MCU tree decoration and potluck

***2nd December 13***

Our family attended a tree decoration and potluck party organized by the school for the international students. Families were expected to bring along a dish for the potluck session and a hanging ornament as well. Thanks to my very very nice husband who replied(without consulting me) that we would be bringing sambal(chilli) prawns. Oh why don’t you suggest something easier like green bean soup? Haha… That jolly meant that I have to shell and devein 2 pounds of prawns. Still, I was glad that the sambal paste that we bought was really tasty and spicy. We received good feedback on the dish and our Filipino friend, Richard, was telling us how spicy and hot it was. I suppose it was way too hot for him!


Sambal prawns. Yummy!

It was a nice evening to gather around with the other international students and their family. We tried quite a bit of international food and they tasted good too. It was certainly great that the organizing committee indented a bouncing castle for the kids too. I’m pretty sure the kids had a lot of fun, so did Darian. 🙂


International food.




Bouncing castle


The girl who cannot play in the bouncing castle.

As the tree decorations began, the kids took turns to hang their ornament on the tree. It was only then we realized that we have to bring along a hanging ornament. Thanks to Feroz who brought some hanging ornaments and gave it to Darian for him to participate in the activity. This boy insisted to hang his ornament facing the front because he wanted them to be seen!


Darian hanging the ornament.


All done! 🙂


Hi mister snowman! 🙂

At the end of the event, there was a lucky draw with some cookbooks and a light up musical snowman to be given away. We didn’t win any prize yet double Ds went home with the snowman! Guess what? A little girl(maybe 8 or 9 years old) who won the snowman gave it to Darian. Nope, Darian didn’t ask or cry for the snowman. It was just so unexpected when the little girl approached us and gave it to Darian. Wow that was absolutely sweet and kind of her being so generous! Of course Darian and Baby Dyann were really happy. So maybe we did win the lucky draw after all! Tis the season to be jolly… Lalalalala lalalala… 😉


Papa Yap’s big 30

***27th October 13***

Papa Yap’s 30th birthday is nothing of a big fanciful celebration, instead a simple homemade dinner with a cake to mark this date. He spent the first half of his day at the Marine Corps marathon and the second half limping his way home. Haha… Like seriously! Who in the right mind would go for a 42km marathon on his birthday! But seeing his medal with his birth date on it, made this day extra meaningful. 🙂 Birthday dinner was one of his favourite – chicken rice and dumpling soup. Seeing how satisfied the birthday boy was with the homemade dinner with an extra dash of love, made the hours spent in the kitchen all worthwhile. 🙂 The duo were all excited for the cake cutting session after the satiated dinner. To sum up, the birthday boy was absolutely pleased with his day. Oh simple pleasures in life! Like what Papa Yap said, “nothing beats being together with my loved ones”. After all, we are his main source of happiness! Heehee 🙂


Completed the run!


MCM 2013 medal

To my wonderful husband:
Happy blessed birthday my love! Wishing you good health, wealth and happiness always. This is our sixteenth birthday celebration together. It is just so amazing that we have come this far! Life is never perfect, neither is our marriage. Yes, we do fight and we do have our silly arguments and disagreements. But every morning, I’m grateful to have you next to me. You have made me a better person, taught me to open my eyes to possibilities and also loved me for who I am. Thank you so much my dearest hubby. Thank you for all the big and little things you have done for us. You have been truly a wonderful papa and hubby. Double Ds and I love you to bits! Cheers to many more to come! Muacks ❤


Chicken rice with dumpling soup. Seriously I highly doubt that I will cook this in Singapore where we can just head down to the coffee shop to get it. Preparation is really a chore…


Fruit cake from a Korean bakery


30th 🙂


Birthday boy with his two precious! ❤


We are happy family. ❤


Happy birthday Papa!


Papa Yap and I burst into laughter while he was making his wishes. Darian was very concerned with Papa taking too much time making his wish. Breaking the silence, he looked at Papa Yap and asked innocently, “Are you OK papa?” As usual Darian never fail to amuse us! Heehee 🙂



Weekend with our families

***6th & 7th July***

We had many lunch and dinner gathering sessions with our family, relatives and friends before we leave for States. Seriously I can really feel the extra inches around my waistline! But I don’t really care! It’s that happy to be eating with all those wonderful people, knowing that you will not be seeing them for quite some time.  I just couldn’t stop eating, you know?! Heehee 😉


So Saturday was over at my in laws’ place together with my BIL’s family. My MIL had bought a lot of dishes (even Darian’s favourite fishball soup) from the usual Zichar stall opposite her place. Dinner was satisfying for sure. It was an evening of eating and chatting with the kids running all over the place, snatching and fighting for toy and stuff. Haha… Well what do you expect when there are kids around… Guess the grandparents were the most tired at the end of the day! 🙂


There were fried ngoh hiong, wanton, fishball, prawn fritters, chicken wings, kiwi prawn with mayo sesame dressing, beehoon, curry vegetable and soup! Simply delicious! Okie I’m really missing these food now… right now!!! Boohoo…

My mom had prepared a table of mouthwatering food for our relatives and us on Sunday. It was definitely yummilicious! Really have to thank her for waking up very early in the morning, just to prepare for this dinner. My dad told me she started preparing at 5am! 🙂  She had invited my aunts and cousins to join us for this dinner over at her place too. Definitely going to miss them all and my mom’s cooking as well!


Sunday evening with the cuzzies

***23rd June***


It was kind of an impromptu farewell dinner date at my place. Sukching, Irwin, Suklin, Kim bought food over for dinner. While Linhui and Xinyi gotten Koi for us. I had prepared rice, chicken corn soup and fried egg with sausages to add on. This time round they didn’t play any poker card games but watched a Bollywood movie, The Three Idiots, instead. Haha… It was quite a funny and inspirational movie for sure. Papa Yap bought the DVD recently and insisted that I watch it with him. Yeah and I thought it was quite a good show. So the cuzzies left only after the movie which was rather late, to think that they got to wake up early for work the next day! It was really nice seeing you guys. Thank you all for coming by and we will see you next year! 🙂


Family gathering at my Aunt’s

***24th May 13***

It’s Vesak Day and we had organised a family gathering at my Da gu’s(my eldest aunt) house. It has always been great to see my relatives and cousins. In the past when my grandparents were still around, we would have frequent gathering sessions over the weekends. Somehow I really missed those days. I am sure my siblings and cousins feel the same way too. On that day, we had several chefs to prepare dinner for all of us. I didn’t have the time to cook so I bought roasted duck and meat over instead. Chef Hao Yee (my cousin) cooked black pepper crab, butter crab, salted egg crab, cereal prawns and salted egg prawns for us. Chef Sheila (my cousin) prepared clams in white wine. Chef Mike’s (my aunt’s hubs) lotus root soup and stir fried vegetables completed the dinner. Dinner was like a feast! Great! 🙂

It was an awesome evening of get together, good food and mahjong. Sounds like CNY eh. Haha… And Darian was extremely happy to go home with his new Power Ranger toys and T-shirt bought my aunt, his da gu por. He is really such a fortunate child loved by so many. Looking forward to the next one in June! Yay! 🙂


Satay for tea time


Clams in white wine


Butter Crabs


Salted egg prawns


Cereal prawns


Black pepper crabs


Roasted meat


Roasted duck


Darian with his da gu por


Ya the gamblers


New clothes for Darian


Another favourite



Overseas again: Week 1

***20th April 13***

Boohoo… Another overseas training again and this time round is for one whole month. It is seriously a very long wait. When Papa Yap told me about this overseas exercise last year October, I was praying real hard that it would be cancelled but unfortunately it did not happen. Since I can’t change the fact about him having to be overseas for a month, I just got to be more supportive. I know it is not easy for him too. The kiddos and I are missing the daddy big time man! How ironical it is that when Papa Yap is around, I seem to be nagging at him constantly. And when he is not by my side, I miss him so badly. Absence does make the heart grows fonder. Whatever it is, I am counting down to his return, our staycation and the major packing in June(will update about the packing soon). Meanwhile dar please stay safe and take good care until we meet again! 18th May come fast can?! 🙂


So happy 🙂


Poser boy 🙂

So on Day 1:  My sister popped up in the evening to accompany us for a night. She stayed around until Sunday night and that of course made Darian very happy. He was definitely happier to have his yiyi in the house.


At CompassPoint

Day 4: Meet up with my sister and John at CompassPoint for dinner. Dinner was at Soup restaurant again. But seriously we wouldn’t mind having the Samsui Chicken over and over again. One of our favourite. As usual with my sister, she ‘over ordered the food’ yet again. Haha… 🙂 Of course Darian came home with another two tomica toy cars from yiyi too.


Happy with his monster truck. He has been waiting for this since last week.


Darian loves yiyi.


Meimei so fidgety. haha… Her hands were like everywhere! 😉


I want to bowl!


Round 1


Ready aim go!


Haha what a pose…


Like a pro. Heehee 😉

Day 7. Dinner at Downtown East with my sister on Friday evening. Since Darian wanted the Happy meal toy and my sis was craving to try the new black pepper burger, we settled our dinner at Mcdonalds. According to her, the new burger tastes good. Shall try it another time. John and Rachel joined us after work but not for dinner. They had theirs at Fish and Co express later at night. So while waiting for them, we brought Darian(or rather he brought us there. haha…) to the bowling alley for a few games. Right at the far end, there is this miniature bowling catered for young children. Each session consisting of 5 games costs $2. Darian enjoyed himself so much. After three rounds of bowling, he was pestering us to go to the Kids Explorer but I didn’t allow as it was already very late. So the three of them accompanied us back home and left only at 11ish.



Day 9: My sister, John together with Bijun came over to visit us. I had prepared Cheese Maraconi(as per requested) for lunch. Ended up having it for dinner as well as I really cooked quite a lot. Glad that they enjoyed it! 🙂 So they only left after the Star Awards ceremony show at 10ish. Darian was really happy to see them for sure. 🙂

I am really glad to have a sister who is really close to me. At least during her free time, she will bring John and her friends to accompany us whenever Papa Yap is away. Thank you sis. Love you too! 🙂


15years of love

***14th March 13***

Happy 15th Anniversary! ❤


Today marks our 9 years of courtship, 6 years of marriage and counting on. Woots! It has been a really wonderous 15 years. We have gone through many phases of life together, enjoying happy life moments and also overcoming obstacles hand in hand. I must say it has not been an easy journey but we are able to overcome it with each other’s love and support. I really want to thank Papa Yap who is always there for me when I need him (even when I don’t… haha). He is my pillar of strength for sure. The man who neutralises my ‘negativeness’ and builds my confidence over the years. The man who understands me so well and reads me like an open book.  You have been a great husband and father to the kids. We are indeed blessed to have you in our life. I love you and the kids love you as well! Happy 15th and forward looking to the many more to come. ❤


This year, because of the kiddos, we are not able to celebrate our anniversary according to our initial plan. Hopefully our post anniversary celebration plan will be successful. *cross fingers*. And I love my anniversary pressie. Totally awesome! It comes in really fantastic especially for the second half of the year. (Oh yesss… it’s going to be an exciting year for us!) Will use it to capture our family happy times. Thank you my love! ❤




Managed to surprise Papa Yap with homemade macaroni cheese and mango pudding, especially made with plentiful of love, and a cake in the evening. Heehee 😉 It was my first time cooking the macaroni cheese and it turns out very well. Similar to Auntie Flora’s(Papa yap’s first helper) cooking. So happy to see Papa Yap totally enjoying the meal. The surprise dinner was a delightful success! It does not matter even we are not celebrating this occasion at any fanciful restaurant. What matter most is that we are truly happy to be spending quality time together. Contented and blissful enough. 🙂




with love always…❤❤


My mom’s cooking

Wow wow wow! I really love my mom’s cooking nowadays. Simply delicious and mouth-watering can! Just last weekend, she whipped up a few super yummy dishes for our lunch. It was so good that we could hardly stop eating. Haha… Good food eh! The assam fish head curry was rich and tasty. The mixed seafood and vegetable was flavourful and marvellous. The braised chicken wings dish was well braised and fragrant. I exceptionally love the mixed seafood and vegetable dish. She had used a lot of prawns, clams, scallops and dried scallops and that make the stock very flavourful. Even Papa Yap was asking me to learn this dish. Oh YES I will! Papa Yap was telling me that my mom should set up a mini restaurant, sure to have patrons. Haha… Ya right… 😉




Hearty big breakkie

Prepared the hearty big breakfast for Papa Yap and he was totally in love with it. Awesome! 🙂 It is seriously one sinful delight that should only be eaten like once a month. Looking at the amount of oil from the bacon… wow… amazingly alot eh! Haha… Anyway the scrambled eggs was my very first attempt and Papa Yap gave a thumbs up for it. According to him, the scrambled egg is really yummy and the taste of it reminded him of his beloved late granny (who dotes on him very much). Glad that he enjoys this so much. So who needs Mc Big breakfast now when we can have this hearty big breakfast. Heehee 😉




Celebrating Papa Yap’s last twenties

***27th October***

On Papa Yap’s 29th birthday, we decided on a mini celebration at home and I got him a complete set of Harry Potter DVDs. Papa Yap is one DVD collector ya. So for lunch, the birthday boy gets to eat the usual mee sua . It is a yearly birthday affair thingy for us to eat the mee sua and I have made it a point to cook for the hubby and kids on their birthdays. 🙂

The mee sua

Yes, he finished it clean!

One of our favourite movie! Can you imagine we were already a couple back then when we watched the very first Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone together in 2001! Since then we did not miss out any of the Harry Potter movies in Cinema. 🙂

In the evening, we had steamboat dinner and my sis and John came by with a birthday cake for Papa Yap. I started my kitchen adventure at 3pm with boiling of the soup base and preparing the ingredients. For me, I will go for original soup base than those msg stock soup. No doubt it can save you a lot of hassle and time but I seriously do not like to drink such soup. And usually after drinking such msg soup, I tend to get real thirsty and will drink buckets of water. Anyway original is definitely a healthier choice! 🙂  Finally, the feast began at 6.30pm. It was like a good 3 hours of standing in the kitchen. Well well it was really tiring but just for the birthday boy! 🙂 And of course the steamboat dinner was a success and we were all completely satiated! The mini celebration ended well with a yummy chocolate cake from Four Leaves. Papa Yap was really happy. This was exactly what he said…

“Thank you for everything. It is indeed a simple yet heartwarming celebration. I am contented!” ❤

I am delighted to hear that Papa Yap is truly happy. A simple homely mini celebration with 101% of love and happiness! ❤ What can you ask for, right? 🙂

All ready!

The feast began!


Happy 29th birthday!

Birthday boy with his two loves! ❤

Togther with my sis and John

Lovely us! ❤

May your wishes come true, Papa!

Happy birthday to my dearest husband! Wishing you good health, great happiness and wealth always. Love you so much. ❤❤