June school holidays

***7th to 9th June***


Resort World Singapore _ Hard Rock Hotel


The elated Double Ds


Darian loves sliding into the water.


She was all ready for the next round of slide


The kiddos really love playing with their daddy


Time for some squirting fun

Other than the usual play dates, weekend shopping, outdoor activities and indoor playground trips, we did manage to have our 3 days 2 nights staycation at Hard Rock hotel RWS for this June school holidays. It’s our first time staying at the Hard rock hotel and we personally preferred there to Festive hotel. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled about the staycation. Darian had been telling his teacher in school about it and counting down to the date. This time round, Papa Yap and I decided to keep this staycation a relaxing one rather than lining up everyday with many activities because walking and standing for long hours really would exhaust me.


Together with my aunts and uncle-in law


Daddy’s with daddy’s girl


Downright expensive bubble guns Haha


Our only princess


Our only Prince(as of then) 😉


New Lego Shop at Festive Hotel


New toy yet again 😉

Day 1 was checking into the hotel followed by swimming, dinner and a stroll around RWS. Well Double Ds can never say no to the pool and slide. The kiddos were merrily having fun with Papa Yap in the pool, while my aunts, uncle joined me under the shade to wait for them. My 小姑(youngest aunt) came along with us to help us check into the hotel whereas my 大姑 (eldest aunt) and uncle in law joined us there for dinner. Double Ds are just so blessed to have their grandaunts doting on them. Since the weather was quite humid and the kids were still having fun in the pool, my aunts and uncle decided to go for their coffee break and joined us later for dinner. That night, double Ds returned back to the hotel with a bubble gun each from their 大姑婆 (grandaunt) and a new set of Lego Duplo Lego from me. Of course they were exceptionally happy for day 1! 🙂


Super love this photo. The kiddos can really pose well. Haha 🙂


Yummy egg tarts from the confectionery at the Malaysian Food Street


The kids playing some card games with Papa Yap.


4 + 1(on the way) 🙂


Bedtime already

Back in the hotel, the kids continued their play time with Papa Yap. Darian had packed along some games and toys for this staycation and they certainly had lots of fun with their daddy. As for me, I was enjoying the yummy egg tarts which my aunt bought for us. Yums! 🙂


Rise and shine on the second day


All ready to head out

 We started Day 2 with Macdonalds breakfast from Festive Walks. After breakfast, we headed over to the Palawan beach for some PlayMobil event. The kiddos got a chance to play with some play mobil toys on display and completed a DIY craft session too. Darian chose to decorate a sun visor whereas Dyann wanted a DIY bag. So Darian proceeded with his craft with an assistant while Papa Yap and I took turns to guide Dyann in decorating her bag. Dyann wanted me to draw a hello kitty on her bag and thankfully it turned out looking like one. Haha 🙂


At the Palawan beach station


Playmobil soccer time


Some mandatory picture


More toys to play


Best time to visit such place is definitely on a weekday 😉


Craft time


Papa Yap helping Dyann with the ink stamping


The girl with her DIY bag


The boy with his sun visor


We love you daddy! ❤

Lunch was rather late at the Slappy Cakes. We ordered a butter and chocolate pancake patter with chocolate chips, strawberry and banana sides for garnish and they were served shortly. Papa Yap wouldn’t want to only have pancakes for lunch so he ordered a brunch set which tasted pretty good. We began “drawing” our pancakes over the hotplate and had so much fun and laughter throughout. If you were to ask about the pancakes, I would say it tasted perfectly alright.  Like seriously how bad could pancakes, chocolate chips, and the fruits taste right? But I totally love the concept of designing and cooking our own pancakes. It was fun and interesting which I supposed we wouldn’t mind revisiting again. 😉


Time to cook!


OK that was drawn by me. Definitely. 😉


Papa Yap’s lunch


His creation and it’s supposed to be angry bird. I think. haha


Having fun!




The happy duo


They said this is me!!! Baymax = mummy!! lol


The only thing that the husband can draw perfectly! lol! And look at that funny boy beside him. 🙂

After our late lunch, we brought the kiddos back to the hotel for a swim and spent the rest of the evening in the room chillaxing. The kids were well entertained by their toys while I lounged about watching the TV programmes. Dinner was takeaways from Din Tai Fung and Chilli’s. The kids’ favourite egg fried rice! Yet another happy day for us! 🙂


It’s sand play time!


Dyann disliked the sand so she was in the pool with Papa Yap.


Swimming is so fun!


Good night and sweet dreams!

And that’s the end of our short staycation at Hard Rock Hotel. To sum up, it was definitely one happy and relaxing staycation and the quality family time spent together was simply awesome!


Everything is awesome 🙂


S.E.A Aquarium




We received three free SEA aquarium tickets and brought the kids over to Resort World Sentosa on Saturday afternoon. This is our second visit there and I was hoping that the place wouldn’t be crowded. Obviously it was inevitable for a Saturday. Papa Yap and I would usually plan for a weekday visit to such places. However, it’s kind of tough for him to be taking leave on a weekday for this year and the next as he would be very very busy till then. The cycle of late nights, stay in camp, local and overseas trainings is repeating yet again. That’s why I really appreciated and enjoyed the one year quality family time in United States.







Alright back to the main point. There’s no doubt about bringing the kiddos to the aquarium which they absolutely enjoyed themselves there. They love watching the colorful assorted fishes swimming in their habitats, at the same time, learning more facts about the fishes.



Double Ds even experienced touching the starfish in the discovery touch pool. Darian was telling us how the starfish felt as hard as a rock. As for Papa Yap and I, we were more than glad that Darian was willing to touch the starfish. He has been quite a timid boy.






I had enjoyed sitting by the wide viewing panel where we watched the marine life swimming around in the open ocean gallery. Some of the fish were really huge. It was relaxing watching the sea creatures swim by while the kids have ample space moving around.





The final habitat before exiting the SEA Aquarium was the Shark Tunnel Tank. There were a number of sharks swimming around and over our heads. While Dyann was watching the sharks, Darian was busy spotting the various sharks together with Papa Yap. Overall, the Yappies had a well spent afternoon at the SEA Aquarium.  And we were wondering if we should have another staycation at RWS soon! Haha 🙂



Darian is 5 – Part 2


Day 2

Our first activity of the day began at Port of the Lost Wonder. This was our second visit to the water playground. We had quite a bad experience with Darian when we first visited POLW two years ago. Back then he was totally terrified of getting into the water. But now he has definitely outgrown that phase, in fact we actually need to cajole him out of the water. As for our little missy, it didn’t take her long enough to get into the pool. She seems a little more adventurous than her big brother. The kiddos had so much fun splashing with Papa Yap while I watched them played and captured all those priceless moments. Perhaps it’s time to get a water-resistant camera. 😉 Double Ds absolutely had a whale of a splashy great time there. Since then, Darian has been talking about a revisit. 🙂













Next, we brought double Ds to the Playcation event held at the Palawan beach. With a spending of 60 bucks at Sentosa, we were able to redeem two free play passes. However, the exhausted little missy was least interested about playing at all. She fell asleep soundly on Papa’s Yap arms while waiting for Darian to remove his shoes. So I ended up giving her pass to a random family. On the other hand, Darian was all ready for the next round of play. I really wondered where did he get all those energy from. The ball pool, slides, bouncing castle, rock climbing giant inflatables in the playtent kept Darian well entertained for the next 20 minutes.










After dinner at the Macdonalds, we continued with our third activity – the Luge rides. We were surprised to see how double Ds enjoyed the rides so much. We had two rounds of the Luge but they were still asking for more. They totally loved the thrills! Papa Yap was telling me how Darian kept asking him to go faster on the luge. Well Papa Yap and I did enjoy the rides too. But I didn’t like the skylift at all. So we took a bus up for our second round of Luge.







The last activity for the day was the Wings of Time show at the Palawan beach. Like the previous show, Songs of the Sea, Wings of time is yet another show of water, laser lights and fire effects. I thought it was really a fabulous way to end the night with beautiful fireworks and lights. 🙂







All of us were extremely tired after a long day outside. We snuggled into bed right after bath time. It was indeed a splendid family day at the beach. 🙂


Day 3

Like any other staycation, we would usually plan for a swim at the hotel on the last day. Double Ds were so happy to get into the pool. We brought them over to the Hard Rock Hotel where they could have both water and sand play. However, Dyann did not enjoy the sand play at all and was reluctant to walk on it. As for Darian, he was having loads of fun playing his sand play toys.







We concluded the last day of our staycation at the Trick Eye Museum. Darian was very enthusiastic about posing in front of the camera. He literally posed for almost every scenes. We could tell that he was totally enjoying it. Haha 🙂 Anyways Trick Eye Museum is similar to the Alive Museum, just of a different managing company with different photo concepts. Nevertheless, we still had a great time taking lots of funny silly photos. 🙂
















It was absolutely a terrific staycation! Awesome!

Until now, Darian has been asking for another Sentosa staycation. 🙂


Darian is 5 – Part 1






The night before Darian’s birthday, his favourite yiyi and John appeared at our door to surprise him with a birthday cake. Darian was really elated to see them! 🙂 Before that, he had mommy’s homecooked birthday meesua for dinner. This silly boy was so happy to see two eggs in his bowl. 🙂

Day 1






The next day, we set off to Sentosa where we would be spending our next two nights there. Needless to say, double Ds were extremely thrilled about the staycation. On the way, we picked up the grandparents who would be joining us for Darian’s birthday lunch at Earle Swenson’s, Vivo City, followed by a visit to Madame Tussauds Sentosa. Since we were all wearing blues except for my father in law. I bought him a blue shirt upon reaching Vivo City. So it’s Team Blue day out! 🙂











After a hearty lunch, we took the Sentosa Express over to Madame Tussuads Singapore. This is our second visit to a Madame Tussuads museum. The first one was in Washington D.C. I suppose our kiddos have no issues about visiting a wax figures museum because both of them are least camera shy and in fact quite a poser. Haha 🙂  MTS housed over 60 wax figures of both local and international leaders and stars. This is the time when one could have no reservations taking selfies and pictures with all those famous people. Some stations even have props for creative and fun shots. We all had fun posing around and taking pictures with the figures. For us, taking a picture with ‘Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew’ is definitely a must at MTS. The trip wouldn’t be complete without a picture with them. Last but not least, the unique feature here got to be the boat ride that takes visitors on a journey through the iconic sights in Singapore. Despite a quick ride, I thought it did bring out the essences of Singapore. 🙂






After sending the grandparents back, we checked into the Festive hotel where we would be staying for three days and two nights. This was our second staycation here in RWS. Although there was a bunk bed and sofa bed available in the room, we still preferred to snuggle each other to sleep on the king size bed. Well at least I didn’t wake up to backaches. 🙂





We ended Day 1 with dinner at Din Tai Feng, RWS, followed by a quick shopping at Vivo city. It was a good thing that Vivo City was accessible by the Sentosa Express. This made traveling in and out of Sentosa much easier.





Day 1 was fun but Day 2 was even better! 🙂


RWS: Day 3

***22nd May 13***










Brekkie at the Fiesta before heading down to the pool. We sneaked into the pool at Hard Rock Hotel where there is an integrated sandy pool that resembled the beach. It was not an enjoyable swim after all as Darian totally disliked the sand. He did not like the feel of stepping on the sand and was constantly asking us to carry him. So he spent most of the time in a small pool with a slide. While Papa Yap played with Baby Dyann in shallow water. We went back to the hotel after 40 minute of water play. The kids had their last bubble bath before our check out. 🙂













We went to the SEA aquarium after checking out of the Festive hotel. The aquarium is quite spectacular for a first timer like us. We spent an hour inside, walking around looking at the various fishes and corals. Darian had a feel of the starfish and some sea creatures at the Discovery Touch Pool. Darian was pretty amazed at the super big aquarium that holds several big ray, shark and grouper. He took my phone and captured many pictures of them. Haha… 🙂  Even Baby Dyann looked fascinated at the colourful fishes swimming in the tank. She had eyes on them and was pointing and hitting the tank. We went to the cafeteria outside the SEA Aquarium for our late lunch before going back home. I supposed Darian was really exhausted after so many days of fun, sleeping late yet waking up early that he actually fell asleep while eating his fried rice. Wahaha… 😉

Time passes fast and it’s our last day at RWS. If only we have the time, we would consider extending for another night stay. It was really a memorable and enjoyable staycation for us. Especially considering that I have not stayed out of Punggol after so so long. At last we are back home, back to reality and back to the endless chores. Piles of clothes to wash after the staycation. Boohoo… Papa Yap thought I was fast when he saw the clothes washed and hung. That’s me!  Heehee 🙂



RWS: Day 2

***21st May 13***







Woke up at 7ish for breakfast at the Fiesta restaurant at level 3. Just some average typical american and chinese breakfast buffet spread. Well still good enough for us to start our day. Wanted to bring the kids to the pool for a swim but I didn’t manage to buy Baby Dyann’s swim diaper. So we went back to the room and the kids had a bubble bath before going over to Universal Studio.


























It’s our second time to the USS. Darian was not keen on taking any ride at all. He was just on a photo taking mode. What a spontaneous poser he was. Posing here and there! Haha… 🙂 This time round we didn’t allow him to get any souvenirs as he didn’t want to try on any rides. Yep we usually don’t give in to him that easily! Though he did take the Madagascar carousel, Puss in boots ferris wheel and the transformer spinner. Hmm… Still not enough. Baby Dyann took a ride on the carousel too! 🙂 After lunch, I rented a stroller for Darian as he looked real tired. It was really a wise decision. He dozed off shortly. Baby Dyann as well. Papa Yap and I walked around with two sleeping kids. We managed to take photo with Elmo and Ernie. Darian was real mad at us when I told him about it. He cried and blamed us for not waking him up. Haha… We left at 6pm and went to the Malaysian Food Street next to USS for dinner. Papa Yap didn’t like his Bah kut teh and I thought my wanton mee was bad. Haha… So dinner was not good at all.






We proceeded to Sentosa beach for the Songs of the Sea. It is a show of live casts, digital laser light, water and flame effects and music. It wasn’t easy to watch the performance with Baby Dyann. Oh seriously, I was like battling with an active yet listness baby! She was struggling and making noises throughout the performance. Thank goodness it was only for 25 minutes. Phew… We headed to Vivo City thereafter as I need to get the swim diapers for Baby Dyann. Darian knew exactly that we were at Vivo and insisted to visit Toy R Us. It’s his favourite hideout in Vivo for sure. Haha… We filled up our tummy with some sushi from Cold Storage before returning back to the hotel. We were totally exhausted with aching feet! Still a fantastic Tuesday though! ❤❤


RWS: Day 1

***20th May 13***

We headed straight to Adventure Cove after checking into the hotel. Darian was totally excited for waterplay time while meimei fell asleep on the way there. Apparently Darian is too short and young for most of the attractions and rides. But there are still a few kid-friendly attractions like The Seahorse Hideaway wading pool and The big Bucket Treehouse that he could play in. The Adventure River and Bluwater Bay are also suitable for younger kids but definitely only with adult supervision. Overall, I feel that Adventure Cove Waterpark is a fun place. You can see life guards everywhere and life jackets provided for all shapes and sizes. But I think we will only revisit until Darian is tall enough for the other rides and attractions and when Dyann is old enough to join in and have fun as well! It was a good experience though. 🙂











After that we went to the Festive Walk for dinner. Papa Yap was craving for some steak and we decided to try Chili’s. It’s a American diner style restaurant that serves a variety of American, mexican food. Papa Yap had a medium rare ribeye steak and I shared a Chicken Crisper with Darian. The portions are quite big. According to Papa Yap, his steak was really tender and juicy. It definitely satisfied his craving. I tried Papa Yap’s mash potato and we both agreed that it is appetising and yummy. As for the chicken crisper, it comes with a corn cob, fries and honey mustard sauce dipper, was nicely fried and tasty too. Dinner was good.





We walked around Festive Walk after dinner. Brought the kids on the express train ride, watched the water and light fountain performance and ended our night at the Merlion Park. We were like tourists to Singapore! Haha… Darian was rather terrified of that big merlion. He didn’t even want to look at it. We only got back to our room at 10.40pm. Settled the kids and stuff, before I could bath and turn in for the night. It was really a great Monday with my loved ones! ❤










Our first family staycation

***20th May 13***





We had a marvellous 3 days stay at Resort World Sentosa, Festive hotel. We loved the room and there was a balcony as well. It is a family oriented designed room where there is plenty of sleeping space. Just nice for a small family like us. Other than the king sized bed, there was a loft bed and sofa bed too. Darian was so attracted to the loft bed.



He insisted to sleep on top on the first night but I was worried that he might fall off the bed in the middle of the night. So being a protective mommy, I decided to sleep with him on the loft bed. For the second night, I forced him to sleep on the bed with us as I felt it was rather warm on top.






The kids love the bathtub and enjoyed playing the bubbles so much. Darian would always request for a bubble bath during bath time. He simply enjoyed it so much! 🙂

It was indeed a great family bonding getaway for all of us. We did enjoy the staycation but Papa Yap and I were really tired to the max. Seriously cannot imagine if we were to go for a week overseas holiday with the kids. The packing alone will be one big headache for sure. Haha… Everytime we reached back to our hotel room after a long day, we still had to settle the kiddos before we could really sit back and relax. In fact we did not even have time for ourselves.  After shower, I continued to wash the kids’ bottles and prepared for the next day. Before I could finish my chores, Papa Yap was already in his dreamland…  Nonetheless we did have a wonderful family time together and I thought Darian was the happiest! 🙂


Happy us! 🙂


Birthday treat to Universal Studio Singapore

***25th November***

Settled Baby Dyann at my mom’s and off we went to USS. We reached around 11am, got our tickets and began our USS adventure. This is our first time to USS with Darian. He was really delighted to be there, seeing all the costumed Characters. Woots!

He got so excited when he first saw Kung fu Panda walking past him followed by Puss in Boots. We didn’t manage to get a shot with them as they were both heading back for a break.

We started off with the Madagascar boat ride, then to the Shrek 4D, Donkey Show and the Pteranodon ride at Jurassic Park. We missed out the Madagascar Carousel and the Jeep ride at the Ancient Egypt. Anyway we would be bringing Darian back to USS next year again so probably till then! 🙂

 Darian got a little scared when the boat entered into a darker and creepier part. He covered his eyes, saying that he wants to go home. Haha… After the ride, he was beaming with joy saying that he was not scare at all. What a funny boy he is. Ego maybe? 😉

Okay I thought I have seen this Shrek 4D show somewhere when Papa Yap refreshed my memory on our Honeymoon trip at Osaka Universal Studio. Oh and that really triggered so much wonderful and sweet memory. Hmm… I wondered when will our next holiday be. Guess it will be quite difficult unless Papa Yap agrees to bring the kids along. Yes I don’t think I will bear to leave the kids behind.

This Donkey ‘Live’show is indeed interactive. Basically there is this eloquent host and a 2D donkey on the screen interacting with the audiences. Really interesting and amazing! We were wondering how did the Donkey appear so ‘real’ as in able to see the audiences and communicate as well.

 We took a lunch break around 1ish at the Goldilocks before continuing with our excursion. Darian received a toy sword for his kid’s meal and that made him extra happy. 🙂

Over at the Dino-Soaring, Darian and I took the Pteranodon ride. There is a button for us to control the Pteranodon up and down, but Darian disallowed me to press the button. So we ended up flying in circles. Wahaha… 😉

We spent the whole afternoon there watching the street performances, taking pictures with the various characters and shopping in the retail shops. Lucky for us, it did rain for a while during the later afternoon. We were told by our friends that it was raining heavily in Punggol, Tampines and Simei and they were all wondering if we were affected by the rain over in Sentosa.

Papa Yap went for the Transformer ride alone as Darian is not allowed. According to him, the ride was awesome. So I supposed I got to wait till Darian is old enough for that ride. Haha… So while waiting for Papa Yap, I bought a transformer cap and t-shirt for Darian in the retail store. He liked them so much.

Darian encountered ‘snowfall’ on the New York Street. All the children were trying to catch hold of the ‘snow’ yet it seem that Darian didn’t like to be under the ‘snow’ at all. Apparently he stood there for just a short while and ran off.

Darian actually fell asleep almost instantly while Papa Yap carried him to watch a street performance by the Rockafellas. Well I think we should rent the USS stroller the next time when we revisit. He is really too heavy to be carried around. Poor Papa Yap. Heehee 😉

My husband who sees me as the Best mom and Super mom! And in fact he was searching for the Best wife trophy. ❤

Well I suppose there aren’t exactly many suitable rides for a three-year old child. It is purely for exposure and experience. Little Darian did enjoyed the trip very much and he even asked me to do a YouTube search on the USS the next day. He was able to relate his experiences to me too. Good enough! 🙂

Our transformer loots from USS. The next time round we will get sesame street stuff instead. 🙂

To sum up, we did have a ‘funtastic’ and wonderful time at the Univeral Studio. Awesome! 🙂


Port of Lost Wonder

***22nd May***

@Sentosa – Port of Lost Wonder

On the second day of Papa Yap’s off day, we brought Darian to Sentosa. There is this new water playground by the Palawan Beach called the Port of Lost Wonder. The site as compared to Wild Wild Wet is way smaller but it is still a pretty place for the kids.  And of course the admission is much cheaper too. Alright the best part is that there is free admission for the adults. Inside there is a pirate ship water play area, picnic area with foams provided for sitting and leisure activities for the kids.

After changing, we thought Darian would be much adapted to water playing after yesterday Zoo trip. However, we were very wrong. His reaction was worse than the day before. He totally refused to enter the water and kept crying. He looked much tensed. Papa Yap had to carry him around and encourage him to play. Little Darian kept saying that he is scared. According to Papa Yap, the little monster held him so tight and each time when they walked near any showering or squirting water, he would be shivering. We really do not know what the exact reason is. Perhaps it’s because I did not join him in the water and he felt insecure. After half an hour of coaxing and encouragement under the extreme hot weather, we decided to bring him to the sand play area instead.

This is his first time playing with sand. Not too bad. He did enjoyed playing with his sand play toys. Yet he seemed rather stiff sitting on the sand. Wahaha.. It was quite an amusing sight. 😉 He was quite sensitive with cleanliness. Little fussy boy kept sweeping off sand on his legs and hands. He didn’t even want to walk around barefooted. Haha… Papa Yap mentioned that Darian is exactly like me. What to do when I am his primary caregiver. 😉 Hah I assured Papa Yap that our boy would outgrown this stage pretty fast if we provided him with more of such outdoor experiences.

We left the place at 3-ish and headed back home. I seriously need a cool bath! Weather was damn hot man! Anyway it was still a good experience for Darian. Perhaps that next time when we visit the place, Darian would be all ready for water play and we might even have to drag him out of the place. Haha Yay Ahoy! 😉

Pirate themed water playground.

Papa Yap trying hard to convince his precious boy.

Oh boy what’s with your stiff smile? Haha…

Sand play time for the two boys.

Little Pirate