Reston Zoo

***14th October 13***
Weather was really wet and cold last week. Brrr… It has been raining since Thursday and our plans for the long weekend was literally ruined. Boohoo 😦 The weather forecast on my iPhone was pretty accurate and I trusted it to plan for our outdoor outings. Looking at the forecast for Monday, Papa Yap and I were really looking forward to spending some quality family time together. 🙂


Quick lunch for the boys! 🙂


Us at the Reston Zoo❤


Just us 🙂

True enough, the weather was indeed sunny and there we were at the Reston Zoo. Yay! It is about a 45 minutes drive from our place; we got there about 11.30am. As usual Darian was absolutely happy about this trip. He enjoys going to the zoo, looking at the animals. But when it comes to close contact with the animals, he would flee as far as possible. Heehee… 😉


Let’s go!


Papa Yap and Darian feeding the goat.


The lamb


This was when the goat pecked the cup off Darian’s hands. Haha 😉


Papa Yap trying to finish the feeds.


All done!

I would say the Reston zoo is like a small scale animal park which is definitely not comparable to the Smithsonian Zoo. But, it is generally good enough for family with kids to visit especially if they would want to have some close animal encounters. We started in the petting barn, feeding the goats, sheep, lambs and pigs. They seemed really hungry though. The goats, sheep and lambs were constantly eyeing on the feed in our hands, standing closely to the fence and stretching out their heads. That made Papa Yap wondered if the animals were all being fed. Haha 😉 Darian wasn’t enthusiastic about feeding the animals at all particularly after his first attempt to feed the goat when it literally bit the cup off his hand and ran off with the feed. Haha… Smartie goat! Papa Yap and I were trying our best to finish the feeds fast so that we need not have to carry the bucket around. You know, we didn’t want to waste it as that bucket of feed doesn’t come cheap.


Reptile house


Darian looking at all the displays.

We then walked along the paths to view the larger exhibits of animals such as prairie dogs, condor, monkeys, alligators, tortoises, llamas. There was a small reptile house which housed a few snake species including two huge python(Eee… the boys knew that I am afraid of them and kept teasing me to look at them!), tarantula, frogs, bearded dragon lizard and tortoise. Seriously, they gave me goose bumps. Ewww I just cannot stand creepy creatures! I should have waited outside instead.


The Zoofari-wagon ride


While queuing for the ride.


Kiddos goofing around 😉


Up on the wagon


The camels coming close.




I was really worried if the bison with the huge horns would wake up and decide to walk toward us. Heehee 😉


Animals circling around the wagon

What we found interesting was actually the safari-a-like concept area which we could take a wagon ride and tour around the mini safari, getting up close to the ostrich, rhea, emu, bison, buffalo, antelopes and zebras. The wagon was open, hence during each stopovers, the animals were like circling around us, waiting to be fed. To be honest, it was quite intimidating for me and Darian. We were rather terrified of those big animals with horns and beaks coming real close to us. Nevertheless it was certainly a great experience for us. We continued with our walk around the park where we get to see the kangaroos, pony, small alligators, lemurs. Oh and there’s this bird aviary where we could do bird feedings. Papa Yap went in together with Darian while I waited outside with Baby Dyann in the stroller.



It was a well spent Monday after all. We all had fun and left the park at 2ish. As expected the kids slept through the journey back home. 🙂


Smithsonian National Zoological Park

***30th August 13***


Darian taking photo at the Zoo entrance with a random kid who sat there for so long and we couldn’t wait till he leaves. Heehee 😉


With my darling❤

After seeing the Zoo en route to the Singapore embassy at Washington, we were very sure that we would be bringing the kids there soon. Darian was all grinning when he found out about the Zoo and has been asking to go. Since Papa Yap was having a long weekend break, we planned a day out to the Zoo. It took us almost an hour to reach the Zoo as some roads were closed for some sort of event. We were literally driving in circles because the GPS kept guiding us to the closed roads until Papa Yap drove away from that area.

Thankfully we managed to get a parking lot at the Zoo. It has limited parking lots and is usually full. The car park charges is quite pricey though. We paid 22 bucks for three hours or more. Regardless, it is free admission into the Zoo. How awesome is that! The zoo is situated within the housing estate so people staying around could walk over as and when they like without worrying about the parking. Seriously parking can be quite a headache in D.C. Over at the sloth bear show, an old lady was telling me that she was actually on the way to the bakery with her grandson when he insisted to turn into the Zoo instead. Haha… 😉


Darian purchasing the zoo map.


Acting like as if he is a pro at map reading. Heehee 😉


Lunch: Pizzas and kids meal.


At the panda souvenir shop


The panda hear gear is too big for Baby Dyann. 😉


My adorable panda boy! 😉

Things are of course not cheap in the park. It is exactly the same in Singapore so I am not complaining. Well we can choose to bring in our own food though. There are some picnic areas. Zoo map is at 2 bucks each so if you are unwilling to spend money on that probably you could take a photo of the map or print it at home. Anyway the admission is free, hence we could spent a little on food, souvenirs and parking. 🙂

Visiting the zoo during summer time is really hot. It doesn’t help much especially when there were plenty of walking to do, going from one exhibit to another. Hah! The park was built on the hill so the part of walking down slope, looking at the animals was definitely easy peasy as compared to walking up! You know, it seemed like a little hike for me. Seriously I had aching legs for the next two days after that. Good exercise though. Heehee 😉


Mister TianTian alone


Getting our panda penny.


Looking for the sloth bear


The oh-so-cool goriila

Looking at the crowd, the Zoo sure seem to be a popular hotspot in D.C. It is well maintained and big with many animals including the red pandas and panda. During our trip, the female panda had just given birth to a cub so they were both kept in confinement, leaving the papa panda in the exhibit. The pandas should be the people’s favourite. There were just too many people at the exhibit. 😉


The boys


Looking at the seals

We all had a fantastic day at the zoo though we were dead beat. The kids slept through the journey back home. I even totally declined Papa Yap’s kind offer to bring me shopping at a premium shopping outlet in Leesburg. See that is exactly how tired I was. Heehee 😉 So we got home at about 4pm. We bought Zoo t-shirts for the duo and a set of dinosaur mini figurine for Darian. To round up, it was a fun and happy day for the Yappies! Splendid! 🙂


Happy little girl


At the petting farm


with my lovely little girl❤


Back home with some souvenirs from the Zoo. 🙂

We did not get to see all the animals. Perhaps of the hot weather, they decided to hide and laze in the shade. I think fall should be an ideal season to revisit again. So till then! 😉


To the Zoo again

***31st May 13***

Darian loves going to the Zoo. Just the night before, he was so excited when I told him about going to the Zoo with the Lim family and my sister. Papa Yap couldn’t join us due to some last-minute administrative stuff. Boohoo… It didn’t really matter since my sister was coming along. But of course it would be much better if Papa Yap was around. So that morning, we took a cab down together to meet the Lim family. We reached there earlier for breakfast and happened to see the cute panda mascots. Took some cute photos with them! Awww… 🙂  We entered the Zoo about 11am. Weather was pretty warm but we definitely preferred it to a wet day. Managed to see quite a number of animals and watch two animal shows. The polar bear enclosure is now open. Over there you get to see the huge polar bear, wolverines and raccoon dogs. However this time we didn’t get the tickets to see the Pandas and Darian was a little disappointed. Lunch was at the Ah Meng restaurant. I have been to the zoo with Papa Yap for quite a number of times but this is my first time eating there. Usually we would just settle lunch at KFC and munch on some home packed snacks and fruits. I think food there is just so expensive and not tasty at all. Anyway it was all paid by my sis! And she was grumbling about how expensive the $7.50 fishball noodles is. Haha 😉

 Going to the Zoo with three young kids was really tiring! Luckily for me Baby Dyann had two naps and my sister was there to care for Darian which absolutely made it easier for me.  Mummy Jenny and Daddy Steven got to take turn to entertain little Pryde who only managed to sleep just before the end of the trip. I am very sure they will not be going to the Zoo until Pryde is older. Haha 😉





















Overall the zoo trip was pretty enjoyable but totally exhausting indeed. To make it worse my stomach flu worsen after I reached home. Or rather I should be thankful that it only reacted after I reached home. If not… I cannot imagine how… That night, Darian asked if we would be going to the Bird Park with Auntie Jenny, Uncle Steven and Baby Pryde. Haha. I bet Auntie Jenny’s answer will be, “No, not so soon!” Hahaha… 🙂 And of course a big thank you to Auntie Jenny and Uncle Steven for the free tickets and my awesome sister for accompanying us! 😉


Zoo trip

***27th December***

Another Zoo trip for us. This time with Baby Dyann as well. 🙂 Darian loves going to the Zoo. He has been talking about going to the Zoo lately therefore we decided to bring him there. We were so shocked to see the queue at the ticketing counter! It was super long. Didn’t expect to be so so crowded. Perhaps it is because we have been going to such places during the weekdays. Regardless, we just have to follow the queue. Got the tickets and paid an additional 5 bucks for each adult and 3 bucks for each kid to see the pandas.


Brekkie at Seng Kang Macdonalds before our Zoo trip


Let’s go!


Our two cuties getting attentions from people around! There were even people taking photo of meimei! Aww… ❤

Weather was really good. We were even afraid that it might rain and brought along two umbrellas. We had only managed to enter the Zoo at 12pm after queuing for almost half an hour. Papa Yap bought the 2.20pm Panda tickets and we need to be at the entrance 10 min prior to the time slot. So we went around to see the animals that Darian wanted to see before proceeding to the Panda enclosure.











You can find golden pheasant, red pandas and pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia in the conservatory. Darian was pretty excited to see the pandas. They are so cute. We had only managed to see Kai Kai as Jia Jia was not feeling well. We stayed around in the cold conservatory for 10 minutes and headed to the souvenir shop followed by late lunch at the Mama Panda Kitchen. We bought Darian a cute panda umbrella and he likes it a lot. At the Mama Panda Kitchen, we ordered a set of chicken mushroom rice that comes with a hot and spicy soup and a longan beancurd. And also a panda steamed bun, drinks and ice-cream. The soft drink is serve in a cute plastic straw cup featuring the pandas, golden pheasant and red panda. The cup looks so attractive that I brought it back to reuse. 🙂 The food tastes normal, nothing fantastic just filling. We spent an hour or so eating and resting at the Mama panda kitchen before continuing with our walk.












We left the Zoo at 4ish feeling real exhausted. Well it is worthwhile seeing Darian enjoying this trip and had much fun seeing the animals. Going to the Zoo is really one great educational and family bonding session. There are just too many things for the kids to see and learn. We love going to the Zoo! 🙂






A day at the Zoo

***21st May***

Breakfast time!

While waiting for Papa Yap to purchase the tickets. 🙂

Tram ride to the elephant show.

Since it was Papa Yap’s off day and Darian has been talking about the Zoo, we planned for an outing to the Zoo. Before going to the Zoo, we headed to Sengkang Sports Hall Macdonald for our breakfast. We reached at 10-ish and started our Zoo adventure. We had already planned our itinerary for the day on the night before to ensure a smooth route and minimal walking for me. During our first Zoo trip (together with my sis) we had already covered most of the shows and enclosures.  Therefore this time round, we decided to give a miss to some animal shows and enclosures.

@The Elephant Show


@The White Tiger enclosure

For the start, we headed for the Elephant Show. Darian enjoyed the show so much. He was totally engrossed. After which we went to several enclosures before heading for lunch at the kids World. Throughout the trip, Little Darian insisted on holding on to the Zoo map. Luckily Papa Yap was smart to predict this and had requested for an extra copy for him. Darian was really trying to read the map. So cute! While we were at the giraffe enclosure, he did manage to find the location on the map. He looked so serious and told us “there giraffe”! 😉 Haha! Darian was super excited seeing the white tigers too. He has been asking us to bring him to the tiger enclosure upon reaching the Zoo. We spent a while at the enclosure watching the white tiger pacing up and down and one tiger even climbed down for a swim.

@The water playground

After lunch, Papa Yap and little Darian changed for water play. Darian displayed fear in playing in the water playground which we were rather surprised. We have brought him to the swimming pool and even to the Wild Wild Wet before. He had so much fun playing there. Yet this time, he was so frightened and didn’t even dare to stand near the squirting and pouring water. Hmm… We were totally puzzled. Perhaps it has been quite some time that we did not bring him for any water play. Anyway both of us had agreed to bring him to the swimming pool regularly in order for him to overcome his fear.

We ended the Zoo trip with a tram ride around the Zoo. Papa Yap realised that Darian was able to name out quite a number of animals. He was very happy and bought him a set of animal figurines at the gift shop. We left the Zoo at 4.30pm. It was really a tiring day for all of us! Overall, we enjoyed ourselves very much. The Zoo trip was fantastic! 🙂

Naming the animal figurines 🙂

“Thank you Papa”

Tired boy! 🙂