Mother’s Day 2015




Our first half of Mother’s Day was spent together with the duo’s paternal grandparents at the Changi Airport. As promised, double Ds got to play at the refurbished Mr Bean theme SingKids playground. Seriously we are not a fan of SingKids and have not been to one for years. Though the place did look a little more appealing now with the Mr Bean theme, the playing equipment looked mostly the same. Well I really don’t think we will be back again.








Nevertheless, the kiddos did have a fun time horsing around inside, while the grandparents and us took turn to supervise their play. After playtime, we took the sky train over to the Terminal 2 for our lunch at Astons. Airport outing is always a pleasant one especially for the kids. 🙂






The second half of the day was to meet up with my family, the duo’s maternal grandparents, to celebrate my mom’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day. My sister had booked a table at the Jin Long restaurant, Punggol Settlement earlier that week. We had a feast and it was satisfying. Somehow we did manage to finish up the birthday cake too. Heehee 🙂 After our hearty meal, we took some pictures at the turtles pond outside before heading home. The kids enjoyed watching the turtles crawling in and out of the water. It’s certainly childhood simple pleasure at its best. Darian even suggested to buy some turtle food to feed them for our next visit. Yep why not? 🙂

So this Mother’s Day was all about spending time and having a meal with both the mothers. As for me, seeing my kids growing well, healthy, happy and safe is the best gift for me already. Yes I absolutely love being double Ds’ mommy… and very soon triple Ds! 🙂




Anyways the day before, Darian participated in a RC SG50 Mother’s Day celebration event. I was touched by watching him performed a heartwarming mandarin song on stage. Aww he’s such a big boy already! That’s really one great gift for Mother’s Day isn’t it!


Goodbye SG

***10th July***

Prior to our flight, many people have been asking me if I was excited about the relocation(Papa Yap is attending a course in US and he is bringing us along). And my answer is NO.  Honestly not excited at all but having plenty of mixed feelings instead. I was like having those jittery bugs in me, feeling nervous to the max. There were simply too many uncertainties.  Things got better when I constantly reminded myself to be optimistic, let nature takes it course, and not to add on any more unnecessary stress for Papa Yap. He might not be showing his stress level but seriously to handle all those administrative, financial and logistic stuff is really tedious enough.  Just got to believe that we can do it together hand in hand and I’m sure things will definitely work out. It’s going to be a long holiday for me and the kiddos! Positivity, Oh Yay! 🙂


The day arrived and my in laws came over early in the morning to help us out so that we could run some last minute errands. Our flight was at 0110, 10th July so we got to be at the airport on the 9th. My aunt came to pick us at about 8pm and I left my place with a stir of emotions. Really going to miss my home sweet home so much! Boohoo…

Many of our immediate families, relatives and friends came to send us off at the airport. For those who came, a big thank you for making the effort to come by. It was heartening to see you guys and we appreciated it very much. And to those who send their well wishes via text, thank you too! Guess all these were very much needed as a booster to keep our spirits high. See you guys next year! 🙂 Yeah all is well! 🙂

Album 3 (EOS)2

Album 3 (EOS)3

Album 3 (EOS)1

Album 3 (EOS)



Darian’s first field trip

***16th April 13***


Leaving for school

Darian went for the school fieldtrip to the Changi Airport with his teachers and classmates. It was his first experience and he was totally enthusiastic about it. I was actually a little skeptical about him participating in this fieldtrip although he was very keen. I wondered if he can follow instructions, not run around, walk together with his teachers and friends. I was worried. After much consideration, I agreed it is a good experience for him to learn to be independent, follow instructions and at the same time build up his social skills. And I believe that he will be fine under his teachers’ care. So I signed and paid for the fieldtrip. 🙂


Getting ready to go


The bus is here 🙂


Boarding the bus

The school bus was supposed to be back by 1pm but had only reached the school at 1.20pm. This 20 minutes wait somehow felt like 20 hours to me.  Haha… I began to get really anxious while waiting. So worried. Furthermore I was there 20 minutes earlier which added the wait to be 40 minute. Being a worrier, I can’t help to panick especially it was his first field trip. Papa Yap thought I was silly and laughed at me on the phone. Haha… I guess all mommies are the same while daddies are always the calm ones.

Anyway I was very glad that he came home sharing with me his fieldtrip experiences. He told me about taking the skytrain, visiting the three terminals, watching the aeroplanes at the viewing gallery, having his mcdonald lunch on the floor (and the way he told me about it was like he was forced to be seated on the floor to eat his food… haha so funny). It was indeed one great experience for him. He did enjoy himself and had a fantastic time with his friends. A happy Tuesday for a happy boy! 🙂




Happy Angrybird Tuesday

***11th December***

My sister and I brought the kiddos to Changi Airport T3 after Baby Dyann’s vaccination at Dr Ho’s. Darian wanted to see the Angrybird space Christmas display at T3, so we decided to head down to the airport thereafter. This year, Changi Airport T3 is decorated in the Angrybird Christmas theme. Not only the stunning Angrybird Space displays, there are also activities located in level 2 and basement 2. However, there is a minimum spending requirement in order to enter the activity zones. At the same time, you can also redeem a angrybird plush toy when you spend $60($120 at Supermarkets) in the Public Area, or $150 in the Transit Area. Seriously, I was really looking around to buy something just for the plush. Haha… But in the end, I didn’t get anything. 🙂

Awesome Angrybird Space display at level 2









At Basement 2




Ice-cream break time! 🙂



Hmm… Mommy I want ice-cream too! Please? 😉

Darian playing at the playground before going home.





And so the boy was extra happy today. He said because:

1) “Yiyi come our house today.”

2) “I go airport see angry bird space today.”

Thanks to my sister for skipping school and accompanying us for the day! We love you!  ❤


Happy Deepavali

***13th November***

Met up with Mummy Jenny and family at Airport Terminal 3 for lunch. Collected my barangs from them and we proceeded to Dian Xiao Er. Lunch over there was good. The roast duck especially, is tasty. It is tender and juicy. On top of that the savory gravy complements the meat well and made it even yummy. The rest of the dishes standard was appealing too. Yet one thing for sure is that, I will not order the water chestnut drink again. It is a three quartered filled diluted drink and cost slightly more than the can drink. Blah…

Duck roasted with ten wonder herbs

Old-style steamed fish slices

Seafood combo with assorted vegetables

Hotplate beancurd with minced meat and pickled vegetables

Braised mushroom in chinese wine (Gotten this picture from the web, forgotten to snap this dish)

Went down to Basement 2 right after lunch. As it was a public holiday, the place was rather crowded. Papa Yap brought Darian to the Arcade for some ball games. Then he went around the toy shops and playground with his son while I was strolling around with Mummy Jenny and the two kids on prams. Ended our meet up session with them at Yakun Toast and headed to Tampines Mall afterward. Papa Yap had to do some errands while I need to get a pressie for this coming Saturday birthday invite. We were all too tired after a long day out and decided to buy dinner back instead. Fancy bumping into our secondary classmate Jessilin at Tampines Mall after so so long, it is like more than a decade. Gosh this makes us sound so old! Haha 🙂

Anyway Tuesday was really a well spent public hoilday! 🙂

The two boys 😉

And the little princess 🙂


Happy Children’s Day

***5th October***

One of a rare weekday that Papa Yap is only working half a day and so we had made plans to bring Darian out to the Polliwogs at Robertson Walk. We kept him in suspense and he was totally clueless of where we were heading to until we reached there. He was super duper surprised and excited. The smile on his face is priceless! One happy boy he is! 🙂 It is our very first time to Polliwogs and we were both certain that the entrance fee is pretty much worth it. It is inclusive of two adults and two free coffee or tea.  As the day coincides with Children’s Day, Darian received a goodies bag as well! This little gift actually does make the kids even happier.

At Polliwogs Robertson Walk, there are mainly two play arena; The smaller play arena is suitable for younger toddlers. They have ball pool, slides and carousel of mirrors.  As for the older kids they have a much bigger area to play in. It is equipped with ball pool with giant slides, mazes, obstacle courses, climbing structures, cannon ball. There are activity panels mounted on low wall to keep children occupied even they are not in the play area too.  Our boy had a great time playing there! Most of the time, Papa Yap was following him. I wonder where do the kids get their energy for climbing, running and sliding around! I gave up after accompanying Darian for like 20min. He was so fast and I was trying hard to catch up with him! Trust me, it is not that easy when you have to bend your body or lowering your head moving around. Haha… Exhausted! Overall, thumbs up for Polliwogs and we will be back for sure! 🙂

Tea break at Polliwogs

Slide at the smaller play arena

Ball pool at the smaller play arena

Cannon ball

Taking a break!


At the giant slide ball pool

My cheeky boy at the climbing wall 😉

Walking through the balancing beam

Going through the netted tunnel

Carousel of mirror


Playing the interactive activity panel

Just us!

While Darian is playing… 🙂

And so we ended the day with dinner at Sakae Sushi Changi Airport Terminal 2. Oh yes, I love to bring the kids to the airport because it is cooling, clean, less crowded, spacious (plenty of space for the kids to run around), and most importantly Darian loves to see the airplanes and take the skytrain! 🙂

My two boys ❤

The only food in the restaurant that he eats – Chawamushi

My two lovely children ❤

What a lovely Friday! Life should be like this everyday. However it is not very possible. So we ought to treasure what we have and live life to its fullest!  Love love ❤❤


A week of awesomeness

***16th June to 25th June***

Papa Yap took a week of leave to accompany us. We were really happy to have him around. In fact, he very much needed a break from work too! The first half of the year has been real busy and tiring for him. I had pre-planned outings to ensure that the week is well spent. Hah and we were like out of the house everyday! hehe… We enjoyed ourselves very much especially Darian. He has been really happy! So much love 🙂

(1)  Petite Park at Changi City Point ~ 16th

We were supposed to meet Mathew, Peixia and meimei Trinity there for a playdate. However, Trinity was still unwell therefore they couldn’t join us. And since we had already told Darian about going to the Petite Park, we proceeded with the initial plan. In fact the first sentence Darian said when he woke up in the morning was “Darian going to play ball.” Haha so can you imagine if we were to cancel the trip? hehe 😉 And of course he had a great deal of fun playing over at the Petite Park! 🙂 Happy boy! Poor mummy got to wait for 1hr45min sitting outside Petite Park. Being mummy is all about sacrifices, isn’t it! 🙂

It’s all worth it to see your loved one’s glowing smile 🙂

(2) Jurong Safra and IMM trip ~ 18th

Was a real sunny Monday! I decided to cook fried rice for lunch and bring Darian to Jurong Safra for a swim in the late afternoon after his nap. Thinking that it wouldn’t be too hot in the late afternoon. But I was wrong! Haha it was equally hot and glaring. Luckily for me, I was under the shade most of the time. Both father and son had a great time playing in the pool. After almost 2 hours of water time, it took awhile to persuade the little boy out of the pool. We headed to IMM for dinner and shopping before going back home. Bought a romper for meimei too 🙂

Yummy fried rice 🙂

 Good Monday! 🙂

(3) Jurong Birdpark ~ 20th

This is Darian second time to the Bird Park. First was a year ago with my friends. So this time round can be considered as our first family trip to the Jurong Bird Park. 🙂 Had our brekkie at home and reached the bird park at ten plus. We covered almost the whole bird park except for two enclosures. Little Darian definitely had fun feeding the lories at the Lory Loft with Papa Yap. I’m pretty sure Darian is much braver when he is with Papa yap for I’m one timid woman! Haha… We took a tram ride around the whole park before going for the afternoon shows. Luckily Darian took a nap during the tram ride and managed to wake up just in time for the shows. He needs to ‘recharge his batteries’ for sure! Haha… It was already 4.30pm by the time we finished both shows. As requested by Little Darian, we brought him to the kids World after the Birds of Prey show. I had prepared his swimming apparels but he was not interested in getting himself wet at all. Lucky for Papa Yap. Darian wanted to play at the dry playground and the little arcade instead. Over there, Darian got attention from a tourist who requested to take a photo of him! 🙂 This is his second time at Bird Park taking photo with tourists! Papa Yap and I were still joking that perhaps we should charge them for the photoshot! Haha just joking! 🙂 We spent 30min there and left the Park at 5.30pm.

 A wonderful Wednesday at the Bird Park with the boys! 🙂

(4) Movie at Century Square ~ 21st

Spent the half of our day at home, home cooked lunch and caught Madagascar 3 at Century Square Cinema together with Little Darian in the evening. It’s our very first movie trip with Darian! How exciting! Earlier before, I was quite worried that he might get too tensed in the cinema once the lights are off. Luckily everything turned out great! The show was hilarious. All three of us enjoyed the show so much. Even Darian said that he wants to watch it again. 🙂 After the movie, we had our dinner, brought him to Kiddy Palace (a must go to place at Century Square for Darian) and back to our home sweet home.

Porridge lunch with steam minced meat egg, stir fry french beans, steam fish and stir fry Si chuan veg 🙂

A good way to end our lovely Thursday! 🙂

(5) Seng Kang Swimming Complex ~ 22nd

On Friday morning, we brought Darian to the pool for more water fun! As usual he enjoyed himself so much. He tried to swim by holding on to his buoy and kicking water. So adorable! Papa Yap is thinking to buy him a swimmer board next year and guide him to swim. Haha we shall see about that. 🙂 We left the pool at noon, went for lunch and back home for a good nap before going out for dinner again! 🙂 Headed to Tampines for dinner and thereafter brought the little boy to Downtown East to catch the Chugginton! Over there, the Chugginton carriage was spoilt and children had to walk following the train around the place. So silly! haha… The train is suppose to bring the children to stations to complete some quest. And of course nothing comes free. You’ve got to pay ten bucks for the Chugginton Quest. If not for faulty train, we would definitely purchase the ticket for Darian. So we shopped around for a while before settling in Macdonalds for Happy Meal! As Darian wanted the Madagascar toys, poor mummy and daddy have to order two happy meals for those two toys even though we were too full to eat! Haha so in the end we brought the cheese burgers back for supper. Well, just for you my dear son! 🙂

Friday was great too! 😉

(6) Vivo City ~ 23rd

Saturday was such a lazy day! Guess it’s because we have been going out for the past few days. Hehe… We slacked at home till 5pm then we drove to Vivo City for some shopping, dinner and Darian’s haircut. Actually we were supposed to meet up with Jenny and Steven for coffee but was postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. No worries at all, I can totally understand that. 🙂 We started the evening pretty happy and ended the trip with tears. Haha… If you had read my post about Darian’s haircut drama, you would know why… Anyway, our mood got better after reaching home. Everything seems to be back to normal! 🙂 Yay!

(7) PeiJun’s 过大礼 (Betrothal) ~ 24th

Aunt Aimei and family invited our family to their place in Bishan to witness PeiJun’s betrothal. Everything was wrapped up nicely, very presentable and grand looking. Even the wedding invitation card is in hard board style. Our very first time seeing such big and heavy card. Hah seriously! They had ordered buffet lunch for all the guests and the food was fantastic! Heard that it’s from a peranakan buffet catering at Joo Chiat. Both Papa Yap and I were thinking of ordering for our Baby’s Shower. Shall see how… 🙂 Oh ya, Aunt Elaine had specially made beancurd pudding for all the guests. It was yummy! Tastes quite similar to Lao Ban beancurd. Both Papa Yap and Darian love it. Got the receipe from Aunt Elaine and will try it out soon after I pop! And as usual, Darian seems like the star of the day! (That’s what many aunties had said) He definitely got a lot of attention from the people in the house!  Haha… Many people whom we don’t know were playing around with him. He was happily playing and running around there. Such a lovable boy! 🙂

And so Papa Yap ended his leave on Monday and resumed work on Tuesday. It was definitely a splendid week of funfilled activities and outings! Well actually we missed out on the Night Safari and Marina Barrage outing as I have been walking way too much. Will do so after I give birth. Hah time flies indeed! Especially in good and enjoyable times! Though Papa Yap had spent ten days with us but it never seem enough. Haha 😉 Anyway I’m really grateful. I’m very sure Darian feels happy and blessed for having Papa Yap as his daddy too. Such a bliss 🙂 Thank you my love! We love you! 🙂


Planespotting with the boys

***19th May***

@Changi Beach Carpark 5

A sunny and windy Saturday afternoon at the Changi beach. Brought Darian there to view the airplanes landing. We saw quite a number of airplanes landing consecutively. He was able to see the airplanes and hear the engines. Was indeed a great experience for him.  And this funny little boy was complaining how loud the airplanes were and wanted to get back to the car. Haha..  🙂 After an hour there, we headed to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for teabreak. We will definitely visit here again soon. This time round, we will bring along his bicycle and food for a picnic. 😉

“I see airplane”

My little poser.. muacks…

“See airplane coming”

“Too loud” Haha…:)

At T3



Darian is 2!

Wow, times passes so fast that it seems like I have just given birth to him. Yet at the speed of light, he is already two years old!

For his second birthday, we decided to give him a birthday treat and so we brought him to Singkids at Changi Airport T3 the day before his actual birthday.

He was having great fun catching and kicking the balloons! 🙂

He simply enjoys sliding down 🙂

Hah Darian at his favourite – the ball pit!

After that we went to the arcade for some games. He was rather cooperative with us leaving the arcade after using up all the credits. We took the sky train over to Terminal 1 for our dinner. On our way to the restaurant, we bought him a mini Thomas cake.  Haha.. He was super happy!  🙂 We had a late dinner at Paradise Inn. We ordered a few dishes and our favourite ice milk tea. The food was nice except for a dish – drunken chicken…. if you really like the taste of martell then go ahead and order it… haha… The taste was so strong as if the chicken has been dunk in the hard liquor for years…  Anyway, little cheeky Darian once again gained attention from the waiters around. They kept smiling and playing with him. Hehe 🙂

Haha his favourite phrase ~ One more 😉

Looking so happy! 🙂

Lil’ Darian just enjoys blowing off the candle. We couldn’t stand watching him blow. It was definitely so funny. Haha… Cuteness to the max! 😉

We had a truly funtastic time at the airport! Simply awesome simply us! 🙂 Papa and Mama love you so much! muackz ❤

The next day, 26th November, i cooked the longevity noodles – mee sua for him. (As both Papa and me want to keep this practise of eating mee sua and of course to have a cake session on all our birthdays) Unlike Papa Yap, lil’Darian really like to eat mee sua and the egg so he finished  up everything without having to ask him to! YumYum 🙂

Later in the evening, we went over to my mum’s place for a mini birthday celebration. My mum cooked such a sumptuous dinner for all of us! It’s great to have a mum who can cook pretty well! 🙂 My aunts, uncles and cousins came over too! It was kind of like a mini gathering for my family. It is  always during such occasion whereby everyone gets a chance to meet up. And i really think that  lil’Darian brings the family closer. 🙂

Oh ya, there was curry vegetable too. It was really yummy! Didn’t snap that down.


Haha and his all time favourite ~ Thomas cake! 🙂 Everyone was amused by his blowing skills. His saliva was all over the cake. Wahaha 🙂

It was finally the time to open up the presents. Seeing the presents, when he tore away the wrappers, he excitedly said “Wow. Haha.. His expressions was so hillarious! He was extremely happy to receive the presents from all of us. Thanks everyone for all the red packets and presents. We can really feel there’s just so much love for him! 🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday, son! May you grow strong and healthy, jovial and smart. Thank you for bringing us, the family, so much fun and laughter, joy and happiness. We all love you so so much! Muakz!