It has been a truly amazing journey being a stay at home mommy for 3 years; watching my kids grow is a privilege. Over the time, I realized that I prioritized the kids and even the hubs more than myself. It’s like I’m always thinking in the interest of the kids. It is always about them and seldom myself. Even during meal times, I will accommodate to their likings.

To me, being a mother is never considered a job. I would deem it as my duty and responsibility instead. How can a job be of possibly 12 to 24hrs daily and 365 working days without any paychecks, benefits, MCs and leaves. Yet seeing my two beautiful kids, makes everything all worthwhile. 🙂 In order to be a stay home mommy, I have traded my youth, energy, shape and bank account for it. And that’s a lot of sacrifices you know. Especially the part of not being financially independent which equates to no spending power, is definitely not fun at all. Boohoo! With Papa Yap being the only sole bread winner who has a load of financial commitment, I surely would not want to add onto his figures. 🙂

Gone were the days of luxury goods and indulges. Instead I would rather have my money spent on the kids. I have considered myself so much luckier compared to many of those unfortunate people around. As much as luxury materials could create an environment conducive for happiness, they cannot give happiness themselves. While this little family of mine is my everything, my happiness. I am contented with my life. 🙂

The most rewarding part of my motherhood pilgrimage is to have people coming up to me telling me how capable I am in managing the household and kids, how well I have raised my kids, how fortunate my hubby is, how lovely my kids are, how beautiful my family is. Enough said, these are my constant performance boosters to keep me going. Seriously I don’t see myself as a perfect wife or mother. I just put in my utmost effort in making sure my family’s well brings are well taken care of. At the end of the day, it really feels wonderful to have a appreciative hubby who thinks that I am totally indispensable in this family. How great is that! Likewise I can’t imagine life without the three of them too. I am blessed. ❤


My loves, my joys, my life. ❤


Mama and sonny

All these while, many people have been commenting that Darian bears the striking resemblance to me. Apparently everyone thinks that we look alike. Even random strangers commented as well. I can’t help but to feel so too! Last week while browsing through the photos in my phone, I came across our photos and noticed the similarities. Papa Yap saw them and thought so too! Heehee 😉

Do you feel the same way too? What say you? 🙂



My little charming boyfriend and me. Love him to bits!❤


Mother’s Day 13

***12th May 13***

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂



Received my very first Mother’s Day card and an early greeting from Darian last Friday. Though it was just a simple card but it means a lot to me. Plenty of happiness and love. ❤

On Sunday early morning, while lazing on the bed with Darian, he gave me a hug and I asked him:

M: Darian do you have something to tell me? (seeing if he still remembers that today is mother’s day)

D: Yes!

M: Okie so what do you want to say?

D:Happy New Year Mama!

It was really hilarious. I burst out laughing. Wahaha… Anyway he still wish me Happy Mother’s Day thereafter. 🙂


I have not regretted becoming a homemaker after giving birth to Darian till now. In fact, I feel lucky enough to be a stay home mommy to my two beautiful kids. I love those moments where we just sit together having a cuddle with nothing to worry about. Having Darian telling me that he loves me. Getting to witness their every growth milestone and being there for them. Life is definitely not easy with Papa Yap as the sole bread-winner. Yet we are satisfied and contented with what we have. Yes I do agree to a certain extent that money can buy you happiness. But seriously I don’t have to spend such big money yet gain happiness. This is simplicity at its best. Having filial kids and a loving husband, everyday is Mother’s Day to me! And most importantly, Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job raising our kids and he is really proud of me! I am one happy mommy! Life is still good and beautiful being together with my loves! ❤

Oh by the way, exactly four days more to seeing Papa Yap! So happy! Counting down yay! 🙂


Overseas again: Week 2


On Tuesday ~ Sick but still so cheeky


On Wednesday ~ He hates the cooling adhesive to the max and I have to force it on him. He would cry bloody murder whenever he had to use it.

Alright Week 2 wasn’t exactly a pleasant one for sure. Darian was down with fever, sore throat and cough since the first day of the week. I brought him to Dr Ho on Tuesday morning and got his medicine. However, things got quite bad on Wednesday. Darian did not sleep well the night before and was totally listless, inactive and not eating at all (only drank like 540ml of milk). His temperature was constantly hovering between 38.3 to 39.2 which then hit 39.6 in the evening around 6pm. I got extremely worried and phoned my parents to come over and babysit Dyann so that I could carry Darian down to the clinic. He looked very sick and drowsy. While I was changing him, Darian began to cry saying that he is scared, he loves me, he wants me. I was really upset to hear that. He must be feeling very bad. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I hugged him and told him that I would be bringing him to the doctor as soon as ah ma and ah gong reached. At the same time reassuring him that he would be fine. After coming out of the bathroom, he saw meimei and started tearing again… “meimei I want you!” My gosh… Of course I teared again… I wondered why would a little boy say such things. He is really growing up.

Rushed him to the clinic only to realise that they were closed at 2pm. Usually they are opened daily even on public holidays. I suppose it was because of 1st May Labour Day. So we got home and prepared to head down to KKH instead. This time round, his temperature went down to 38.7. I had to tuck meimei to bed first as I expect it to be a long night at KKH. Thank goodness at about 9pm, his temperature had further dropped to 37.7. In the end, I decided not to send him to KKH and continue to monitor him.

Relieved to see that he is currently recovering well and his appetite improves. But I am not feeling too good. I am having flu with body aches right now. This seriously sucks… I missing Papa Yap quite terribly. Another 2 weeks to go! Hurry up!


Overseas again: Week 1

***20th April 13***

Boohoo… Another overseas training again and this time round is for one whole month. It is seriously a very long wait. When Papa Yap told me about this overseas exercise last year October, I was praying real hard that it would be cancelled but unfortunately it did not happen. Since I can’t change the fact about him having to be overseas for a month, I just got to be more supportive. I know it is not easy for him too. The kiddos and I are missing the daddy big time man! How ironical it is that when Papa Yap is around, I seem to be nagging at him constantly. And when he is not by my side, I miss him so badly. Absence does make the heart grows fonder. Whatever it is, I am counting down to his return, our staycation and the major packing in June(will update about the packing soon). Meanwhile dar please stay safe and take good care until we meet again! 18th May come fast can?! 🙂


So happy 🙂


Poser boy 🙂

So on Day 1:  My sister popped up in the evening to accompany us for a night. She stayed around until Sunday night and that of course made Darian very happy. He was definitely happier to have his yiyi in the house.


At CompassPoint

Day 4: Meet up with my sister and John at CompassPoint for dinner. Dinner was at Soup restaurant again. But seriously we wouldn’t mind having the Samsui Chicken over and over again. One of our favourite. As usual with my sister, she ‘over ordered the food’ yet again. Haha… 🙂 Of course Darian came home with another two tomica toy cars from yiyi too.


Happy with his monster truck. He has been waiting for this since last week.


Darian loves yiyi.


Meimei so fidgety. haha… Her hands were like everywhere! 😉


I want to bowl!


Round 1


Ready aim go!


Haha what a pose…


Like a pro. Heehee 😉

Day 7. Dinner at Downtown East with my sister on Friday evening. Since Darian wanted the Happy meal toy and my sis was craving to try the new black pepper burger, we settled our dinner at Mcdonalds. According to her, the new burger tastes good. Shall try it another time. John and Rachel joined us after work but not for dinner. They had theirs at Fish and Co express later at night. So while waiting for them, we brought Darian(or rather he brought us there. haha…) to the bowling alley for a few games. Right at the far end, there is this miniature bowling catered for young children. Each session consisting of 5 games costs $2. Darian enjoyed himself so much. After three rounds of bowling, he was pestering us to go to the Kids Explorer but I didn’t allow as it was already very late. So the three of them accompanied us back home and left only at 11ish.



Day 9: My sister, John together with Bijun came over to visit us. I had prepared Cheese Maraconi(as per requested) for lunch. Ended up having it for dinner as well as I really cooked quite a lot. Glad that they enjoyed it! 🙂 So they only left after the Star Awards ceremony show at 10ish. Darian was really happy to see them for sure. 🙂

I am really glad to have a sister who is really close to me. At least during her free time, she will bring John and her friends to accompany us whenever Papa Yap is away. Thank you sis. Love you too! 🙂


Mommy and the kiddos to Compass point

***17th December***

Day 21 – 3 more days to seeing Papa Yap!

My very first time driving the kids to the mall to run some errands. Surprisingly, Baby Dyann was very cooperative seating in her car seat throughout the journey, to and fro back home. I was like anticipating some cries. Fortunately it did not happen. 😉 Settled the bills, got some stuff from kiddy palace, bought lunch home and even drove to the petrol kiosk to top up the petrol. When I mentioned to Papa Yap and Mummy Jenny that I brought the kiddos out to Compass point, both of them said the same thing, “power”. Even my sister and aunt were surprised that I brought them out myself. Hahaha… Somehow I think I am really one super mommy for sure! Seriously it is indeed tiring to bring the two kids out by myself. Having Baby Dyann in the baby carrier (I rather not use the pram as it would be more troublesome), carrying the baby bag,  holding all the barangs and following the 3 years old boy closely… total shag… Really can’t wait for the man to be back! 🙂


Getting ready to go 🙂


Meimei seated in her car seat in front 🙂


While Gege on his car seat at the back 🙂


Day 19

***15th December***

5 days more to seeing Papa Yap. Hooray! 🙂


This will be the last stay home weekend for us and Papa Yap will be coming back in a few days time. Yay! Somewhat I really feel that time passes very fast. Which is good at the same time. But I do hope that time will slow down after Papa Yap returns. There are just too many activities lining up for us. 🙂 Did I even mention that Papa Yap will be on leave until the first week of 2013. Happiness! 🙂 I guess Darian must have miss Papa Yap very much too. He has been asking about him every now and then. Hmm… The last time when Papa Yap went Aussie, Darian was only one year plus and he is definitely not sensible enough to ask for Papa Yap. Unlike now. How I wish Papa Yap need not go for anymore oversea exercises. Haha… quite impossible eh! 😉

Right now, we are counting down to Thursday! ❤


Leaving on the jetplane

***27th November***

Papa Yap went oversea training for three weeks. Boohoo… 😦 This three weeks somehow seem like three decades to me. I know that nature of his work requires him to be outstation at times, yet this time round I actually felt rather lost without him. Not that I could not manage the household and the kids myself, it’s just a feeling of emptiness. *sigh* Seriously can’t wait for him to return in three weeks time. Missing him already! 😦

Take good care of yourself and stay safe, Papa Yap. The kids and I will miss you badly for sure. Love you. ❤


Home Bound Weekend

 ***Just the three of us Weekend***


The kids and I are stuck at home this weekend. Papa Yap is away for work for three days. He has some training exercises to conduct. Boohoo… Well this is part of his work scope. There’s nothing I can do but to only whine and grumble about it. This is the life and woes of an army officer’s wife… And this sucks…  Haha… He has been real busy after he took over a new post in the camp. Even during the weekdays, he is hardly back early. Hiaz… Seriously thank god that I am independent enough. Imagine those ladies who very much rely on their spouse. I think it would be hard for them to endure through… Usually for the weekends, we will be out spending family time together and doing our weekly grocery shopping. Now after giving birth to Baby Dyann, I would prefer to stay home though. It can be really tiring and quite a chore bringing the two kids out. Going out means, waking up much earlier to prepare the baby bag, Baby Dyann, Darian and myself. Most of the time I don’t rope Papa Yap in to help as I would rather him to have more sleep so that he has more energy for the day to drive us around and do some errands. But then again I suppose I still need a breather and it will be good to bring Darian for a short trip too. Papa Yap has already told me that he would be extremely busy until next year. I just hope that he will be less stress and has lesser work commitment for his next posting. Yeah just pray hard.

For now, I very much would like to have a fast forward button so that it can bring us to the next weekend! Can’t wait… Haha… 😉


Super mommy and two kiddos

***1st-9th September***

Our first night with the two kiddos was super shag! Right after Dyann’s Baby Shower, I tucked Darian in bed and Papa Yap started cleaning up the house. After which I helped him out with the cleaning. Can you just imagine how busy we were when we only had our meal of the day at 10pm. By then we were way too hungry and Papa Yap drove down to Macdonald drive through to get our food as we couldn’t order via phone booking due to overwhelming orders. Okie, this was just the first half. The second half was waking up throughout the night to feed, change or pacify Dyann.  That’s was when I miss my confinement lady so much. If only she is still around! haha…  Well Papa Yap had taken a week leave to assist me around the house. (He did went back to office to settle some work though. Workaholic!)  I did most of the job as I need to adapt to handling the kids by myself when Papa Yap is not around. It is definitely tiring. Then again, Papa Yap has been of a great help too! 🙂

***10th September***

My first official day with the two kiddos while Papa Yap is back to work. Just one word to describe it – BUSY. Yes, morning is always busy. Preparing milk for both, feeding, bathing, doing the housechores, preparing for lunch. Afternoon is usually the free period. While the two kids are napping, I would have either doze off with Darian or be doing some housechores.  Oh yes, the short nap is definitely helpful! I am seriously in need of sleep! 😉 After which the day gets busy again until both of them sleep which most probably I would still be doing some chores. Apparently, there is endless housechores to do!! I simply couldn’t leave things undone in the house without resting for the day. Papa Yap has to always remind me to take a nap as and when I can but it is just tough to. Haha. This is just me! Mad girl. 🙂

We used to say that we would like to have three kids, one boy and two girls. Four, two girls and two boys, would be a perfect picture but it is definitely not what we can afford to. But for now both of us agreed that two will do and if three comes along then it is time to get a helper for sure! Haha.. I totally salute those mommies out there with more than two kids. Not easy eh!

Anyway things are getting better. Although I looked more like a panda now! Even my sis commented on my dark rings! Boo! haha… I am adapting well. I am glad that even with another member in the house, I still manage to keep the house clean and tidy! I am very sure that Papa Yap appreciates me even more. At least he doesn’t have to worry about the kids and house. Coming back home seeing us after a hectic day at work is such a bliss for him. 🙂 But one thing for sure which he often says is that he worries for me being overly tired. Come’on I am super Panda mommy! Hehe… Guess I definitely deserve a BIG pressie from Papa Yap for all these hard works! Right? 😉