Last 3 days of confinement

Hey I am seriously enjoying this confinement and it is ending real soon! Someone to care for baby, cook for us, clean up the house, wash and fold the clothes. What more can I asked for right? So relax. Can’t imagine juggling with the two kids and all the house chores at the same time. It’s surely not easy or rather tough! Hah! Guess I shouldn’t get too stressed up over it. Just let nature takes it course. I will be able to overcome it! Simply got to have a positive mindset! Isn’t it? 🙂 Anyway, Papa Yap will be taking a week of leave after Zhen Jie leaves to help out around the house. I need some time to adjust and adapt to all the changes. 🙂

Zhen Jie has been so far so good. Well, it is difficult to determine how good she is and rate her. What I deem as good may not be what others think so. All I can say is that she does her job pretty well and is able to follow most of my instructions too. No one is perfect, of course there are times when I do not like her certain doings. I just got to tell myself that if it is not much of an issue or concern, I should learn to close one eye. Thank goodness, her cooking really suits our taste buds. Before that, we were still worried that we might not like her cooking. 😉 Usually in the morning, I would have a bowl of oats and milo. In the afternoon, Zhen Jie would cook (as requested by me) fried beehoon, beehoon, mee sua, macaroni or rice noodle soup with meat or fish toppings for me. I love to eat all these noodle soups. I don’t mind having it everyday. And her soup is really good. Thumbs up! 🙂 As for dinner, it is always rice with dishes and soup. And not forgetting tea breaks and light supper, which I would have bread, biscuits or cakes with milk. Healthy isn’t it? Hehe… She told me that I actually eat very little as compared to some others doing their confinement. Haha… In the past especially, noodles are mainly for breakfast and for lunch should be plenty of rice with big portion of meat dishes, same goes for dinner. Which is exactly what my first confinement lady prepared for me during my first confinement. No wonder I was fatter during my first confinement time! Eh I am still fat now… Haha… 🙂

Anyway after Zhen Jie leaves, I will do a thorough spring cleaning in my kitchen. The first thing I would do is cleaning the fridge, followed by wiping all the kitchen cabinet and kitchen top and replacing some kitchen accessories. Actually I don’t like others using my kitchen and that includes Papa Yap. Hah yes, Papa Yap has never touch my stoves before. I will cook instant noodles, make tea or sandwiches for Papa Yap even if he comes back late at night. Lucky him right? hehe 😉 I am just fussy, worrying that things would not be kept properly or people might use the wrong set of knife or chopping board… blah blah… and the list goes on. For this confinement, I have no choice but to just let Zhen Jie be in control of the kitchen. Hah! Oh really I cannot wait to reorganise the kitchen.



Little girl at 3 weeks old

Just how time flies! Baby Dyann is already 3 weeks old. She seems to look a little different from birth. She is definitely growing fast weekly! :)Isn’t she a lovely little girl? I bet she is going to become daddy’s girl for sure! Hehe… 😉


She has not recovered from her Jaundice and is really upsetting to see her taking the blood test during her weekly review. Since she is already three weeks old and is still yellowish, she needs to have a blood test done to check on her liver. This time round, blood is drawn from her hand instead of her sole. It is definitely much much more painful! As she has never cry during the usual blood test, however, during that blood test, she was crying damn loudly and for quite sometime. I do not dare to see the blood test process and so I was seated at the other corner tearing. Just tell me how not to cry hearing the little one crying so loudly… Hah! According to Papa Yap and Zhen Jie, Baby Dyann teared as well. Super heart pain can! Thank god, result is out and she is fine! 🙂 While right now, we are still waiting for her urine test result. According to Dr Ho, another reason that her Jaundice is not subsiding could be due to urine infection. Anyway, as instructed by Dr Ho looking at her Jaundice level, I need to stop total breastfeeding for the time being and switch to alternate feeding. Which means latching follows by formula milk feeding then latching again. Baby Dyann surely does prefer latching on and drinking the breast milk, she is still adjusting to drinking the formula milk. On the first day, she tends to throw up the formula mik. Until yesterday things are looking better. So when she is bottle feeding, I would be expressing out the breastmilk in order to maintain the supply. Well, I will be switching back to total breastfeeding after she fully recovered. Hopefully real soon! 🙂



This time round doing confinement at my own house is much much more comfortable and relax. I am not that depressed, frustrated and stressed as compared to the first time. I am definitely a lot more happier! 🙂 Surprisingly, time passes pretty fast too. Three years back then, I was striking off days on my calendar, counting down to the last day of confinement. Yet now I feel that time is passing too fast. haha… Anyway my confinement lady, Zhen Jie, is considered competent in her job. She cooks for us, cleans the house, washes all our clothes, cares for the baby without having us to remind or prompt her to. Her cooking is good too. I am so glad that she is an efficient worker. Oh ya and Darian likes to play with her; perhaps she has a way or so with the kids. Haha… 🙂 The only concern for me is that looking at the rate she washes the clothes, I guess our utilities for this month is going to be a bomb! Haha… I was just telling Papa Yap the other day that I am going to blog as much as I can when she is still around. After she leaves, I will be juggling with the baby, toddler and housechores, which I do not think I have this much time for myself. And also, if only I can afford it, I would very much like her to stay for another month. Hah like I said, if only… 🙂

In the past, woman will have to do a month of serious confinement after giving birth. They were not allow to touch water, which means no bathing at all. As one would experience Rheumatism when ages and real bad headaches if you were to wash your hair. Other then nursing the baby and eating, they ought to be resting on the bed. I seriously wonder how can people survive through a month like this especially without having to shower and wash their hair! That is total madness! Also, they have to eat dishes cooked with a lot of ginger and alcohol that they claimed it is to expel out the wind in our body which we got during the birth process. However, all of these are not scientifically proven at all, in fact, you should avoid ginger and alcohol if you are still breastfeeding the baby. Even the PD Dr Ho reminded me not to consume those while breastfeeding. I seriously think we should keep ourselves clean especially when we are still breastfeeding the baby. Hygiene is very important too.


First meeting

***2nd August***

I’ve heard from my friends that we’ve to prepare a present on behalf of the children for them to exchange on their very first meeting. This is to represent love and sharing between the two of them. The exchange of gifts is used to set the stage for bonding between two siblings. How true it is… Well it doesn’t hurt to follow such belief and practice. Anyway with that, we did make Darian happy. Which we guess it matters more to us.


We have engaged Darian in choosing the toy for Baby Dyann, which he thinks that he is the only who bought it for her. 🙂

With love, from Korkor Darian

As for Darian’s gift, he really thinks that it is from his baby sister.

With love, from Meimei Dyann



Big Brother Darian’s Drama

Though Darian has been very positive since I was pregnant, his behaviour changed quite drastically after the day when I gave birth to his baby sister. Not that he dislikes the baby but we think that somehow or rather he felt betrayed and hurt as we left him at my mum’s place for a night. Yes, that was his very first time staying over at someone’s place. Maybe we didn’t prepare him enough. Our bad… Worst of all, he was having fever since Sunday night. Luckily his high fever managed to subside on Wednesday morning and for the whole day he was only having a very low grade fever and my sister was helping us to monitor him. He was crying damn badly seeing us leaving in the car and refused to go up to mum’s place. He rejected dinner, milk and even refused to change into his pyjamas, pinning on hope that we would fetch him home. My sister was telling me how he tried to climb out of the window, cried to sleep, stood at the door waiting for us, and asked for me and Papa Yap. I could really feel him. We wanted to fetch him to hospital to stay with us, however it is impossible as we didn’t manage to get a single bedded room for the first night. I was thinking of him and couldn’t sleep that night.

Fortunately, we managed to secure and transfer to a one bedded room the very next afternoon. So Papa Yap went to fetch him over. I can still remember his first look at me. He looks like he was very glad to see me yet with a pinch of bitterness. He seems like he is thinking of a million of… Why did you leave me at Ah ma’s place? Why didn’t you fetch me from Ah ma’s house? Do you still love me? Do you still want me? Can you even imagine that, he was having rashes all over his body after reaching the hospital. Papa Yap immediately brought him to the clinic at Thomson Medical. Oh seriously why at this time, but there again there is never a right time. Anyway, to play safe, we minimized Darian’s contact with his baby sister. That Thursday night, though I was sleeping with him, he was having nightmares and showing frustrations in his sleep.

Guess it really affected him quite badly. He thought I didn’t love him that much anymore and perhaps he was seeking attention from me as well. For a week, he was always in a foul mood, screaming as and when he felt irritated and not eating well too. He was super-duper difficult to handle. I was very lost with him despite a lot of talking and assurance. It was like a hell week! Now it is nearly two weeks after that night. He is much much better and happier. He has been showing much affection toward his baby sister. He is definitely still our darling son! We love you darling Darian. ❤❤❤


Our sweetheart

***1st August***

Yes, Baby Dyann arrived to the world much earlier just as we expected. Her due date was supposed to be on 19th August yet she simply can’t wait to see the world and of course us! 🙂 Her birth process was so much different as compared to Little Darian. The only similarity is that for both cases, I was directed to the hospital on the day of my checkup at Dr Ang’s during their 37 weeks. I had spent a good total of 20 hours in labour before Darian popped. For Darian, I was only 2cm to 3cm dilated and having contraction since 4pm to 7am. Had the epidural done at 8am and managed to give birth to Little Darian only at 1.30pm.

As for Baby Dyann, in Dr Ang’s clinic, I was already 3cm dilated and started feeling the contraction at 4ish while doing the CTG scan. Dr Ang instructed us to admit to the hospital right away. The worst thing is that Darian was with us, so we got to send him to my mum’s place at Tampines and then head toward Thomson. Oh seriously, the journey was a killer! The contraction came like every one to one and a half minute. I was in tears and kept urging Papa Yap to drive faster. Haha. By the time, we reached Thomson Medical centre, I was like half dead. Wahaha… By then it was almost 6pm. I was send to the observation room while waiting to dilate further. Later, Dr Ang came and burst my waterbag after which I dilated even faster. As pain became more intensive, I was given the laughing gas while waiting for the anaesthetist to come for the epidural. Oh gosh I really needed the epidural badly! Total madness… At 8pm, I was already 6cm to 7cm dilated; the epidural effect kicks in much slower as compared to Darian’s time. I didn’t feel anything after my epidural shot for the first time, yet this time round, I could still experience pain. On top of that, I am still reliant on the laughing gas! Shag… I was like a mad, fury woman in labour. I kept asking and saying… Why isn’t the epidural taking effect? Why am I still in pain? I can feel the baby coming out. What should I do? Haha… Luckily Papa Yap was the calm type if not guess I would have freaked him out! Wahaha…

And finally at 9.03pm, I managed to give birth to our sweetheart, Dyann Yap! ❤

Mission accomplished! 🙂