Their first time

***14th August***

It’s the father and son maiden shopping trip out to the Vivo City together. Initially, he thought that I would be going as well. After explaining to him that it would be just him and Papa Yap, he agreed to go. Usually, he would not follow anyone out, even Papa Yap… This time round, I’m so glad that he agreed with it. According to Papa Yap, little Darian was well behaved throughout the entire shopping trip. He held Papa Yap’s hand tight and walked around the mall without having to remind him to. As usual, Papa Yap had brought him to Vivo Toy R Us for his haircut. So little Darian has an objective in mind. He wants to get his hair done so that he can buy his hot wheels toy set. Haha… Right after clearing his mission, he told his father that he wants to go home, back to Mama’s house. Haha… See it’s difficult for him to be separated from me even for 2 hours. Just can’t imagine when he starts schooling next year. Anyway, house was really peaceful when the two boys were out. I managed to catch an hour of uninterupted sleep which I seriously in need of! Later, I told Papa Yap that he seriously should do this often! Hehe 🙂

with his loot after his haircut. 🙂


Haircut Drama

***23rd June***

As usual, we brought Darian to Vivo City Toy ‘R’ Us Junior League for his haircut. By the time we reached there at 7.15pm, the hairdresser has stopped accepting customers as there were still many under waiting list. Oh dear, it seems like a wasted trip… Just imagine all the way from Punggol to Vivo! Little Darian insisted having his haircut at Junior League. Hmm… Most likely it’s because he knows that he can get a present after his haircut. Since we were already there, we managed to convince him to have his haircut at harbour front EC House then thereafter we will head back to Toy ‘R’ Us for his toy. Hah and that’s when the nightmare began… We went in and out of the salon like 4 times with a crying toddler hanging on tight to the father. Yet, each time when we told him that we would be going back home, he cried louder and exclaimed that he wants to have his haircut. However when we brought him into the Salon, he refused to neither sit on the train nor Papa Yap’s lap. Yes there is even a train as seat for toddler and it didn’t attract him at all! Gosh and worst of all, I was having real bad backaches! The pain was killing me… Both of us were fuming mad, especially Papa Yap. Well we didn’t insist him to have his haircut done, it was him who kept crying and wanting to cut his hair. It’s just so difficult to handle him! Papa Yap decided to bring the crying toddler to another Salon at Vivo City b1. This time round, Papa Yap told him that this would be his very last chance and if he refused his haircut again then we would just head back home. And Darian agreed! Haha ya right… the same shit happened. In the end, we headed home with a crying toddler, a almost back-breaking mother and super angry father! Haha…what a Saturday night…

***25th June***

Definitely Darian needed a haircut, his hair is way too long and messy! So we are back at Junior League after my check up at Dr Ang’s. And YES, he did had his hair cut done! Weird right?! At Junior League, he was able to sit on the booster seat himself and cooperate throughout the haircut. Haha… Annoying indeed… Well it is really not easy being parents nowadays hah! Anyway so long he doesn’t cry and struggle during haircut, we are very much willing to bring him there and I can use it as an excuse to shop around too! So why not… hehe… 🙂


After 🙂 My handsome boy… muackz…

And of course he got his toys! 🙂


Snip Snip Snipety Snip

***1st May***

Brought Darian to Vivo City Kids Junior League in Toys R Us for his haircut. Despite the journey and price ($22), apparently this is the only place that could pacify him after his hair cut as the kids salon is situated right inside Toys R Us. So after his haircut, he is able to recover fast seeing all those toys and he knew he could get a toy as a reward. What an expensive haircut! haha… Seriously hair cutting sessions are like nightmare. We had tried going to the barber and hairdresser. But he detested haircuts so much and would struggle, fidget and cry bloody murder in the midst of the sessions. No joke, he cried and screamed so loud that many passerby stopped and looked at us! Haha…  Perhaps he didn’t like the environment and felt very tensed sitting in there. Anyway we do not want to traumatize him with such experiences therefore we are willing to travel all the way to Vivo City just for his haircut after the first experience there. At least he was much willing to be seated on Papa Yap’s lap to cut his hair, of course with whines, fidgets and little cries.

Before his haircut.

This time, to our surprise, he was very cooperative and brave! Upon his turn, he walked into the mini salon holding onto his queue no card and willingly sit on the booster seat by himself. He also allowed the hairdresser to wrap the plastic cover around his neck. Hehe… Such a relieved. Looking at him at that instant, I can’t help to realise that my boy has grown up so much! A big boy now. 🙂 And of course he got toys as a reward after the haircut session. Hopefully the next haircut session would be as smoothly as this one. *Crossing our fingers*

After his haircut. My handsome boy!