Goodbye Virginia Hello Singapore Part 2


Our first half of the flight back from Washington D.C to Korea was a crazy one. Totally insane! We had the worst time with Baby Dyann for the first time ever. She was extremely difficult for the first few hours even when it was already her sleeping time. We felt so lost and frustrated with her until I could not supress my frustrations and had to discipline her in the lavatory. I felt terrible but I knew that was the only way to stop her from all her tantrums at the same time not being a nuisance to the other passengers. Despite all the tears, I managed to rock her to sleep right after all those drama. Fortunately things got so much better there after and we had no issues with her at all during the flight from Korea to Singapore. Phew! As usual Darian was fantastic throughout the flight! He is really amazing can! heehee 🙂


Many people were curious about how we manage to bring back all our luggage. They really couldn’t imagine that. So did we actually. I have to say thanks to Papa Yap for being so strong! Even one of the porter mentioned that when he helped with our luggage. We had a total of 8 big luggage, 1 big backpack, 1 baby bag, Darian’s backpack, my handbag, a stroller and two kids… It’s crazy alright!






We could hardly contain our excitement when we were about to reach Singapore. Darian even cheered in the plane when the plane landed. That was how happy he was. It just showed how much we had missed home and the people. It was really heart-warming to see all those familiar faces at the airport welcoming us back. We felt the love. Thanks for coming! And also thanks for all the welcome back gifts for the kids! They are definitely so blessed. 🙂

As expected we spent our first few days with our parents and relatives, eating lots of delicious homecooked food and local delights. They were so yummy that my diet plan has been shelved for a moment. Haha…  I’m sure the grandparents and relatives are also elated to see the grandkids back in Singapore too. Darian and Dyann absolutely enjoyed their company and have a whale of time playing with them.

Frankly, we were not exactly too affected by the jet lag, but the weather. We definitely took a much longer time adjusting to the weather than the time difference. Is the weather becoming hotter and more humid? Or is it just us? Hmm… It was to the extend that Dyann developed bad rashes all over her face, neck and limbs due to the weather. We had to bring Dyann to the clinic on the third day and that was when I dropped my phone on the road which was never found again. boohoo… Seriously it wasn’t the phone that matters but the photos inside. I lost a number of photos as I didn’t have the time to upload them. I was really upset with that!

Just nearly a year absence, things seem to be falling apart in the house. We spent our first week unpacking our luggage, getting some household replacement, stocking up some necessities, sorting out some administrative stuff. Until now I am left with one last luggage of toy to clear. Darian Yap seriously has too many toys… Anyways a big thank you to my parents in law for maintaining our house. My mother in law even got the kitchen stocked up with food and drinks for us. How awesome is that! 🙂

Finally the whole episode of our life in States had come to an end beautifully. We certainly brought back lots of happy and sweet memories. Once again, thanks to my dearest husband, dearest papa to our two lovely kids, thank you for making this possible for our little family. We love you very much! 🙂

Nevertheless, we are all glad to be back home. Nowhere better than home. Truly! 🙂



15 days 14 nights


Does the title sound like we are off for another adventure in US? Sad to say, it did not happen… It was actually Papa yap leaving home for an outfield exercise and we were literally homebound for 15 days. Boohoo… So the plan was to stock up 2 weeks of necessities and grocery and if I were to run out of any ingredients, I would have to get delivery orders from restaurants. The thing is that, it is rather impossible to get out of the house if I don’t drive. Unlike in Sg, I could easily walk out to get stuff from nearby. Even if I’m not driving, transportation would never be of any issues to bring the kids out. The fact that I’m a no risk taker and stayed firm with my decision not to drive during this stay in US. I really have to prepare thoroughly, at the same time cross my fingers that things would be all smooth sailing during this period.

Thankfully everything did turn out fine and that I have nice friends who made that two weeks better for us. Feroz got me some grocery on the second weekend and that definitely helped a lot. Those were the food I couldn’t stock up on. Also, Lourdes and Sarah had arranged for play dates which made double Ds very happy having visitors over at our place. The kids had fun playing around with their little friends while I had a great catch up with the mommies! 🙂




Within these few months, double Ds became much closer to Papa Yap. We were so surprised to see Darian feeling upset due to his absence. He woke up that morning Papa Yap left, looked at the bed, ran out the room and came back in with tears. He told me he was sad that Papa would not be home for many days. Oh boy! It has never bothered him in the past and he would not even ask for him. Yet for the first time, he actually cried. We really felt that he is now much attached to Papa Yap. Obviously that is a good thing! As for Baby Dyann, she is constantly blabbering about papa. Like how each time after shower, she would point at her wet hair and say “papa”. She really prefers her papa to blow dry her hair. Funny girl! And whenever Papa Yap called home, it is only like mandatory for them to talk to him and say goodbye. If I ever put down the phone abruptly without letting them bid goodbye to their father, that just meant disaster. Haha 🙂 Not only that, they both also sent many voice records through whatsapp to Papa Yap! Sometimes I weren’t aware at all until I browsed through my phone.

At last the two weeks had past and we are so happy to have him back home with us! He made the kids extra happy by getting them a toy each on his way back home. Well as for me, I’m just glad to see him. Really glad.



After this major exercise, we are into our last lap of this expedition already. It’s time to start packing, sort out the furniture, sell the car and settle some administrative stuff. Plenty of things to do but we are absolutely looking forward to return home! Counting down! Woohoo! 🙂



It has been a truly amazing journey being a stay at home mommy for 3 years; watching my kids grow is a privilege. Over the time, I realized that I prioritized the kids and even the hubs more than myself. It’s like I’m always thinking in the interest of the kids. It is always about them and seldom myself. Even during meal times, I will accommodate to their likings.

To me, being a mother is never considered a job. I would deem it as my duty and responsibility instead. How can a job be of possibly 12 to 24hrs daily and 365 working days without any paychecks, benefits, MCs and leaves. Yet seeing my two beautiful kids, makes everything all worthwhile. 🙂 In order to be a stay home mommy, I have traded my youth, energy, shape and bank account for it. And that’s a lot of sacrifices you know. Especially the part of not being financially independent which equates to no spending power, is definitely not fun at all. Boohoo! With Papa Yap being the only sole bread winner who has a load of financial commitment, I surely would not want to add onto his figures. 🙂

Gone were the days of luxury goods and indulges. Instead I would rather have my money spent on the kids. I have considered myself so much luckier compared to many of those unfortunate people around. As much as luxury materials could create an environment conducive for happiness, they cannot give happiness themselves. While this little family of mine is my everything, my happiness. I am contented with my life. 🙂

The most rewarding part of my motherhood pilgrimage is to have people coming up to me telling me how capable I am in managing the household and kids, how well I have raised my kids, how fortunate my hubby is, how lovely my kids are, how beautiful my family is. Enough said, these are my constant performance boosters to keep me going. Seriously I don’t see myself as a perfect wife or mother. I just put in my utmost effort in making sure my family’s well brings are well taken care of. At the end of the day, it really feels wonderful to have a appreciative hubby who thinks that I am totally indispensable in this family. How great is that! Likewise I can’t imagine life without the three of them too. I am blessed. ❤


My loves, my joys, my life. ❤


A little homesick

It has been almost three months in the States and I think I’m feeling a little homesick since last month. To be honest, I broke down recently which until now I find myself rather emotional, easily irritated and grouchy at the same time. Somehow it kind of affects my Philadelphia trip too. Boohoo 😦 I miss my home, the people and the food. Even though we are strongly independent back in Singapore, at least we know that there are still support for us if we really do need it. Over here, it’s totally impossible. We are all to ourselves.

Just earlier this month, we had quite an experience with the smoke detector at night, and nobody seem to care… I mean there wasn’t even a single soul looking out from their balcony or coming out of their apartment to check things out. It all started while baking a pizza when a lot of smoke was like escaping from the oven causing the smoke detector to sound off. It’s really scary when you don’t even know how to stop it. Well that deafening siren did eventually stop after like 10 minutes or so. The kids and I were totally freaked out by then. Thank you to my always calm husband who handle the situation well. I doubt I will be using that oven ever again! Haha 😉

Papa Yap has a homecoming school ball to attend which I can’t even go with him because of the kiddos. This really sucks… Moment like this, I wish we are back home. At least I know that there are people whom we can entrust our babies to!

Talking about convenience, there is no way better than home! Seriously be it public transport or getting necessities! Back home, when I don’t feel like cooking, I could just bring the kiddos down to get food which apparently is almost a NO NO here. Double Ds and myself are literally cooped up at home until Papa Yap comes back. There is no way that we could possibly go out without a car. Even with car, you need a drive out to get your stuff. How troublesome is that… Hence I must always ensure that we get all of the needs during our weekly grocery shopping.

Well the only good thing about this stay is that I love the fact that Papa Yap is here to study so realistically he has more family time for us. Most days, he would be back by 5pm and we usually have dinner together. To me this is wonderful enough. Back in Singapore, we hardly can indulge in such simple contentment except for weekends and there are even some weekends where he has to work. So where is that so called work life balance?! Haha 😉

Sometimes I wish Papa Yap wasn’t the chosen one for this course and to be given this golden opportunity. I would rather be living in Singapore, you know. But in hindsight, it is really great for his army career. I must say he is currently doing quite well in this course and I am very proud of him! 🙂 Keep it up Papa!

The kids are generally happy regardless of where they are. As long as there are food, play and most importantly their mama and papa around. They are easily contented unlike adults. But trust me, they will be happier with their grandparents, grandaunts, granduncles, aunts, uncles and friends around. Like Papa Yap’s friend who came here two years back, told us that his wife and kids wouldn’t want another stay in Florida. They want to be in Singapore with their extended families members. This is exactly how I feel too.

Due to this stay, I certainly have learn to appreciate Singapore, it’s convenience and people around us more. I thank my parent in laws for helping us out with our home affairs. Also to my parents and sis who give me the moral support that I needed. I know both our parents and relatives are least worried for us and their beloved grandkids knowing that we are capable enough to look after ourselves and the kiddos but I am pretty sure they get a little anxious when they read scary news about US. Yeah don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Looking forward to seeing all those people who cared for us and whom we care for. Till then 🙂

For now I need more positive vibes, keeping my sanity to enjoy this long ‘holiday’. Cheers! 🙂



Mama and sonny

All these while, many people have been commenting that Darian bears the striking resemblance to me. Apparently everyone thinks that we look alike. Even random strangers commented as well. I can’t help but to feel so too! Last week while browsing through the photos in my phone, I came across our photos and noticed the similarities. Papa Yap saw them and thought so too! Heehee 😉

Do you feel the same way too? What say you? 🙂



My little charming boyfriend and me. Love him to bits!❤


Mother’s Day 13

***12th May 13***

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂



Received my very first Mother’s Day card and an early greeting from Darian last Friday. Though it was just a simple card but it means a lot to me. Plenty of happiness and love. ❤

On Sunday early morning, while lazing on the bed with Darian, he gave me a hug and I asked him:

M: Darian do you have something to tell me? (seeing if he still remembers that today is mother’s day)

D: Yes!

M: Okie so what do you want to say?

D:Happy New Year Mama!

It was really hilarious. I burst out laughing. Wahaha… Anyway he still wish me Happy Mother’s Day thereafter. 🙂


I have not regretted becoming a homemaker after giving birth to Darian till now. In fact, I feel lucky enough to be a stay home mommy to my two beautiful kids. I love those moments where we just sit together having a cuddle with nothing to worry about. Having Darian telling me that he loves me. Getting to witness their every growth milestone and being there for them. Life is definitely not easy with Papa Yap as the sole bread-winner. Yet we are satisfied and contented with what we have. Yes I do agree to a certain extent that money can buy you happiness. But seriously I don’t have to spend such big money yet gain happiness. This is simplicity at its best. Having filial kids and a loving husband, everyday is Mother’s Day to me! And most importantly, Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job raising our kids and he is really proud of me! I am one happy mommy! Life is still good and beautiful being together with my loves! ❤

Oh by the way, exactly four days more to seeing Papa Yap! So happy! Counting down yay! 🙂


Overseas again: Week 2


On Tuesday ~ Sick but still so cheeky


On Wednesday ~ He hates the cooling adhesive to the max and I have to force it on him. He would cry bloody murder whenever he had to use it.

Alright Week 2 wasn’t exactly a pleasant one for sure. Darian was down with fever, sore throat and cough since the first day of the week. I brought him to Dr Ho on Tuesday morning and got his medicine. However, things got quite bad on Wednesday. Darian did not sleep well the night before and was totally listless, inactive and not eating at all (only drank like 540ml of milk). His temperature was constantly hovering between 38.3 to 39.2 which then hit 39.6 in the evening around 6pm. I got extremely worried and phoned my parents to come over and babysit Dyann so that I could carry Darian down to the clinic. He looked very sick and drowsy. While I was changing him, Darian began to cry saying that he is scared, he loves me, he wants me. I was really upset to hear that. He must be feeling very bad. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I hugged him and told him that I would be bringing him to the doctor as soon as ah ma and ah gong reached. At the same time reassuring him that he would be fine. After coming out of the bathroom, he saw meimei and started tearing again… “meimei I want you!” My gosh… Of course I teared again… I wondered why would a little boy say such things. He is really growing up.

Rushed him to the clinic only to realise that they were closed at 2pm. Usually they are opened daily even on public holidays. I suppose it was because of 1st May Labour Day. So we got home and prepared to head down to KKH instead. This time round, his temperature went down to 38.7. I had to tuck meimei to bed first as I expect it to be a long night at KKH. Thank goodness at about 9pm, his temperature had further dropped to 37.7. In the end, I decided not to send him to KKH and continue to monitor him.

Relieved to see that he is currently recovering well and his appetite improves. But I am not feeling too good. I am having flu with body aches right now. This seriously sucks… I missing Papa Yap quite terribly. Another 2 weeks to go! Hurry up!


Overseas again: Week 1

***20th April 13***

Boohoo… Another overseas training again and this time round is for one whole month. It is seriously a very long wait. When Papa Yap told me about this overseas exercise last year October, I was praying real hard that it would be cancelled but unfortunately it did not happen. Since I can’t change the fact about him having to be overseas for a month, I just got to be more supportive. I know it is not easy for him too. The kiddos and I are missing the daddy big time man! How ironical it is that when Papa Yap is around, I seem to be nagging at him constantly. And when he is not by my side, I miss him so badly. Absence does make the heart grows fonder. Whatever it is, I am counting down to his return, our staycation and the major packing in June(will update about the packing soon). Meanwhile dar please stay safe and take good care until we meet again! 18th May come fast can?! 🙂


So happy 🙂


Poser boy 🙂

So on Day 1:  My sister popped up in the evening to accompany us for a night. She stayed around until Sunday night and that of course made Darian very happy. He was definitely happier to have his yiyi in the house.


At CompassPoint

Day 4: Meet up with my sister and John at CompassPoint for dinner. Dinner was at Soup restaurant again. But seriously we wouldn’t mind having the Samsui Chicken over and over again. One of our favourite. As usual with my sister, she ‘over ordered the food’ yet again. Haha… 🙂 Of course Darian came home with another two tomica toy cars from yiyi too.


Happy with his monster truck. He has been waiting for this since last week.


Darian loves yiyi.


Meimei so fidgety. haha… Her hands were like everywhere! 😉


I want to bowl!


Round 1


Ready aim go!


Haha what a pose…


Like a pro. Heehee 😉

Day 7. Dinner at Downtown East with my sister on Friday evening. Since Darian wanted the Happy meal toy and my sis was craving to try the new black pepper burger, we settled our dinner at Mcdonalds. According to her, the new burger tastes good. Shall try it another time. John and Rachel joined us after work but not for dinner. They had theirs at Fish and Co express later at night. So while waiting for them, we brought Darian(or rather he brought us there. haha…) to the bowling alley for a few games. Right at the far end, there is this miniature bowling catered for young children. Each session consisting of 5 games costs $2. Darian enjoyed himself so much. After three rounds of bowling, he was pestering us to go to the Kids Explorer but I didn’t allow as it was already very late. So the three of them accompanied us back home and left only at 11ish.



Day 9: My sister, John together with Bijun came over to visit us. I had prepared Cheese Maraconi(as per requested) for lunch. Ended up having it for dinner as well as I really cooked quite a lot. Glad that they enjoyed it! 🙂 So they only left after the Star Awards ceremony show at 10ish. Darian was really happy to see them for sure. 🙂

I am really glad to have a sister who is really close to me. At least during her free time, she will bring John and her friends to accompany us whenever Papa Yap is away. Thank you sis. Love you too! 🙂



 Life has been pretty routine since Darian started schooling and with Papa Yap back to his busy work schedule. Strangely, I have been feeling very tired ever since Darian started school. Have been so used to sleep till 8am yet waking up at 6.45 am during the weekdays now, totally shag me out. My body clock is still adapting! Now these days, I extremely look forward to weekend. I can at least minimally sleep for another hour (hopefully so). Learning to sleep early for me is never a successful story. The earliest I think was around 11.30pm… And that explains my super dark eye circles! Well it is definitely not because of the kids (they sleep early) but me myself. After the kids fall asleep, I will be busy doing some house chores… endless chores. Seriously what to do, I cannot go to sleep if the house is still in a mess (okay people might not even see it as mess) or when things are undone. Boohoo that’s me. Somehow Papa Yap also cannot stand messiness. Perhaps we are just too used to seeing things in order. 🙂


Darian in his Outdoor attire


After school! 🙂

This weekend is going to be a real boring one as Papa Yap will be having an outfield exercise. *Sigh* Nowadays, Darian will ask for Papa Yap. To the extend of insisting me calling Papa Yap. His favourite lines, “Why papa always work?” “Why always come back late?” “Why never come back?” “I want Papa to come back!” Haha…  Even if I were to explain about his work, he would still want Papa Yap to be back. Father and son love! Anyway my family will be coming over on Sunday to entertain Darian. Haha… Well well at least Darian is happy to have his yiyi and korkor coming over to play with him. 🙂

Just have to tell myself that life will be even better after his OC tour! At least he will not be so so busy. Haha… Enduring and forward-looking to the next half of the year! 😉


Home sweet home

***20th December***

Finally, my pest controller/delivery man/chauffeur/handyman Papa Yap is back from the States! 🙂 He hitched a ride from Davmes and reached home at around 3am. While I was sitting in the living room waiting for Papa Yap, Darian came out looking for me. He wanted me to get back to sleep together with him but I need to open the door for his father. I thought of surprising Darian and decided not to tell him that I was actually waiting for Papa Yap. I told him that I was waiting for a friend to pass me something. Haha kids are just so easy to bluff through eh! So he sat on the sofa waiting for ‘my friend’. I tell you the moment he saw Papa Yap at the door, his eyes were like glowing and beaming with happiness. He was really so so delighted and excited to see his father. He ran to the door and started talking to him. Yes he was still smiling, all the way until we were back on bed and in fact till he eventually slept. He even insisted to wait for Papa Yap to shower and slept only after Papa Yap dozed off. A truly happy boy he was. 🙂 I bet he must have missed his father real badly.

Later in the morning at 9am Papa Yap went to the Macdonalds to get brekkie for us all. He came back with a happy meal toy Batman and also a set of Macdonald food miniatures. These very well brighten up Darian’s day. 🙂 Soon, Papa Yap started unpacking his luggage after brekkie. This time round instead of only bringing back dirty laundry for me, he got us some clothing and shades for himself and me as well. 🙂 This is his first time buying us things on his own. Not too bad! 🙂


A set at $12. I was telling Papa Yap that the cardboard box would be torn pretty soon in the hands of Darian. And true enough, it was torn in less than an hour. Haha 🙂


Our gifts from Papa Yap 🙂

Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job looking after the kids and managing the household. He thinks I am one fantastic mommy. I am just glad that he is back safely. Absence does make the heart grows fonder for sure. I was really missing him like crazy. 24 days is über long can!

Love love! ❤❤