Double Ds

❤Darian and Dyann❤



Darian has been a real doting and loving brother to Baby Dyann. Despite the fact that he is only turning 4 end of the year, he has shown much love towards his little sister. He showers her with plenty of hugs and kisses even though Dyann would literally shove him away. Being the big brother, whenever I get angry with Baby Dyann, he would step in, stop me from spanking his sister and snap at me: “Don’t beat meimei. I will protect meimei!”. I couldn’t even recall myself protecting my siblings when I was a child myself. I most probably would be hiding somewhere to prevent my mom from spanking me as well. Haha 🙂



I find it incredibly amazing to see the two of them engaging in play. They enjoy playing hide and seek, chasing each other around the house. It is such a bliss watching them chuckle and having fun together! 🙂 Sometimes I will get Darian to share his bowl of cereal puff and he will gladly feed Baby Dyann. It is awfully sweet to watch him feeds his baby sister.❤



Then again, there are also times when the duo fight over toys and usually Baby Dyann is the one who started it. She would disrupt Darian’s play by snatching his toys and is rather adamant that she will not give in at all. That of course result in a battle of screams and cries! However, the moment we interfere and ask for the toy in her hand, she will surrender it without a fuss. Baby Dyann obviously knows how to bully her brother. Most of time, I don’t expect Darian to give in as that portray biaseness and is definitely ‘unhealthy’ in the long run. Kids being kids; apparently they seem to become bff again after each fight. Well still Papa Yap and I are certain that Darian loves his sister very much. He is after all merely a four year old little boy. But can you imagine him praising his baby sister, “so cute”, “so pretty”, “clever girl”, “good job meimei”… It’s totally funny to hear him saying that yet on the other hand, I’m sure he is pretty proud of her. Heehee 😉



Nevertheless, it is truly heartwarming seeing the way the double Ds look at each other. Much affections.❤ I do hope that the duo will grow up as loving as of now; to be supportive towards each other and Darian being the big brother, protects meimei always. Loving the two of them heaps!❤❤


Our lovelies

***1st March 13***

Our sweet love Dyann Yap ❤


Aww… Isn’t she gorgeous?


Our princess




She fell asleep on the jumperoo… so cute… (Papa Yap loves this pic)

Meimei has turned 7 month today. She is now 66cm and 8.7Kg. Her PD, Dr Ho, mentioned that she is slighty tall for her age and she is fat. Haha… She doesn’t seem fat to me maybe because Darian at her age was even bigger in size. So naturally I will think that way. 😉 Anyway she is definitely growing well and healthy which is more important to me.

Right now she is making progression in her growing development. She is able to sit more steadily than before. She turns and flips around like 180 and 360 degree on the bed, making me extra cautious when placing her on our bed. She seems like she is trying to crawl but moving backward instead. She has started on solid food, cereal and vegetable puree. Making a mess during meal times. We love to hear her blabbing and giggling. Sometimes both Papa Yap and I thought we heard her saying ‘mama’…  She totally melts our heart. We love her very very much. ❤

Our first Love Darian Yap ❤


Our handsome boy


Love that captivating smile of his

Darian has been a very wonderful big brother to meimei. We can tell that he really dotes on meimei and loves her a lot too. Usually after school, the first thing he does is that he will greet meimei and kiss her hand. Yep not me but his meimei. Haha… 😉 Everytime when meimei hits him, he never retaliate and take it positively by thinking meimei is playing with him or caressing him. How nice! He enjoys playing with meimei. Nowadays he will share his little Tonka trucks and Thomas train with meimei. When I am busy, he will help me with little chores like, sitting next to meimei supervising her on the bumbo chair, passing me things, entertaining her… and the list goes on. Of course there are times when he doesn’t seem to bother as he is engrossed with other things. He is just a three year old afterall. But most of the times, he cares. Considering that Darian is only 3 years and 3 months old, he seems to be a sensible boy. Papa Yap and I feel very blessed and happy to see that he is such a good brother. So proud of him. We love him as much as meimei for sure. ❤








We are thankful enough for having these two angels in our life. Our daily dosage of happiness! ❤


I love Meimei, Meimei love me

Another sibling love. Darian loves Baby Dyann so much. ❤


It is such a joy to see Darian showing this love and affection toward his baby sister and Baby Dyann always get so excited and smiley seeing him. I am thankful enough. I really feel blessed. 🙂

Just the other day, I watched Darian playing his beach ball with Baby Dyann and it was simply blissful to see that. No words can describe how happy I was then. Pure happiness!  ❤


Do you want to play Meimei ?


Wow what a big ball!


Oops! Gege can you pick up the ball for me?


Thank you Gege! 🙂

Papa and Mama love you both so much! ❤


Spot the differences

❤Baby Darian VS Baby Dyann❤

I have been receiving many comments saying that Baby Dyann looks a lot like Baby Darian. Really? Do you think so? Surely there are some resemblances here and there afterall they are from the same ‘factory’. hehee 😉 But one thing for sure both of them do have the same lovely smile. Well babies change in their growing process. We shall see again! 🙂



Love you Meimei

***Brother’s Love Part Two***

Until now little Darian is still going googoogaga over baby Dyann. Haha… Adding on to all the hugs, loves, kisses, helps, Darian has been saying things like:

1) “I’m coming Meimei…” when he hears her crying.

2) “Meimei so cute!” when I’m carrying or playing with her.

3) “Mama cannot scold/beat Meimei” when I pretend to beat her or use a stern tone at her.

Oh and whenever we are going out, he would ask if Meimei is going along. If we were to say “No”, he would be really upset and want us to bring her too. Haha too cute! 🙂



See Darian is indeed a loving and protective brother. His future girlfriend or wife is going to be so fortunate! Wahaha 🙂 In fact I feel real lucky and blessed that Darian dotes on his baby sister. I have friend whose kid is around Darian’s age and he is still adapting to the addition member in the family. Love you Darian Yap! ❤


Brother’s love

Darian really adores Baby Dyann! 🙂

He will run to the room to check on baby when she cries. He will tell the confinement lady when he hears baby poo-ed. He will tell me if baby needs her milk (“mummy feed meimei”). He loves to hug, kiss and carry his little sister. He loves to look at his little sister. He simply loves her!

My son is now a big loving brother! 🙂

❤ Love ya, Darian Yap! ❤