Sweet sweet love

As usual every night before double Ds sleep, they would want me to shower them with plenty of goodnight kiss. Darian would be asking for forty five or twenty kisses while Baby Dyann pointing to various part of her face saying, “more, more!” Seriously why are they so sweet? Love this duo to bits okie! 🙂

So I have this habit of fanning them while waiting for them to doze off. Sometimes Darian would ask me not to fan him because he didn’t want my kisses to be blown away. Just yesterday, before I start fanning, Darian hold and press his cheek hard then said cheekily, “Okie mommy you can fan us now. I press your kiss in and they will not fly away.” Aww…. Boy… He is like the sweetest thing on earth ever! I am madly in love with this little boy can! 🙂

P.S. Papa Yap, don’t be jealous okie! 😉



Hersheys kisses


While Darian was seeking permission to eat the Hersheys kisses chocolate…

D: Mummy, what is this?

M: You sure you don’t know what that is? It is chocolate…

D: Can I eat?

M: Okie but only one. Eh Darian, tell me what does the chocolate look like? (So I was expecting him to say shit, 大便…(Oops please pardon the crudeness.)

D: (looking carefully at the chocolate) The chocolate looks like volcano!

M: Oh ya! You are right! Sure it looks like one. 🙂

Of course, I was impressed with his answer and seriously I was not expecting that too! Heehee… Later on, I got Papa Yap to guess Darian’s answer and his guess was ‘shit’. Haha… Well well I supposed it’s the parents who are full of crap rather than the kids! Heehee 😉




At the snake encounter, Papa Yap was demonstrating and encouraging Darian to overcome the fear of touching the snake…

P: Come Darian, let’s touch the snake. I will be with you.

D: NO, I don’t want!!

P: Come… See, it will not bite. See how Papa touch it.

D: NO NO NO!!!

P: Do you remember you ever touch a snake when you were a baby?

D: Last time I was a baby. Now I’m a big boy ok!!

We like his answer and had quite a laugh though. Haha 😉 Quite an epic answer. So he was trying to tell Papa Yap indirectly that when he was a baby he knew nuts about the snake. Now that he is older and totally aware of it, there’s no way he would ever get close to it! Heehee 🙂

Donatello for today

So our darling boy decided to call himself Donatello for today… We were getting down the car and he remained in his seat despite me asking him to get down. “Darian, come down now!” He totally ignored me. For the second time, I repeated the sentence again and that was when he replied, “I’m not Darian, I’m Donatello okie!” Rolling my eyes, I told him “Okie Donatello, get down the car now!”. He gave a smirk and came out instantaneously! Argh!!! Haha 🙂


Photos were taken few weeks back 🙂


Ben Tennyson

At the hotel lobby while waiting for the bus, Papa Yap’s friend was asking Darian for his name and he proudly told him “Ben Tenneyson”. Papa yap and I burst out laughing! Wahaha 😄 So when did we give him that name? And we didn’t know Papa is Shihhao Tennyson until today. Heehee 😊 What a funny son! Anyway Ben Tennyson is actually Ben 10. One of Darian’s favourite cartoon character for sure. 😊