#3 – SG50 Baby

Yay! We are expecting another precious little one into our lives in about two weeks time! Double Ds has been very excited about their little baby brother and were literally counting down since January this year. As September arrives, we can tell how excited the kids are. Apparently just the other day Darian woke up and said in excitement, “mummy, it’s first of September already!” They are definitely all ready to welcome their little baby brother! 🙂

It’s such a joy watching double Ds stroking and talking to their didi(little brother) every now and then. Sometimes when baby D moves vigorously, they giggle and ask him not to kick so hard, not to hurt mummy. Awww they are simply so adorable! 🙂

Like the previous pregnancies, Papa Yap and the kids would accompany me for every checkup. The duo are always so eager to see their little brother through the scan. During the previous checkup, Dyann got so upset and teared when she didn’t get to see her little brother on the machine. She only stopped when Dr Ang handed  her the picture and that really made her so happy.

As usual I’m seeing Dr Lawrence Ang for this third pregnancy despite the traveling distance. I just don’t feel comfortable for a change of gynae. His current clinic which is just opposite Sun Plaza, is certainly much bigger than the previous one. At least I get a seat every visit during the wait. Haha 🙂

While Papa Yap and I were kind of anticipating Baby D to arrive at 37 weeks(both Darian and Dyann popped at 37 weeks), Dr Ang estimated that I probably will only deliver after Singapore polling day(11th Sept). Well well, we shall see again next Tuesday when I go for my weekly checkup.

This pregnancy has been taking a toll on me. I have constant fatigue, especially in my third trimester. The heavy and low bump, low energy level, bad mood swings, bad aches at my back and pain around pelvic area are certainly making child minding and household chores much more tedious. It was to the extent that I couldn’t even send Darian to school at times. And for the past few weekends, we have been staying home most of the time(other than short grocery trips) as I couldn’t stand and walk for long. I feel bad for neglecting the kiddos but we will try to fulfill our Zoo, River Safari, USS, swimming outings after Baby D pops and my confinement.

Thankfully at this point of time, I have my parents in law to help me since the start of my 37weeks as Papa Yap has been very busy with work and is currently supervising a one week fieldcamp. They fetched Darian to and fro school daily and my mother in law stayed over in case of emergency. At the same time, with them around I only have to cook once a day for the kids and for dinner we would get takeaways from the nearby coffeeshops. There were also nights when I even have to rope in my sister to help out when the hubs is not around. Nonetheless, the kids are happy to have their grandparents and yiyi in the house.

Now at 37 weeks and 3 days, I feel like a whale already. This is definitely my biggest and heaviest of all three pregnancies. I know I have to work extra hard to shed off all those unnecessary excess weight but this is something that I shouldn’t be too worry about right now. At this point of time, I only pray for an easy and smooth delivery. Baby D please be good to mummy ok? We will see you soon! We all love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️


I love Meimei, Meimei love me

Another sibling love. Darian loves Baby Dyann so much. ❤


It is such a joy to see Darian showing this love and affection toward his baby sister and Baby Dyann always get so excited and smiley seeing him. I am thankful enough. I really feel blessed. 🙂

Just the other day, I watched Darian playing his beach ball with Baby Dyann and it was simply blissful to see that. No words can describe how happy I was then. Pure happiness!  ❤


Do you want to play Meimei ?


Wow what a big ball!


Oops! Gege can you pick up the ball for me?


Thank you Gege! 🙂

Papa and Mama love you both so much! ❤


18 weeks old Baby Dyann

   Dyann is now 7.2kg and 63cm. I am glad to know that she is growing well. Looking at her growth chart, Dr Ho mentioned Baby Dyann is really putting on quite a bit and she is going to look like another ball just like Darian. She wants me to control her milk intake. But seriously how to? It is rather challenging. Baby Dyann has a fiery temper. She gets real grouchy when she is hungry or tired. Her wails are so loud that my neighbour at the other end can also hear her. And her cries kind of scare me. 😉



At 18 weeks old Baby Dyann is able to grasp and reach for objects, hold up her head while lying on tummy, hold her head steady when upright, attempt to roll over one side, squeal in delight and make a lot of cooing sound. She responds very well to us, like turning to the direction of our voices and smiling back at us. Oh and she really enjoys blowing bubbles as in playing with her saliva. Haha 🙂




I love waking up to see her smiling at me every morning. She has got such a lovely smile that is so angelic, so beautiful. Her smile simply brightens up my day.  ❤



Aww… Just love her to bits. muacks  ❤


Shave or not to shave

After so long of procrastination and dilemma, I decided not to shave off Baby Dyann’s head. Initially I wanted to shave her hair mainly because I noticed she has been dropping quite a lot of hair. Every morning when she wakes up, there will be plenty of hair on the napkin that her head rests on. Subsequently I observed that it is because she always shake her head vigorously left and right in the midst of her sleep and that causes her hair to fall off after continuous rubbing. Being a worrier, I went to google about it and apparently it is rather common in babies. But seriously this got to stop soon as her hair at the back is really getting thinner and thinner by the day. Super worried to see bald patches.

It is our chinese traditional practice to shave off baby’s hair during first or fourth month old. It is said that after shaving, their ‘new hair’ will be thicker and prettier. Some even shave off their babies’ eyebrows. Blah Blah… Hmm well technically there isn’t any scientific proof on that. It just old folks saying. I have seen and heard about babies shaving off their hair yet thereafter it is as thin as before and worse still their hair grow in patches.


Just look at her. Aww… I really cannot bear to shave off her hair. Festives are around the corner and there is no way that her hair will grow fast. I just want her to look pretty in her photos. 🙂 Will probably bring her to trim her hair soon. So till then. 🙂


Spot the differences

❤Baby Darian VS Baby Dyann❤

I have been receiving many comments saying that Baby Dyann looks a lot like Baby Darian. Really? Do you think so? Surely there are some resemblances here and there afterall they are from the same ‘factory’. hehee 😉 But one thing for sure both of them do have the same lovely smile. Well babies change in their growing process. We shall see again! 🙂



I am growing bigger everyday

***1st November***

Oh just how fast Baby Dyann has grown. She is already three months old, weighing at 6.620kg and 61cm tall. Looking at she was only 2.5kg and 47cm at birth, she has definitely gained quite a bit. 🙂

She is much more challenging to handle as compared to Darian. There are times when she can really drives us crazy! But then again she is still our precious little sweetheart! Tell me how to get real mad at her when she keeps  smiling at us. Awww… 🙂

Our little princess

Totally in love with this little girl! ❤


10 weeks old Baby Dyann


My sweet sweet angel ❤

By now I’m quite adjusted to baby Dyann’s sleeping and feeding routine though there are some days when her routine is a little messed up. Perhaps due to growth spurt? But it is still manageable. I managed to let her sleep through the night without milk for 5 to 7 hours (7 hours was the max record). She is growing fast and well! The o-3 months old clothings are already too tight for her. 🙂 I love playing and talking to her and she will respond well to me as well by mimicking my mouth movement and shape, cooing and letting out soft ‘cat-like’ sound and smiling at me. Her smile totally melts my heart. ❤

We (especially Papa Yap) super love her head of hair! Sooo pretty! Oh we got to shave off her hair when she is 4 months old and we seriously don’t bear to. And so we shall decide nearer the date. 🙂

❤ Our pretty little girl ❤


Love you Meimei

***Brother’s Love Part Two***

Until now little Darian is still going googoogaga over baby Dyann. Haha… Adding on to all the hugs, loves, kisses, helps, Darian has been saying things like:

1) “I’m coming Meimei…” when he hears her crying.

2) “Meimei so cute!” when I’m carrying or playing with her.

3) “Mama cannot scold/beat Meimei” when I pretend to beat her or use a stern tone at her.

Oh and whenever we are going out, he would ask if Meimei is going along. If we were to say “No”, he would be really upset and want us to bring her too. Haha too cute! 🙂



See Darian is indeed a loving and protective brother. His future girlfriend or wife is going to be so fortunate! Wahaha 🙂 In fact I feel real lucky and blessed that Darian dotes on his baby sister. I have friend whose kid is around Darian’s age and he is still adapting to the addition member in the family. Love you Darian Yap! ❤