At Uncle Leong’s Restaurant

***25th November***

Right after the USS trip, we fetched Baby Dyann’s from my mom’s place and went to Uncle Leong’s restaurant at Punggol. Jeff had made a dinner reservation for the usual group of us there. So far it was our first time there. I have been hearing from people saying that the food is good and so I suggested to Jeff on the venue. Indeed the food there was quite up to standard. They had ordered a lot of food like the black pepper crabs, chilli crabs, salted egg prawns, coffee spareribs, claypot beancurd, spinach, stir fried Ee mian, spicy horfun. However I did not manage to take any photos of the food. Mainly because they had started eating before we reached. I must say that the signature spicy horfun is really tasty and flavourful. I will order that again for sure. Cardine had bought a Thomas Cake from Polar cake shop for Darian. It was really a sweet surprise and so we ended the dinner with a mini celebration for Darian. A joyful boy he was! Anyway thank you Jeff for that sumptuous dinner treat! 🙂


A jolly good Saturday

***24th November***

We were at Vivo City in the afternoon to do some shopping for Papa Yap and Darian. After buying Darian’s birthday pressie from Toy R Us and Papa Yap’s Pedro shoes, we walked over to Harbourfront Mothercare to get some clothing for the kids. We happened to see a bear costumed character in Harbourfront and Darian was not afraid of it at all. He rushed forward and gave it a beary hug. 🙂 Before we reached Mothercare, Baby Dyann woke up from an hour of nap and so we brought her to Baby Spa for a swimming session first instead. It is a must to let the babies drink milk and take a nap an hour before the swim as they tend to get real grouchy if they are tired or hungry. We were glad that she did not fuss at all throughout the session and in fact enjoyed the swim. She was busy kicking the water and floating around. So adorable can!

Darian with the Yellow bear

Christmas is just round the corner

Getting ready for a swim

Warm up before entering the tub

It’s swimming time!

So fun heehee 😉

Just us 😉

I love swimming

My little swimmer ❤

While waiting for Baby Dyann to finish her swimming session

After getting some clothing from Harbourfront Mothercare, we headed to Tampines Mall Putien for Darian’s birthday dinner together with my parents in law. I love the food there especially the signature “Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon”. The well-flavoured Bee hoon is fine and chewy and to eat it with all the ingredients is simply delightful! Thumbs up! 🙂 Honestly, the rest of the dishes is mouth-watering too. I was too busy eating that I had forgotten to take the pictures of the two dishes Stir fried Yam and Homemade beancurd. Hah never mind there will always be another time. 😉

Braised pig intestines

Stir fried Kailan with Beancurd skin

Deep fried chicken with garlic

Heng Hwa Bee hoon

Right after dinner, I surprised Darian with the Angry Bird cake from Polar Cakes shop and he was super happy. The Putien Restaurant gave us a complimentary polaroid shot as we had a birthday celebration there. Nice! And so the family polaroid shot was given to my mother in law as momento. After the fabulous dinner, we continued with our shopping. We went to mothercare again and this time, my mother in law bought tops for the kids. So we reached home with much shopping loots and a truly happy boy who simply cannot wait to open up all his pressies and play with them! 🙂

Pressie from the grandparents

Happy 3rd Birthday my boy! ❤

Darian with Yeye and Nainai

The kids and grandparents

Father and son

The Yappies 😉

So it’s another tiring yet fruitful Saturday! 🙂


Darian is 2!

Wow, times passes so fast that it seems like I have just given birth to him. Yet at the speed of light, he is already two years old!

For his second birthday, we decided to give him a birthday treat and so we brought him to Singkids at Changi Airport T3 the day before his actual birthday.

He was having great fun catching and kicking the balloons! 🙂

He simply enjoys sliding down 🙂

Hah Darian at his favourite – the ball pit!

After that we went to the arcade for some games. He was rather cooperative with us leaving the arcade after using up all the credits. We took the sky train over to Terminal 1 for our dinner. On our way to the restaurant, we bought him a mini Thomas cake.  Haha.. He was super happy!  🙂 We had a late dinner at Paradise Inn. We ordered a few dishes and our favourite ice milk tea. The food was nice except for a dish – drunken chicken…. if you really like the taste of martell then go ahead and order it… haha… The taste was so strong as if the chicken has been dunk in the hard liquor for years…  Anyway, little cheeky Darian once again gained attention from the waiters around. They kept smiling and playing with him. Hehe 🙂

Haha his favourite phrase ~ One more 😉

Looking so happy! 🙂

Lil’ Darian just enjoys blowing off the candle. We couldn’t stand watching him blow. It was definitely so funny. Haha… Cuteness to the max! 😉

We had a truly funtastic time at the airport! Simply awesome simply us! 🙂 Papa and Mama love you so much! muackz ❤

The next day, 26th November, i cooked the longevity noodles – mee sua for him. (As both Papa and me want to keep this practise of eating mee sua and of course to have a cake session on all our birthdays) Unlike Papa Yap, lil’Darian really like to eat mee sua and the egg so he finished  up everything without having to ask him to! YumYum 🙂

Later in the evening, we went over to my mum’s place for a mini birthday celebration. My mum cooked such a sumptuous dinner for all of us! It’s great to have a mum who can cook pretty well! 🙂 My aunts, uncles and cousins came over too! It was kind of like a mini gathering for my family. It is  always during such occasion whereby everyone gets a chance to meet up. And i really think that  lil’Darian brings the family closer. 🙂

Oh ya, there was curry vegetable too. It was really yummy! Didn’t snap that down.


Haha and his all time favourite ~ Thomas cake! 🙂 Everyone was amused by his blowing skills. His saliva was all over the cake. Wahaha 🙂

It was finally the time to open up the presents. Seeing the presents, when he tore away the wrappers, he excitedly said “Wow. Haha.. His expressions was so hillarious! He was extremely happy to receive the presents from all of us. Thanks everyone for all the red packets and presents. We can really feel there’s just so much love for him! 🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday, son! May you grow strong and healthy, jovial and smart. Thank you for bringing us, the family, so much fun and laughter, joy and happiness. We all love you so so much! Muakz!


Papa’s TwentyEight

A day before Papa’s birthday, knowing that Papa Yap loves maguro and salmon sashimi, my sis and John gave us a treat at Hanabi Japanese restaurant at Odeon Tower.  🙂

John, Yiyi and Lil’ Darian 😉

On the actual day, 27th Oct,  we had a simple birthday celebration for Papa Yap at home. Bought a super cute cake from Compass Point Polar cakes, specially choosen by lil’ Darian! Guess what?? haha :p

Wahaha…Yes! He has choosen Thomas the train cake for Papa Yap! A cute cake indeed :p

I specially cooked the longevity noodles  mee sua, for papa’s birthday. (Longevity, or long-life, noodles is a popular traditional Chinese dish for birthdays. As their name indicates, they symbolize living to a ripe old age.) Knowing his taste buds and if giving him a choice, he would definitely not want have mee sua for his meal. Because of his birthday, he finished up everything in his bowl! 🙂

After our dinner, we had the cake cutting session. Papa Yap laughed upon seeing the cake. He said that he would bring Darian to choose my birthday cake too! wahaha…

Loving boy <3<3

Happy 28th Birthday Papa Yap! Mama and Darian love you so much! muackz!