Impromptu trip to Downtown East 

***April 15***

We were all geared up for a late afternoon kite flying and picnic outing to the Marina Barrage and set off enthusiastically about 3ish. Yet little did we expected the sudden downpour when we were nearly there. Singapore’s weather is really unpredictable can! The kids’ spirits were dampen. Hence we let Darian decide on an alternative plan. He chose to go to Polliwogs at Suntec so we made a detour.


Upon reaching there, we noticed that the place was packed. Papa Yap and I had to convince the duo on a change of venue which they eventually agreed to after some persuasions. We ended up driving down to Downtown East. Thankfully Papa Yap was really accommodative and didn’t object at all! I know he would always try to spend quality family time with us during the weekend as he can be very busy during the weekdays. And that means he is either coming home past the kids’ bedtime or staying in camp. Anyways thank you my love! 🙂





Well no Polliwogs, the Explorer Kid was equally fun too! The kiddos had a great time, climbing, sliding and plunging into the ball pool together with their sporting daddy. While I took this opportunity to sit back and relax, watch them play the entire time. heehee 🙂




We then had our late dinner at one of the restaurants. We could tell how hungry the duo was after almost two hours of play. In fact Papa Yap and I were famished too! After our hearty dinner, we went to the arcade for some games before heading home.




Double Ds certainly had a wholesome enjoyable Saturday with their beloved Papa Yap. 🙂



Yam’s Kitchen

*** 2nd July***



Train ride at downtown east… Choo choo!

My sister and John gave us and our parents a treat at the Yam’s Kitchen, Downtown East. Unfortunately John was held up at work so we proceeded without him. Too bad he still had to pay for the meal though! Heehee 😉 Dinner was good. We were satisfied with the food though the fish wasn’t exactly very fresh but the assam curry was great! It definitely goes very well with rice. The hainanese pork chop was fried in ketchup which I don’t really fancy. The rest was great! I simply love eating Chinese food. Guess I am going to miss all these dishes in the States!


Salted egg prawns


Fish head curry


Sambal kangkong


hotplate beancurd


Fu yong omelette


Hainanese pork chop

Obviously there was no way that Darian wouldn’t pester us to bring him to the bowling alley, especially with the grandparents around. He must be mad happy when my dad gave him $12 for his bowling games.  But of course with us around, we only let him played 4 rounds ($8) before we left.





Anyway thank you sis and John for the meal! 🙂


Trash pack at Downtown East

***14th June***





We were at Downtown East for lunch and happened to see the trash pack performance at the atrium. Darian had only wanted to watch the show. He refused to take a photo with the mascots as that they looked scary to him. Like monsters maybe? Haha 😉 After the show, we brought Darian to the bowling centre. He has been pestering us to bring him bowling the moment we set foot at Downtown East. Interestingly, he always ends with a ‘like a professional bowler’ pose. He bowls like as though he is some kind of kids bowling expert. And that really cracked us up. On the other hand, Papa Yap thought he was very observant. He must have observed how the adults bowl in order for him to display such actions. 🙂

We headed to Tampines 1 thereafter to get some stuff. Happy day for me to have gotten some random stuffs for myself and the kiddos. So we ended the day at my mom’s place together with John. Dinner as usual was good. 🙂


Overseas again: Week 1

***20th April 13***

Boohoo… Another overseas training again and this time round is for one whole month. It is seriously a very long wait. When Papa Yap told me about this overseas exercise last year October, I was praying real hard that it would be cancelled but unfortunately it did not happen. Since I can’t change the fact about him having to be overseas for a month, I just got to be more supportive. I know it is not easy for him too. The kiddos and I are missing the daddy big time man! How ironical it is that when Papa Yap is around, I seem to be nagging at him constantly. And when he is not by my side, I miss him so badly. Absence does make the heart grows fonder. Whatever it is, I am counting down to his return, our staycation and the major packing in June(will update about the packing soon). Meanwhile dar please stay safe and take good care until we meet again! 18th May come fast can?! 🙂


So happy 🙂


Poser boy 🙂

So on Day 1:  My sister popped up in the evening to accompany us for a night. She stayed around until Sunday night and that of course made Darian very happy. He was definitely happier to have his yiyi in the house.


At CompassPoint

Day 4: Meet up with my sister and John at CompassPoint for dinner. Dinner was at Soup restaurant again. But seriously we wouldn’t mind having the Samsui Chicken over and over again. One of our favourite. As usual with my sister, she ‘over ordered the food’ yet again. Haha… 🙂 Of course Darian came home with another two tomica toy cars from yiyi too.


Happy with his monster truck. He has been waiting for this since last week.


Darian loves yiyi.


Meimei so fidgety. haha… Her hands were like everywhere! 😉


I want to bowl!


Round 1


Ready aim go!


Haha what a pose…


Like a pro. Heehee 😉

Day 7. Dinner at Downtown East with my sister on Friday evening. Since Darian wanted the Happy meal toy and my sis was craving to try the new black pepper burger, we settled our dinner at Mcdonalds. According to her, the new burger tastes good. Shall try it another time. John and Rachel joined us after work but not for dinner. They had theirs at Fish and Co express later at night. So while waiting for them, we brought Darian(or rather he brought us there. haha…) to the bowling alley for a few games. Right at the far end, there is this miniature bowling catered for young children. Each session consisting of 5 games costs $2. Darian enjoyed himself so much. After three rounds of bowling, he was pestering us to go to the Kids Explorer but I didn’t allow as it was already very late. So the three of them accompanied us back home and left only at 11ish.



Day 9: My sister, John together with Bijun came over to visit us. I had prepared Cheese Maraconi(as per requested) for lunch. Ended up having it for dinner as well as I really cooked quite a lot. Glad that they enjoyed it! 🙂 So they only left after the Star Awards ceremony show at 10ish. Darian was really happy to see them for sure. 🙂

I am really glad to have a sister who is really close to me. At least during her free time, she will bring John and her friends to accompany us whenever Papa Yap is away. Thank you sis. Love you too! 🙂


Downtown East

***22nd December***

Brought the kids to Downtown East for a walk. It has been quite sometime since we last came here. Still the same but with pretty Christmas decorations. Got two tickets (Papa Yap and Darian) at $3 each for the train ride only to realise that accompanied adult is free. Haha… I was thinking to let Darian take another round of train ride before leaving but he was not interested at all. Guess he didn’t really enjoy the ride after all. So I ended up giving away the ticket to a little boy. And I am glad to make him happy. 🙂







Then we went to Tea Valley for some snacks and drinks. It was that somehow familiar and nostalgic feeling that reminds us of our courtship days. Papa Yap and I started talking about how we used to come here for their bubble teas and taiwanese snacks way back then. It has been real long. And now we are here with two kiddos. Just how time flies! 🙂





Photo credit : Little Darian! 🙂

Yet another happy Saturday!


A week of awesomeness

***16th June to 25th June***

Papa Yap took a week of leave to accompany us. We were really happy to have him around. In fact, he very much needed a break from work too! The first half of the year has been real busy and tiring for him. I had pre-planned outings to ensure that the week is well spent. Hah and we were like out of the house everyday! hehe… We enjoyed ourselves very much especially Darian. He has been really happy! So much love 🙂

(1)  Petite Park at Changi City Point ~ 16th

We were supposed to meet Mathew, Peixia and meimei Trinity there for a playdate. However, Trinity was still unwell therefore they couldn’t join us. And since we had already told Darian about going to the Petite Park, we proceeded with the initial plan. In fact the first sentence Darian said when he woke up in the morning was “Darian going to play ball.” Haha so can you imagine if we were to cancel the trip? hehe 😉 And of course he had a great deal of fun playing over at the Petite Park! 🙂 Happy boy! Poor mummy got to wait for 1hr45min sitting outside Petite Park. Being mummy is all about sacrifices, isn’t it! 🙂

It’s all worth it to see your loved one’s glowing smile 🙂

(2) Jurong Safra and IMM trip ~ 18th

Was a real sunny Monday! I decided to cook fried rice for lunch and bring Darian to Jurong Safra for a swim in the late afternoon after his nap. Thinking that it wouldn’t be too hot in the late afternoon. But I was wrong! Haha it was equally hot and glaring. Luckily for me, I was under the shade most of the time. Both father and son had a great time playing in the pool. After almost 2 hours of water time, it took awhile to persuade the little boy out of the pool. We headed to IMM for dinner and shopping before going back home. Bought a romper for meimei too 🙂

Yummy fried rice 🙂

 Good Monday! 🙂

(3) Jurong Birdpark ~ 20th

This is Darian second time to the Bird Park. First was a year ago with my friends. So this time round can be considered as our first family trip to the Jurong Bird Park. 🙂 Had our brekkie at home and reached the bird park at ten plus. We covered almost the whole bird park except for two enclosures. Little Darian definitely had fun feeding the lories at the Lory Loft with Papa Yap. I’m pretty sure Darian is much braver when he is with Papa yap for I’m one timid woman! Haha… We took a tram ride around the whole park before going for the afternoon shows. Luckily Darian took a nap during the tram ride and managed to wake up just in time for the shows. He needs to ‘recharge his batteries’ for sure! Haha… It was already 4.30pm by the time we finished both shows. As requested by Little Darian, we brought him to the kids World after the Birds of Prey show. I had prepared his swimming apparels but he was not interested in getting himself wet at all. Lucky for Papa Yap. Darian wanted to play at the dry playground and the little arcade instead. Over there, Darian got attention from a tourist who requested to take a photo of him! 🙂 This is his second time at Bird Park taking photo with tourists! Papa Yap and I were still joking that perhaps we should charge them for the photoshot! Haha just joking! 🙂 We spent 30min there and left the Park at 5.30pm.

 A wonderful Wednesday at the Bird Park with the boys! 🙂

(4) Movie at Century Square ~ 21st

Spent the half of our day at home, home cooked lunch and caught Madagascar 3 at Century Square Cinema together with Little Darian in the evening. It’s our very first movie trip with Darian! How exciting! Earlier before, I was quite worried that he might get too tensed in the cinema once the lights are off. Luckily everything turned out great! The show was hilarious. All three of us enjoyed the show so much. Even Darian said that he wants to watch it again. 🙂 After the movie, we had our dinner, brought him to Kiddy Palace (a must go to place at Century Square for Darian) and back to our home sweet home.

Porridge lunch with steam minced meat egg, stir fry french beans, steam fish and stir fry Si chuan veg 🙂

A good way to end our lovely Thursday! 🙂

(5) Seng Kang Swimming Complex ~ 22nd

On Friday morning, we brought Darian to the pool for more water fun! As usual he enjoyed himself so much. He tried to swim by holding on to his buoy and kicking water. So adorable! Papa Yap is thinking to buy him a swimmer board next year and guide him to swim. Haha we shall see about that. 🙂 We left the pool at noon, went for lunch and back home for a good nap before going out for dinner again! 🙂 Headed to Tampines for dinner and thereafter brought the little boy to Downtown East to catch the Chugginton! Over there, the Chugginton carriage was spoilt and children had to walk following the train around the place. So silly! haha… The train is suppose to bring the children to stations to complete some quest. And of course nothing comes free. You’ve got to pay ten bucks for the Chugginton Quest. If not for faulty train, we would definitely purchase the ticket for Darian. So we shopped around for a while before settling in Macdonalds for Happy Meal! As Darian wanted the Madagascar toys, poor mummy and daddy have to order two happy meals for those two toys even though we were too full to eat! Haha so in the end we brought the cheese burgers back for supper. Well, just for you my dear son! 🙂

Friday was great too! 😉

(6) Vivo City ~ 23rd

Saturday was such a lazy day! Guess it’s because we have been going out for the past few days. Hehe… We slacked at home till 5pm then we drove to Vivo City for some shopping, dinner and Darian’s haircut. Actually we were supposed to meet up with Jenny and Steven for coffee but was postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. No worries at all, I can totally understand that. 🙂 We started the evening pretty happy and ended the trip with tears. Haha… If you had read my post about Darian’s haircut drama, you would know why… Anyway, our mood got better after reaching home. Everything seems to be back to normal! 🙂 Yay!

(7) PeiJun’s 过大礼 (Betrothal) ~ 24th

Aunt Aimei and family invited our family to their place in Bishan to witness PeiJun’s betrothal. Everything was wrapped up nicely, very presentable and grand looking. Even the wedding invitation card is in hard board style. Our very first time seeing such big and heavy card. Hah seriously! They had ordered buffet lunch for all the guests and the food was fantastic! Heard that it’s from a peranakan buffet catering at Joo Chiat. Both Papa Yap and I were thinking of ordering for our Baby’s Shower. Shall see how… 🙂 Oh ya, Aunt Elaine had specially made beancurd pudding for all the guests. It was yummy! Tastes quite similar to Lao Ban beancurd. Both Papa Yap and Darian love it. Got the receipe from Aunt Elaine and will try it out soon after I pop! And as usual, Darian seems like the star of the day! (That’s what many aunties had said) He definitely got a lot of attention from the people in the house!  Haha… Many people whom we don’t know were playing around with him. He was happily playing and running around there. Such a lovable boy! 🙂

And so Papa Yap ended his leave on Monday and resumed work on Tuesday. It was definitely a splendid week of funfilled activities and outings! Well actually we missed out on the Night Safari and Marina Barrage outing as I have been walking way too much. Will do so after I give birth. Hah time flies indeed! Especially in good and enjoyable times! Though Papa Yap had spent ten days with us but it never seem enough. Haha 😉 Anyway I’m really grateful. I’m very sure Darian feels happy and blessed for having Papa Yap as his daddy too. Such a bliss 🙂 Thank you my love! We love you! 🙂