Mother’s Day 2015




Our first half of Mother’s Day was spent together with the duo’s paternal grandparents at the Changi Airport. As promised, double Ds got to play at the refurbished Mr Bean theme SingKids playground. Seriously we are not a fan of SingKids and have not been to one for years. Though the place did look a little more appealing now with the Mr Bean theme, the playing equipment looked mostly the same. Well I really don’t think we will be back again.








Nevertheless, the kiddos did have a fun time horsing around inside, while the grandparents and us took turn to supervise their play. After playtime, we took the sky train over to the Terminal 2 for our lunch at Astons. Airport outing is always a pleasant one especially for the kids. 🙂






The second half of the day was to meet up with my family, the duo’s maternal grandparents, to celebrate my mom’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day. My sister had booked a table at the Jin Long restaurant, Punggol Settlement earlier that week. We had a feast and it was satisfying. Somehow we did manage to finish up the birthday cake too. Heehee 🙂 After our hearty meal, we took some pictures at the turtles pond outside before heading home. The kids enjoyed watching the turtles crawling in and out of the water. It’s certainly childhood simple pleasure at its best. Darian even suggested to buy some turtle food to feed them for our next visit. Yep why not? 🙂

So this Mother’s Day was all about spending time and having a meal with both the mothers. As for me, seeing my kids growing well, healthy, happy and safe is the best gift for me already. Yes I absolutely love being double Ds’ mommy… and very soon triple Ds! 🙂




Anyways the day before, Darian participated in a RC SG50 Mother’s Day celebration event. I was touched by watching him performed a heartwarming mandarin song on stage. Aww he’s such a big boy already! That’s really one great gift for Mother’s Day isn’t it!



Mother’s Day 13

***12th May 13***

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂



Received my very first Mother’s Day card and an early greeting from Darian last Friday. Though it was just a simple card but it means a lot to me. Plenty of happiness and love. ❤

On Sunday early morning, while lazing on the bed with Darian, he gave me a hug and I asked him:

M: Darian do you have something to tell me? (seeing if he still remembers that today is mother’s day)

D: Yes!

M: Okie so what do you want to say?

D:Happy New Year Mama!

It was really hilarious. I burst out laughing. Wahaha… Anyway he still wish me Happy Mother’s Day thereafter. 🙂


I have not regretted becoming a homemaker after giving birth to Darian till now. In fact, I feel lucky enough to be a stay home mommy to my two beautiful kids. I love those moments where we just sit together having a cuddle with nothing to worry about. Having Darian telling me that he loves me. Getting to witness their every growth milestone and being there for them. Life is definitely not easy with Papa Yap as the sole bread-winner. Yet we are satisfied and contented with what we have. Yes I do agree to a certain extent that money can buy you happiness. But seriously I don’t have to spend such big money yet gain happiness. This is simplicity at its best. Having filial kids and a loving husband, everyday is Mother’s Day to me! And most importantly, Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job raising our kids and he is really proud of me! I am one happy mommy! Life is still good and beautiful being together with my loves! ❤

Oh by the way, exactly four days more to seeing Papa Yap! So happy! Counting down yay! 🙂


My 3rd Mama’s Day

***13th May***


Had a mother’s day dinner at Fish and Co Tampines One with my two boys. Though it was just a simple dinner, I am contented. Simple pleasure like this equates blissfulness. 🙂 Earlier that day, Papa Yap and I caught “The Avengers” after settling Darian at my mother’s house. It was pretty good! 🙂

The staff at Fish and Co gave the two boys an activity card to make a paper flower for me. Papa Yap and little Darian began their project instantly. Well of course little Darian wasn’t of any help.  He was playing with the straw and leftover of the paper. Haha! Soon, the so called paper flower was done! Hehe.. I think Papa Yap needs more practices on his fine motor skills. 😉 Dinner was fantastic with my two boys! We ended the dinner with a slice of awfully sweet chocolate cake! Hah I really don’t enjoy sweet stuff. But just for that day! 🙂

I love you Darian Yap!

Dinner is served.

Project in progress.

We love you Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

Thank you my two loves! 🙂

Awfully sweet to the max!

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, loving son and my little princess coming along. Life is great! I am thankful. 🙂