Goodbye Virginia Hello Singapore Part 2


Our first half of the flight back from Washington D.C to Korea was a crazy one. Totally insane! We had the worst time with Baby Dyann for the first time ever. She was extremely difficult for the first few hours even when it was already her sleeping time. We felt so lost and frustrated with her until I could not supress my frustrations and had to discipline her in the lavatory. I felt terrible but I knew that was the only way to stop her from all her tantrums at the same time not being a nuisance to the other passengers. Despite all the tears, I managed to rock her to sleep right after all those drama. Fortunately things got so much better there after and we had no issues with her at all during the flight from Korea to Singapore. Phew! As usual Darian was fantastic throughout the flight! He is really amazing can! heehee 🙂


Many people were curious about how we manage to bring back all our luggage. They really couldn’t imagine that. So did we actually. I have to say thanks to Papa Yap for being so strong! Even one of the porter mentioned that when he helped with our luggage. We had a total of 8 big luggage, 1 big backpack, 1 baby bag, Darian’s backpack, my handbag, a stroller and two kids… It’s crazy alright!






We could hardly contain our excitement when we were about to reach Singapore. Darian even cheered in the plane when the plane landed. That was how happy he was. It just showed how much we had missed home and the people. It was really heart-warming to see all those familiar faces at the airport welcoming us back. We felt the love. Thanks for coming! And also thanks for all the welcome back gifts for the kids! They are definitely so blessed. 🙂

As expected we spent our first few days with our parents and relatives, eating lots of delicious homecooked food and local delights. They were so yummy that my diet plan has been shelved for a moment. Haha…  I’m sure the grandparents and relatives are also elated to see the grandkids back in Singapore too. Darian and Dyann absolutely enjoyed their company and have a whale of time playing with them.

Frankly, we were not exactly too affected by the jet lag, but the weather. We definitely took a much longer time adjusting to the weather than the time difference. Is the weather becoming hotter and more humid? Or is it just us? Hmm… It was to the extend that Dyann developed bad rashes all over her face, neck and limbs due to the weather. We had to bring Dyann to the clinic on the third day and that was when I dropped my phone on the road which was never found again. boohoo… Seriously it wasn’t the phone that matters but the photos inside. I lost a number of photos as I didn’t have the time to upload them. I was really upset with that!

Just nearly a year absence, things seem to be falling apart in the house. We spent our first week unpacking our luggage, getting some household replacement, stocking up some necessities, sorting out some administrative stuff. Until now I am left with one last luggage of toy to clear. Darian Yap seriously has too many toys… Anyways a big thank you to my parents in law for maintaining our house. My mother in law even got the kitchen stocked up with food and drinks for us. How awesome is that! 🙂

Finally the whole episode of our life in States had come to an end beautifully. We certainly brought back lots of happy and sweet memories. Once again, thanks to my dearest husband, dearest papa to our two lovely kids, thank you for making this possible for our little family. We love you very much! 🙂

Nevertheless, we are all glad to be back home. Nowhere better than home. Truly! 🙂




Sunday evening with the cuzzies

***23rd June***


It was kind of an impromptu farewell dinner date at my place. Sukching, Irwin, Suklin, Kim bought food over for dinner. While Linhui and Xinyi gotten Koi for us. I had prepared rice, chicken corn soup and fried egg with sausages to add on. This time round they didn’t play any poker card games but watched a Bollywood movie, The Three Idiots, instead. Haha… It was quite a funny and inspirational movie for sure. Papa Yap bought the DVD recently and insisted that I watch it with him. Yeah and I thought it was quite a good show. So the cuzzies left only after the movie which was rather late, to think that they got to wake up early for work the next day! It was really nice seeing you guys. Thank you all for coming by and we will see you next year! 🙂


Mom’s 48

***5th May 13***

Had a mini birthday celebration for my mom at my place as they all wanted to make it convenient and easier for me with the two kiddos. Bought some dishes including salted egg crabs and chilli crabs, from a quite popular zichar store at Punggol Field but we were very disappointed with the taste. My mom can cook so much better alright… That’s just how disappointing it is. Nonetheless, I believed my mother is still happy to get a birthday treat from us and the birthday gift and cake as well.


Looks good but did not taste that good. The chilli crab gravy does not taste good at all. Taste rather weird in fact. The salted egg crabs were quite alright. The prawns used in the claypot beancurd and seafood were like over cooked until they were so soggy. The chicken wings and french beans just taste normal. Nothing to rave about. The best dish was the fried mee sua.


Fruit cake from Prima Deli


Happy 48th birthday to my mother.


The two lovely duo with their ah ma and ah gong.

So wishing my mom with good health, wealth and happiness always. 🙂


CNY at Punggol Lodge

***16th February 13***




We had invited Papa Yap’s OCS friends and their family to our place for a CNY gathering session. We are really glad that most of the peeps turn up, making the gathering a successful one. So thanks to Jeff’s, Richard’s, Adrel’s, Luke’s, Joel’s, TT’s, Shaiful’s family and Lek for coming by. There were totally so many kiddos in the house, just like a mini childcare. Perhaps there will be more juniors joining us in near future. heehee 😉 For dinner we had ordered mee siam, chicken wings, nuggets, fishballs and curry puffs. On top of these, Lesley had prepared potato cutlet and jelly as well! And for the kids, I had cooked macaroni soup for them as I don’t think they will want to eat mee siam.


Yu sheng from Nihon Mura


Getting ready to toss for another wonderful year of happiness, good health and prosperity! Huat huat huat! 🙂


The boys washing their hands right after the Lo hei session. Haha 😉

As it was the seventh day of lunar new year , the ren ri 人日, we ordered yu sheng for another round of lo hei session. The seventh day, traditionally known as the common man’s birthday, is the day when everyone grows one year older.  It is also the day when tossed yu sheng, is eaten for continued wealth and prosperity. So how can we not have a lo hei session then? Heehee 😉


The BFFs


Meimei with Auntie Yanni


Adorable baby Tristan


Our group photo. ( missing out TT’s family and Lek who left earlier)

It was definitely one awesome evening, catching up with them all. And I am sure the kids had a great time too. Marvellous! We were saying that we will make it like a yearly affair until one day when the kids decide not to tag along with us. Heehee… Looking forward to our next round of gathering, most probably at Adrel and Christina’s new apartment! So till then 😉


CNY: Papa’s comds came to visit

***15th February 13***

It’s friday, the sixth day of CNY. We held a CNY open house at 7pm for Papa’s Yap subordinates. There were just so many guys in the house! Darian was happy to see them. Initially he had some reservations playing with them. After sometime he tried to pull a random guy that he had eyed on into his playroom. Then very soon he took out all his Nerf guns and played with them! My goodness, shooting the bullets all over the house… Haha… 🙂

Oh seriously, what is CNY without Blackjack? It’s like a must do activity during CNY! Heehee. 😉 While  half of the guys and Papa Yap were in ‘card battles’, the others were playing with Darian and watching some DVD movie. One of them bought along Yu Sheng and so they had a Lo Hei session before they left around 10.45pm.


First batch to arrive.


First group shot


Blackjack time


Some random shot


It’s the boys’ game.


And the boys were all happily playing the Nerf!


Papa Yap distributing red packets


Second group shot


Papa Yap Lo Hei with his comds. Huat ah!



The kids bedroom

The kids’ bedroom is all ready! We have gotten the pretty decals from Decorette Store and photo frames from Ikea to decorate the room. We took almost three hours (with many disruptions by the kids) to install the decals. I am sure that we could complete the task in less than 2 hours time without the kids. It is not that difficult after all. All you need are some masking tape, a pen knife and card to do the magic. Just have to be extra careful, slow and steady when pasting and peeling the decals and it will definitely be a job well done. 🙂




Papa Yap was really excited about doing up the kids’ bedroom. On the night after we received the decals, he insisted to install the decals while meimei was sleeping. I thought he was crazy! It was already 10pm and he was very persistent about it until meimei woke up! Arghh… After which I stopped him from continuing. Totally Insane! Haha…

We started our groom my room project at 11am and completed everything about 2pm. We were very satisfied with the end result! The room looks great with the decals. Loving it. Even Darian thinks that their bedroom looks good. Awesome! 🙂








 Life has been pretty routine since Darian started schooling and with Papa Yap back to his busy work schedule. Strangely, I have been feeling very tired ever since Darian started school. Have been so used to sleep till 8am yet waking up at 6.45 am during the weekdays now, totally shag me out. My body clock is still adapting! Now these days, I extremely look forward to weekend. I can at least minimally sleep for another hour (hopefully so). Learning to sleep early for me is never a successful story. The earliest I think was around 11.30pm… And that explains my super dark eye circles! Well it is definitely not because of the kids (they sleep early) but me myself. After the kids fall asleep, I will be busy doing some house chores… endless chores. Seriously what to do, I cannot go to sleep if the house is still in a mess (okay people might not even see it as mess) or when things are undone. Boohoo that’s me. Somehow Papa Yap also cannot stand messiness. Perhaps we are just too used to seeing things in order. 🙂


Darian in his Outdoor attire


After school! 🙂

This weekend is going to be a real boring one as Papa Yap will be having an outfield exercise. *Sigh* Nowadays, Darian will ask for Papa Yap. To the extend of insisting me calling Papa Yap. His favourite lines, “Why papa always work?” “Why always come back late?” “Why never come back?” “I want Papa to come back!” Haha…  Even if I were to explain about his work, he would still want Papa Yap to be back. Father and son love! Anyway my family will be coming over on Sunday to entertain Darian. Haha… Well well at least Darian is happy to have his yiyi and korkor coming over to play with him. 🙂

Just have to tell myself that life will be even better after his OC tour! At least he will not be so so busy. Haha… Enduring and forward-looking to the next half of the year! 😉


Groom my room – No more Co-sleeping

***3rd January 13***

Before – Playroom.


After – Sweet Dreams! 🙂



We did a transformation to Darian’s playroom. It is now converted into the kids’ bedroom and all the toys were shifted into the study room. Papa Yap and I feel that it is time to let Darian learn to sleep separately from us. We had it all planned. 2 weeks before, we started talking to him about getting him a bed, sleeping in his room with Baby Dyann (Yes meimei will be sleeping together) and buying him his favourite fitted bed sheets. We further created awareness by bringing him to purchase his bed and choosing his bed sheets. We got him an Angrybird Space and a Ben 10 fitted bed sheet set. Right after getting his bed sheets, he was really enthusiastic about sleeping on his bed and continuously asking about his bed. Quite a good start! 🙂


On the first night, Papa Yap and I were very glad that he did not reject sleeping on his bed. No fuss at all! However he took really long to sleep. Well on a positive note, at least he managed to doze off after an hour. Phew! In the middle of the night, he appeared three times sleeping next to me! Haha… I guess it will take some time for him to get used to sleeping away from me after all he has been sleeping with us since he was 1 year old. And he has this little habit of holding on to my thumb and rubbing it to sleep. He is actually able to differentiate between my thumb and others without looking at it. We have tried it before with Papa Yap, my sis and aunt. After rubbing, he would shove their hand away and search for mine instead. Yes, all this done with his eyes shut! Amazing eh! Haha 😉 We left both our bedroom doors ajar so that I could hear Baby Dyann’s cries and at the same time makes it easier for Darian if he wakes up in the middle of the night looking for me.

Things got better for the next few days. On the second night, he woke up twice and the third and fourth only once. This shows that he is adapting very well. Marking yet another milestone for both the kids! My Darling Darian has grown up so fast. He is now one big boy, big brother to meimei! Love him so so much!

Meanwhile we are still looking for pretty wall stickers/decals and photo frames to decorate their bedroom. We hope to get it all done by Chinese New Year! 🙂


Day 19

***15th December***

5 days more to seeing Papa Yap. Hooray! 🙂


This will be the last stay home weekend for us and Papa Yap will be coming back in a few days time. Yay! Somewhat I really feel that time passes very fast. Which is good at the same time. But I do hope that time will slow down after Papa Yap returns. There are just too many activities lining up for us. 🙂 Did I even mention that Papa Yap will be on leave until the first week of 2013. Happiness! 🙂 I guess Darian must have miss Papa Yap very much too. He has been asking about him every now and then. Hmm… The last time when Papa Yap went Aussie, Darian was only one year plus and he is definitely not sensible enough to ask for Papa Yap. Unlike now. How I wish Papa Yap need not go for anymore oversea exercises. Haha… quite impossible eh! 😉

Right now, we are counting down to Thursday! ❤



***8th December ***

On Saturday afternoon, Mummy Jenny, Daddy Steven and Baby Pryde came over with lunch from Soup Restaurant. It was a belated birthday treat for me. Samsui chicken with ginger rocks! 🙂 They bought Darian a belated birthday pressie as well. Darian was so happy to received his first Play-Doh set from Auntie Jenny. He was totally engrossed playing with it until they left in the evening. It really kept him busy for so many hours. I was amazed. 🙂 Dough play is a good plaything for kids as it stimulates learning and enhances children fine motor skills, creativity and imagination skills. The downside of it, is that it can be real messy. Haha this is as a parent’s perspective for sure. So it was an afternoon of chilling out at my place with the Lim family. So nice of Mummy Jenny to plan on a home visit for me! Heehee 🙂


Little miss dragon and Little mister dragon 🙂


And the big baby insisted to be in the picture! Haha 🙂


Play dough time!


“I love dough play”

***9th December***

The cuzzies SukChing and SukLing together with Irwin and Kim popped over the next day with food and gifts too. They bought Darian a Leapfrog Tag Reader as birthday pressie which I like it very much. Well Darian was really interested in it too and kept trying it out on the trial book. Will be getting him some Leapfrog books for him pretty soon. 🙂 Darian had much fun playing around with his gugus and uncles. Not forgetting Baby Dyann, they carried her around and she was all smiley. So adorable can. 😉 And I think she likes Kim as she was always looking at him. Haha… So we ended our session after the KFC dinner at 6-ish. It was really another great home visit. 🙂


From SukChing, SukLing and LinHui! 🙂

Once again, thanks peeps for coming by with great food and wonderful gifts and at the same time accompanying us for the day. I am very sure Darian was delighted to see you guys and enjoyed this weekend too! Cheers 🙂