#3 – SG50 Baby

Yay! We are expecting another precious little one into our lives in about two weeks time! Double Ds has been very excited about their little baby brother and were literally counting down since January this year. As September arrives, we can tell how excited the kids are. Apparently just the other day Darian woke up and said in excitement, “mummy, it’s first of September already!” They are definitely all ready to welcome their little baby brother! 🙂

It’s such a joy watching double Ds stroking and talking to their didi(little brother) every now and then. Sometimes when baby D moves vigorously, they giggle and ask him not to kick so hard, not to hurt mummy. Awww they are simply so adorable! 🙂

Like the previous pregnancies, Papa Yap and the kids would accompany me for every checkup. The duo are always so eager to see their little brother through the scan. During the previous checkup, Dyann got so upset and teared when she didn’t get to see her little brother on the machine. She only stopped when Dr Ang handed  her the picture and that really made her so happy.

As usual I’m seeing Dr Lawrence Ang for this third pregnancy despite the traveling distance. I just don’t feel comfortable for a change of gynae. His current clinic which is just opposite Sun Plaza, is certainly much bigger than the previous one. At least I get a seat every visit during the wait. Haha 🙂

While Papa Yap and I were kind of anticipating Baby D to arrive at 37 weeks(both Darian and Dyann popped at 37 weeks), Dr Ang estimated that I probably will only deliver after Singapore polling day(11th Sept). Well well, we shall see again next Tuesday when I go for my weekly checkup.

This pregnancy has been taking a toll on me. I have constant fatigue, especially in my third trimester. The heavy and low bump, low energy level, bad mood swings, bad aches at my back and pain around pelvic area are certainly making child minding and household chores much more tedious. It was to the extent that I couldn’t even send Darian to school at times. And for the past few weekends, we have been staying home most of the time(other than short grocery trips) as I couldn’t stand and walk for long. I feel bad for neglecting the kiddos but we will try to fulfill our Zoo, River Safari, USS, swimming outings after Baby D pops and my confinement.

Thankfully at this point of time, I have my parents in law to help me since the start of my 37weeks as Papa Yap has been very busy with work and is currently supervising a one week fieldcamp. They fetched Darian to and fro school daily and my mother in law stayed over in case of emergency. At the same time, with them around I only have to cook once a day for the kids and for dinner we would get takeaways from the nearby coffeeshops. There were also nights when I even have to rope in my sister to help out when the hubs is not around. Nonetheless, the kids are happy to have their grandparents and yiyi in the house.

Now at 37 weeks and 3 days, I feel like a whale already. This is definitely my biggest and heaviest of all three pregnancies. I know I have to work extra hard to shed off all those unnecessary excess weight but this is something that I shouldn’t be too worry about right now. At this point of time, I only pray for an easy and smooth delivery. Baby D please be good to mummy ok? We will see you soon! We all love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️


Red star Sunday



Dim sum has been always my favourite and I can have them everyday. It has been two years since we last went to Red Star for dim sum. Hence I didn’t hesitate at all when the #jiaklimnuagang suggested for a dim sum brunch there. It was such a brilliant idea.

The restaurant is usually crowded during the weekend and the queue is constantly long. But we were willing to queue for the dim sum even with a baby bump. 😉 Anyways it’s always better to go there early as some of the food would run out by afternoon and the kitchen wouldn’t replenish them again.


I love going for dim sum in a group because we could order a table full of variety to share. And indeed we did achieve that! The brunch was simply satisfying. 🙂

In my opinion, food at Red Star is perhaps above average, not fantastic, but it’s the place that attracted me. The old school nostalgic ambience and traditional dim sum trolleys made our dining experience a more interesting one. As much as how special it was to have dim sum carts moving around, it’s best to hunt down the specific trolleys yourself especially when it’s crowded or if you are seated at the back. It’s almost certain that those popular dishes would take forever to reach you as people in front would have already taken them away.



After our satiated brunch, we headed over to Robertson Walk for our coffee session. Like what our hashtag #jiaklimnuagang says: Jiak-eat, lim- drink,  nua- slack, it’s a sequence that we had to complete. Haha 🙂


Mama J is one year older


Alright I’m already 31 years old, though I thought I was 32. Seriously… What a joke right? 😏 And on my 31st birthday, Papa Yap insisted that I ought to have my birthday meesua which I normally would cook for my little family. He even suggested to cook for me. Of course, I flatly rejected his kind offer. It’s kind of scary to even imagine him cooking in my kitchen… Haha… In the end, he brought me to Putien for a dinner treat, as well as fulfilling the ‘birthday meesua mission’. At least I got to eat it for my birthday as well. 😉


This year, I spent my birthday not only with my little family, but as well as my close relatives and siblings. Though it’s quite a pity that my parents were unable to join us due to their work commitment. Still, I’m happy enough.





I had organized a karaoke session at the Temasek club, the same place where Papa Yap celebrated his birthday. Looking at how spacious the room was, it was certainly enough to fit the family. Besides that, the additional soccer table would provide them with another activity to do, at the same time keeping Darian occupied. Anyways Darian was also anticipating to play the soccer table after knowing that we would be going there. Hello son, please understand that not all KTV room has a soccer table alright… Haha…






It was such a joyous night, singing and drinking with this bunch of people. I’m glad to be able to celebrate this special day with all of them. Double Ds had an enjoyable time playing with everyone too. To my siblings, aunts and cousins, thank you for your presence, as well as the presents and cake. Much appreciated.










It’s definitely a good reason for double Ds to stay up late. Isn’t it! By the way, they were really happy to be wearing their Spiderman and Snow White costumes. Silly kids! ❤



❤ ❤ ❤


Dyann turns 2



Dyann celebrated her second birthday on the 25th July and officially turned two on 1st August. Alright this is a very late post for Dyann’s second birthday. I have not been religiously blogging since we returned from the States. The kiddos, the endless house chores, blah blah blah, just tied me down. Every time when I thought of blogging, either I was too tired or got mind blocked. So I ended up with a lot of back dated posts which I am trying my best to clear. Papa Yap aka my number one fan hasn’t been too pleased with it. Haha. I can skip some of our life updates but definitely not this. Our precious girl absolutely deserved a write-up about her little birthday party for memory keepsake!


We had wanted to book the SAF chalet for her birthday but the ballot was unsuccessful. Looking at the some of the venues I had in mind, they were either too far or pricey. In the end, through my mil’s recommendation, we booked a room at one residential corner in Tampines to hold her birthday party. As I wanted to try a different caterer, the buffet was ordered from Four Seasons instead of the usual Neogardens. Food was decent. Nothing to boast or grumble about. We wanted to get the Swensons Minnie mouse ice cream cake for Dyann’s birthday but they do not have any Minnie mouse in red. So alternatively we chose Bengawan Solo and bought her the baby Minnie mouse in red.



Dyann has been showing quite a bit of love for Minnie Mouse. We realized she gets really excited whenever she sees Minnie Mouse prints or toys. Hence her birthday theme obviously got to be Minnie Mouse. I simply got plenty of ideas for Minnie Mouse DIY decoration. Due to the space and budget constraint, I did a simple set up for her.


Alright let’s look at the stuff I made for the party. I spent a lot of time doing all the crafts but I really enjoyed myself. Yeah! If you have been following my Instagram, you would know that I love doing craft work! 🙂 Also thanks to the hubs who has been driving me around to get the stuff  I needed for the set up.







Actually we wanted to hold a mini celebration for her second birthday mainly because she didn’t get to celebrate her first birthday with our family and friends. At the same time, Papa Yap and I felt that it would be a great time to meet up with our relatives and friends who we missed for a year.









Overall, the party was a success. A simple and happy event for the kiddos and a nice meet up session for the adults! Also, thank you everyone for the presents, red packets and most importantly your presences. It was exceptionally nice to see all those who came in the mickey and Minnie theme too. So sporting! The Yappies were absolutely elated to see all of you! 🙂





Since then Darian has been talking about some themes for his birthday, Lego movie, Mickey Mouse, ninja turtles! Haha! Sorry son but we have other plans for you my dear… 😉





We love you meimei! ❤

Anyways Papa Yap was wearing a mickey t-shirt under his shirt! He thought it was a little too girly for him and so he hid it! Haha


Goodbye Virginia Hello Singapore Part 2


Our first half of the flight back from Washington D.C to Korea was a crazy one. Totally insane! We had the worst time with Baby Dyann for the first time ever. She was extremely difficult for the first few hours even when it was already her sleeping time. We felt so lost and frustrated with her until I could not supress my frustrations and had to discipline her in the lavatory. I felt terrible but I knew that was the only way to stop her from all her tantrums at the same time not being a nuisance to the other passengers. Despite all the tears, I managed to rock her to sleep right after all those drama. Fortunately things got so much better there after and we had no issues with her at all during the flight from Korea to Singapore. Phew! As usual Darian was fantastic throughout the flight! He is really amazing can! heehee 🙂


Many people were curious about how we manage to bring back all our luggage. They really couldn’t imagine that. So did we actually. I have to say thanks to Papa Yap for being so strong! Even one of the porter mentioned that when he helped with our luggage. We had a total of 8 big luggage, 1 big backpack, 1 baby bag, Darian’s backpack, my handbag, a stroller and two kids… It’s crazy alright!






We could hardly contain our excitement when we were about to reach Singapore. Darian even cheered in the plane when the plane landed. That was how happy he was. It just showed how much we had missed home and the people. It was really heart-warming to see all those familiar faces at the airport welcoming us back. We felt the love. Thanks for coming! And also thanks for all the welcome back gifts for the kids! They are definitely so blessed. 🙂

As expected we spent our first few days with our parents and relatives, eating lots of delicious homecooked food and local delights. They were so yummy that my diet plan has been shelved for a moment. Haha…  I’m sure the grandparents and relatives are also elated to see the grandkids back in Singapore too. Darian and Dyann absolutely enjoyed their company and have a whale of time playing with them.

Frankly, we were not exactly too affected by the jet lag, but the weather. We definitely took a much longer time adjusting to the weather than the time difference. Is the weather becoming hotter and more humid? Or is it just us? Hmm… It was to the extend that Dyann developed bad rashes all over her face, neck and limbs due to the weather. We had to bring Dyann to the clinic on the third day and that was when I dropped my phone on the road which was never found again. boohoo… Seriously it wasn’t the phone that matters but the photos inside. I lost a number of photos as I didn’t have the time to upload them. I was really upset with that!

Just nearly a year absence, things seem to be falling apart in the house. We spent our first week unpacking our luggage, getting some household replacement, stocking up some necessities, sorting out some administrative stuff. Until now I am left with one last luggage of toy to clear. Darian Yap seriously has too many toys… Anyways a big thank you to my parents in law for maintaining our house. My mother in law even got the kitchen stocked up with food and drinks for us. How awesome is that! 🙂

Finally the whole episode of our life in States had come to an end beautifully. We certainly brought back lots of happy and sweet memories. Once again, thanks to my dearest husband, dearest papa to our two lovely kids, thank you for making this possible for our little family. We love you very much! 🙂

Nevertheless, we are all glad to be back home. Nowhere better than home. Truly! 🙂



Goodbye Virginia Hello Singapore Part 1

Hi folks! We are back in Singapore since 24th May. For the past two weeks, we were busy settling down, unpacking and handling some unexpected little issues that cropped up along the way. Finally, everything seems to be on track already and I have time to blog again. 🙂 It has been quite a while since I last blogged. I had actually wanted to do some updates before returning back to Singapore, yet back then we were occupied with all the logistics and administrative works, as well as going for our vacation in the east coast as a finale for our US expedition. With all those tedious happenings, I was physically and mentally drained which left me literally zero energy to be sitting in front of the laptop. Therefore, this post and the next will be a summary of our final lap in US as well as the transition from US to Singapore. Sad to say that there will not be many photos attached as I dropped my phone on the third day after we returned in Singapore… *sigh*


We were officially ‘home-less’ in the US on the 7th May and began ‘hotel-hopping’ before flying back to Singapore on the 22nd. Luckily for us, we managed to sell away our car, furniture to Papa Yap’s friends which made moving out of our apartment much easier. We stayed on the Quantico base camp for 2 nights and attended Papa Yap’s graduation on the 8th. I am really proud of him completing this course with great results and be recognised for his effort. Although he didn’t receive the top international award, his result was still in the top ten percent of the school. Still a job well done Papa! 🙂


After Papa Yap’s graduation, we flew to Los Angeles the next morning and began our well deserved vacation in the East Coast where we spent our first 6 days free and easy driving from LA to San Diego after which we joined a tour agency for the next 8 days, travelling to San Francisco and Las Vegas. It was a wholesome experience and we enjoyed it to the max, albeit tiring. Having to shuffle around hotels with big luggage and two young kids, waking up really early to join the tour, is definitely not easy. To add on, long distance travels makes it even more challenging. Thank goodness, everything went on pretty smooth for us and Papa Yap and I were glad to receive many compliments about the kids and us throughout the tour. Also, we manage to meet up with Papa Yap’s cousin Zheng Hao and his girlfriend in San Francisco too. How nice! 🙂


In fact, we could have return straight back to Singapore from LA if we didn’t have so many luggage. Seriously in that way we could also shorten our return flight journey by at least 5 hours… However, due to the number of luggage we had, there was no way that we could bring all over. Hence, our friends on Quantico base camp kept our luggage for us until we are back on the 22nd. Thanks to the Smiths Family! 🙂 So we spent our last day in Quantico running some last minute errand, meeting up with the Smiths and sorting out all the luggage.




It’s unbelievable that 11 months just went by this fast. This whole US expedition for our family had been a totally amazing one. In this short period, we met many nice friends, travelled to a number of states, learnt about the American’s culture, experienced the four seasons and spent a lot of wonderful family time together. For Papa Yap, it seemed like a fantastic break from his usual hectic work life. As for us, we absolutely enjoyed having Papa Yap to be home for dinner everyday, giving us his undivided attention. What more could we asked for. Most importantly, we realised the kids have grown much attached to him because of this trip too. It’s really a good thing! 🙂 I must say this whole episode would not be the same, if not for all our EWS friends and their family. A big thank you to our American and International friends who simply made our stay there a much welcome and special one. It is really our pleasure to know them and their family. We hope that one day we will meet again wherever it may be and of course if they ever visit Singapore, Papa Yap and I will certainly be more than glad to play host. So till then! 🙂


15 days 14 nights


Does the title sound like we are off for another adventure in US? Sad to say, it did not happen… It was actually Papa yap leaving home for an outfield exercise and we were literally homebound for 15 days. Boohoo… So the plan was to stock up 2 weeks of necessities and grocery and if I were to run out of any ingredients, I would have to get delivery orders from restaurants. The thing is that, it is rather impossible to get out of the house if I don’t drive. Unlike in Sg, I could easily walk out to get stuff from nearby. Even if I’m not driving, transportation would never be of any issues to bring the kids out. The fact that I’m a no risk taker and stayed firm with my decision not to drive during this stay in US. I really have to prepare thoroughly, at the same time cross my fingers that things would be all smooth sailing during this period.

Thankfully everything did turn out fine and that I have nice friends who made that two weeks better for us. Feroz got me some grocery on the second weekend and that definitely helped a lot. Those were the food I couldn’t stock up on. Also, Lourdes and Sarah had arranged for play dates which made double Ds very happy having visitors over at our place. The kids had fun playing around with their little friends while I had a great catch up with the mommies! 🙂




Within these few months, double Ds became much closer to Papa Yap. We were so surprised to see Darian feeling upset due to his absence. He woke up that morning Papa Yap left, looked at the bed, ran out the room and came back in with tears. He told me he was sad that Papa would not be home for many days. Oh boy! It has never bothered him in the past and he would not even ask for him. Yet for the first time, he actually cried. We really felt that he is now much attached to Papa Yap. Obviously that is a good thing! As for Baby Dyann, she is constantly blabbering about papa. Like how each time after shower, she would point at her wet hair and say “papa”. She really prefers her papa to blow dry her hair. Funny girl! And whenever Papa Yap called home, it is only like mandatory for them to talk to him and say goodbye. If I ever put down the phone abruptly without letting them bid goodbye to their father, that just meant disaster. Haha 🙂 Not only that, they both also sent many voice records through whatsapp to Papa Yap! Sometimes I weren’t aware at all until I browsed through my phone.

At last the two weeks had past and we are so happy to have him back home with us! He made the kids extra happy by getting them a toy each on his way back home. Well as for me, I’m just glad to see him. Really glad.



After this major exercise, we are into our last lap of this expedition already. It’s time to start packing, sort out the furniture, sell the car and settle some administrative stuff. Plenty of things to do but we are absolutely looking forward to return home! Counting down! Woohoo! 🙂


Sweet sweet love

As usual every night before double Ds sleep, they would want me to shower them with plenty of goodnight kiss. Darian would be asking for forty five or twenty kisses while Baby Dyann pointing to various part of her face saying, “more, more!” Seriously why are they so sweet? Love this duo to bits okie! 🙂

So I have this habit of fanning them while waiting for them to doze off. Sometimes Darian would ask me not to fan him because he didn’t want my kisses to be blown away. Just yesterday, before I start fanning, Darian hold and press his cheek hard then said cheekily, “Okie mommy you can fan us now. I press your kiss in and they will not fly away.” Aww…. Boy… He is like the sweetest thing on earth ever! I am madly in love with this little boy can! 🙂

P.S. Papa Yap, don’t be jealous okie! 😉


CNY 2014

This Chinese New Year is rather an unique one for us. It’s our first time we spent CNY out of Singapore. It’s my first time having to prepare reunion dinner for my little family, making my own yusheng, albeit missing the CNY atmosphere. Back at home, yusheng is sold everywhere, my mother and MIL prepare all the ingredients and dishes for the reunion dinners, and all we do was just eat! Haha 🙂

Frankly, I was feeling quite emotional on the eve and the first two days of CNY especially when I browsed through lots of CNY photos in Facebook. I have always look forward to such occasion where family, relatives and friends gather around. It is certainly nice to see all the familiar faces during such festive season. Couldn’t help but to have such mixed feelings…

We only experienced a bit of the CNY mood the following week when we visited SLTC Tan and family, attended the embassy CNY reception and went to DA’s
house. Although we couldn’t find any mandarin oranges in stores, we managed to select the biggest tangerines among all to make do for our house visits. Heehee 😉 Still we did have had some celebrations with fellow Singaporeans after all.

So here I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Horse year with abundance of good health and wealth! Let’s us all Huat in this ‘Horseh’ year!! 🙂


Simple reunion dinner for the yappies. Fishball cabbage soup, breaded prawns and omelette, minced meat tofu and pan-fry fish. Obviously I overcooked again. Well it can also means abundance right? Heehee 😉


Darian and Dyann wishes everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai! 😉


My first homemade fruity veggy yusheng. It was a great success and Papa Yap finished the plate clean! Really yummy and I even prepared one for Papa Yap’s classmates the next morning. Am glad that they enjoyed it too! 🙂


Darian having fun tossing the yusheng! Huat ah!


Aww… My two lovely angels in their Chinese costume. 🙂


Papa Yap and Double Ds


Us at the Embassy  CNY dinner reception. 🙂



Love you forever


Just how I love and hate this book. I love reading it yet each time when the story comes to the part about the mother being old and sick, my eyes will well up with tears. I know it’s the hard truth and this is life, I’m feeling rather emotional just thinking about it.

This is the story of how that little boy goes through the stages of childhood and becomes a man. It also depicts the enduring nature of parents’ love and how it crosses generations. The story is easy to comprehend with great illustrations. It also comes with some catchy and repetitive phrases along with a short paragraph of song. I like to sing it my way, using the tune of “Tell Laura I love her”. It fits in perfectly! If you are interested, you can actually listen to the story online .

The first time I read it to my kindergarten kids, I cried and ran out of class. Such a drama! My colleagues and students were scratching their heads, wondering what had happened. Anyway I wasn’t married at that time. And now that I’m a mother myself, I would naturally relate more to it.

I had a trial reading session with Papa Yap and…. he laughed when I cried. I know how much he would wish to capture that scene in video. Haha 😉

So I read to Darian and Dyann for the first time. I couldn’t control my emotions yet again. Before I could finish the story, I was all teary already. Darian was very upset to see me crying that he actually snatched and threw away the book. He told me that he was angry and didn’t like the book. You know how much my son loves me. 😉 Well I did eventually complete reading the book to them.


I love being the mother of my kids. I love double Ds so much. So much so that I love the two of them more than myself.

Darian and Dyann, mama love the both of you forever! ❤