#3 – SG50 Baby

Yay! We are expecting another precious little one into our lives in about two weeks time! Double Ds has been very excited about their little baby brother and were literally counting down since January this year. As September arrives, we can tell how excited the kids are. Apparently just the other day Darian woke up and said in excitement, “mummy, it’s first of September already!” They are definitely all ready to welcome their little baby brother! 🙂

It’s such a joy watching double Ds stroking and talking to their didi(little brother) every now and then. Sometimes when baby D moves vigorously, they giggle and ask him not to kick so hard, not to hurt mummy. Awww they are simply so adorable! 🙂

Like the previous pregnancies, Papa Yap and the kids would accompany me for every checkup. The duo are always so eager to see their little brother through the scan. During the previous checkup, Dyann got so upset and teared when she didn’t get to see her little brother on the machine. She only stopped when Dr Ang handed  her the picture and that really made her so happy.

As usual I’m seeing Dr Lawrence Ang for this third pregnancy despite the traveling distance. I just don’t feel comfortable for a change of gynae. His current clinic which is just opposite Sun Plaza, is certainly much bigger than the previous one. At least I get a seat every visit during the wait. Haha 🙂

While Papa Yap and I were kind of anticipating Baby D to arrive at 37 weeks(both Darian and Dyann popped at 37 weeks), Dr Ang estimated that I probably will only deliver after Singapore polling day(11th Sept). Well well, we shall see again next Tuesday when I go for my weekly checkup.

This pregnancy has been taking a toll on me. I have constant fatigue, especially in my third trimester. The heavy and low bump, low energy level, bad mood swings, bad aches at my back and pain around pelvic area are certainly making child minding and household chores much more tedious. It was to the extent that I couldn’t even send Darian to school at times. And for the past few weekends, we have been staying home most of the time(other than short grocery trips) as I couldn’t stand and walk for long. I feel bad for neglecting the kiddos but we will try to fulfill our Zoo, River Safari, USS, swimming outings after Baby D pops and my confinement.

Thankfully at this point of time, I have my parents in law to help me since the start of my 37weeks as Papa Yap has been very busy with work and is currently supervising a one week fieldcamp. They fetched Darian to and fro school daily and my mother in law stayed over in case of emergency. At the same time, with them around I only have to cook once a day for the kids and for dinner we would get takeaways from the nearby coffeeshops. There were also nights when I even have to rope in my sister to help out when the hubs is not around. Nonetheless, the kids are happy to have their grandparents and yiyi in the house.

Now at 37 weeks and 3 days, I feel like a whale already. This is definitely my biggest and heaviest of all three pregnancies. I know I have to work extra hard to shed off all those unnecessary excess weight but this is something that I shouldn’t be too worry about right now. At this point of time, I only pray for an easy and smooth delivery. Baby D please be good to mummy ok? We will see you soon! We all love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️


June school holidays

***7th to 9th June***


Resort World Singapore _ Hard Rock Hotel


The elated Double Ds


Darian loves sliding into the water.


She was all ready for the next round of slide


The kiddos really love playing with their daddy


Time for some squirting fun

Other than the usual play dates, weekend shopping, outdoor activities and indoor playground trips, we did manage to have our 3 days 2 nights staycation at Hard Rock hotel RWS for this June school holidays. It’s our first time staying at the Hard rock hotel and we personally preferred there to Festive hotel. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled about the staycation. Darian had been telling his teacher in school about it and counting down to the date. This time round, Papa Yap and I decided to keep this staycation a relaxing one rather than lining up everyday with many activities because walking and standing for long hours really would exhaust me.


Together with my aunts and uncle-in law


Daddy’s with daddy’s girl


Downright expensive bubble guns Haha


Our only princess


Our only Prince(as of then) 😉


New Lego Shop at Festive Hotel


New toy yet again 😉

Day 1 was checking into the hotel followed by swimming, dinner and a stroll around RWS. Well Double Ds can never say no to the pool and slide. The kiddos were merrily having fun with Papa Yap in the pool, while my aunts, uncle joined me under the shade to wait for them. My 小姑(youngest aunt) came along with us to help us check into the hotel whereas my 大姑 (eldest aunt) and uncle in law joined us there for dinner. Double Ds are just so blessed to have their grandaunts doting on them. Since the weather was quite humid and the kids were still having fun in the pool, my aunts and uncle decided to go for their coffee break and joined us later for dinner. That night, double Ds returned back to the hotel with a bubble gun each from their 大姑婆 (grandaunt) and a new set of Lego Duplo Lego from me. Of course they were exceptionally happy for day 1! 🙂


Super love this photo. The kiddos can really pose well. Haha 🙂


Yummy egg tarts from the confectionery at the Malaysian Food Street


The kids playing some card games with Papa Yap.


4 + 1(on the way) 🙂


Bedtime already

Back in the hotel, the kids continued their play time with Papa Yap. Darian had packed along some games and toys for this staycation and they certainly had lots of fun with their daddy. As for me, I was enjoying the yummy egg tarts which my aunt bought for us. Yums! 🙂


Rise and shine on the second day


All ready to head out

 We started Day 2 with Macdonalds breakfast from Festive Walks. After breakfast, we headed over to the Palawan beach for some PlayMobil event. The kiddos got a chance to play with some play mobil toys on display and completed a DIY craft session too. Darian chose to decorate a sun visor whereas Dyann wanted a DIY bag. So Darian proceeded with his craft with an assistant while Papa Yap and I took turns to guide Dyann in decorating her bag. Dyann wanted me to draw a hello kitty on her bag and thankfully it turned out looking like one. Haha 🙂


At the Palawan beach station


Playmobil soccer time


Some mandatory picture


More toys to play


Best time to visit such place is definitely on a weekday 😉


Craft time


Papa Yap helping Dyann with the ink stamping


The girl with her DIY bag


The boy with his sun visor


We love you daddy! ❤

Lunch was rather late at the Slappy Cakes. We ordered a butter and chocolate pancake patter with chocolate chips, strawberry and banana sides for garnish and they were served shortly. Papa Yap wouldn’t want to only have pancakes for lunch so he ordered a brunch set which tasted pretty good. We began “drawing” our pancakes over the hotplate and had so much fun and laughter throughout. If you were to ask about the pancakes, I would say it tasted perfectly alright.  Like seriously how bad could pancakes, chocolate chips, and the fruits taste right? But I totally love the concept of designing and cooking our own pancakes. It was fun and interesting which I supposed we wouldn’t mind revisiting again. 😉


Time to cook!


OK that was drawn by me. Definitely. 😉


Papa Yap’s lunch


His creation and it’s supposed to be angry bird. I think. haha


Having fun!




The happy duo


They said this is me!!! Baymax = mummy!! lol


The only thing that the husband can draw perfectly! lol! And look at that funny boy beside him. 🙂

After our late lunch, we brought the kiddos back to the hotel for a swim and spent the rest of the evening in the room chillaxing. The kids were well entertained by their toys while I lounged about watching the TV programmes. Dinner was takeaways from Din Tai Fung and Chilli’s. The kids’ favourite egg fried rice! Yet another happy day for us! 🙂


It’s sand play time!


Dyann disliked the sand so she was in the pool with Papa Yap.


Swimming is so fun!


Good night and sweet dreams!

And that’s the end of our short staycation at Hard Rock Hotel. To sum up, it was definitely one happy and relaxing staycation and the quality family time spent together was simply awesome!


Everything is awesome 🙂


Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant


Winnie was telling Cassie and me about how yummy the Peking duck was at the Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant Paragon. Hence we decided to organise a brunch date there. According to her, we would have to make early table reservation as the place is rather crowded especially during the weekends, at the same time, the Peking duck have to be pre ordered too. So after firming a date, she immediately did the bookings.

The restaurant looked posh and we wondered if the food tasted as good as its appearance. Haha! Indeed the food and duck lived up to its name, Super Peking Duck, Super Delicious! Well at least the whole group of us thought so and it was to our liking. Thanks to Winnie’s wonderful recommendation. I told Papa Yap that we will have to revisit this restaurant again! And he agreed with me. 🙂




After our hearty and satisfying brunch, we headed to TCC for our coffee and tea time. The Jiejies and korkors never fail to entertain Double Ds. In fact, I’m also glad that they adored double Ds very much too! Likewise double Ds totally love their company and are always asking for them. 🙂



So the #Jiaklimnuagang had yet another great date. Double Ds even went home with new clothes and puzzles from the jiejies and korkors.  The only shocking part was when we left the Paragon Carpark. Haha…


Primary one registration for Darian 



I can’t believe that I have a kid going into Primary 1 next year! I know it’s a bit of a cliche to say this, but where did the time go? Seriously! It seems likes one moment he’s one chubby michelin baby, and the next moment I have a little boy who reads, writes and makes all sorts of funny smart remarks. Oh boy he is certainly growing up too fast and for a moment it’s hard for me to digest that.

Darian’s registration falls under the Phase 2C category and the whole registration took us about 50minutes. The registration started at 8am and we were already the 60th applicants when we got there at 9am. The results will only be released on Friday night and a balloting exercise will be conducted next Wednesday if there are exceeding number of applicants.

Right now, I’m crossing fingers that there’s no need for balloting.


Red star Sunday



Dim sum has been always my favourite and I can have them everyday. It has been two years since we last went to Red Star for dim sum. Hence I didn’t hesitate at all when the #jiaklimnuagang suggested for a dim sum brunch there. It was such a brilliant idea.

The restaurant is usually crowded during the weekend and the queue is constantly long. But we were willing to queue for the dim sum even with a baby bump. 😉 Anyways it’s always better to go there early as some of the food would run out by afternoon and the kitchen wouldn’t replenish them again.


I love going for dim sum in a group because we could order a table full of variety to share. And indeed we did achieve that! The brunch was simply satisfying. 🙂

In my opinion, food at Red Star is perhaps above average, not fantastic, but it’s the place that attracted me. The old school nostalgic ambience and traditional dim sum trolleys made our dining experience a more interesting one. As much as how special it was to have dim sum carts moving around, it’s best to hunt down the specific trolleys yourself especially when it’s crowded or if you are seated at the back. It’s almost certain that those popular dishes would take forever to reach you as people in front would have already taken them away.



After our satiated brunch, we headed over to Robertson Walk for our coffee session. Like what our hashtag #jiaklimnuagang says: Jiak-eat, lim- drink,  nua- slack, it’s a sequence that we had to complete. Haha 🙂


Darian’s school sports carnival



It was a Sunday but we got to wake up exceptionally early to attend Darian’s school sports carnival at the Pasir Ris Recreation Hall. We reached there before 8.30am and waited for the carnival to commence at 9ish.


The school colour theme was blue and being the sporting us, we wore blue clothings to show our support.





The sports carnival was held indoor instead of a typical outdoor event. Although it seemed rather weird to have it done indoor, I really wouldn’t complain about staying in an air conditioned place as the weather has been crazily hot.



As usual, the event began with the arrival of the guest of honors, opening speech and a mass exercise to liven up the atmosphere. This followed by two ‘parents and children’ relay games to officially kick off the carnival.








The carnival consists of various game stations for the parent and child to complete instead of the usual competitive relay games. I supposed the purpose was not to stress the kids to compete but rather to promote parent-child participation. At the end, children would be able to receive a medal each upon the completion of all the game stations.




Here’s a picture of us with the guest of honor, Mr Teo Chee Hean! Either that he is very tall or I’m really short! Haha 🙂 



 To sum up, we did have a fun family time at the carnival and the boy was totally happy to bring home his medal! 🙂


Mother’s Day 2015




Our first half of Mother’s Day was spent together with the duo’s paternal grandparents at the Changi Airport. As promised, double Ds got to play at the refurbished Mr Bean theme SingKids playground. Seriously we are not a fan of SingKids and have not been to one for years. Though the place did look a little more appealing now with the Mr Bean theme, the playing equipment looked mostly the same. Well I really don’t think we will be back again.








Nevertheless, the kiddos did have a fun time horsing around inside, while the grandparents and us took turn to supervise their play. After playtime, we took the sky train over to the Terminal 2 for our lunch at Astons. Airport outing is always a pleasant one especially for the kids. 🙂






The second half of the day was to meet up with my family, the duo’s maternal grandparents, to celebrate my mom’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day. My sister had booked a table at the Jin Long restaurant, Punggol Settlement earlier that week. We had a feast and it was satisfying. Somehow we did manage to finish up the birthday cake too. Heehee 🙂 After our hearty meal, we took some pictures at the turtles pond outside before heading home. The kids enjoyed watching the turtles crawling in and out of the water. It’s certainly childhood simple pleasure at its best. Darian even suggested to buy some turtle food to feed them for our next visit. Yep why not? 🙂

So this Mother’s Day was all about spending time and having a meal with both the mothers. As for me, seeing my kids growing well, healthy, happy and safe is the best gift for me already. Yes I absolutely love being double Ds’ mommy… and very soon triple Ds! 🙂




Anyways the day before, Darian participated in a RC SG50 Mother’s Day celebration event. I was touched by watching him performed a heartwarming mandarin song on stage. Aww he’s such a big boy already! That’s really one great gift for Mother’s Day isn’t it!


Dyann’s first movie experience


The Avengers – Age of the Ultron at Film Garde Cineplex



Yay! Our dear princess has successfully sit through her first movie experience in the Cinema. In fact she looked so adorable when she whispered for more popcorns. heehee 😉 Initially Papa Yap and I were actually a little sceptical about bringing her to a movie. Seriously we wouldn’t want her to be of any disturbance to the moviegoers inside. And I personally couldn’t stand those parents who allow their kids to talk aloud and move freely inside the theatre. But there’s always a first time right? So we were prepared to leave the theatre in any event if she couldn’t cooperate inside. Thankfully everything went well and we were so glad that there would be more movie outings in future. Although buying a DVD would be more economical for a family, sometimes it’s the atmosphere and sound effects that make the movie more entertaining. Besides, it’s another family activity for us. 🙂


From Marina Barrage to Garden by the bay then back to Punggol


Since our previous weekend plan was unsuccessful,  Papa Yap and I decided to fulfill our family outing at the Marina Barrage during the Labour Day holiday. At the same time, visit the Tulips Mania exhibition at the Flower Dome which was about to end soon. When the #jiaklimnuagang heard about our outing, they were keen on joining us. I thought it was a great idea for our second gathering. The more the merrier right? So when I told the duo about it, they were very excited!



Surprisingly the carpark was almost full when we got there at 9ish. Kenny and Winnie who only reached at 10am weren’t that lucky. They had to park at Satay by the Bay and walked over to the barrage. We found a spot and laid out the mats and stuff on the ground while the duo were already excited to start playing around. Picnic was potluck. We bought finger food and curry puffs from Old Chang Kee, Steven and Cassie cooked spaghetti while Kenny and Winnie had prepared sandwiches. Food was definitely more than enough for all of us.







Despite the hot weather, the kids had a fabulous time snacking away, flying kite, running around, blowing bubbles and playing the ball and Frisbee with their daddy, korkors and jiejies. If only there were some big canopy or parasol to shade us from the hot scorching sun! We were literally melting away. Steven even brought along his drone. He tried playing his toy but Mr wind was too strong at times, moreover there were too many kites in the air. Seriously it wouldn’t be nice to be cutting people’s kite. 😉










After more than an hour of play and ‘sun tan’, we decided to continue with our picnic at the ground level of the Barrage. Without much hesitation, we packed our stuff and proceeded below. Apparently weather was a little too much for us to handle. At least we were all under the shade for the second half. 🙂




We stopped by Satay by the bay for some cold drinks and desserts before heading over to the Flower Dome. It was definitely very much needed in such a hot weather. Over there, the duo were happy to feed the fishes at the pond too. Cassie bought them a packet of fish food at 2 bucks each which really kept them well entertained throughout.











At the flower dome, there was a huge crowd and a long ticketing queue. Luckily, we managed to purchase the tickets online via mobile and got inside shortly. Yeah that’s the thing about being IT savvy! Still, we really shouldn’t have visited the place on a public holiday. It was hard for photography with the number of people there. The consolation was that the tulips were absolutely beautiful! I love seeing the assorted vibrant colors and their pretty display. Simply gorgeous! In conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day, there were free tulips distributed to the visitors inside. We followed the crowd to queue for it and it didn’t take us long before we got it.  Dyann fell asleep in Papa Yap’s arms shortly so he had to carry her throughout while we continued with our walk.




Having done with our outing about 4pm, the gang decided to pop over at our place for some rest before continuing with Part 3 for the day. Dinner was a last minute plan when the rest of the friends found out that we were together at Garden by the bay. So we ended up meeting more friends at the Punggol Settlement for dinner. Then it was back to our humble abode again… As beers and cards have been always the way to end the night for this group of old time friends!

It was indeed an amazing full filled, long day for us.


Impromptu trip to Downtown East 

***April 15***

We were all geared up for a late afternoon kite flying and picnic outing to the Marina Barrage and set off enthusiastically about 3ish. Yet little did we expected the sudden downpour when we were nearly there. Singapore’s weather is really unpredictable can! The kids’ spirits were dampen. Hence we let Darian decide on an alternative plan. He chose to go to Polliwogs at Suntec so we made a detour.


Upon reaching there, we noticed that the place was packed. Papa Yap and I had to convince the duo on a change of venue which they eventually agreed to after some persuasions. We ended up driving down to Downtown East. Thankfully Papa Yap was really accommodative and didn’t object at all! I know he would always try to spend quality family time with us during the weekend as he can be very busy during the weekdays. And that means he is either coming home past the kids’ bedtime or staying in camp. Anyways thank you my love! 🙂





Well no Polliwogs, the Explorer Kid was equally fun too! The kiddos had a great time, climbing, sliding and plunging into the ball pool together with their sporting daddy. While I took this opportunity to sit back and relax, watch them play the entire time. heehee 🙂




We then had our late dinner at one of the restaurants. We could tell how hungry the duo was after almost two hours of play. In fact Papa Yap and I were famished too! After our hearty dinner, we went to the arcade for some games before heading home.




Double Ds certainly had a wholesome enjoyable Saturday with their beloved Papa Yap. 🙂