really amused me! 😉


This is what we had for dinner. There was no way to take a decent picture of it so I grab it from the website. 🙂


Darian trying his tomato bisque. He didn’t like it but at least he tried. 🙂

Food was tasty and to our liking as well. The serving was quite a lot. I should have box up Darian’s share and shared mine with him instead. Interestingly, there wasn’t any cutlery for the meal in order to suit the theme. No choice but to get our fingers and hand dirty and greasy! Then again, it was a little difficult to snap a picture or two when your hands are that dirty.

 The only negative thing is that seating is based on tickets therefore unless I purchase a ticket for Baby Dyann, otherwise she would be on my lap throughout the entire show. There is no way they could put a high chair there. Yep she was on my lap most of the time which obviously made eating a little more messier. But it’s the medieval times! So who cares?! Haha 😉


After dinner and show.


Got a picture with our knight.


The girls with the king and princess.


My royal princess ❤


My royal prince ❤

I truly had a great dining experience on my birthday! Awesome! 🙂


National Aquarium at Baltimore


After the 90 minutes journey, we finally reached our destination! 🙂 Parking at Baltimore is relatively similar to D.C; limited and expensive. We parked our car at one of the affiliated garage to the National aquarium which gave us a $5 parking discount. Still, parking cost us about 20usd! To add, the admission tickets are not cheap either. For our  first time to the aquarium and probably the last, it’s money well spent though.




Looking at the number of visitors, the aquarium is definitely popular. There was already a crowd when we reached there at 11ish. As strollers are not allowed in the aquarium, we got to park it at coat and stroller check. I bet Baby Dyann was the happiest! She simply has the ‘I’m freed!’ face! It was just timely that she was asleep throughout the journey to the Aquarium, hence we wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a sleeping baby. You know she is not light at all! Our first stop was at the food court. Since it was nearly lunch time, we decided to fill up our tummy before exploring the place.




The aquarium is divided into three main buildings: Blue Wonders, Glass Pavilion and Pier 4. First, we headed to Pier 4 to see the dolphin and jellyfishes gallery. Coincidentally we reached the dolphin discovery just in time for their training session. I suppose the session was more to be an explicit illustration of what the dolphins can do, or in another words, it’s like a show. Well we did enjoy watching the dolphins for sure.







Next, was the blue wonders. It consists of the Black tip reef, Rainforest, Atlantic coral reef and Shark alley gallery. The ideal route is to tour from the black tip reef, and reach the rainforest at the top. It will then lead you to the other side where you can watch the Atlantic coral reef and sharks as you descend through the ring-shaped glass viewing exhibit. Pretty neat! The sharks there looked really huge. Seriously those eyes and teeth kind of scare me.




The Glass pavilion, like its name, has glass on the top and side of the building. This allows the sunlight to peek through while walking through the Animal Planet Australia exhibit. Also, there was a tall man-made waterfall in the exhibit that created the sound of gushing waters making the trail even closer to nature theme. Interesting design!


There were plenty of wildlife and marine animals to look at. Double Ds enjoyed themselves so much. I must say we didn’t exactly see all the creatures at certain exhibits as there were way too many people around. Nonetheless, we completed the tour at 3pm and left the aquarium with a family photo and a shark light-up sword for Darian. As usual he is mad happy with the purchase. Overall, all of us did have a great time at the aquarium! 🙂


All on my 30th

***29th November 13***

I’m officially in the big 3 club! You know, I have been telling myself that age is just a number. Blah blah blah… No not true, I’m actually rather nervous to see the number. Haha! Alright whatever it is, I know I’m going to embrace the 30s club with bountiful of happiness, joy, love and good health. Yay! 🙂

To say that I feel blessed is an understatement. My world would not be complete without the hubs and the kiddos. Life has been pretty kind to me and I am absolutely thankful for all the things I have in life which of course includes my husband and my two lovely kids! I’m thankful enough to be given such opportunity to stay and tour around the United States. Life is good. So here in States my thirties adventure starts! Yolo!

I had a wondrous day at the Baltimore National Aquarium and Medieval Times(I will blog about them in separate posts though.) which all of us have had an incredibly ‘funtastic’ time! I’m most happy to see my family being so happy! Love is being happy together. 🙂



Like what Papa Yap said “how can I not get a cake for my wife when all of us had gotten one?” And here’s my cake with Darian being a little upset with the three candles. He wanted many many more… Eh Hello!! 😉









This about sums up my 30th. It was certainly a marvellous one! Love the Yappies to the max! ❤❤❤


On turning 4

***26th November 13***


Darian is 4! 😉

On this special day, we had a simple celebration; a dine out at Chick-Fil-A (where they have a little playground for the young kids) followed by a cake cutting session at home. We were glad to see that Darian was totally surprised and happy over dinner and cake. Simple celebration yet he was gleaming with joy. I bet he had sweet dreams that night too. Heehee 🙂


Our dinner and we thought the burgers were quite tasty.


My little dashing son!


On the slide


Finally giving me a pose!


Act cute! Heehee 😉


And Baby Dyann joined in the fun.

Dearest Darian,

It’s like a blink of eyes and you are already 4! Oh where did the time go? It’s simply amazing to watch you transform from a little adorable baby to a dashing little boy! You definitely have grown a lot. You have been a loving son and brother to Papa, mama and meimei. We all love you so much! ❤

Thank you for being such an awesome big brother to Baby Dyann. Other than the times when you two brawl over toys and iPad, we can see how much you love meimei. I love seeing how you two greet each other with hugs and kisses in the morning. It sure warms my heart. It is great that you know how to share mama’s love with meimei. Whenever meimei gets upset seeing me hugging you, you will ask her to join in the hug together. Awww… absolutely wonderful brother you are! Whenever meimei walks too slow out of the elevator, you will get worried and run back in while urging her to walk faster. It’s such simple acts that show how much you care, love and protect her.

I know you love me as much as I love you. You care so much for me that you told me, you don’t want another sibling because you don’t want the doctor to operate on me and worry that I will bleed. Just tell me how can I ever stop loving you?

Yes, papa and mama are strict in your upbringing mainly because it is our duty to educate and teach you to be a better person. Son, you have to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around you and there are certainly ups and downs in life. This is part and parcel of life and that we want you to have a strong and determine personality to overcome whatever obstacles you may face in life. Having said so, your love for us is still as strong as before. You enjoy papa’s companion and mama’s attention and is always yearning for more. ❤

Papa and mama want you to know that, every single day since you were born, you’ve added something so amazing to our world that we can’t even imagine life without you in it. Happy 4th Birthday dear son! Stay happy, healthy and safe always. We love you to bits! Muacks! ❤❤❤


Happy birthday Darian!


Haha! 😉


We love you so much! ❤


He loves me so much! ❤


Kissing papa. 😉


Aww… meimei giving gege a birthday kiss!


Making a wish and his wish was “I love mama!” Really melt my heart boy! 🙂


Let’s cut the cake.


First slice to be given to Papa.


Finally his turn to eat the cake. 🙂


Last but not least, his birthday presents from us! 🙂


Mil’s birthday

***9th June***

We had a mini birthday celebration for my mother in law over at my brother in law’s place. Considering that we have two babies and two little boys, it is definitely much more convenient to dine at home rather than going to any restaurant. Food was from Yam’s Kitchen and we thought it was good. There was a strawberry cheesecake for my mil as well. Not too sure where did my bil bought the cake from though.

Happy Birthday to my mil. Wishing her good health, wealth and happiness always. Many happy returns.


The grandparents with the two boys


All of us


The grandparents and the kiddos




First of June

***1st June***

First of June was one busy day. Auntie Liew(my ex-colleague) invited us over to her place at 12pm to celebrate her birthday together with her family and friends. She had ordered mini buffet from Neogarden and Linda bought her a fruit cake. Had a catch up session with my close ex-colleagues. It is just how amazing that everyone in this group put in the effort to keep this friendship growing. They are all like mothers and elder sisters to me. I am truly happy that I have met such nice people in my life. Had a mini celebration with Auntie Liew. I am sure she was absolutely happy that day. Wishing her good health and happiness always! 🙂


Auntie Liew with her family and my boy



Auntie Liew’s place wasn’t too far from ours. It is just two junctions away. So after that I rushed home at 2pm to cook Cheese macaroni for a barbecue gathering session at Alvin’s place with the usual peeps. It was really nice of Alvin and his girlfriend Ann to prepare the food and engage a man to do the barbecuing for us. Seriously I bet no one wants to be standing in front of the grill for the whole evening. So the ‘satay man’ was really a good idea! heehee 😉 I am so glad that the guys love my cheese macaroni that they finished up everything. It has always been great to meet up with this bunch of old friends. I didn’t manage to really talk to them as Darian was unwell. Ann offered us to bring the kids up to their new renovated apartment as it would definitely be much more conducive for the two kiddos. So we obliged. And that was when the drama started… Just as we were relaxing at the sofa, Darian vomited on their new customised sofa after drinking a sip of Yakult. Oh my goodness… It was totally disastrous. Can you even imagine the mess, the smell… Horrible! Ann was very understanding and didn’t blame Darian at all. In fact, she was constantly assuring us that she is taking it really easy and we couldn’t blame Darian for vomiting as he very much couldn’t control it too. But still Papa Yap and I felt so so bad. This was also the time when you felt that Febreeze is indeed useful. Haha… We spent almost an hour taking turns to dry up the patch using the hair dryer and spraying Febreeze umpteen times on it. It didn’t really get rid of the smell so let’s just hope that the smell would be gone over the days. Then again, Darian looked much better after vomiting. He even insisted to be seated in Ann’s mini cooper before leaving. And of course, he did! Hahaha… 😉


Yuhan with Baby Dyann


The guys


Can never have a gathering without beers!


Darian in Ann’s mini

We were supposed to send my sister off at the airport at 8pm we didn’t manage to. She called and told me not to rush down, knowing that we were at Alvin’s place. And so we bid goodbye through the phone. boohoo… She was leaving to Scotland for 27 days. It’s almost like a month and we are going to miss her big time. Hope she enjoy her study trip and stay safe throughout. Counting down to seeing her on the 27th. Yes Papa Yap, the kids and I will be picking her from the airport for sure! 😉


My sis in Glasgow, Scotland