At the snake encounter, Papa Yap was demonstrating and encouraging Darian to overcome the fear of touching the snake…

P: Come Darian, let’s touch the snake. I will be with you.

D: NO, I don’t want!!

P: Come… See, it will not bite. See how Papa touch it.

D: NO NO NO!!!

P: Do you remember you ever touch a snake when you were a baby?

D: Last time I was a baby. Now I’m a big boy ok!!

We like his answer and had quite a laugh though. Haha 😉 Quite an epic answer. So he was trying to tell Papa Yap indirectly that when he was a baby he knew nuts about the snake. Now that he is older and totally aware of it, there’s no way he would ever get close to it! Heehee 🙂


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