Mid-autumn festival 2014


Our family had our first overseas Mid-autumn experience in the States last year and couldn’t be any more glad to be back home for this festival this year.


We didn’t celebrate the Mid-autumn festival on the actual day as Papa Yap had to work late. So here’s what we did during the Mid-autumn festive weekend this year. On Friday, after our dinner at Tampines mall, Papa Yap decided to bring the kids to Chinatown for a walk. The streets were brightened up with so many lanterns of various colours. Such a beautiful sight. The kids were also happy to be going home with a lantern each from their Papa.









The next day, my sister and John came over to my place to accompany double Ds while Papa Yap attended a dinner date with his friends. After dinner, we brought the kiddos under the block and they had a fun time playing at the playground as well as playing with the lanterns. And guess what, we ended up using the lantern from previous years. Dyann actually spoilt both her new lanterns and one of Darian’s shortly after purchase. Haha…







On Sunday night, we brought the kiddos to Punggol end for a lantern walk. We walked around with the lanterns, played with candles, had ice-cream, and watched the kids run and glide around. It was absolutely an enjoyable and happy night with the kiddos. Papa Yap and I would definitely keep this traditional festival going for our little family. We want them to have wonderful childhood memories just like us. 🙂










At the Pasar malam with the duo

*** 26th June***

After dinner, we brought the kids to the night bazaar two junctions away from our place for a walk. It has been very long since I last went for one. We thought it was good to bring Darian there for an experience. He definitely enjoyed it as he got a chance to play at the game stall there. An old school family evening together! Heehee 😉


Happy boy 🙂


Sunday evening with the cuzzies

***23rd June***


It was kind of an impromptu farewell dinner date at my place. Sukching, Irwin, Suklin, Kim bought food over for dinner. While Linhui and Xinyi gotten Koi for us. I had prepared rice, chicken corn soup and fried egg with sausages to add on. This time round they didn’t play any poker card games but watched a Bollywood movie, The Three Idiots, instead. Haha… It was quite a funny and inspirational movie for sure. Papa Yap bought the DVD recently and insisted that I watch it with him. Yeah and I thought it was quite a good show. So the cuzzies left only after the movie which was rather late, to think that they got to wake up early for work the next day! It was really nice seeing you guys. Thank you all for coming by and we will see you next year! 🙂


Mom’s 48

***5th May 13***

Had a mini birthday celebration for my mom at my place as they all wanted to make it convenient and easier for me with the two kiddos. Bought some dishes including salted egg crabs and chilli crabs, from a quite popular zichar store at Punggol Field but we were very disappointed with the taste. My mom can cook so much better alright… That’s just how disappointing it is. Nonetheless, I believed my mother is still happy to get a birthday treat from us and the birthday gift and cake as well.


Looks good but did not taste that good. The chilli crab gravy does not taste good at all. Taste rather weird in fact. The salted egg crabs were quite alright. The prawns used in the claypot beancurd and seafood were like over cooked until they were so soggy. The chicken wings and french beans just taste normal. Nothing to rave about. The best dish was the fried mee sua.


Fruit cake from Prima Deli


Happy 48th birthday to my mother.


The two lovely duo with their ah ma and ah gong.

So wishing my mom with good health, wealth and happiness always. 🙂


Overseas again: Week 2


On Tuesday ~ Sick but still so cheeky


On Wednesday ~ He hates the cooling adhesive to the max and I have to force it on him. He would cry bloody murder whenever he had to use it.

Alright Week 2 wasn’t exactly a pleasant one for sure. Darian was down with fever, sore throat and cough since the first day of the week. I brought him to Dr Ho on Tuesday morning and got his medicine. However, things got quite bad on Wednesday. Darian did not sleep well the night before and was totally listless, inactive and not eating at all (only drank like 540ml of milk). His temperature was constantly hovering between 38.3 to 39.2 which then hit 39.6 in the evening around 6pm. I got extremely worried and phoned my parents to come over and babysit Dyann so that I could carry Darian down to the clinic. He looked very sick and drowsy. While I was changing him, Darian began to cry saying that he is scared, he loves me, he wants me. I was really upset to hear that. He must be feeling very bad. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I hugged him and told him that I would be bringing him to the doctor as soon as ah ma and ah gong reached. At the same time reassuring him that he would be fine. After coming out of the bathroom, he saw meimei and started tearing again… “meimei I want you!” My gosh… Of course I teared again… I wondered why would a little boy say such things. He is really growing up.

Rushed him to the clinic only to realise that they were closed at 2pm. Usually they are opened daily even on public holidays. I suppose it was because of 1st May Labour Day. So we got home and prepared to head down to KKH instead. This time round, his temperature went down to 38.7. I had to tuck meimei to bed first as I expect it to be a long night at KKH. Thank goodness at about 9pm, his temperature had further dropped to 37.7. In the end, I decided not to send him to KKH and continue to monitor him.

Relieved to see that he is currently recovering well and his appetite improves. But I am not feeling too good. I am having flu with body aches right now. This seriously sucks… I missing Papa Yap quite terribly. Another 2 weeks to go! Hurry up!


Reading time

New Storybooks for the kiddos




Gotten this range of Walker books, A Maisy storybook by Lucy Cousins, from a bookstore at Tan Tock Seng hospital while visiting my uncle few weeks back. Interestingly, women can shop for anything at anytime, anywhere possible. Bring me to a 7-11 and I am very sure that I can come out from the store with many stuff. Haha… 😉 Alright back to the subject. This is a series of stories about a little mouse Maisy and her friends. I had only managed to purchase 7 titles out of 10. The reasons why I had chosen these books for the duo were:

1) The story is easy to read and simple to comprehend with little suspension or anticipation. This will really keep the kids to be real attentive and arouse their interest at the same time.

2) Prints are big enough for the young readers. For Maisy, I like that the sentences are on a separate page as the illustrations. This is great for storytime while the kids can just focus on the illustrations.

3) I love the colourful and interesting illustrations. Lucy Cousins’s lovely drawings with thick black outlines allow the kids to pick up drawing the pictures from the book easily. The vibrant colours can definitely capture the kids’ attention.

Happy to see that Darian enjoyed listening to these stories and loved looking at the illustrations. He would want me to read up to five titles at one go and even repeat on his favourites. 🙂


Self portraits of Darian and us

***11th April 13***

Darian’s first drawing of himself and us. 😉

We were all lazing on our bed on Friday night while Darian played with the Ipad. He was playing some apps before he started doodling on the Ipad. He then showed us a drawing of meimei. And we were amazed by his drawing with little details like the hair and hands. Haha… Well he has never draw any stick man before and so we were totally surprised. He began to draw all of us and it was really funny that he drew Papa Yap with a round body. He insisted that Papa Yap is fat and has a round tummy. Wahahah… Seriously funny kid… Of course Papa Yap doesn’t have one. 😉

Well done boy! Love you! 🙂

Meimei first train ride

***26th March 13***





It is definitely one of a rare Tuesday that my sister is free in the late afternoon so we met up at CompassPoint mall for some shopping and early dinner. I brought the kids on a train ride from Punggol to Sengkang. Darian was excited when I told him about it. It has been quite a while since I last brought him on a train ride. It is actually very convenient for us that the LRT station is just few blocks away from our place. So we took the LRT, transferred to the MRT and reached SengKang pretty fast. Meimei was rather cooperative and curious at the same time. She was constantly looking around and holding on to the grap pole. Heehee… So adorable! 🙂



As usual Kiddy Palace is a must go place for Darian in the mall. Yiyi bought him another two Tomica cars there and he was very happy. Meimei got a toy from me too. And it is like the very first toy from me. 🙂 After shopping, we went to Soup Restaurant for our early dinner. Dinner was very good. We ordered our all time favourite – the samsui ginger chicken, stir fry bean sprouts and fish slices, and the claypot beancurd. We love the Samsui ginger chicken! It is really yummy. Wrapping the tender chicken with lettuce and eating it with plentiful of the ginger sauce, is indeed a great combination. So flavourful and refreshing. Marvellous 🙂


We got home with my favourite KOI milk tea about 7ish. Yiyi accompanied us back home and left only before the kids’ bedtime. Darling Darian was very happy to see Yiyi for sure!



Hearty big breakkie

Prepared the hearty big breakfast for Papa Yap and he was totally in love with it. Awesome! 🙂 It is seriously one sinful delight that should only be eaten like once a month. Looking at the amount of oil from the bacon… wow… amazingly alot eh! Haha… Anyway the scrambled eggs was my very first attempt and Papa Yap gave a thumbs up for it. According to him, the scrambled egg is really yummy and the taste of it reminded him of his beloved late granny (who dotes on him very much). Glad that he enjoys this so much. So who needs Mc Big breakfast now when we can have this hearty big breakfast. Heehee 😉




CNY at Punggol Lodge

***16th February 13***




We had invited Papa Yap’s OCS friends and their family to our place for a CNY gathering session. We are really glad that most of the peeps turn up, making the gathering a successful one. So thanks to Jeff’s, Richard’s, Adrel’s, Luke’s, Joel’s, TT’s, Shaiful’s family and Lek for coming by. There were totally so many kiddos in the house, just like a mini childcare. Perhaps there will be more juniors joining us in near future. heehee 😉 For dinner we had ordered mee siam, chicken wings, nuggets, fishballs and curry puffs. On top of these, Lesley had prepared potato cutlet and jelly as well! And for the kids, I had cooked macaroni soup for them as I don’t think they will want to eat mee siam.


Yu sheng from Nihon Mura


Getting ready to toss for another wonderful year of happiness, good health and prosperity! Huat huat huat! 🙂


The boys washing their hands right after the Lo hei session. Haha 😉

As it was the seventh day of lunar new year , the ren ri 人日, we ordered yu sheng for another round of lo hei session. The seventh day, traditionally known as the common man’s birthday, is the day when everyone grows one year older.  It is also the day when tossed yu sheng, is eaten for continued wealth and prosperity. So how can we not have a lo hei session then? Heehee 😉


The BFFs


Meimei with Auntie Yanni


Adorable baby Tristan


Our group photo. ( missing out TT’s family and Lek who left earlier)

It was definitely one awesome evening, catching up with them all. And I am sure the kids had a great time too. Marvellous! We were saying that we will make it like a yearly affair until one day when the kids decide not to tag along with us. Heehee… Looking forward to our next round of gathering, most probably at Adrel and Christina’s new apartment! So till then 😉