Saturday at East Coast Park 

***April 15***

Usually we would meet up with Richard and company for some indoor lunch or dinner dates. That Saturday however, was the first time we arranged to meet up at East Coast Park for some outdoor activities instead. Hence my initial plans to the Marina Barrage was flopped. At first, I wasn’t exactly very keen on going to the East Coast Park until the thoughts about dining at the Food Centre enticed me. Well you know this is the time when one could ordered a table full of yummy local delights with all the friends whereas it’s almost impossible for just Papa Yap and I to do so.





The adults and kiddos started off with some games of frisbee and soccer on an open field. I bought Dyann a ball from the nearby kiosk when I realised there was nothing to keep her occupied. It was not a bad idea after all. She was happy. 🙂




Somehow the older kids became a little bored and requested to go cycling. It wasn’t of any issue for us as we had brought along Darian’s bicycle and the glider for Dyann while the rest rented a bicycle each. Darian had fun cycling along with them while Papa Yap and I guided Dyann on the glider and took a gentle stroll to and fro the jetty.



We were all tired and hungry after an hour of cycling and walking. Before heading over to the food centre, we took some pictures of the sand castles built in memory of the late Lee Kuan Yew. It was indeed nicely done.


The food centre was already packed at 6pm. Fortunately we managed to secure a big table, to accommodate the 10 of us, pretty fast. While the five adults went off to get the various food, I stayed behind to watch the kiddos. Well that’s the advantage of having young kids! Haha…

We had a table full of yummy food. There were satays, bbq chicken wings, oyster omelette, braised duck, fried rice, bak kut teh and sambal sting rays. Somewhat we really ordered too much food and ended up having lots of leftover. The thing about being in this group is that no one actually has the habit of taking photos of our meals. And that explained why there wasn’t any photo of our palatable dinner.

After dinner, we bought some old school ice cream from the ice cream vendor on our way to the car park. The cold and sweet dessert was certainly a good treat to end our day! 🙂


Team Purple at River Safari




Our initial plan was to go to the Zoo yet we ended up in River Safari instead. It was because we woke up late and by the time all of us were ready for the outing, it was already 10.30am. That’s considered late for us. Usually we would reach the zoo by 10am and only leave about 5pm. Given that we had already wasted half of the day, there’s really no point to visit the Zoo. There’s really quite a lot of things to do there with the kiddos.


After deciding on the change of location, convincing Darian was the next thing to do. Since he was the one who wanted to see the big animals, we didn’t want to disappoint him only at the entrance. Moreover the parks were located side by side, it’s the best for him to agree before moving out.






So we got into the River Safari after 12pm as they was a long queue at the ticketing office. It was our first official visit to the River Safari. The previous time when we went to the River Safari, only the Panda exhibit was ready and opened to the public. Despite the hot weather, we were under the shade most of the time, as the park is mostly sheltered. That’s one of the plus point. Haha 😉








The kids enjoyed their visit at the River Safari. They love watching the animals and fish at all the exhibits and had fun riding the Zoomov kiddy ride too. The only disappointment was that we didn’t get on the river boat ride which has a height requirement. We thought perhaps Darian could at least go for the ride with Papa Yap. Yet he didn’t meet the requirement as well. If not the visit would be complete. Also, we didn’t get to see the oh-so-shy panda Jiajia again.






The River Safari is definitely much smaller than the Zoo but still a interesting place for the kids to see, learn and have fun. We certainly had a splendid afternoon there. 🙂


Smithsonian National Zoological Park

***30th August 13***


Darian taking photo at the Zoo entrance with a random kid who sat there for so long and we couldn’t wait till he leaves. Heehee 😉


With my darling❤

After seeing the Zoo en route to the Singapore embassy at Washington, we were very sure that we would be bringing the kids there soon. Darian was all grinning when he found out about the Zoo and has been asking to go. Since Papa Yap was having a long weekend break, we planned a day out to the Zoo. It took us almost an hour to reach the Zoo as some roads were closed for some sort of event. We were literally driving in circles because the GPS kept guiding us to the closed roads until Papa Yap drove away from that area.

Thankfully we managed to get a parking lot at the Zoo. It has limited parking lots and is usually full. The car park charges is quite pricey though. We paid 22 bucks for three hours or more. Regardless, it is free admission into the Zoo. How awesome is that! The zoo is situated within the housing estate so people staying around could walk over as and when they like without worrying about the parking. Seriously parking can be quite a headache in D.C. Over at the sloth bear show, an old lady was telling me that she was actually on the way to the bakery with her grandson when he insisted to turn into the Zoo instead. Haha… 😉


Darian purchasing the zoo map.


Acting like as if he is a pro at map reading. Heehee 😉


Lunch: Pizzas and kids meal.


At the panda souvenir shop


The panda hear gear is too big for Baby Dyann. 😉


My adorable panda boy! 😉

Things are of course not cheap in the park. It is exactly the same in Singapore so I am not complaining. Well we can choose to bring in our own food though. There are some picnic areas. Zoo map is at 2 bucks each so if you are unwilling to spend money on that probably you could take a photo of the map or print it at home. Anyway the admission is free, hence we could spent a little on food, souvenirs and parking. 🙂

Visiting the zoo during summer time is really hot. It doesn’t help much especially when there were plenty of walking to do, going from one exhibit to another. Hah! The park was built on the hill so the part of walking down slope, looking at the animals was definitely easy peasy as compared to walking up! You know, it seemed like a little hike for me. Seriously I had aching legs for the next two days after that. Good exercise though. Heehee 😉


Mister TianTian alone


Getting our panda penny.


Looking for the sloth bear


The oh-so-cool goriila

Looking at the crowd, the Zoo sure seem to be a popular hotspot in D.C. It is well maintained and big with many animals including the red pandas and panda. During our trip, the female panda had just given birth to a cub so they were both kept in confinement, leaving the papa panda in the exhibit. The pandas should be the people’s favourite. There were just too many people at the exhibit. 😉


The boys


Looking at the seals

We all had a fantastic day at the zoo though we were dead beat. The kids slept through the journey back home. I even totally declined Papa Yap’s kind offer to bring me shopping at a premium shopping outlet in Leesburg. See that is exactly how tired I was. Heehee 😉 So we got home at about 4pm. We bought Zoo t-shirts for the duo and a set of dinosaur mini figurine for Darian. To round up, it was a fun and happy day for the Yappies! Splendid! 🙂


Happy little girl


At the petting farm


with my lovely little girl❤


Back home with some souvenirs from the Zoo. 🙂

We did not get to see all the animals. Perhaps of the hot weather, they decided to hide and laze in the shade. I think fall should be an ideal season to revisit again. So till then! 😉


East Coast Park

***15th June***





In the evening, we drove down to East Coast Park to show our support for Project Bonafide Hearts’ event whereby Papa Yap’s uncle and family was managing a kiosk there. The girls were happy to see the kiddos and Darian had fun playing the water guns with his little aunts and some random kids there. Gotten some food and toys for Darian from the kiosk. We spent almost an hour there before going to Hougang 1 for dinner and grocery shopping. I do hope to participate in some form of charity works when the kids grow up. It will be meaningful.



Dinner was at Sakae sushi. Papa Yap is one salmon sashimi lover. Sashimi for me is a NONONO… I simply couldn’t swallow the raw fish. Ordered a kids’ meal for Darian and he only ate some rice, fries and a sausage. It is really difficult to bring him out for meals. We are trying our best to expose him to more variety of food but there are just too many food that he doesn’t like to eat. At the same time, he is not adventurous with trying out new food. We would have to force him to. Seriously this process is so so tiring and frustrating. I guess all we can do is to constantly encourage him to eat and introduce him to more. Hopefully he will get over this phase fast!


To the Zoo again

***31st May 13***

Darian loves going to the Zoo. Just the night before, he was so excited when I told him about going to the Zoo with the Lim family and my sister. Papa Yap couldn’t join us due to some last-minute administrative stuff. Boohoo… It didn’t really matter since my sister was coming along. But of course it would be much better if Papa Yap was around. So that morning, we took a cab down together to meet the Lim family. We reached there earlier for breakfast and happened to see the cute panda mascots. Took some cute photos with them! Awww… 🙂  We entered the Zoo about 11am. Weather was pretty warm but we definitely preferred it to a wet day. Managed to see quite a number of animals and watch two animal shows. The polar bear enclosure is now open. Over there you get to see the huge polar bear, wolverines and raccoon dogs. However this time we didn’t get the tickets to see the Pandas and Darian was a little disappointed. Lunch was at the Ah Meng restaurant. I have been to the zoo with Papa Yap for quite a number of times but this is my first time eating there. Usually we would just settle lunch at KFC and munch on some home packed snacks and fruits. I think food there is just so expensive and not tasty at all. Anyway it was all paid by my sis! And she was grumbling about how expensive the $7.50 fishball noodles is. Haha 😉

 Going to the Zoo with three young kids was really tiring! Luckily for me Baby Dyann had two naps and my sister was there to care for Darian which absolutely made it easier for me.  Mummy Jenny and Daddy Steven got to take turn to entertain little Pryde who only managed to sleep just before the end of the trip. I am very sure they will not be going to the Zoo until Pryde is older. Haha 😉





















Overall the zoo trip was pretty enjoyable but totally exhausting indeed. To make it worse my stomach flu worsen after I reached home. Or rather I should be thankful that it only reacted after I reached home. If not… I cannot imagine how… That night, Darian asked if we would be going to the Bird Park with Auntie Jenny, Uncle Steven and Baby Pryde. Haha. I bet Auntie Jenny’s answer will be, “No, not so soon!” Hahaha… 🙂 And of course a big thank you to Auntie Jenny and Uncle Steven for the free tickets and my awesome sister for accompanying us! 😉


RWS: Day 2

***21st May 13***







Woke up at 7ish for breakfast at the Fiesta restaurant at level 3. Just some average typical american and chinese breakfast buffet spread. Well still good enough for us to start our day. Wanted to bring the kids to the pool for a swim but I didn’t manage to buy Baby Dyann’s swim diaper. So we went back to the room and the kids had a bubble bath before going over to Universal Studio.


























It’s our second time to the USS. Darian was not keen on taking any ride at all. He was just on a photo taking mode. What a spontaneous poser he was. Posing here and there! Haha… 🙂 This time round we didn’t allow him to get any souvenirs as he didn’t want to try on any rides. Yep we usually don’t give in to him that easily! Though he did take the Madagascar carousel, Puss in boots ferris wheel and the transformer spinner. Hmm… Still not enough. Baby Dyann took a ride on the carousel too! 🙂 After lunch, I rented a stroller for Darian as he looked real tired. It was really a wise decision. He dozed off shortly. Baby Dyann as well. Papa Yap and I walked around with two sleeping kids. We managed to take photo with Elmo and Ernie. Darian was real mad at us when I told him about it. He cried and blamed us for not waking him up. Haha… We left at 6pm and went to the Malaysian Food Street next to USS for dinner. Papa Yap didn’t like his Bah kut teh and I thought my wanton mee was bad. Haha… So dinner was not good at all.






We proceeded to Sentosa beach for the Songs of the Sea. It is a show of live casts, digital laser light, water and flame effects and music. It wasn’t easy to watch the performance with Baby Dyann. Oh seriously, I was like battling with an active yet listness baby! She was struggling and making noises throughout the performance. Thank goodness it was only for 25 minutes. Phew… We headed to Vivo City thereafter as I need to get the swim diapers for Baby Dyann. Darian knew exactly that we were at Vivo and insisted to visit Toy R Us. It’s his favourite hideout in Vivo for sure. Haha… We filled up our tummy with some sushi from Cold Storage before returning back to the hotel. We were totally exhausted with aching feet! Still a fantastic Tuesday though! ❤❤


RWS: Day 1

***20th May 13***

We headed straight to Adventure Cove after checking into the hotel. Darian was totally excited for waterplay time while meimei fell asleep on the way there. Apparently Darian is too short and young for most of the attractions and rides. But there are still a few kid-friendly attractions like The Seahorse Hideaway wading pool and The big Bucket Treehouse that he could play in. The Adventure River and Bluwater Bay are also suitable for younger kids but definitely only with adult supervision. Overall, I feel that Adventure Cove Waterpark is a fun place. You can see life guards everywhere and life jackets provided for all shapes and sizes. But I think we will only revisit until Darian is tall enough for the other rides and attractions and when Dyann is old enough to join in and have fun as well! It was a good experience though. 🙂











After that we went to the Festive Walk for dinner. Papa Yap was craving for some steak and we decided to try Chili’s. It’s a American diner style restaurant that serves a variety of American, mexican food. Papa Yap had a medium rare ribeye steak and I shared a Chicken Crisper with Darian. The portions are quite big. According to Papa Yap, his steak was really tender and juicy. It definitely satisfied his craving. I tried Papa Yap’s mash potato and we both agreed that it is appetising and yummy. As for the chicken crisper, it comes with a corn cob, fries and honey mustard sauce dipper, was nicely fried and tasty too. Dinner was good.





We walked around Festive Walk after dinner. Brought the kids on the express train ride, watched the water and light fountain performance and ended our night at the Merlion Park. We were like tourists to Singapore! Haha… Darian was rather terrified of that big merlion. He didn’t even want to look at it. We only got back to our room at 10.40pm. Settled the kids and stuff, before I could bath and turn in for the night. It was really a great Monday with my loved ones! ❤










Picotin at Turf Club Rd

***7th April 13***

It has been quite some time since we last went to Picotin. It is really a nice place for a weekend breakfast and lunch together with family and friends. Nice ambience and good food. I didn’t manage to capture any photo of the food as by the time I took out my camera, everyone has started eating. Haha… That’s the cons of bulky camera. 😉 Anyway It is surely very nice of Jeff to give us a lunch treat at Picotin. The kids had fun playing around the place too. There were rabbits, pony and horse feeding activity to keep them busy. Darian wasn’t brave enough to feed the rabbits until Papa Yap stepped in to assure him that they are harmless. haha… Don’t even talk about the horse and pony. He didn’t even want to go near them. 😉 Was indeed a great Sunday brunch for us all. Thank you Jeff! 🙂


The 3 posers


The boys with Uncle Richard


Lovely meimei


Auntie Yanni carrying meimei


The boys at the rabbits hutch


Feeding time


Finally he dares to hold on to the carrot while the rabbit nibbles


At the stable



Sunday at Kids Kampong

***15th July***

We had lunch at my mum’s place. She had cooked curry vegetables (requested by me), fried fish with Thai sauce toppings and fried chicken chop for lunch. It was simply delicious! Even Papa Yap ate quite a lot. Hehe 😉 After the yummylicious lunch at my mum’s place followed by Darian’s afternoon nap, we made our trip to Pasir Ris Kids Kampong at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 later that day. For admission, we just have to purchase a packet of feeding food ($1) for each person. Alternatively, we can pay $10 (per pax) for an hour of LongKang(drain) Fishing which includes two packets of animal feeding food, one bottle of mineral water and one ice-cream. In addition, we have to purchase the net and bucket at $4 for the catch which can be used for subsequent visits.

We felt that Lil’ Darian is not ready for the fishing activity so Papa Yap proceeded with the purchase of three different feeding packets. Inside, we stopped to watch a number of parents with their kids catching the little fishes in the LongKang area. Awhile later, we went to the feeding station as it seems that Darian was getting real excited to feed the fishes instead. 😉 Darian had a little issue walking around the Kids Kampong that was paved with sand and little stones. At some point of time, he would be walking on his tippy toes and complaining about sand getting in his Crocs shoes. I guess too much of city form which resulted in this. Haha… Anyway I thought this serves as a good exposure though. 🙂 Other than that, I can see Darian enjoying himself so much feeding the koi, rabbits, ducks and chickens together with Papa Yap. We saw tortoises, terrapins and birds too. We spent most of the time feeding the koi and Papa Yap even went back to the counter to buy another two packets of fish food. Hey, those Koi never seem to be full! Haha… These smart fishes will swim right up to the edge of the pond for food and more food. They would swim toward the position where the feeders were standing. At the same time, these koi will be splashing water while wriggling to fight for the feeds. So Darian did got a little wet on his clothes and face. Overall, it was indeed a great outdoor learning session for Darian. We had some ice-cream and cake (that I’d prepared for Darian) before heading back. On our way home, Darian was telling us that he wants to go to Kids Kampong again. Yes definitely. Why not? 🙂

“Hey Papa can we feed the fishes now?”

“Papa, there is sand in my shoes!”


“Wow so many fishes!”

“Papa can I have the fish food now?”

“So many hungry fishes!”

“Come here fishes!”

“Mummy do you want to feed the fishes?”

Father and son alike 😉

My Cheeky boy! 🙂

“Eeee… the fishes splashed water at my face!”

“I want to feed the rabbits.”

“Darian, just drop the feeds into the pail of water.”

“Papa, I can see birds.”


“Love you Papa.”


“Mummy, I share my favourite Milo ice-cream with Papa.”



A week of awesomeness

***16th June to 25th June***

Papa Yap took a week of leave to accompany us. We were really happy to have him around. In fact, he very much needed a break from work too! The first half of the year has been real busy and tiring for him. I had pre-planned outings to ensure that the week is well spent. Hah and we were like out of the house everyday! hehe… We enjoyed ourselves very much especially Darian. He has been really happy! So much love 🙂

(1)  Petite Park at Changi City Point ~ 16th

We were supposed to meet Mathew, Peixia and meimei Trinity there for a playdate. However, Trinity was still unwell therefore they couldn’t join us. And since we had already told Darian about going to the Petite Park, we proceeded with the initial plan. In fact the first sentence Darian said when he woke up in the morning was “Darian going to play ball.” Haha so can you imagine if we were to cancel the trip? hehe 😉 And of course he had a great deal of fun playing over at the Petite Park! 🙂 Happy boy! Poor mummy got to wait for 1hr45min sitting outside Petite Park. Being mummy is all about sacrifices, isn’t it! 🙂

It’s all worth it to see your loved one’s glowing smile 🙂

(2) Jurong Safra and IMM trip ~ 18th

Was a real sunny Monday! I decided to cook fried rice for lunch and bring Darian to Jurong Safra for a swim in the late afternoon after his nap. Thinking that it wouldn’t be too hot in the late afternoon. But I was wrong! Haha it was equally hot and glaring. Luckily for me, I was under the shade most of the time. Both father and son had a great time playing in the pool. After almost 2 hours of water time, it took awhile to persuade the little boy out of the pool. We headed to IMM for dinner and shopping before going back home. Bought a romper for meimei too 🙂

Yummy fried rice 🙂

 Good Monday! 🙂

(3) Jurong Birdpark ~ 20th

This is Darian second time to the Bird Park. First was a year ago with my friends. So this time round can be considered as our first family trip to the Jurong Bird Park. 🙂 Had our brekkie at home and reached the bird park at ten plus. We covered almost the whole bird park except for two enclosures. Little Darian definitely had fun feeding the lories at the Lory Loft with Papa Yap. I’m pretty sure Darian is much braver when he is with Papa yap for I’m one timid woman! Haha… We took a tram ride around the whole park before going for the afternoon shows. Luckily Darian took a nap during the tram ride and managed to wake up just in time for the shows. He needs to ‘recharge his batteries’ for sure! Haha… It was already 4.30pm by the time we finished both shows. As requested by Little Darian, we brought him to the kids World after the Birds of Prey show. I had prepared his swimming apparels but he was not interested in getting himself wet at all. Lucky for Papa Yap. Darian wanted to play at the dry playground and the little arcade instead. Over there, Darian got attention from a tourist who requested to take a photo of him! 🙂 This is his second time at Bird Park taking photo with tourists! Papa Yap and I were still joking that perhaps we should charge them for the photoshot! Haha just joking! 🙂 We spent 30min there and left the Park at 5.30pm.

 A wonderful Wednesday at the Bird Park with the boys! 🙂

(4) Movie at Century Square ~ 21st

Spent the half of our day at home, home cooked lunch and caught Madagascar 3 at Century Square Cinema together with Little Darian in the evening. It’s our very first movie trip with Darian! How exciting! Earlier before, I was quite worried that he might get too tensed in the cinema once the lights are off. Luckily everything turned out great! The show was hilarious. All three of us enjoyed the show so much. Even Darian said that he wants to watch it again. 🙂 After the movie, we had our dinner, brought him to Kiddy Palace (a must go to place at Century Square for Darian) and back to our home sweet home.

Porridge lunch with steam minced meat egg, stir fry french beans, steam fish and stir fry Si chuan veg 🙂

A good way to end our lovely Thursday! 🙂

(5) Seng Kang Swimming Complex ~ 22nd

On Friday morning, we brought Darian to the pool for more water fun! As usual he enjoyed himself so much. He tried to swim by holding on to his buoy and kicking water. So adorable! Papa Yap is thinking to buy him a swimmer board next year and guide him to swim. Haha we shall see about that. 🙂 We left the pool at noon, went for lunch and back home for a good nap before going out for dinner again! 🙂 Headed to Tampines for dinner and thereafter brought the little boy to Downtown East to catch the Chugginton! Over there, the Chugginton carriage was spoilt and children had to walk following the train around the place. So silly! haha… The train is suppose to bring the children to stations to complete some quest. And of course nothing comes free. You’ve got to pay ten bucks for the Chugginton Quest. If not for faulty train, we would definitely purchase the ticket for Darian. So we shopped around for a while before settling in Macdonalds for Happy Meal! As Darian wanted the Madagascar toys, poor mummy and daddy have to order two happy meals for those two toys even though we were too full to eat! Haha so in the end we brought the cheese burgers back for supper. Well, just for you my dear son! 🙂

Friday was great too! 😉

(6) Vivo City ~ 23rd

Saturday was such a lazy day! Guess it’s because we have been going out for the past few days. Hehe… We slacked at home till 5pm then we drove to Vivo City for some shopping, dinner and Darian’s haircut. Actually we were supposed to meet up with Jenny and Steven for coffee but was postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. No worries at all, I can totally understand that. 🙂 We started the evening pretty happy and ended the trip with tears. Haha… If you had read my post about Darian’s haircut drama, you would know why… Anyway, our mood got better after reaching home. Everything seems to be back to normal! 🙂 Yay!

(7) PeiJun’s 过大礼 (Betrothal) ~ 24th

Aunt Aimei and family invited our family to their place in Bishan to witness PeiJun’s betrothal. Everything was wrapped up nicely, very presentable and grand looking. Even the wedding invitation card is in hard board style. Our very first time seeing such big and heavy card. Hah seriously! They had ordered buffet lunch for all the guests and the food was fantastic! Heard that it’s from a peranakan buffet catering at Joo Chiat. Both Papa Yap and I were thinking of ordering for our Baby’s Shower. Shall see how… 🙂 Oh ya, Aunt Elaine had specially made beancurd pudding for all the guests. It was yummy! Tastes quite similar to Lao Ban beancurd. Both Papa Yap and Darian love it. Got the receipe from Aunt Elaine and will try it out soon after I pop! And as usual, Darian seems like the star of the day! (That’s what many aunties had said) He definitely got a lot of attention from the people in the house!  Haha… Many people whom we don’t know were playing around with him. He was happily playing and running around there. Such a lovable boy! 🙂

And so Papa Yap ended his leave on Monday and resumed work on Tuesday. It was definitely a splendid week of funfilled activities and outings! Well actually we missed out on the Night Safari and Marina Barrage outing as I have been walking way too much. Will do so after I give birth. Hah time flies indeed! Especially in good and enjoyable times! Though Papa Yap had spent ten days with us but it never seem enough. Haha 😉 Anyway I’m really grateful. I’m very sure Darian feels happy and blessed for having Papa Yap as his daddy too. Such a bliss 🙂 Thank you my love! We love you! 🙂