CNY 2015 – Year of Sheep

Woah! My last blog entry was actually in April… Since the June school holidays have just begun,  I finally found the energy and time to do some updates here. Obviously I’m going to have quite a bit of backlog posts coming up.

As I was going through my account, I realised I still had my Chinese New Year 2015 draft pending. Like seriously, Chinese New Year had already past for 4 months you know! But I feel that this significant occasion certainly deserved to be remembered. To me, it is not exactly about the goodies, yusheng, steamboats, liondance, the new clothes and redpackets but more of a yearly affair where everyone makes the effort and time for each other. You get to see those people who you hardly see in a year time. So how can I not love celebrating such a happy occasion in Singapore. Hence CNY 2015 would be my first post for the start. 🙂

***February 2015****

This CNY had been quite a crazy tiring one, given that the first day of CNY was on a Thursday, we had the luxury of having four continuous days of visiting all over the island. Although I love having the four continuous days to visit our friends and relatives, it was really tiring.



In fact, Wednesday seemed like the start of CNY already. As usual, reunion dinner was at my in laws’ place. Now that we have kids, having the reunion dinner at home would be more ideal for us. She had pre-ordered a set deal from Soup Restaurant and we thought food was mediocre only. Anyways it’s our custom for married woman to be having reunion dinner with the husband’s family. Though I miss having my mom’s steamboat, she can prepare anytime if we want. So it’s seriously not of an issue.






As usual, CNY Day 1 was spent at both the parents’ house where all the relatives gathered around. The first half of the day was at the in laws’ place before we popped over to my parents’ for dinner. The good thing is that they are both living few blocks apart which really made travelling so convenient. So the entire day was all about poker cards, foods, foods and more foods… Oh ya my mom cooked a feast! Her cooked from scratch, Deluxe Treasure Pot (aka Buddha jumps over the wall) was marvellous! We were totally amazed at her superb cooking skills. It was a pity that we didn’t take a picture of our delectable dinner. My father was telling us how early my mom woke up just to prepare the dinner all by herself. Yep we definitely appreciated her efforts and hard work but I guessed we appreciated her yummy food more. heehee 😉 With that, CNY day 1 ended nearly 12 midnight!














The next three days and the following weekend, we went around Singapore, from the west to the east, visiting our relatives and friends. It’s always such a joy seeing them during CNY. We even attended baby Tyler’s mini first birthday party. I’m sure double Ds were both elated throughout the festive period. I could see that they were totally immersed in the festive mood. Now, I’m already looking forward to the next CNY with new little ones coming. 🙂


Last day of Lunar New Year

***24th February 13***


CNY is celebrated for 15 days. During these 15 days, people will go around visiting their relatives and friends bringing along two mandarin oranges which symbolised good fortune. This year, it has been raining almost everyday. Hopefully the rain will wash away all the unhappiness and sorrows of life. Yeah! The last day of CNY is known as the Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节. Usually on this day, sweet glutinous rice balls, tang yuan 汤圆, are eaten on this day, marking the end of CNY festivities. These round and sticky balls also symbolise family closeness and togetherness!


And so after dinner,  I started cooking the tang yuan 汤圆 at 8ish.  I bought the ready-made tang yuan from the supermarket as we were out the whole day and had only reached home about 7pm. It is really easy to prepare. I got it all done in about 20 minute time. All you need to do is to boil two pots of water, one for the tang yuan and the other for the sweet soup(using brown sugar and pandan leaves). Then serve the tang yuan in the sweet soup when they are cooked. That’s it!

May this year of Snake bring us the best of health, happiness and prosperity. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Huat ah! 🙂

CNY at Punggol Lodge

***16th February 13***




We had invited Papa Yap’s OCS friends and their family to our place for a CNY gathering session. We are really glad that most of the peeps turn up, making the gathering a successful one. So thanks to Jeff’s, Richard’s, Adrel’s, Luke’s, Joel’s, TT’s, Shaiful’s family and Lek for coming by. There were totally so many kiddos in the house, just like a mini childcare. Perhaps there will be more juniors joining us in near future. heehee 😉 For dinner we had ordered mee siam, chicken wings, nuggets, fishballs and curry puffs. On top of these, Lesley had prepared potato cutlet and jelly as well! And for the kids, I had cooked macaroni soup for them as I don’t think they will want to eat mee siam.


Yu sheng from Nihon Mura


Getting ready to toss for another wonderful year of happiness, good health and prosperity! Huat huat huat! 🙂


The boys washing their hands right after the Lo hei session. Haha 😉

As it was the seventh day of lunar new year , the ren ri 人日, we ordered yu sheng for another round of lo hei session. The seventh day, traditionally known as the common man’s birthday, is the day when everyone grows one year older.  It is also the day when tossed yu sheng, is eaten for continued wealth and prosperity. So how can we not have a lo hei session then? Heehee 😉


The BFFs


Meimei with Auntie Yanni


Adorable baby Tristan


Our group photo. ( missing out TT’s family and Lek who left earlier)

It was definitely one awesome evening, catching up with them all. And I am sure the kids had a great time too. Marvellous! We were saying that we will make it like a yearly affair until one day when the kids decide not to tag along with us. Heehee… Looking forward to our next round of gathering, most probably at Adrel and Christina’s new apartment! So till then 😉


CNY with my ex-colleagues

***16th February 13***

It’s the annual CNY gathering at Auntie Liew’s place. Every year without fail, all of us will gather at Auntie Liew’s place during CNY. She will always prepare good food and her home-made yu sheng for us. I usually don’t eat yu sheng except for Auntie liew’s. She uses various shredded fruits, vegestables and abalone. Really taste good! Maybe next year I can try making this yu sheng for my family, relatives and friends too! 🙂


Cannot exactly remember the various ingredients Auntie had used. Gotta check with her. 😉


Another toss to a huat huat year!


Catch up session


The kids with Jovan 😉


Jovan wants a picture with meimei. Ya only meimei. haha…


Group photo of us. Aiya was too busy that I have totally forgotten to take a group photo earlier on when the others were still around.

So we left about 3.30pm, rushed back to prepare for another CNY open house in the evening for our friends.

Busy CNY but loving it! 🙂


CNY: Papa’s comds came to visit

***15th February 13***

It’s friday, the sixth day of CNY. We held a CNY open house at 7pm for Papa’s Yap subordinates. There were just so many guys in the house! Darian was happy to see them. Initially he had some reservations playing with them. After sometime he tried to pull a random guy that he had eyed on into his playroom. Then very soon he took out all his Nerf guns and played with them! My goodness, shooting the bullets all over the house… Haha… 🙂

Oh seriously, what is CNY without Blackjack? It’s like a must do activity during CNY! Heehee. 😉 While  half of the guys and Papa Yap were in ‘card battles’, the others were playing with Darian and watching some DVD movie. One of them bought along Yu Sheng and so they had a Lo Hei session before they left around 10.45pm.


First batch to arrive.


First group shot


Blackjack time


Some random shot


It’s the boys’ game.


And the boys were all happily playing the Nerf!


Papa Yap distributing red packets


Second group shot


Papa Yap Lo Hei with his comds. Huat ah!



CNY Day 2

***11th February 13***

Second day of CNY


Our pretty girl and handsome boy ❤


She looks so so sweet in this peter pan collar dress! Love it! ❤


Us on the second day! ❤

The second day of CNY was busier than the first day. There were actually five places to go to but we could only cover four places. We were like going all over Singapore. From Toa Payoh to Clementi to Woodland then to Simei! Phew! It’s going to be a crazily tiring day for our chauffeur Papa Yap! heehee 😉

1) First stop was at Aunt Elaine’s house. As usual, she prepared a sumptuous spread for all of us. Just like a feast! Her cooking was really superb! Love her fish maw soup. I can really drink a few bowls of that! 🙂 While I was indulging myself in a table of yummylicious food, Papa Yap was watching some chinese movie and meimei was being carried around until she fell asleep in Aunt AiLi’s arms. She must be real tired. And Darian was very busy playing with Aunt Elaine’s three daughters in the room. The girls were really nice to entertain him throughout our visit. As expected, Darian did not want to leave. Haha…


The second Lo Hei for the year


Uncle Jeffrey preparing the Lo Hei, saying all the auspicious phrases while adding each sauce and spice.


The boys waiting to Lo Hei


‘Couple’ wearing matching outfit! Pink top and white bottom. Heehee 😉


See the spread on the table!


Oh meimei is asleep


Darian with the girls


Everyone taking turns to take photo with Baby Dyann! 🙂

2) Second stop was over at Auntie Elaine’s. We rushed over for the lion dance performance and were lucky to reach there just in time for it. However, we were totally surprised that this time round, Darian was actually quite frightened to watch the lion dance. He was the one who wanted to watch the performance yet scared of it. How weird is that. So he covered his ears throughout the performance. After that, my sister and John brought him to the playground while we hang around at Auntie Elaine’s place.


Huat ah!


Lion Dancing on pole stands




So scared! 😉


Papa Yap and meimei


John, yiyi and Darian


My mom and meimei


Auntie Elaine carrying meimei


Papa Yap and gege

3) Reached JX’s place at about 4.45pm but most of our friends were not there yet. Hah as usual, they always have this ‘rubber band timing’! Ya these are our childhood/secondary school friends. We have known each other for more than a decade but their sense of punctuality never seem to improve as they grow older. Furthermore they are all singles okie! These guys… Then again, it is always fun to have them around and there is definitely alcohol in all gathering. They are like a bunch of hardcore alcoholic (except of 1 or 2). Haha… In the past I will join them in rounds of beer but now with kids I have to stay sober! 😉 JX had also prepared food for us. There were curry, fried beehoon, finger foods and porridge for Darian! How nice of JX’s gf to specially cook porridge for him! 🙂


Darian with Kenny


Jon carrying meimei


The guys doing their usual thing. Blackjack!


Lau carrying meimei while playing blackjack


Yuhan with meimei


Preparing the Yu Sheng


All ready to Lo Hei! Our third round!


Okie Lo Hei with them is forever super messy. They are like a bunch of kids, flinging the yu sheng around! Wahaha!


Slacking around


Cheers to our many many years of friendship. (missing out Alvin & Ann who left early for their Switzerland trip, Elliott who could only reach after 8pm, Kelvin who also left early to meet his gf)

4) Finally the last stop of the day – Richard’s house (gathering for Papa Yap’s OCS friends). The kids were sleeping soundly on their way from Woodlands to Simei. They were very tired after a long day out. We had only reached about 9pm. Over there, Darian has his friends to play with and plenty of goodies for him too. How can he not be happy. Haha… Sometimes I wonder where he gets those energy from. He seems fully energised after such a short nap. Hah kids!


Caleb and Darian! 🙂


All the guys!

We had only reached home at 12ish. Totally exhausted from the whole day out! Oh seriously house hopping with two kids is indeed very tiring! Nevertheless, we had a wondrous time meeting up with all our relatives and friends. Awesome CNY Day 2! Huat ah! 🙂


Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013

***10th February 13***

First day of CNY


Getting ready to go house visiting! Our two gorgeous babies in their Chinese costume. Meimei’s dress was bought by my sis. 🙂


Darian wishing Papa Yap Gong Xi Fa Cai


Taking the red packet from Papa


Meimei’s turn.


Oooo what’s this? 😉


Gorgeous us! ❤

This year Papa Yap suggested to wear chinese costume on the first day of CNY and I thought it was really a good idea. That was one of the reason why we went to Chinatown. We definitely looked great that day! 🙂

We have a total of three houses to visit that day. My parents’ followed by my parents in law’s and the last stop at my aunt’s place. So it is going to be like lunch, tea break and dinner.

Upon reaching my parents’ house, Darian asked for the soft jelly candy that he saw yesterday. He actually remembered that I promised him two today. Haha… And so I have to honour my promise. My mom cooked porridge for Darian and noodles with plenty of ingredients for us. We stayed around for an hour plus before going over to my parents in law’s place which was just a few blocks away. I had actually forgotten to take a photo of my parents with their grand children. Maybe the next time when we visit them again.


Meimei with jiujiu (my brother)


Little cool boy bai nian! 🙂

All the relatives were already there at my parents in law’s house. As expected Darian was busy playing with the grandaunts and aunts while Meimei was carried around and Papa Yap was playing card games with the cousins. I was like everywhere. Haha… It’s like a standard cny procedure for us. Thanks to Suklin who suggested to take a group photo. We have never done this before (not of I could recall). I suppose it is really good to take a group photo every year! 🙂 We stayed there for quite a while before heading to my dagu’s (eldest aunt) house.


Meimei with grandaunt Elaine


Papa Yap’s family


Papa Yap’s cousins (missing out his brother and family)


Gugu SukChing, Darian and Uncle Irwin


My parents in law with their two lovely grandchildren! 🙂


My sweet princess! ❤


Little Mister Cool ❤

Little Darian who insisted on bringing this Rayban shades everywhere he goes. Papa Yap and I were so worried that he might spoilt it. Heehee 😉

My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all gathered at my eldest aunt’s house this year. Reached aunt’s place about 6.30pm and the steamboat dinner has already started. Everyone was like waiting for us or rather waiting to see the two kids. Haha 🙂 We had our first Lo Hei over there. May this lunar new year be a smooth sailing one for all. Of good health and wealth along with abundance of joy and happiness throughout. Huat ah! 🙂


Xiao gu por (youngest aunt) with Darian


My mom carrying meimei


Second steamboat


Our first Lo Hei of the year! Huat ah!


All good things come! Huat Ah!


My fourth uncle with meimei


My sis and little Mr Cool


Da gu por (eldest grand-aunt) with the kids


Fiona yiyi (my cousin) carrying Darian


Darian and Dyann


Er gu por (second grand-aunt), Darian, Darius (brother of my cousin’s gf)


Er gu por with Baby Dyann

And so we ended the day at 11pm. We were very tired after a long day out. Settled the kids and tucked them in bed before I could bath and sleep. It was a splendid first day of CNY with all our relatives! Darian surely had a whole load of fun going to all three places where he met all the relatives who dote on him so much! And also not forgetting all those goodies! This was definitely his very first time eating so many candies! He couldn’t resist the candies temptation and kept asking for more. I was literally counting the number of candies that popped into his mouth. Haha… CNY is like the only time where he has the luxury of going around eating junks! So for Darian, eating candies is much much happier than collecting red packets for sure. 🙂


Chinese New Year eve

***9th February 13***

This year is very different from the previous years. CNY eve was at my mom’s place for reunion dinner instead. I have not joined them for reunion dinner for 5 years ever since I got married. I must say it is kind of weird but perfectly fine to have it with my family on CNY eve though. Plus I love my mom’s steamboat! Her soup base is totally msg free! 🙂


Steamboat love!


Yiyi with her adorable nephew and niece 🙂


Kung Fu style Darian

Darian was dressed in a set of chinese costume brought by my aunt. He was so happy to wear them that he refused to remove it during bath time. Haha! 🙂

After dinner, we headed back to home to gear up for CNY the next day. Tucked the kids to bed then swept and mopped the floor, displayed out all the goodies and prepared the red packets. As usual we watched the Channel 8 new year eve show and count down to the lunar new year. Wished my neighbours along the corridor and off to bed before the busy day began. 🙂

Camera 2

We are all ready for CNY 2013!

Gong xi Fa Cai! Wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year. May the year be filled with abundance of joy and happiness. Let’s us all huat together! Huat ah! 🙂


Last minute CNY shopping

***4th February 13***

After being homebound for two weeks, we finally managed to go down town to get our Chinese New Year stuffs. We started our day having brekkie at Sengkang Sports Hall McDonalds then headed to Takashimaya. We were there since 11ish till 4pm so it is kind of expected that the parking would cost quite a bit. It is not possible for us to park elsewhere just for some cheaper parking rates when we have one toddler and a baby along with many shopping bags. Seriously, we would rather spent a little more to save all the hassles. Gotten some clothing, accessories and toys (ya toys again for the boy) from Takashimaya before we proceeded to our next destination.






Reached Chinatown and we parked at OG whereby the car has to be carried to the basement carpark in a car lift. Was an eye opener for Darian. Actually he was a little frightened. hahaa… For what I could recall, I have never visit Chinatown during CNY period before. Mainly because I dislike crowds and I don’t see a need to travel all the way there to get any CNY decorations and goodies when we can easily get from shophouses and supermarkets nearby. This year otherwise. I wanted to expose Darian to the year of Snake and soak in the atmosphere as well. Was quite a good experience for all of us and we did get some CNY decorations and chinese costumes for the boys too. 🙂 The only bad thing is that I have forgotten to bring the baby carrier. Pushing the pram through a jam-packed place is really tedious! We did not complete the busy stretch though. Got what we wanted and went to Chinatown point for our dinner. Dinner was at Ipoh Lou You Bean Sprouts Chicken. Well we think it is just some normal yet overpriced chicken rice. Nothing fantastic to talk about anyway.












 It was really one tiring yet well spent day! Got most of the things we wanted and some random stuffs too. Yes happiness! ❤




Dragon Year 2012

CNY has always been the same. It’s just like a routine to many. First to this house, next to that, then to another… This time round, my aunties decided on going for a day cruise on the first day of CNY and so my paternal side was rather quiet as compared to the previous years. I seriously missed those CNY days with my paternal grandmother… When I was young, I like CNY simply because there will be new clothes, good food, lots of goodies and red packets. As time passed by, I realised that the feel for CNY is no longer because of those reasons but actual fact it is a chance to gather around with various families, the relatives and cousins, and friends.

This year, as usual, we went to the various houses, attended a number of house visits, had 6 “Lou Hei” and had a few rounds of gambling sessions. And finally the 15 days of CNY has ended. 🙂 In this dragon year, I wish for good health for my family. I wish that Papa Yap’s career will be as smooth sailing. I wish for happiness always. Huat ah!

Darian saying GONG XI GONG XI!

My handome boy 🙂


Poker Time!

Us on Day 1

The two of us 🙂

Lion Dance at Auntie Elaine’s

Dragon dance

Ending Day 2 rather early…

”Lou Hei” with the usual peeps! Huat ah!!