***5th March 13***


    My oh my meimei has HFMD! It was totally unexpected of when I first saw some rashes on her butt and legs on Monday night. It didn’t occur to us that she might be having HFMD. Even though she was having runny nose and fever. It was only until we brought her to Baby and Child on Tuesday evening to see Dr Ho and she diagnosed that meimei was having HFMD. My goodness!! We did not even know where she has gotten the virus from. How did she get infected?! Really have no idea… She has so many rashes covering her arms and legs, some blisters on her toes and fingers. And a few ulcers in her mouth. Her appetite decreases a little and she appears a little restless and grouchy. So upset to see her with that amount of rashes. Poor girl. Apparently there isn’t any medication for it. Usually the infected child will recover in one week to two weeks time. Hope she recovers real fast!





It is like one after another. Just ended with the Chicken pox episode and now we have the HFMD. Oh seriously! Why?! We are now praying hard that Darian does not get infected. He had just recovered from chicken pox last month and has been having cough and flu since last week. We have been reminding him not to get near to meimei and of course he is bunking in with us. He has been quite cooperative with us too. At the same time, he has to skip school because of meimei. Not again. His attendance has been real bad. haha what to do… Let’s get over this fast! Well we were actually planning for our anniversary celebration with the kids next week. But now we have to shelf the plan to probably end of March. Anyway we are still looking forward to it. Meimei get well soon! 🙂


Little girl at 3 weeks old

Just how time flies! Baby Dyann is already 3 weeks old. She seems to look a little different from birth. She is definitely growing fast weekly! :)Isn’t she a lovely little girl? I bet she is going to become daddy’s girl for sure! Hehe… 😉


She has not recovered from her Jaundice and is really upsetting to see her taking the blood test during her weekly review. Since she is already three weeks old and is still yellowish, she needs to have a blood test done to check on her liver. This time round, blood is drawn from her hand instead of her sole. It is definitely much much more painful! As she has never cry during the usual blood test, however, during that blood test, she was crying damn loudly and for quite sometime. I do not dare to see the blood test process and so I was seated at the other corner tearing. Just tell me how not to cry hearing the little one crying so loudly… Hah! According to Papa Yap and Zhen Jie, Baby Dyann teared as well. Super heart pain can! Thank god, result is out and she is fine! 🙂 While right now, we are still waiting for her urine test result. According to Dr Ho, another reason that her Jaundice is not subsiding could be due to urine infection. Anyway, as instructed by Dr Ho looking at her Jaundice level, I need to stop total breastfeeding for the time being and switch to alternate feeding. Which means latching follows by formula milk feeding then latching again. Baby Dyann surely does prefer latching on and drinking the breast milk, she is still adjusting to drinking the formula milk. On the first day, she tends to throw up the formula mik. Until yesterday things are looking better. So when she is bottle feeding, I would be expressing out the breastmilk in order to maintain the supply. Well, I will be switching back to total breastfeeding after she fully recovered. Hopefully real soon! 🙂



This time round doing confinement at my own house is much much more comfortable and relax. I am not that depressed, frustrated and stressed as compared to the first time. I am definitely a lot more happier! 🙂 Surprisingly, time passes pretty fast too. Three years back then, I was striking off days on my calendar, counting down to the last day of confinement. Yet now I feel that time is passing too fast. haha… Anyway my confinement lady, Zhen Jie, is considered competent in her job. She cooks for us, cleans the house, washes all our clothes, cares for the baby without having us to remind or prompt her to. Her cooking is good too. I am so glad that she is an efficient worker. Oh ya and Darian likes to play with her; perhaps she has a way or so with the kids. Haha… 🙂 The only concern for me is that looking at the rate she washes the clothes, I guess our utilities for this month is going to be a bomb! Haha… I was just telling Papa Yap the other day that I am going to blog as much as I can when she is still around. After she leaves, I will be juggling with the baby, toddler and housechores, which I do not think I have this much time for myself. And also, if only I can afford it, I would very much like her to stay for another month. Hah like I said, if only… 🙂

In the past, woman will have to do a month of serious confinement after giving birth. They were not allow to touch water, which means no bathing at all. As one would experience Rheumatism when ages and real bad headaches if you were to wash your hair. Other then nursing the baby and eating, they ought to be resting on the bed. I seriously wonder how can people survive through a month like this especially without having to shower and wash their hair! That is total madness! Also, they have to eat dishes cooked with a lot of ginger and alcohol that they claimed it is to expel out the wind in our body which we got during the birth process. However, all of these are not scientifically proven at all, in fact, you should avoid ginger and alcohol if you are still breastfeeding the baby. Even the PD Dr Ho reminded me not to consume those while breastfeeding. I seriously think we should keep ourselves clean especially when we are still breastfeeding the baby. Hygiene is very important too.



***6th August***

On Baby Dyann’s fifth day, we brought her to Dr Ho at Baby and Child Clinic Tampines for review. Sadly, she was diagnosed with high Jaundice and had to be admitted to the hospital for the phototheraphy. It was rather heartbreaking to hear that Baby Dyann had to be separated from us for a few days. The other time, when Baby Darian was admitted to Mount Alvernia for the high Jaundice as well and I was extremely sad. I was seriously crying a bucket. This time round, I am equally upset but was able to handle the news pretty calmer with much lesser tears. She stayed in the Parkway East Medical Centre for two nights and was discharged on the third day.

On the second day, I made my way down to the hospital with bottles of expressed milk and at the same time to breastfeed her, however to leave with much disappointment due to the miscommunications of the nurses. Baby Dyann was fed with formula 15 minutes prior to my arrival. I was mad! The nurse did apologise for that and I tried to breastfeed Baby Dyann but she was too full for anymore milk. So I left the hospital with heavy breasts! Haha… Though I didn’t manage to breastfeed her, I’ve got her many bottles of express milk which could last her till the next day. So it wasn’t a wasted trip afterall. I was way elated to receive the call from Dr Ho about her discharge the very next day. We rushed down to the hospital to fetch our sweetheart back home. Anyway we got to bring her back to Dr Ho again for review the following week.