Love you forever


Just how I love and hate this book. I love reading it yet each time when the story comes to the part about the mother being old and sick, my eyes will well up with tears. I know it’s the hard truth and this is life, I’m feeling rather emotional just thinking about it.

This is the story of how that little boy goes through the stages of childhood and becomes a man. It also depicts the enduring nature of parents’ love and how it crosses generations. The story is easy to comprehend with great illustrations. It also comes with some catchy and repetitive phrases along with a short paragraph of song. I like to sing it my way, using the tune of “Tell Laura I love her”. It fits in perfectly! If you are interested, you can actually listen to the story online .

The first time I read it to my kindergarten kids, I cried and ran out of class. Such a drama! My colleagues and students were scratching their heads, wondering what had happened. Anyway I wasn’t married at that time. And now that I’m a mother myself, I would naturally relate more to it.

I had a trial reading session with Papa Yap and…. he laughed when I cried. I know how much he would wish to capture that scene in video. Haha 😉

So I read to Darian and Dyann for the first time. I couldn’t control my emotions yet again. Before I could finish the story, I was all teary already. Darian was very upset to see me crying that he actually snatched and threw away the book. He told me that he was angry and didn’t like the book. You know how much my son loves me. 😉 Well I did eventually complete reading the book to them.


I love being the mother of my kids. I love double Ds so much. So much so that I love the two of them more than myself.

Darian and Dyann, mama love the both of you forever! ❤




I have been going around, searching for readers to start Darian with his reading journey. His storybooks that we sent over from Singapore along with Papa Yap’s stuff did not arrive at our doorstep. It was really frustrating, especially with the thought of spending hundreds on the two packages! Argh… Apparently they would be redirected back to Singapore and there was no way to retrieve them! Angry to max! Anyway Papa Yap will handle this. So back to the subject. Since Darian is not attending any kindergarten school here, I would want to do more reading and writing exercises with him so as to prepare him for K1 next year.

We managed to find a second hand storybooks shop nearby our place. I had chosen some simple titles for him and they looked relatively new. Most importantly the books were really cheap. The cheapest I got was a dollar, the rest was two and one at three dollars. Nice! I suppose we will be going back to the shop pretty soon! 🙂

Papa yap bought one for himself too! 🙂


Reading time

New Storybooks for the kiddos




Gotten this range of Walker books, A Maisy storybook by Lucy Cousins, from a bookstore at Tan Tock Seng hospital while visiting my uncle few weeks back. Interestingly, women can shop for anything at anytime, anywhere possible. Bring me to a 7-11 and I am very sure that I can come out from the store with many stuff. Haha… 😉 Alright back to the subject. This is a series of stories about a little mouse Maisy and her friends. I had only managed to purchase 7 titles out of 10. The reasons why I had chosen these books for the duo were:

1) The story is easy to read and simple to comprehend with little suspension or anticipation. This will really keep the kids to be real attentive and arouse their interest at the same time.

2) Prints are big enough for the young readers. For Maisy, I like that the sentences are on a separate page as the illustrations. This is great for storytime while the kids can just focus on the illustrations.

3) I love the colourful and interesting illustrations. Lucy Cousins’s lovely drawings with thick black outlines allow the kids to pick up drawing the pictures from the book easily. The vibrant colours can definitely capture the kids’ attention.

Happy to see that Darian enjoyed listening to these stories and loved looking at the illustrations. He would want me to read up to five titles at one go and even repeat on his favourites. 🙂


Bedtime stories

Little Darian loves bedtime stories! Every week I would let him choose two books and placed them in my room. So before drinking his milk and turning in, he would want me to read him the two titles. After which then he would want to drink his milk and sleep. In fact even during his nap time, he would ask me to read to him. We really think this is a good way to promote reading at young age! Well done son! 😉


Reading is Fun

Lil’Darian enjoys listening to stories. Though we have not brought him to the library yet, I have bought some story books for him. Hah story books ain’t cheap! But good books are really worth investing in. 🙂 Currently his favourite title is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. He will urge us to repeat the story at least twice during each reading session. He likes to ask many ‘why’s in the midst of reading. Haha to the extend that we would have to ask him to stop interrupting us. He likes to participate during reading session too. For example, he would say out repetitive words and point out to certain pictures as we read. We are both glad that he enjoys story session and Papa Yap mentioned that from next year onward, we will be heading to the library on every alternate Saturday. 🙂