Yiyi’s graduation day





How can we not attend my sister’s graduation ceremony? Papa Yap’s took a half day leave to attend the ceremony with us. Double Ds were both dressed up for the event and they surprised their favourite yiyi(aunt) with a bouquet of sunflowers and a little gift.





I didn’t know how popular my kids were, among her circles of uni friends, until that day. Lol! Apparently they were very familiar with double Ds as she has been showing their pictures all the time!




After the ceremony, John gave all of us a treat at the Soup Restaurant. Dinner at the soup restaurant was certainly an ideal one as papa Yap and I have been long craving for the Samsui chicken dish. Yums! 🙂


It was definitely a happy day for my sister and I truly wish her all the best for her future endeavors. To my sister: Please earn more money and buy lots of stuff for your wonderful sister and lovable nephew and niece! Heehee 😉 We love you Okies!


Overseas again: Week 1

***20th April 13***

Boohoo… Another overseas training again and this time round is for one whole month. It is seriously a very long wait. When Papa Yap told me about this overseas exercise last year October, I was praying real hard that it would be cancelled but unfortunately it did not happen. Since I can’t change the fact about him having to be overseas for a month, I just got to be more supportive. I know it is not easy for him too. The kiddos and I are missing the daddy big time man! How ironical it is that when Papa Yap is around, I seem to be nagging at him constantly. And when he is not by my side, I miss him so badly. Absence does make the heart grows fonder. Whatever it is, I am counting down to his return, our staycation and the major packing in June(will update about the packing soon). Meanwhile dar please stay safe and take good care until we meet again! 18th May come fast can?! 🙂


So happy 🙂


Poser boy 🙂

So on Day 1:  My sister popped up in the evening to accompany us for a night. She stayed around until Sunday night and that of course made Darian very happy. He was definitely happier to have his yiyi in the house.


At CompassPoint

Day 4: Meet up with my sister and John at CompassPoint for dinner. Dinner was at Soup restaurant again. But seriously we wouldn’t mind having the Samsui Chicken over and over again. One of our favourite. As usual with my sister, she ‘over ordered the food’ yet again. Haha… 🙂 Of course Darian came home with another two tomica toy cars from yiyi too.


Happy with his monster truck. He has been waiting for this since last week.


Darian loves yiyi.


Meimei so fidgety. haha… Her hands were like everywhere! 😉


I want to bowl!


Round 1


Ready aim go!


Haha what a pose…


Like a pro. Heehee 😉

Day 7. Dinner at Downtown East with my sister on Friday evening. Since Darian wanted the Happy meal toy and my sis was craving to try the new black pepper burger, we settled our dinner at Mcdonalds. According to her, the new burger tastes good. Shall try it another time. John and Rachel joined us after work but not for dinner. They had theirs at Fish and Co express later at night. So while waiting for them, we brought Darian(or rather he brought us there. haha…) to the bowling alley for a few games. Right at the far end, there is this miniature bowling catered for young children. Each session consisting of 5 games costs $2. Darian enjoyed himself so much. After three rounds of bowling, he was pestering us to go to the Kids Explorer but I didn’t allow as it was already very late. So the three of them accompanied us back home and left only at 11ish.



Day 9: My sister, John together with Bijun came over to visit us. I had prepared Cheese Maraconi(as per requested) for lunch. Ended up having it for dinner as well as I really cooked quite a lot. Glad that they enjoyed it! 🙂 So they only left after the Star Awards ceremony show at 10ish. Darian was really happy to see them for sure. 🙂

I am really glad to have a sister who is really close to me. At least during her free time, she will bring John and her friends to accompany us whenever Papa Yap is away. Thank you sis. Love you too! 🙂


Meimei first train ride

***26th March 13***





It is definitely one of a rare Tuesday that my sister is free in the late afternoon so we met up at CompassPoint mall for some shopping and early dinner. I brought the kids on a train ride from Punggol to Sengkang. Darian was excited when I told him about it. It has been quite a while since I last brought him on a train ride. It is actually very convenient for us that the LRT station is just few blocks away from our place. So we took the LRT, transferred to the MRT and reached SengKang pretty fast. Meimei was rather cooperative and curious at the same time. She was constantly looking around and holding on to the grap pole. Heehee… So adorable! 🙂



As usual Kiddy Palace is a must go place for Darian in the mall. Yiyi bought him another two Tomica cars there and he was very happy. Meimei got a toy from me too. And it is like the very first toy from me. 🙂 After shopping, we went to Soup Restaurant for our early dinner. Dinner was very good. We ordered our all time favourite – the samsui ginger chicken, stir fry bean sprouts and fish slices, and the claypot beancurd. We love the Samsui ginger chicken! It is really yummy. Wrapping the tender chicken with lettuce and eating it with plentiful of the ginger sauce, is indeed a great combination. So flavourful and refreshing. Marvellous 🙂


We got home with my favourite KOI milk tea about 7ish. Yiyi accompanied us back home and left only before the kids’ bedtime. Darling Darian was very happy to see Yiyi for sure!



Disney on ice 2012

***17th March***

Watched the Disney on ice at the indoor stadium on a Saturday early morning (10am) together with Jeff’s family, Ang and Yanni. Little Darian was truly excited about the show. The night before,  I reminded him that we would be watching the Disney show the next day and he was so cooperative in keeping his toys and sleeping early. Haha! :p At the show, the three boys, Jayden, Javier and Darian were extremely engrossed with the show. While the adults were almost dozing off. And Papa Yap really dozed off for a short while! 😉 Haha.. Well it wasn’t that bad actually. Anyway most importantly is that the kids enjoyed the show! 🙂 After the show, we had a fulfilling lunch at Suntec Soup Restaurant. Yum Yum! Just love the steam chicken wrapped with lettuce, cucumber and ginger paste!Talking about this I’m hungry again! Gosh! Then we went to carrefour for some window shopping and ended the day at coffee bean. What a great Saturday! Oh ya and little darian likes to play with the two boys so much that he cried when we left. Haha my crybaby! 😉


My Mickey Mouse! 😉