Dyann’s first movie experience


The Avengers – Age of the Ultron at Film Garde Cineplex



Yay! Our dear princess has successfully sit through her first movie experience in the Cinema. In fact she looked so adorable when she whispered for more popcorns. heehee 😉 Initially Papa Yap and I were actually a little sceptical about bringing her to a movie. Seriously we wouldn’t want her to be of any disturbance to the moviegoers inside. And I personally couldn’t stand those parents who allow their kids to talk aloud and move freely inside the theatre. But there’s always a first time right? So we were prepared to leave the theatre in any event if she couldn’t cooperate inside. Thankfully everything went well and we were so glad that there would be more movie outings in future. Although buying a DVD would be more economical for a family, sometimes it’s the atmosphere and sound effects that make the movie more entertaining. Besides, it’s another family activity for us. 🙂


Vaccination at 1

***24th October 13***

Alright we were actually late for Baby Dyann’s one year old vaccination. She was down with a week of flu during the intended period, after which we went for our Philadelphia trip and again came home with flu bugs. You know, with all the dilly-dally here and there, we finally brought her to the base clinic. Baby Dyann had her vaccination taken only on our second visit as we were referred to make an appointment for a body well being check before she could get her immunization done. I supposed probably because the jabs was administered by the nurses, she has to do a body well being check by the doctor prior to it. Anyway we returned again on the 24th. According to the doctor, looking at her birth weight of 2.5kg, Baby Dyann is certainly growing and eating very well. She is currently about 11kg heavy and 82cm tall. 🙂

So there were a total of four jabs for the one year old and I was actually contemplating to have all done in a day. The MMR, Pneumococcal, Hep A and Chickenpox. One thing for sure is that in Singapore, Chickenpox is usually taken after 15mth old. I couldn’t help but to feel that four jabs at one time is rather overwhelming. Then again, it should be safe considering the fact that all the kids here go through this too. Yep the princess had her four jabs, two swift jabs on each of her thighs by two senior nurses with Papa Yap holding her as still as possible. I have a set of weak tears glands especially on hearing my kids’ cries. haha… Silly me! She eventually stopped crying after I carried her. The next set of vaccination would be in 6 to 8 weeks later. This time round, we will arrange an appointment for another well being check before going for the immunization.

So here she is… all already to go for her immunization. She definitely had no idea what’s going to happen later. Heehee 😉




Aww… love you to bits my princess! muacks! ❤


Sweetheart Dyann at 13 month old

Dearest sweetheart,

At 13 month old, you are no longer crawling around. You are always on your feet toddling around the house. Peeking into every little corner, behind the door, under the table, behind the television, into the cupboards, and sometimes even the toilet bowl, anywhere that fascinates you little explorer. You enjoy climbing up the sofa, messing up the cushions, throwing things behind the sofa and now I need Papa’s help to get them out. 😉


You tend to scream and cry so loudly whenever we try to take things away from you. But you know, with your firm Papa and Mama around, screaming doesn’t get you anywhere. Dropping things seem to be your latest habit and that we always come home with a missing pacifier or shoe. Oh please my sweetie, mommy does get real upset especially seeing your missing shoe.


Each time when you are amused by Gege, Papa or Mama, you giggle so easily, showing your four white pearlies. Your laughter is just so infectious, making us laugh too! You love eating for sure and never seem to have enough of mama’s homemade meals, bread, cakes, cereal snacks, biscuits yoghurt, apples, banana and many other fruits. Well we think you are looking a little chubby but perfectly lovely in your way.❤


That captivating smile of yours instantaneously melt our heart and brighten up our days. You never fail to amuse us with all those little silly and funny acts of yours. You are way too adorable and cheeky that we never seem to have enough at all. You blabber quite a bit, exploring with various sound and pitch. We simply love to hear you calling out Papa, Mama and Kaka(Gege). Though Gege always say “I’m not kaka”! Heehee 🙂




Papa, Mama and Gege love everything about you and want you to know that we truly love you so even though you can be really wild at times. Loving you now and always, our beautiful little girl!❤❤❤


Baby Dyann’s first steps


It just dawned on me that I missed out a post on Baby Dyann first steps. Okie, she definitely deserves a post on that. I couldn’t exactly remember when did Darian took his very first steps therefore I really want to have Dyann’s recorded. I even saved the date for the write up but do not have the time and laptop with me.


On 25th July, a week before her first birthday, Baby Dyann took her first steps at home. While playing with her toys, she spontaneously stood up and started taking four steps forward before losing her balance. It certainly caught us by surprise. Bravo meimei! In fact she has reached this milestone earlier than her brother. Darian only started walking at about 14 month old. Papa Yap, Darian and myself were elated to witness Baby Dyann taking her first steps. Darian showed his love and support for his meimei by applauding and praising her. See he really adores his meimei! It is definitely one priceless moment seeing our girl reaching yet another milestone. Be it little or big, any achievement that our babies made is simply happiness for us. ❤


With Baby Dyann taking her first steps, it also meant that I would be extra busy watching out for her at home. As you know, bumping into things and falling down would be quite a norm while learning to walk. On a positive note, there is another reason for me to buy her more pretty shoes! Heehee 😉

Her walking progression is considerably fast. Since her magical first steps, she is always on her feet, albeit unsteadily, cruising around and exploring every corner of the house. We realise our girl is no longer a baby. She has transited from babyhood to toddlerhood. She is now officially a toddler. That’s just how fast she is growing. Love ya Dyann Yap Zi Ying! ❤




Muacks! ❤❤



***12th April 13***



Bottom two middle ones

Pearlies have been spotted on meimei’s lower gums! This explains why she has been having on and off fever for days, a lot of drooling that resulted with facial rashes around her mouth and chin area, fussiness, not sleeping well, runny nose and watery stools for two days. She has been quite handful for me especially that I have not been feeling well lately. Recalling Darian only started teething when he was 9months old and basically breezed through the teething process. No symptoms at all. Like I mentioned before Darian has been a real easy baby to handle. She is definitely feeling much better now. Though she is still drooling and having runny nose. Woots and so this marked another milestone achieved at 37 weeks. Oh my girl is growing up fast too! 🙂


Nomnom time

Other than cereal, meimei has been eating fruit and vegetable puree as well. So far she has tried apple, banana,  sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, carrot and broccoli. She does not like eating apple, banana and sweet potato puree at all. I was totally surprised by it. I thought she would at least like the apple and banana. Haha… Darian loves eating banana! Each time after the second feed, she would continuously turn her head to her left and right. I suppose she is trying to tell me that she does not want to eat it. And it is almost impossible to force her to eat it. Well as for the rest, she is able to finish up all pretty fast. She loves eating her Heinz milk biscuits and baby milk ball biscuits during snack time. No fuss at all. Next, I will be introducing porridge to her soon. I wonder how will she reacts then. Heehee 😉


Sweet potato puree


Eating her carrot and potato puree


Messy time! 🙂


Our lovelies

***1st March 13***

Our sweet love Dyann Yap ❤


Aww… Isn’t she gorgeous?


Our princess




She fell asleep on the jumperoo… so cute… (Papa Yap loves this pic)

Meimei has turned 7 month today. She is now 66cm and 8.7Kg. Her PD, Dr Ho, mentioned that she is slighty tall for her age and she is fat. Haha… She doesn’t seem fat to me maybe because Darian at her age was even bigger in size. So naturally I will think that way. 😉 Anyway she is definitely growing well and healthy which is more important to me.

Right now she is making progression in her growing development. She is able to sit more steadily than before. She turns and flips around like 180 and 360 degree on the bed, making me extra cautious when placing her on our bed. She seems like she is trying to crawl but moving backward instead. She has started on solid food, cereal and vegetable puree. Making a mess during meal times. We love to hear her blabbing and giggling. Sometimes both Papa Yap and I thought we heard her saying ‘mama’…  She totally melts our heart. We love her very very much. ❤

Our first Love Darian Yap ❤


Our handsome boy


Love that captivating smile of his

Darian has been a very wonderful big brother to meimei. We can tell that he really dotes on meimei and loves her a lot too. Usually after school, the first thing he does is that he will greet meimei and kiss her hand. Yep not me but his meimei. Haha… 😉 Everytime when meimei hits him, he never retaliate and take it positively by thinking meimei is playing with him or caressing him. How nice! He enjoys playing with meimei. Nowadays he will share his little Tonka trucks and Thomas train with meimei. When I am busy, he will help me with little chores like, sitting next to meimei supervising her on the bumbo chair, passing me things, entertaining her… and the list goes on. Of course there are times when he doesn’t seem to bother as he is engrossed with other things. He is just a three year old afterall. But most of the times, he cares. Considering that Darian is only 3 years and 3 months old, he seems to be a sensible boy. Papa Yap and I feel very blessed and happy to see that he is such a good brother. So proud of him. We love him as much as meimei for sure. ❤








We are thankful enough for having these two angels in our life. Our daily dosage of happiness! ❤


Meimei’s first NomNom experience

***16th February***

Meimei has reached six months and it is time for her to try solid food. I had prepared the Healthy Time cereal for her and apparently she did not like the taste of it. She kept spitting out the cereal and that really made us all laughed. It was such an amusing sight. Sooo cute. After a while, Papa Yap reminded us not to laugh as she might spat it intentionally just for the cause and effect. Haha… 🙂

I think she may need a while to get used to the different texture and taste. I will continue to feed her for another two weeks or so. By then it will be obvious if she is adjusting to her new feeding routine or rejecting cereal. Next will be puree! 🙂


All getting ready to see meimei’s first eating expression 😉


Hmm what is this?


Wondering how does it taste like?


Trying a little


Hmmm… I don’t like it…


Finally it’s over! 😉


Meimei is six months old


Our lovely princess has turned six months old. How fast it is. Oh seriously, she is growing so adorable and sweet each day. Like Darian, she is another little attention grabber, getting attention everywhere she goes. 🙂 Right now she is still learning how to sit. We had taken out the bumbo seat and jumperoo (both hand down from Darian) for her to use and she really looks adorable in them. And the jumperoo is undeniably useful. At least it could entertain her for about 30min or so while I have my meals, feed Darian, wash some dishes and even hang clothes… blah blah…  Just got to be fast before she starts crying. Heehee 😉






She has been very attached to me because I am her primary caregiver. It’s simply difficult for me to leave her for awhile. So I got to really plan my chores to suit her routine. Thank goodness Darian has been rather obedient and cooperative when we are handling Baby Dyann. If not… I think I will collapse. Haha….





See just how lovely she is. Totally melts our heart! Love you so much our dearest sweetheart!  ❤


Groom my room – No more Co-sleeping

***3rd January 13***

Before – Playroom.


After – Sweet Dreams! 🙂



We did a transformation to Darian’s playroom. It is now converted into the kids’ bedroom and all the toys were shifted into the study room. Papa Yap and I feel that it is time to let Darian learn to sleep separately from us. We had it all planned. 2 weeks before, we started talking to him about getting him a bed, sleeping in his room with Baby Dyann (Yes meimei will be sleeping together) and buying him his favourite fitted bed sheets. We further created awareness by bringing him to purchase his bed and choosing his bed sheets. We got him an Angrybird Space and a Ben 10 fitted bed sheet set. Right after getting his bed sheets, he was really enthusiastic about sleeping on his bed and continuously asking about his bed. Quite a good start! 🙂


On the first night, Papa Yap and I were very glad that he did not reject sleeping on his bed. No fuss at all! However he took really long to sleep. Well on a positive note, at least he managed to doze off after an hour. Phew! In the middle of the night, he appeared three times sleeping next to me! Haha… I guess it will take some time for him to get used to sleeping away from me after all he has been sleeping with us since he was 1 year old. And he has this little habit of holding on to my thumb and rubbing it to sleep. He is actually able to differentiate between my thumb and others without looking at it. We have tried it before with Papa Yap, my sis and aunt. After rubbing, he would shove their hand away and search for mine instead. Yes, all this done with his eyes shut! Amazing eh! Haha 😉 We left both our bedroom doors ajar so that I could hear Baby Dyann’s cries and at the same time makes it easier for Darian if he wakes up in the middle of the night looking for me.

Things got better for the next few days. On the second night, he woke up twice and the third and fourth only once. This shows that he is adapting very well. Marking yet another milestone for both the kids! My Darling Darian has grown up so fast. He is now one big boy, big brother to meimei! Love him so so much!

Meanwhile we are still looking for pretty wall stickers/decals and photo frames to decorate their bedroom. We hope to get it all done by Chinese New Year! 🙂