Home sweet home 2

***20 December***

Before bringing Darian to Polliwogs, we went down to Tampines Mall in the noon for lunch and the boys’ haircut at the express cut house as well. We settled our lunch at EAT. Papa Yap was more than happier to eat some chinese food after so many days of western. 🙂


The boys having their haircut at EC house.


Fishball noodles. So far we really think that this is one of the best fishball noodles we ever tasted so far.


Minced meat noodles. Papa Yap’s favourite at EAT.



Our initial plan for the later noon was to bring Darian to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk followed by shopping at Takashimaya. However there was a change of plan as by the time we head toward there, it was already quite late and there was a massive jam from Kallang to CTE according to the signboard. And so we made a detour on PIE to Polliwogs East Coast instead. Our first time to Polliwogs at East Coast. Same like Robertson Walk, there are two play arenas – one for the young toddlers and the other for the older kids. The place is smaller compared to the one at Robertson Walk but I guess it is still good enough for a three-year old kid to play around for hours. For the older kids, the play area is built with ball pools, obstacle courses, fun slides, ball volcanoes and a shooting area. The toddler’s play area features toddler-sized slide unit as well as a ball pit and interactive activity panels and station. Darian surely had a great deal of fun playing around. As usual Papa Yap and I took turn to look after Darian. We were the last few customers of the day. So about 6pm, most of the parents and kids had already left. This was the best time for Darian to play on his own while we both lounged around. We left the place at about 6.40pm and headed to Marina Square for dinner.


Play time!


Shooting in action


Papa and meimei ❤


Ball Pit is so so fun!


Crawling through the yellow tunnel




This slide is way too small for me can!


Half Time!


I can balance.


Ouch! 😉


I love ball pits!


I am ben 10!


Daddy’s two loves ❤


Our sweetheart ❤


Mommy and princess ❤


Love ❤❤

Dinner was at Kenny Rogers. As Papa Yap was feeling super tired and sleepy due to the jet lag, we went home thereafter. Thursday was really wonderful with the loves of my life! So while my three loved ones were already in lala land, I was still doing the laundry and area cleaning. Boohoo that’s my life but I seriously do not mind it at all! 🙂

Contented 🙂


Christmas tree at Marina Square


My precious sonny! ❤


My boys ❤



Belated birthday surprise

***1st December***


My sister and John came to visit us on Saturday. She really surprised me with a cake after I came out from the bathroom… And she insisted to take totally unglam photos of me with the cake. Idiotic sister I have. 😉 Then it was down to Putien (yet again) with my sister and John for a birthday treat. Well she was the one who wanted to eat at Putien, not me, but of course I wouldn’t mind it too. My sister ordered so many dishes. We were like having a feast! Not only these dishes, she also ordered a medium putien fried bee hoon and deep-fried chicken with garlic. Thanks to Mister good eater John, we finished up all the yummy food! Seriously how to get back to pre-pregnancy shape when people around continually feed me with good food! 😉 As for my Birthday present, it is still on pending as I don’t really know what I want.


Drunken Cockles – Wine Marinated Cockles cooked with plenty of garlic and chilli. The only dish that I don’t eat. But according to the two of them, this dish is really appetising and tasty.


Spinach with salted egg and century egg in supreme stock. Alright this savory dish is well-flavoured and definitely goes along very well with rice.


Braised pig intestine. Thumbs up!


Tea leaf prawns. Hmm I wonder why this dish looks so different as compared to the picture on the menu. Anyway it still tastes good. Something unique as the prawns are served in a basket garnished with tea leaves. The prawns are of a good size and well seasoned with some sweet sauce too!


Homemade beancurd. The beancurd is really soft and smooth in the inside. Tastes great!


With my kids


Darian with his beloved Yiyi and korkor



Life is good!


Darian turns three

***26th November***

As Papa Yap would be going oversea the next day and has to do some last-minute errands so we decided to just go to Tampines Mall Swensons for lunch as well as a mini birthday celebration for me and Darian. Papa Yap ordered the Black Angus steak and he mentioned that the steak was good. Not too sure of how good was it as I am not a Steak lover. As for me, I had the Chicken in the basket. This ordinary looking deep-fried chicken is definitely different from the KFC or Popeyes. Love the crispy skin and the tender meat. It’s finger licking good too! Oh enough of cakes. We already had two cakes consecutively and so I ordered the Birthday firehouse Ice-cream instead. It was Darian’s actual birthday as such the ice-cream was complimentary. Great! 😉

Chicken in the basket – Three pieces chicken

Black Angus Steak

Time indeed darts by, Darian is already three years old. Our precious son has really brought us so much happiness and laughter. We are blessed to have him in our life. As his parents, we will provide him the best we can and make sure he is well taken care of for sure. Daddy and mommy wish that you will have good health and be happy always. We love you Darian. ❤❤

Not only red packets from our parents, Darian received many toys from family and friends too. In fact all were his favourites. He was super-duper elated! Thank you all for the presents and making my boy so happy on his 3rd birthday.

Hulk and Spiderman from Yeye and Nainai

Ironman and Spiderman from us

Dinosaur Train from all the Gu pors

Nerf Gun from Uncle Jeff, Auntie Cardine, Uncle Richard and Auntie Yanni


Ben 10 from our neighbour Uncle Jason and Auntie Angie


Power Ranger Samurai Sword from Yiyi and Korkor

So much love!


A jolly good Saturday

***24th November***

We were at Vivo City in the afternoon to do some shopping for Papa Yap and Darian. After buying Darian’s birthday pressie from Toy R Us and Papa Yap’s Pedro shoes, we walked over to Harbourfront Mothercare to get some clothing for the kids. We happened to see a bear costumed character in Harbourfront and Darian was not afraid of it at all. He rushed forward and gave it a beary hug. 🙂 Before we reached Mothercare, Baby Dyann woke up from an hour of nap and so we brought her to Baby Spa for a swimming session first instead. It is a must to let the babies drink milk and take a nap an hour before the swim as they tend to get real grouchy if they are tired or hungry. We were glad that she did not fuss at all throughout the session and in fact enjoyed the swim. She was busy kicking the water and floating around. So adorable can!

Darian with the Yellow bear

Christmas is just round the corner

Getting ready for a swim

Warm up before entering the tub

It’s swimming time!

So fun heehee 😉

Just us 😉

I love swimming

My little swimmer ❤

While waiting for Baby Dyann to finish her swimming session

After getting some clothing from Harbourfront Mothercare, we headed to Tampines Mall Putien for Darian’s birthday dinner together with my parents in law. I love the food there especially the signature “Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon”. The well-flavoured Bee hoon is fine and chewy and to eat it with all the ingredients is simply delightful! Thumbs up! 🙂 Honestly, the rest of the dishes is mouth-watering too. I was too busy eating that I had forgotten to take the pictures of the two dishes Stir fried Yam and Homemade beancurd. Hah never mind there will always be another time. 😉

Braised pig intestines

Stir fried Kailan with Beancurd skin

Deep fried chicken with garlic

Heng Hwa Bee hoon

Right after dinner, I surprised Darian with the Angry Bird cake from Polar Cakes shop and he was super happy. The Putien Restaurant gave us a complimentary polaroid shot as we had a birthday celebration there. Nice! And so the family polaroid shot was given to my mother in law as momento. After the fabulous dinner, we continued with our shopping. We went to mothercare again and this time, my mother in law bought tops for the kids. So we reached home with much shopping loots and a truly happy boy who simply cannot wait to open up all his pressies and play with them! 🙂

Pressie from the grandparents

Happy 3rd Birthday my boy! ❤

Darian with Yeye and Nainai

The kids and grandparents

Father and son

The Yappies 😉

So it’s another tiring yet fruitful Saturday! 🙂


Body on strike

I have caught the flu virus last Thursday and was terribly sick. It has been real long since I felt so so sick. I was actually looking forward to Thursday as Papa Yap had applied for a day leave to accompany me to my gynaecologist and we had made plans for some family outing thereafter. In the end, we all were home bound. Boohoo… Friday wasn’t any much better and Papa Yap could only reached home at six. I was like fighting a battle, waiting for the husband to be back for reinforcement. At least when Papa Yap is around, he can help me with some chores and so I can get a little more rest. Saturday was much better and we decided to get out of the house for a breather in the later afternoon. I felt quite bad to confine Darian at home too. Just the day before, he was asking me if we were going out and I explained to him that I was too sick to go out. And so when I told him that we would be going to Tampines mall for dinner and to get some grocery as well, he gave me a surprised look and said “mummy not sick anymore?” Haha… 🙂

Papa Yap and Darian went for their haircut at the express cut hair salon. We were glad that Darian is willing to have his hair cut done there. This means that we do not have to travel all the way to Vivocity Kids Junior League for his haircut. At the same time, we save at least 12 bucks for his hair cut. Great! At EC house, kids have a choice to be seated in those kiddy ride for hair cut. Of course Darian wanted to have his hair snipped in it too! After the haircut, the hairdresser was so nice to offer him a ride in it and he enjoyed himself. 🙂 As usual he got a little reward after his haircut. How not to get him anything when Toy R Us is just right across the salon. Anyway Toy R Us is a must-go place for Darian once he steps into Tampines Mall. Haha…

For dinner, we walked over to Century Square EAT. It is like a mini caferia that sells fishball noodles, laksa, satay beehoon, ,minced pork noodles, handmade fish dumpling soup and other assorted fish-made products. We just love the food there. The fishball is really tasty and springy. Darian loves it too! Well in less than 2 hours outside, I was already pestering Papa Yap to go home. Seriously, it is just too tiring with the kiddos and bodyaches. While Papa Yap was checking out on the fiber optic plan at Starhub, Darian was playing around with this little boy. The little boy was attracted to Darian’s new Ben 10 watch and they started playing together.  Upon leaving the shop, the parent actually asked me where did we buy the watch. Oh this is exactly how lucky kids are these days! 🙂  Finally got our grocery shopping done and went back home with Lao ban Soya beancurd for supper. This is why we love Tampines! Though it is always super crowded, they seem to have almost everything there! 🙂

My handsome son waiting for his haircut 🙂

Snipping in process!

My dashing boy with his latest love – Ben 10 watch! 🙂 Alright seriously, he has been wearing the watch since Saturday night! He will not remove it unless he needs to bath. Wahaha… 😉