NYC Day 4

***14th March 14***


Our last day in NYC concluded with a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Elise Island. We see figures of Statue of Liberty wherever we go in NYC. At the toy stores, the M&M store, Disney store and even on the streets where people dressed up as Statue of Liberty working for tips. So how can a trip to NYC ever be completed without visiting the Statue of Liberty right?






We check out of the hotel at 8am, loaded up all the luggage into the bus and proceeded to the Ferry Terminal. It was yet another freezing day and I definitely was not wearing enough. As expected security was tight at the Ferry terminal. It was a little troublesome during winter time and with the stroller but I certainly felt safer this way. At the Statue of Liberty, we took some quick pictures and went to the food court for lunch. It was way too cold and windy to stay outdoor for long. After lunch we hopped on the next ferry to Elise Island where we spent our next one and half hour in the museum before boarding the ferry to New Jersey terminal where our bus was.







This NYC trip was really a fulfilling one. We had seen New York City in movies; the busy streets and roads, buildings, billboards, lights, yellow cab… Yet having to experience walking down the streets, looking at all those somehow familiar surroundings and landmarks, seemed so surreal to us. Nonetheless we totally had a fabulous time while Darian had a good eye opener in NYC! Until now, he is still talking and pointing to us whenever he sees New York City, Statue of Liberty and Empire State building on TV. Seriously I don’t recall having any knowledge of NYC when I was four. And I don’t even think I know where NYC is. Kids nowadays! 😉



NYC Day 3

***13th March 14***

On day 3, there was a study trip from 8am to 2pm, solely for the guys. Hence the duo and I were on our own for the first half of the day until Papa Yap returns. I decided not to bring them out to the Toy R US as the weather was too cold. In fact the third day was the coldest and it was actually supposed to snow! There wasn’t any issue of food as Papa Yap had bought us some sandwiches and cakes before he left. Besides, I had also prepared some snacks for this NY trip too. So the kids spent their morning eating, snacking, creating havoc in the room. 😉


Day 3 is a suit up day! Papa Yap has to wear a suit with tie to attend the study trip. He hardly gets a chance to dress smart except for wedding banquets. Looking good eh! 🙂


Hi handsome! 🙂

 The hubs returned around 2.30pm and was telling me how cold the weather was. I could really imagine that. We headed to a Chinese restaurant after Baby Dyann woke up from her nap. Basically our plan was to have an early dinner, walk down to Rockefeller Center then to FAO Schwarz. Despite the super cold weather, we proceeded with our plan as we really didn’t want to waste this day staying at the hotel doing nothing. The moment Darian stepped out of the hotel, he immediately asked to return back to the room. It was freezing cold outside. However the word ‘toy’ enticed him to stop his grumbles and agree to walk there.








Walking to the FAO from the hotel probably takes about 30 minutes. However, we took about 50 minutes because we stopped by the Rockefeller Center ice skate rink and the Lego Store on our way there. Darian was telling me how he wished to ice skate there. Like real only! Haha… Anyway the Rockefeller center is famous for the big Christmas tree during Christmas. Many of our friends drove to New York for Christmas and to see the tree while we went to Florida instead.

FAO Schwarz is the oldest toy store in United States. If you ever watch ‘the Smurfs’, it was featured in that chased scene which the Smurfs encounter Gargamel. The store is known for its unique high-end toys and life-sized stuff animals and dolls. It is also a popular tourist destination, and has gained iconic status for its floor piano and ‘toy soldier’ standing at the entrance of the store.














The kids had a delightful time looking and playing with the toys in the store. We were actually quite surprised that the store closed at 7pm. Well the kids still got to spend an hour in the store while Darian was mad happy that Papa Yap bought him a set of Angrybird toy! The next thing that crossed our mind was the walk back! Haha… On the route back to the hotel, we got supper from MacDonalds and revisit Disney store again to get a Minnie mouse soft toy for Baby Dyann. She was really ecstatic to receive the Minnie Mouse!

14th March was actually our wedding anniversary. Having to spend our anniversary in New York is definitely a cool one! Happy 16th my love! Thank you for everything. Love you deep deep okie. Haha 😉





NYC Day 2

***12th March 14***

Day 2 began with a guided bus tour around NYC and Central Park. We had a walk around Central park, Grand Central Station, and the charging bull at the Bowling Green, while the rest of the time was on the bus touring around the city. So we kind of catch a total glimpse of NYC within the first half of the day after all.


Group photo at the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park. Haha looked like the sculpture was totally blocked by us.


My boy and I.


The cooperative kids!


At Grand Central Station


The charging bull.


At the bowling green little park.

As for the second half, we had made plans to visit the American Museum of Natural History  – The museum where they filmed ‘A night in the museum’. Walking from the hotel to the museum would probably take about 40 minutes but with the kiddos, likely it would seem forever to reach there you know. Looking at the walking distance, weather and conveniences, we decided to hail a yellow cab instead. Papa Yap and I thought that the 15 bucks was really money well spent as weather was really one major issue.


Yay we have reached our destination!


Statue of Theodore Roosevelt


Father and son

Even though it was a weekday, the museum was really crowded. It seemed like to me that this is a must go place for tourists in NYC for sure. There was a long line at a booth and we didn’t know why. It appeared that they were holding on to some sort of booklet or pass. Whatever it was, we managed to get the tickets from the ticket machines and got into the exhibit halls real fast. As usual Darian was excited to see the exhibits. We spent quite a while walking around the museum, looking at all the open exhibits. We missed out the hall of ocean life, the one with the big blue whale as the main highlight, as there was an event going on. Anyways the museum actually has a sleepover night event where one could spend and experience a night in the museum. How cool was that! Well then again nothing comes free alright! 🙂 We did have a total smashing family time at the museum. So much to see and talk about. Even Darian knew about the movie ‘The night in the museum’ and was fast to point out to us when he saw the dinosaur and Dumdum! 🙂  The trip at the museum ended at the kids discovery room where Darian and I spent some time inside while Papa Yap pushed the sleeping baby in the stroller to another exhibit.















Just as we wanted to take a stroll back to our hotel, at the same, do some sightseeing and settle our dinner, it has to rain. Seriously! Thank goodness I have an umbrella with me, so the kids and I were saved from the drizzle. What is rain considering for a guy who crawls, runs, sleeps, bashes through the jungle. So sorry Papa! 😉 With the persistent showers, we decided to take a cab back instead as we didn’t want the kiddos to catch a cold. It is seriously no joke for them to fall sick during travels. We didn’t consider the subway due to the peak hours and stroller issue. It was very hard to get a cab during that hour and weather as well. And guess what a limousine driver who was outside the museum offered to send us to the hotel at 20 bucks. In view of the weather and a chance of seating in a limo, we hopped on without much hesitations. It was so cool! Darian called it as the long car! Well technically he was not wrong. haha 🙂



I couldn’t imagine if we had rejected his offer. We would either still be waiting by the road side or walking back in the cold weather.  We managed to get some to go food for dinner along the way back to the hotel, and also visited New York Disney store. Yet another fulfilling day for us!





New York City here we come

***11th March 14***

The long-awaited New York City trip had finally arrived and we were feeling very excited for it. The school had organised a 4 days NYC study field trip for the international officers, at the same time marking it the last fieldtrip with the EWS course coming to an end in May. Needless to say, we went along with Papa Yap. How could we give it a miss? We didn’t have to worry about driving for 5 to 6 hours, as well as the parking(parking in New York is EXPENSIVE). Besides, it was cheaper to follow the school than to travel there on our own.

Fortunately we didn’t experience any difficulties with the kiddos throughout the long bus rides, to and fro NYC. Half of the time they were sleeping and the other time they were really manageable. Lucky us! 🙂



I was still hoping for better weather so that I only had to pack lighter wears for the family, at the same time making it easier for us to walk around the streets of NYC, yet it turned out colder than what I wish for. Except for the first day, the following three days were freezing cold. The big coats, hoods and gloves were like essentials for the whole trip.

Our first stop was at the Empire State Building – The iconic skyscraper that ‘King Kong’ climbed up! Apparently there were many movies that featured the Empire State building but definitely King Kong was the most memorable for us. We went up the sky observatory deck to watch New York’s skyline and were amazed by its metropolitan view. Spectacular! Looking at NYC at 86 storey high was that awesome!









So Day 1 ended with a free and easy night after checking into the hotel. We did some homework prior the trip and hit the streets right after the check-in. That definitely made it easier for us with two young kids. The location of the hotel at Time Square was rather ideal for all of us. From Broadway shows to shopping, they were all nearby. Papa Yap and I were sure that Darian would be the happiest with it because the biggest Toy R US store in New York was right at the bend of the street where the hotel was. They even have a big Ferris wheel inside the store. It was REALLY hard to miss it. As expected, we got to convince him that Toy R US would only be our last stop of the day. Well then again he had no choice but to follow us reluctantly. We headed to MacDonalds for a quick dinner before walking around the streets. Thanks to the happy meal toy that stopped the boy from thinking of that store for a while. Haha… With kids around, Broadway shows were certainly not on our to-go-list. Though we very much would like to watch the Lion King on the Broadway you know. We were very focus and managed to cover the places as planned. Of course TOY R US was the last stop of the day. 🙂