Saturday at East Coast Park 

***April 15***

Usually we would meet up with Richard and company for some indoor lunch or dinner dates. That Saturday however, was the first time we arranged to meet up at East Coast Park for some outdoor activities instead. Hence my initial plans to the Marina Barrage was flopped. At first, I wasn’t exactly very keen on going to the East Coast Park until the thoughts about dining at the Food Centre enticed me. Well you know this is the time when one could ordered a table full of yummy local delights with all the friends whereas it’s almost impossible for just Papa Yap and I to do so.





The adults and kiddos started off with some games of frisbee and soccer on an open field. I bought Dyann a ball from the nearby kiosk when I realised there was nothing to keep her occupied. It was not a bad idea after all. She was happy. 🙂




Somehow the older kids became a little bored and requested to go cycling. It wasn’t of any issue for us as we had brought along Darian’s bicycle and the glider for Dyann while the rest rented a bicycle each. Darian had fun cycling along with them while Papa Yap and I guided Dyann on the glider and took a gentle stroll to and fro the jetty.



We were all tired and hungry after an hour of cycling and walking. Before heading over to the food centre, we took some pictures of the sand castles built in memory of the late Lee Kuan Yew. It was indeed nicely done.


The food centre was already packed at 6pm. Fortunately we managed to secure a big table, to accommodate the 10 of us, pretty fast. While the five adults went off to get the various food, I stayed behind to watch the kiddos. Well that’s the advantage of having young kids! Haha…

We had a table full of yummy food. There were satays, bbq chicken wings, oyster omelette, braised duck, fried rice, bak kut teh and sambal sting rays. Somewhat we really ordered too much food and ended up having lots of leftover. The thing about being in this group is that no one actually has the habit of taking photos of our meals. And that explained why there wasn’t any photo of our palatable dinner.

After dinner, we bought some old school ice cream from the ice cream vendor on our way to the car park. The cold and sweet dessert was certainly a good treat to end our day! 🙂


December family fun time

The whole of December had been an incredibly fun and fulfilling one, mostly the second half because Papa Yap took leave from the third week of December until 4th January. The kids, especially Darian who was having his school holidays, and I were absolutely elated to have him around the house. For that past two weeks, we went out most of the days so I hardly cook. Besides, with him in the house meant having extra hands to help me with the kids. Hence, it was like a well deserved break for myself as well. 🙂

There were simply too many activities that happened in December. As such, I decided to sum up everything with this post. Anyways I was pretty sure that double Ds totally had a smashing great time throughout December!

Polliwogs at East Coast

Going to Polliwogs is always a happy time for double Ds. They seemed to have infinite fun playing there and will always ask for more. Coincidentally our dinner dates, Steven and Cassie, were around the vicinity and decided to join us for a while before going for their movie date. Later in the evening, we met up again for dinner at Junction 8. The kids enjoyed their company and we could tell that they adore double Ds as well.




Lunch at Changi City Point and playtime at the Petite Park.

It has been such a long time since I met up with my gf, Angela. So I thought meeting her, together with double Ds, at Changi City Point would be ideal for a little catch up. At least I’m confident enough to supervise the kids in that little indoor playground while chatting with Angela. Apparently Double Ds enjoyed playing with her too. She certainly was good at entertaining the kids. 🙂




Bowling at CSC Changi

We had a bowling and dinner date with Steven and Cassie. Darian was exceptionally happy to hear about our date as he has always been very keen in bowling. The bowling center at CSC Changi is newly established  and has sofa seats rather than the conventional bowling seats. The comfortable settings created a cozy environment for both bowlers and non-bowlers. It’s a great place for friends and family to get together. The other good thing is that the lanes are equipped with gutter bumpers to help kids keep their balls rolling towards the pins. This definitely kept the kids’ morale high. Now that Darian is older and could lift the lightest bowling ball, bowling seems like another family activity for us. Overall, we had a fun bowling experience with Darian and the couple. Looking forward to our next bowling session with them again. 🙂






Yes, the kids love playdates and the best time to plan for playdates is of course during school holidays. This December,we met up with SukChing and baby Tyler for a couple of times. Double Ds are always talking about baby Tyler and they certainly love visiting him at home. We also had another playdate with my friend Fiona and her two lovely kids, Jovan and Joey. It didn’t take the boys long to warm up. The girls however, were at the stage where they were unable to engage in cooperative play. Still, the playdate was an awesome one. I totally enjoyed talking to mummy Fiona and double Ds were happy to have double Js in the house too. 🙂



New Life Community Church

We brought the kids to support the grandparents and their friends for a line dance performance at the church. Darian was all focused watching the performances while Dyann fell asleep before the grandparents went up the stage. Haha…




Yap’s Family day out at the Universal Studio Singapore

Since Papa Yap’s elder brother and his family came back from London for a month stay, we decided to have a family outing to the Universal Studio. It was a good idea for everyone, especially the kids, to get together before they fly back to London. Weather was hot but still bearable. As usual, we spent lots of time queuing for rides and taking photo. While the in laws decided to leave the park at 4ish, we remained in the park until 8pm. We thought it was too early to leave and the kids obviously didn’t have enough fun. Surprisingly queues at night was very short and double Ds were so excited for the rides. Double Ds had an enjoyable day and Dyann was even happier to receive a USS balloon from one of the staff. But someone else wasn’t too pleased about it… 🙂









Christmas 2015

Christmas eve was spent at home together with Jeff and family, Richard and Yanni. Double Ds always love seeing this group of people. They love playing with Double Js all the time. It was absolutely a great occasion to hang out together. On Christmas day, we went over to SukChing’s house and stayed there till late night. Needless to say, we all had a enjoyable time there. This year, we bought a Christmas tree and had all the presents placed under the tree until Christmas Day. Somehow they did manage to wait until Christmas Day to unwrap all the presents despite all those anticipation. Double Ds were very delighted and grateful for all the Christmas presents.







SukLin and Kim’s Rom

Although we didn’t make it to SukLin and Kim’s grand wedding in Thailand, we were still glad to witness their ROM in Singapore. Their ROM was hosted in Tunglok Central and only the close relatives were invited. It’s another wonderful reason to gather with the relative. Wishing them an everlasting marriage and hope to receive ‘good news’ from them soon. 🙂




Cycling at East Coast park

It was an impromptu family activity at the East Coast Park. Weather was cloudy and windy, absolutely perfect for a evening leisure cycle. We rented a family bicycle and a small four wheeled bicycle for an hour. Darian wanted to cycle on his own and we thought it was also a good time for him to practise cycling. It’s always great to be doing such activities during the weekdays where there isn’t any crowd at all. We all had a splendid evening cycle at the beach that day.




Gardens by the bay

We managed to visit Christmas at Gardens by the bay before the theme changed for the next season. Dinner was at Satay by the bay before we began our night stroll at the Flower Dome and Supertree Grove. Luckily for us, it was a cooling night for a stroll around the park. Doubles Ds enjoyed the walk in the Flower Dome and the super tree Rhapsody. The Christmas decorations were all so beautiful to look at. We took many pretty photos and only left the park at about 10pm. Yet another happy family outing. I totally love family time like this. 🙂





Mini golfer at Lilliputt


Darian was very happy when we brought him to Lilliputt indoor mini golf course at the East Coast Park. His first mini golf play experience in Orlando, left him interested for more. He surely enjoyed playing it for fun but not as a form of sport. 😉




Lilliputt mini golf 18 holes course features Singapore landmarks. The place might be showing its age, still we were attracted by the models especially those with mechanism that could transport the golf ball from
one point to another. I love seeing how focused double Ds were, watching and figuring where would the golf ball ends up at. Personally, I felt that the management could consider revamping the models of the places of interest. It would be nice to see other newer attractions such as Gardens by the bay.





Darian had so much fun playing the game. Although Dyann was too young to play, the friendly counter assistant gave her a golf ball to play around. And that kept her well entertained throughout her brother’s game. 🙂





Yet another nice place for family bonding regardless of rain or shine. 😉


Before we fly

***3rd & 5th July***

We had been very busy meeting up with our families, relatives and friends, packing our luggage, settling administrative stuff, so much so that we missed out our own family bonding time with the kids. So Papa Yap and I planned for a two days family outing. 🙂

Polliwogs East Coast













Go green go! 🙂

On Wednesday, we brought the duo to East coast Polliwogs after their afternoon nap. They sure had a whole load of fun there. Polliwogs at East Coast just had a revamp to their indoor playground and that made play much more fun than before. And of course it looks totally newer and better too. Awesome! I am sure Darian would miss playing at Polliwogs! 🙂

Army Museum














Then we went to the Army Museum on Friday morning and left only after lunch at the café there. It was a good exposure for Darian. He gets to understand what Papa Yap has been doing all these while. The whole trip was like a total boy thing! Heehee 😉 I had tried using the rifle at a stimulated range. Oh I didn’t expect the rifle would be that heavy until that day! But Papa Yap thought otherwise. Darian had fun trying the SOC that he spent quite some time there.


We headed to JEM thereafter. It is one huge mall with many shops. Thank goodness that I don’t stay in the west. It will be really bad for Papa Yap’s pocket! You know! Haha 😉


East Coast Park

***15th June***





In the evening, we drove down to East Coast Park to show our support for Project Bonafide Hearts’ event whereby Papa Yap’s uncle and family was managing a kiosk there. The girls were happy to see the kiddos and Darian had fun playing the water guns with his little aunts and some random kids there. Gotten some food and toys for Darian from the kiosk. We spent almost an hour there before going to Hougang 1 for dinner and grocery shopping. I do hope to participate in some form of charity works when the kids grow up. It will be meaningful.



Dinner was at Sakae sushi. Papa Yap is one salmon sashimi lover. Sashimi for me is a NONONO… I simply couldn’t swallow the raw fish. Ordered a kids’ meal for Darian and he only ate some rice, fries and a sausage. It is really difficult to bring him out for meals. We are trying our best to expose him to more variety of food but there are just too many food that he doesn’t like to eat. At the same time, he is not adventurous with trying out new food. We would have to force him to. Seriously this process is so so tiring and frustrating. I guess all we can do is to constantly encourage him to eat and introduce him to more. Hopefully he will get over this phase fast!