June school holidays

***7th to 9th June***


Resort World Singapore _ Hard Rock Hotel


The elated Double Ds


Darian loves sliding into the water.


She was all ready for the next round of slide


The kiddos really love playing with their daddy


Time for some squirting fun

Other than the usual play dates, weekend shopping, outdoor activities and indoor playground trips, we did manage to have our 3 days 2 nights staycation at Hard Rock hotel RWS for this June school holidays. It’s our first time staying at the Hard rock hotel and we personally preferred there to Festive hotel. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled about the staycation. Darian had been telling his teacher in school about it and counting down to the date. This time round, Papa Yap and I decided to keep this staycation a relaxing one rather than lining up everyday with many activities because walking and standing for long hours really would exhaust me.


Together with my aunts and uncle-in law


Daddy’s with daddy’s girl


Downright expensive bubble guns Haha


Our only princess


Our only Prince(as of then) 😉


New Lego Shop at Festive Hotel


New toy yet again 😉

Day 1 was checking into the hotel followed by swimming, dinner and a stroll around RWS. Well Double Ds can never say no to the pool and slide. The kiddos were merrily having fun with Papa Yap in the pool, while my aunts, uncle joined me under the shade to wait for them. My 小姑(youngest aunt) came along with us to help us check into the hotel whereas my 大姑 (eldest aunt) and uncle in law joined us there for dinner. Double Ds are just so blessed to have their grandaunts doting on them. Since the weather was quite humid and the kids were still having fun in the pool, my aunts and uncle decided to go for their coffee break and joined us later for dinner. That night, double Ds returned back to the hotel with a bubble gun each from their 大姑婆 (grandaunt) and a new set of Lego Duplo Lego from me. Of course they were exceptionally happy for day 1! 🙂


Super love this photo. The kiddos can really pose well. Haha 🙂


Yummy egg tarts from the confectionery at the Malaysian Food Street


The kids playing some card games with Papa Yap.


4 + 1(on the way) 🙂


Bedtime already

Back in the hotel, the kids continued their play time with Papa Yap. Darian had packed along some games and toys for this staycation and they certainly had lots of fun with their daddy. As for me, I was enjoying the yummy egg tarts which my aunt bought for us. Yums! 🙂


Rise and shine on the second day


All ready to head out

 We started Day 2 with Macdonalds breakfast from Festive Walks. After breakfast, we headed over to the Palawan beach for some PlayMobil event. The kiddos got a chance to play with some play mobil toys on display and completed a DIY craft session too. Darian chose to decorate a sun visor whereas Dyann wanted a DIY bag. So Darian proceeded with his craft with an assistant while Papa Yap and I took turns to guide Dyann in decorating her bag. Dyann wanted me to draw a hello kitty on her bag and thankfully it turned out looking like one. Haha 🙂


At the Palawan beach station


Playmobil soccer time


Some mandatory picture


More toys to play


Best time to visit such place is definitely on a weekday 😉


Craft time


Papa Yap helping Dyann with the ink stamping


The girl with her DIY bag


The boy with his sun visor


We love you daddy! ❤

Lunch was rather late at the Slappy Cakes. We ordered a butter and chocolate pancake patter with chocolate chips, strawberry and banana sides for garnish and they were served shortly. Papa Yap wouldn’t want to only have pancakes for lunch so he ordered a brunch set which tasted pretty good. We began “drawing” our pancakes over the hotplate and had so much fun and laughter throughout. If you were to ask about the pancakes, I would say it tasted perfectly alright.  Like seriously how bad could pancakes, chocolate chips, and the fruits taste right? But I totally love the concept of designing and cooking our own pancakes. It was fun and interesting which I supposed we wouldn’t mind revisiting again. 😉


Time to cook!


OK that was drawn by me. Definitely. 😉


Papa Yap’s lunch


His creation and it’s supposed to be angry bird. I think. haha


Having fun!




The happy duo


They said this is me!!! Baymax = mummy!! lol


The only thing that the husband can draw perfectly! lol! And look at that funny boy beside him. 🙂

After our late lunch, we brought the kiddos back to the hotel for a swim and spent the rest of the evening in the room chillaxing. The kids were well entertained by their toys while I lounged about watching the TV programmes. Dinner was takeaways from Din Tai Fung and Chilli’s. The kids’ favourite egg fried rice! Yet another happy day for us! 🙂


It’s sand play time!


Dyann disliked the sand so she was in the pool with Papa Yap.


Swimming is so fun!


Good night and sweet dreams!

And that’s the end of our short staycation at Hard Rock Hotel. To sum up, it was definitely one happy and relaxing staycation and the quality family time spent together was simply awesome!


Everything is awesome 🙂


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