Saturday at Cool De Sac




During our MBS staycation, we chanced upon Cool De Sac at Suntec City and promised double Ds that we would be back to check out the place another time. So there we were, fulfilling our promise. 🙂 The design and vibrant colours of Cool De Sac looked really attractive and appealing to both the kids and adults. There was also a bistro inside where parents could enjoy their meal while the kids occupy themselves in the play zones. They have various play stations catered for kids of different ages which could really keep the ‘busy’ for a long time! 🙂 The next good thing was that it allows unlimited play time per admission. Hence, no rush for meal time at all! 🙂


The Arts station



Block Station


Tweens Station




Back Stage Station




The Tree House






The Play area designed for the older kids.




Play area for younger kids


The Flying Fox Station



 The Tots area

In my opinion, this place is rather cool and interesting with various stations catered to keep kids of all ages entertained in different developmental approach. However, our Double Ds appeared to be more interested in climbing, sliding and running around rather than engaging in the constructive and creative play. They spent most of their time at the play area, going up and down the slides. Honestly, looking at our kids, we felt that Polliwogs could be more suitable for them. At least, they have bigger play area which allow more active play for double Ds.

Nevertheless, double Ds had a fun play time there. 🙂


National day eve


Papa Yap and I love to surprise the kids. We simply love to see their faces beaming with joy. It definitely feels great seeing how happy our kids are. Nothing more precious than such moments. 🙂


So on National Day eve, as Darian only had to attend the school celebration in the morning and Papa Yap was not working in the afternoon, we surprised double Ds with a visit to the newly open Polliwogs at Suntec City. Of course they were extremely thrilled! Especially given that Darian had already set his eyes on this new Polliwogs before it was open. He was literally counting down to its opening. Darian loves going to indoor playgrounds, so does Dyann. Kids being kids, just tell which kid doesn’t? Heehee 😉





This latest Polliwogs, with a forest theme, in Suntec city is the largest among all. We are quite a fan of Polliwogs and this got to be the best. Other than the usual, cannonball, obstacles course, slide, toddler area, they added in a big bouncing bed for the kids. I know double Ds enjoyed bouncing on it but it kind of worries me when I see too many kids on it. The older kids might easily bump and fall on the younger ones. Still, we love this new playground. Double Ds totally had a blast! They spent two solid hours playing. Gosh where did they find those energy? I’m pretty sure that we would be coming back for more fun! 🙂














Double Ds absolutely enjoyed themselves. I bet this National Day eve is exceptionally fun for double Ds! 🙂


Trash pack at Downtown East

***14th June***





We were at Downtown East for lunch and happened to see the trash pack performance at the atrium. Darian had only wanted to watch the show. He refused to take a photo with the mascots as that they looked scary to him. Like monsters maybe? Haha 😉 After the show, we brought Darian to the bowling centre. He has been pestering us to bring him bowling the moment we set foot at Downtown East. Interestingly, he always ends with a ‘like a professional bowler’ pose. He bowls like as though he is some kind of kids bowling expert. And that really cracked us up. On the other hand, Papa Yap thought he was very observant. He must have observed how the adults bowl in order for him to display such actions. 🙂

We headed to Tampines 1 thereafter to get some stuff. Happy day for me to have gotten some random stuffs for myself and the kiddos. So we ended the day at my mom’s place together with John. Dinner as usual was good. 🙂


Amazonia indoor playground

***19th April 13***

I have been wanting to bring Darian to Amazonia at Great World City since last year. So instead of Polliwogs we headed there. It is definitely the best decorated themed indoor playground I have come across so far. The whole place even the bistro is designed in Jungle theme. Very attractive! Perhaps it is a little too overwhelming for Darian. He was actually rather afraid to enter. He was terrified of the dinosaur with the protruding head display at the entrance. But of course he couldn’t resist the super long blue wave slide and ball pit! One moment he was telling us how scared he was, the next moment he was already in the ball pit! Haha kids… 😉


Getting all ready to enter.


Amazonia merchandises store next to the entrance.


Bistro in the rainforest 🙂


The 8 metre high 4 level wave slide!


The toddler play area for kids 0 to 3 years old. Plenty of activities to keep the younger ones occupied and entertained. 🙂


There are a few rooms at the left side of the playground: The party rooms, the Spaceball room, and the Mini Golf room. For the Spaceball and Mini Golf room are additional add-on plays which are not inclusive of the entrance fee.

The good thing about going to such places on a weekday is that you can have the entire playground to yourself. There were only a few kids around and in fact there was a period whereby we were the only family inside. How nice! 🙂

Darian had a smashing great time there. He had a lot of fun running through the mazes, sliding down the wave slide, throwing balls around the ball pit. He enjoyed the play so much so that he didn’t even want to take a snack break. He made a friend there and was happily playing and running around with the boy (of his age). As expected after 2 hours of play, he cried for awhile and left Amazonia reluctantly. He told us how fun Amazonia was and claimed that he prefered Amazonia to Polliwogs.

By the way the entrance fee for 3 to 12 years is at $33(2 hours play) and o to 1-year old( tagging along/with minimal spending of 20$) is free. We think it is considered very expensive for a 2 hours play. But for a change and experience we feel it is totally alright. Well to us other than the thematic setup, Polliwogs is equally fun and the entrance fee is much worthwhile as compared. I think the best thing here is that it is situated in a shopping mall so we can shop around and eat before or after play. 😉


Darian navigating the play area.


In his all time favourite ball pit. 🙂


“See mummy I can balance myself”


bird eye view




Darian bouncing on the trampoline.


The loving duo


Meimei in the toddler’s ball pit. She didn’t like to be inside and cried shortly thereafter. 😉


The boys bringing meimei for a slide.


Haha so she loves thrill but not ball pit. 😉


Finally willing to stop for a while.


Recharging in process.


Meimei having her snack time too!


Playing with meimei while Darian is somewhere out there.


Such an angel. Aww… melts 🙂




Cheeky boy! 😉


Playing with his ‘friend for a day’. Haha 🙂


My two beautiful kiddos ❤


Beautifully us ❤


Polliwogs on a Monday

***18th February 13***

It was one of a rare Monday that Papa Yap was on leave and we decided to bring the kids out for some family time. Our initial plans was to bring Darian to Polliwogs before going to the Sentosa Flower exhibit and Hong bao river but I had actually overlooked the dates. Both event had ended the day before. I am such a muddlehead for sure, assuming that they would only end on the last day of CNY. Well no choice but to wait till next year then. So there was a change of day itinerary.


Changed his uniform in the car.


Hmm… Where are we going? 😉

We headed to Mushroom Cafe for lunch right after fetching Darian from school. This time round Papa Yap tried the Laska and I ordered the Nasi Lemak. According to him, the Laska tastes good and he doesn’t mind coming back for it. For me, I think I will not order the Nasi Lemak again. It was not up to my expectation for sure. Weather was pretty good and breezy and we were hoping that it would remain as good for our late noon walk at Garden by the bay.


Father and son


Our coconut water. Cooling drink after days of heaty food.


Fishball Prince. Haha 😉


Nasi Lemak




With my two beautiful angels

Off to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk after lunch. Darian took a nap throughout the journey to Robertson Walk. He was all hyped up upon reaching there. How can he not be happy? Haha. We loved coming to such places on a weekday whereby there is no crowd at all. As it was a weekday, there is no limitation to the number of hours of play. We were there for almost three hours. Darian surely enjoyed himself very much. However, our plan of going to the garden by the bay was again dashed with the heavy downpour at about 4pm. *sigh* Thus we went to Kovan instead for dinner before heading back home. It was still a happy day for us especially Darian who gets to play at Polliwogs. 🙂


On the water bed


Favourite ball pit


Long and fun slide


Peek a boo




Cheeky meimei 😉


Finally willing to take a break


tea time!


Little sharp shooter


Ball picker


Papa with his sweetheart


Mommy and her sweetie 😉


Can I come again? heehee 😉


Happy Angrybird Tuesday

***11th December***

My sister and I brought the kiddos to Changi Airport T3 after Baby Dyann’s vaccination at Dr Ho’s. Darian wanted to see the Angrybird space Christmas display at T3, so we decided to head down to the airport thereafter. This year, Changi Airport T3 is decorated in the Angrybird Christmas theme. Not only the stunning Angrybird Space displays, there are also activities located in level 2 and basement 2. However, there is a minimum spending requirement in order to enter the activity zones. At the same time, you can also redeem a angrybird plush toy when you spend $60($120 at Supermarkets) in the Public Area, or $150 in the Transit Area. Seriously, I was really looking around to buy something just for the plush. Haha… But in the end, I didn’t get anything. 🙂

Awesome Angrybird Space display at level 2









At Basement 2




Ice-cream break time! 🙂



Hmm… Mommy I want ice-cream too! Please? 😉

Darian playing at the playground before going home.





And so the boy was extra happy today. He said because:

1) “Yiyi come our house today.”

2) “I go airport see angry bird space today.”

Thanks to my sister for skipping school and accompanying us for the day! We love you!  ❤


Happy Children’s Day

***5th October***

One of a rare weekday that Papa Yap is only working half a day and so we had made plans to bring Darian out to the Polliwogs at Robertson Walk. We kept him in suspense and he was totally clueless of where we were heading to until we reached there. He was super duper surprised and excited. The smile on his face is priceless! One happy boy he is! 🙂 It is our very first time to Polliwogs and we were both certain that the entrance fee is pretty much worth it. It is inclusive of two adults and two free coffee or tea.  As the day coincides with Children’s Day, Darian received a goodies bag as well! This little gift actually does make the kids even happier.

At Polliwogs Robertson Walk, there are mainly two play arena; The smaller play arena is suitable for younger toddlers. They have ball pool, slides and carousel of mirrors.  As for the older kids they have a much bigger area to play in. It is equipped with ball pool with giant slides, mazes, obstacle courses, climbing structures, cannon ball. There are activity panels mounted on low wall to keep children occupied even they are not in the play area too.  Our boy had a great time playing there! Most of the time, Papa Yap was following him. I wonder where do the kids get their energy for climbing, running and sliding around! I gave up after accompanying Darian for like 20min. He was so fast and I was trying hard to catch up with him! Trust me, it is not that easy when you have to bend your body or lowering your head moving around. Haha… Exhausted! Overall, thumbs up for Polliwogs and we will be back for sure! 🙂

Tea break at Polliwogs

Slide at the smaller play arena

Ball pool at the smaller play arena

Cannon ball

Taking a break!


At the giant slide ball pool

My cheeky boy at the climbing wall 😉

Walking through the balancing beam

Going through the netted tunnel

Carousel of mirror


Playing the interactive activity panel

Just us!

While Darian is playing… 🙂

And so we ended the day with dinner at Sakae Sushi Changi Airport Terminal 2. Oh yes, I love to bring the kids to the airport because it is cooling, clean, less crowded, spacious (plenty of space for the kids to run around), and most importantly Darian loves to see the airplanes and take the skytrain! 🙂

My two boys ❤

The only food in the restaurant that he eats – Chawamushi

My two lovely children ❤

What a lovely Friday! Life should be like this everyday. However it is not very possible. So we ought to treasure what we have and live life to its fullest!  Love love ❤❤