Papa Yap’s back

***18th May***


Photo credits: Darian Yap! 🙂

After a long month of absence, Papa Yap brought us to Marina Square for dinner. Had an early dinner at Putien Restaurant as we were very hungry. Oh yes I enjoyed eating at Putien. The food standard has been constant and is definitely to our liking. So we ordered the usual dishes and a seaweed with crabmeat&beancurd thick soup.


Our first time trying this and we think that it tastes good! 🙂


Braised pig intestine


Homemade beancurd – the only dish that Fussy eater Darian wants to eat!


Deep fried chicken with garlic


My two lovely prince and princess! ❤❤


A short while at the playground.


Darian loves piggyback!


Ninja Turtles are back in town. Guess I will be seeing Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael soon! Haha 😉

After dinner, we shopped around and got ourselves some random stuff.  Then we ended the night at Mcdonald’s. Tried the new Red Peri Scorcher burger and we find it tasty. Yup spicy enough for us! Anyway a big welcome back to our dearest Papa!❤


Zoo trip

***27th December***

Another Zoo trip for us. This time with Baby Dyann as well. 🙂 Darian loves going to the Zoo. He has been talking about going to the Zoo lately therefore we decided to bring him there. We were so shocked to see the queue at the ticketing counter! It was super long. Didn’t expect to be so so crowded. Perhaps it is because we have been going to such places during the weekdays. Regardless, we just have to follow the queue. Got the tickets and paid an additional 5 bucks for each adult and 3 bucks for each kid to see the pandas.


Brekkie at Seng Kang Macdonalds before our Zoo trip


Let’s go!


Our two cuties getting attentions from people around! There were even people taking photo of meimei! Aww… ❤

Weather was really good. We were even afraid that it might rain and brought along two umbrellas. We had only managed to enter the Zoo at 12pm after queuing for almost half an hour. Papa Yap bought the 2.20pm Panda tickets and we need to be at the entrance 10 min prior to the time slot. So we went around to see the animals that Darian wanted to see before proceeding to the Panda enclosure.











You can find golden pheasant, red pandas and pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia in the conservatory. Darian was pretty excited to see the pandas. They are so cute. We had only managed to see Kai Kai as Jia Jia was not feeling well. We stayed around in the cold conservatory for 10 minutes and headed to the souvenir shop followed by late lunch at the Mama Panda Kitchen. We bought Darian a cute panda umbrella and he likes it a lot. At the Mama Panda Kitchen, we ordered a set of chicken mushroom rice that comes with a hot and spicy soup and a longan beancurd. And also a panda steamed bun, drinks and ice-cream. The soft drink is serve in a cute plastic straw cup featuring the pandas, golden pheasant and red panda. The cup looks so attractive that I brought it back to reuse. 🙂 The food tastes normal, nothing fantastic just filling. We spent an hour or so eating and resting at the Mama panda kitchen before continuing with our walk.












We left the Zoo at 4ish feeling real exhausted. Well it is worthwhile seeing Darian enjoying this trip and had much fun seeing the animals. Going to the Zoo is really one great educational and family bonding session. There are just too many things for the kids to see and learn. We love going to the Zoo! 🙂






Home sweet home

***20th December***

Finally, my pest controller/delivery man/chauffeur/handyman Papa Yap is back from the States! 🙂 He hitched a ride from Davmes and reached home at around 3am. While I was sitting in the living room waiting for Papa Yap, Darian came out looking for me. He wanted me to get back to sleep together with him but I need to open the door for his father. I thought of surprising Darian and decided not to tell him that I was actually waiting for Papa Yap. I told him that I was waiting for a friend to pass me something. Haha kids are just so easy to bluff through eh! So he sat on the sofa waiting for ‘my friend’. I tell you the moment he saw Papa Yap at the door, his eyes were like glowing and beaming with happiness. He was really so so delighted and excited to see his father. He ran to the door and started talking to him. Yes he was still smiling, all the way until we were back on bed and in fact till he eventually slept. He even insisted to wait for Papa Yap to shower and slept only after Papa Yap dozed off. A truly happy boy he was. 🙂 I bet he must have missed his father real badly.

Later in the morning at 9am Papa Yap went to the Macdonalds to get brekkie for us all. He came back with a happy meal toy Batman and also a set of Macdonald food miniatures. These very well brighten up Darian’s day. 🙂 Soon, Papa Yap started unpacking his luggage after brekkie. This time round instead of only bringing back dirty laundry for me, he got us some clothing and shades for himself and me as well. 🙂 This is his first time buying us things on his own. Not too bad! 🙂


A set at $12. I was telling Papa Yap that the cardboard box would be torn pretty soon in the hands of Darian. And true enough, it was torn in less than an hour. Haha 🙂


Our gifts from Papa Yap 🙂

Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job looking after the kids and managing the household. He thinks I am one fantastic mommy. I am just glad that he is back safely. Absence does make the heart grows fonder for sure. I was really missing him like crazy. 24 days is über long can!

Love love! ❤❤


Over the long weekend

Just nice that Papa Yap 29th Birthday was over the long weekend and we spent much quality time together.

***25th October***

We went to Ikea for our early dinner as Papa Yap came home very early. We prefer to go to Ikea during the weekdays as it is not crowded at all, quieter and at the same time getting a seat at the Ikea restaurant is so much easier. So Papa Yap bought the usual food stuff. I simply love the chicken wings there! It is like a must-eat food each time we come to Ikea. After our dinner, we brought Darian to the kids furniture department to check out some furniture pieces before we hit on the store to get some stuff. As usual, Darian was busy playing in the various showrooms while I was busy with my camera. heehee 😉

Kids meal  – French fries and nuggets

Fried rice with two chicken wings

Gravad Lax Plate (Salmon slices with sweet mustard sauce)

And so we ended the night with Macdonald Samurai burger! Our first time eating it. The beef patty is much more tender and juicy compared to the cheese burger. With a coat of the sweet teriyaki sauce makes it even more tasty. 🙂 Alright I know I shouldn’t be eating supper. It’s all Papa Yap’s fault. He was way too hungry from the early dinner. 😉

***26th October***

So the day before Papa Yap’s actual birthday, I gave him a treat at The Coastal Settlement. We went there for brunch and we feel that the food there is fairly good and quite a big portion. I couldn’t finish my order and both of us agreed that we will not order two main courses for our next visit. Overall I think the food wasn’t really that impressive but whole place definitely is. Love the retro vintage concept environment. It is well decorated and furnished with old school furniture pieces and displays. A great place to hang out for brunch and dinner surrounded by beautiful vintage furniture and nostalgic architecture. Awesome! 🙂

Daddy and his boy ❤

Come on its just ice water! Haha 😉


Our sweetie pie! ❤

The man in thoughts

Our drinks

Junior Fish and Chips – Nothing special, just deep fried fish batter with chunky fries. But I do like the fries! 🙂

The Settlement Brunch – Toast with jam, baked beans, scrambled eggs, bacons, sausage and cherry tomatoes.

Grilled Bangers and Mash – Chunky chicken and beef sausages with savory cream sauce.  The onion rings are 100% pure deep fried onions slices which I do not like it at all.

Daddy and his girl ❤

❤ Us ❤

Little Darian on the Vespa

Mommy with her two loves ❤❤

Dino surprise! Hehee 😉

Boys on the swing

That’s all folks! 🙂