Our sweetheart

***1st August***

Yes, Baby Dyann arrived to the world much earlier just as we expected. Her due date was supposed to be on 19th August yet she simply can’t wait to see the world and of course us! 🙂 Her birth process was so much different as compared to Little Darian. The only similarity is that for both cases, I was directed to the hospital on the day of my checkup at Dr Ang’s during their 37 weeks. I had spent a good total of 20 hours in labour before Darian popped. For Darian, I was only 2cm to 3cm dilated and having contraction since 4pm to 7am. Had the epidural done at 8am and managed to give birth to Little Darian only at 1.30pm.

As for Baby Dyann, in Dr Ang’s clinic, I was already 3cm dilated and started feeling the contraction at 4ish while doing the CTG scan. Dr Ang instructed us to admit to the hospital right away. The worst thing is that Darian was with us, so we got to send him to my mum’s place at Tampines and then head toward Thomson. Oh seriously, the journey was a killer! The contraction came like every one to one and a half minute. I was in tears and kept urging Papa Yap to drive faster. Haha. By the time, we reached Thomson Medical centre, I was like half dead. Wahaha… By then it was almost 6pm. I was send to the observation room while waiting to dilate further. Later, Dr Ang came and burst my waterbag after which I dilated even faster. As pain became more intensive, I was given the laughing gas while waiting for the anaesthetist to come for the epidural. Oh gosh I really needed the epidural badly! Total madness… At 8pm, I was already 6cm to 7cm dilated; the epidural effect kicks in much slower as compared to Darian’s time. I didn’t feel anything after my epidural shot for the first time, yet this time round, I could still experience pain. On top of that, I am still reliant on the laughing gas! Shag… I was like a mad, fury woman in labour. I kept asking and saying… Why isn’t the epidural taking effect? Why am I still in pain? I can feel the baby coming out. What should I do? Haha… Luckily Papa Yap was the calm type if not guess I would have freaked him out! Wahaha…

And finally at 9.03pm, I managed to give birth to our sweetheart, Dyann Yap! ❤

Mission accomplished! 🙂


The waiting game

Into my last lap of pregnancy. As for now, I am 36 weeks pregnant. Just had my check-up done on Monday and was delighted to hear from Dr Ang that our baby girl has turned her head down, my placenta moved up and I would be able to deliver the baby through natural birth. 🙂 Hooray! It’s such a relieved to know that. Dr Ang added that I am already 2cm dilated which means that I would be giving birth anytime from now. Wooo… It makes me nervous hearing that! Alright sweetheart baby, it’s a little too soon. Please stay in mummy for at least another one or two week. Anyway Dr Ang has given me some medicine to delay birth till at least next week. Anytime next week would be much better. Though this is my second pregnancy, it somehow seems like my first. Wahaha… In fact, I feel more nervous than the first. Perhaps it is because I already knew the expected process. It’s kind of scary. haha…  Anyway I pray for a smooth delivery. We are so so excited to seeing our little sweetheart! ❤


@Week 32

Preggy at 32 weeks 🙂

Time flies! I’m already in my third trimester, 32 weeks pregnant. My edd would be on the 19th August. So it’s less than 2 months to go. Gosh… I’m getting real nervous! Had my checkup done today at Dr Ang’s clinic. As usual, it seems like I can easily put on 2 to 3Kg every month so I’m now 72Kg heavy! Hehe 😉 Baby is in breech position and growing well too. She is now 1.7Kg heavy. Currently our only concern is that my placenta is still low and baby head is above the placenta, I might have to deliver via caesarean. Really scared. However, there is still time for baby to turn and placenta to move up to further determine the delivery. So I shall talk to the baby everyday and then we will see how things progress in July. *Keeping fingers crossed* 🙂

Somehow I really felt so thankful to have Papa Yap accompanying me for all my check up appointments. I’m grateful enough! 🙂 Love you.


@28 weeks

At 28 weeks, our baby girl weighed approximately 1200 grams and I am already 69kg. Phew… Can’t imagine how to shed off all these excess weights after popping! Haha… During this stage of pregnancy, I get tired easily and experiencing more intense backaches so I couldn’t stand for too long. There are times when I felt rather breathless and little aching around the pelvic area too. There will be frequent needs to urinate and many times when I sneezed, I would pee a little. Gosh… Also on random occasion, I just felt that I couldn’t control my emotions that well. Hah just blame the hormones for that! It’s like another 12 weeks more before the arrival of our little girl. As the date drew nearer, I am getting much tense. Though it’s my second pregnancy, I am feeling much more nervous than the first. Seriously! Perhaps it’s because I have been through it and so I am getting more conscious of the process of birth.

Darian is still as positive with the arrival of his little sister. He often stroked and kissed my tummy. Just the night before, he even sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars to his sister. How sweet! 🙂 I will frequently remind him of loving, playing and sharing things with his sister. Whenever I asked if he could share his pillow, beanbag and bolster with his sister. His reply would always be “No it’s Darian’s. Buy new one for baby.” Haha at least this shows that he is really much aware of his sister. Both Papa Yap and I had agreed on bringing Darian for more outdoor activities before I give birth. As most likely we would be staying home most of the time for three months after the arrival of his little sister.

Hmm… Name choosing is such a hassle. We got to look for names that both of us are really comfortable with. Hopefully we will finalized with the name soon and update it asap. 🙂 As for now, I have bought some baby necessities and have started washing little Darian’s baby clothes. There are really so many to wash and it would take a few rounds to wash them all. Looking through Darian’s baby clothings, I realised that I had bought quite a number of neutral colour clothes for him. So which mean I would just have to buy some out going clothes for our little girl. We can really save on the clothes part as they would outgrown them real fast! 🙂


@24 weeks

Pregnancy at 24 weeks, my baby girl is estimated 675grams heavy and growing well. Dr Ang tried to do a 3D scan but my girl was not in a right position. We could only see a little of her lips, chin and nose. Hopefully at the next visit, we are able to get a full view of her face. As for me, I have put on like another 3kgs in a month. So I’m now already 66 kg!  Alright if this goes on before I pop,  I really couldn’t imagine how I would look like. Wahaha… I really felt rather clumsy at times. My clothes, my pregnancy pants, my bras are like so tight! Cant breathe in them. Hehe… Her kicks, punches, and squirms are like my essentials right now. Enjoying and loving all the little movements in me. 🙂 Whenever I tell Darian of baby’s kicks, he would get so excited and stroke my tummy. Loving brother, isn’t he? It’s like three more months to seeing our baby girl. We are getting so so excited! 🙂 Loves Loves


Blue or Pink

and it’s…… PINK!! haha 🙂

First set of clothings for my little princess. And of course more to come! Wahaha 😉

***2nd March***

At the 16th week, Dr Ang mentioned to us that very likely the baby would be a girl. However it would be more accurate to determine the gender during the detail scanning on the 30th March. And so we waited for that day to reconfirm. What a suspense! haha…

Finally after the ‘long’ wait, at the 20th week, it’s confirmed that baby would be a girl! We are glad to hear that and especially elated to know that baby is growing well too. How nice having a boy and a girl. Well balance just like in Chinese the word 好’ which means good is made up of two words 女(girl, woman, daughter ) and 子(child, son). Anway we are both fine with having a boy as well. What’s most important to us is actually the baby’s health. 🙂

Right now, in my 21st week, I have put on a good 7 kg! I am having enormous appetite. Even Papa Yap thinks so too. 😉 Somehow he seems very happy feeding me. Wahha… I seriously need a lot of food! Every night before, I would be planning my menu for the next day. Breakfast, lunch, teabreak, dinner and supper. Fat me! haha.. Whatever it is, I am truly happy to be fat for now. 😉


Hello baby

A wonderful and joyous news! 🙂

As for now I’m already three months pregnant. My EDD would be in mid August. The feeling is just so wonderful. 🙂 The thought of being a mummy for the second time is simply blissful. Papa Yap is equally happy too! Not to mention my family, aunts, uncles and cousins. 🙂 It came as an early Christmas present for both of us. 🙂 Little Darian is aware of the baby in me. We have been telling him about having a baby in mummy, asking him to say “good night” to baby, ”kissing” and stroking my tummy, bringing him along for checkups and showing him the ultra scans as well. He shows positive-ness towards having a sibling. Hopefully he will be loving brother. 🙂 I’m seeing the same gynecologist Dr Lawrence Ang, at Sembawang Plaza. His clinic is still as packed as before. Dr Ang is always busy and his consultation is usually very precise and fast. For us being precise and fast means that baby is growing well and everything is fine. Of course, when I have any enquiries or area of concerns he will definitely answer them all. But if you are those who like to have “chit-chat” session with the gynae, I don’t think he would be ideal for you. Despite Papa Yap’s busy work schedules, he is willing to take leave and accompany me for checkup. Thank you Papa Yap for your tender loving care. Love you ❤

Oh I was having morning sickness for the first 2 months. Hah, it was quite bad. Feeling nauseous every now and then (Not just morning but the whole day), puking each time after meal. I have to stocked up my fridge with candies, H2O, 100 Plus, ribena, milo  and biscuit crackers. Stayed at home most of the time, didn’t want to go out (even for shopping). Hah just imagine how bad it was… I didn’t experience this when I had Darian. It was not easy man. Thank god, as days passed by the frequency of my morning sickness gradually decreased. Finally at the 10 weeks, it stopped compeletely. Just in time for Chinese New Year. Haha… Luckily, it’s over. 🙂 This time round, we couldn’t engage the previous confinement lady, Feng Jie. She is such a popular confinement lady with lots of bookings; especially in this Dragon year. A popular year for parents who want to give birth to a dragon baby… Anyway we managed to find another confinement lady Zhen Jie, recommended by Joyce and TT. Hopefully she would be as good as Feng Jie or even better. 🙂

Though I’m ”ballooning” way much faster as compared to the first pregnancy, I’m happy at the same time. Haha! 🙂 It’s time to unpack the pregnancy clothing kept in the zip lock bags. I can’t wait for the next checkup in March to see my baby and to hear about his well being. At the same time, we might be able to know the gender of the baby. How exciting! 🙂

Hello baby! 🙂