Tuesday lunch at Ikea

***14th May 13***

My sis and I picked Darian from school and he was so surprised.Heehee 😉 We headed to Ikea for lunch but only to realise that half of the Ikea Cafe was under renovation. There were limited food variety and the halah food section were closed too. We ended up with only the wings, meatballs and pancakes(which we didn’t really like). After lunch, as usual we shopped around Ikea showroom then ended the trip with hotdog bun and ice-cream. 🙂











The kids bedroom

The kids’ bedroom is all ready! We have gotten the pretty decals from Decorette Store and photo frames from Ikea to decorate the room. We took almost three hours (with many disruptions by the kids) to install the decals. I am sure that we could complete the task in less than 2 hours time without the kids. It is not that difficult after all. All you need are some masking tape, a pen knife and card to do the magic. Just have to be extra careful, slow and steady when pasting and peeling the decals and it will definitely be a job well done. 🙂




Papa Yap was really excited about doing up the kids’ bedroom. On the night after we received the decals, he insisted to install the decals while meimei was sleeping. I thought he was crazy! It was already 10pm and he was very persistent about it until meimei woke up! Arghh… After which I stopped him from continuing. Totally Insane! Haha…

We started our groom my room project at 11am and completed everything about 2pm. We were very satisfied with the end result! The room looks great with the decals. Loving it. Even Darian thinks that their bedroom looks good. Awesome! 🙂







Over the long weekend

Just nice that Papa Yap 29th Birthday was over the long weekend and we spent much quality time together.

***25th October***

We went to Ikea for our early dinner as Papa Yap came home very early. We prefer to go to Ikea during the weekdays as it is not crowded at all, quieter and at the same time getting a seat at the Ikea restaurant is so much easier. So Papa Yap bought the usual food stuff. I simply love the chicken wings there! It is like a must-eat food each time we come to Ikea. After our dinner, we brought Darian to the kids furniture department to check out some furniture pieces before we hit on the store to get some stuff. As usual, Darian was busy playing in the various showrooms while I was busy with my camera. heehee 😉

Kids meal  – French fries and nuggets

Fried rice with two chicken wings

Gravad Lax Plate (Salmon slices with sweet mustard sauce)

And so we ended the night with Macdonald Samurai burger! Our first time eating it. The beef patty is much more tender and juicy compared to the cheese burger. With a coat of the sweet teriyaki sauce makes it even more tasty. 🙂 Alright I know I shouldn’t be eating supper. It’s all Papa Yap’s fault. He was way too hungry from the early dinner. 😉

***26th October***

So the day before Papa Yap’s actual birthday, I gave him a treat at The Coastal Settlement. We went there for brunch and we feel that the food there is fairly good and quite a big portion. I couldn’t finish my order and both of us agreed that we will not order two main courses for our next visit. Overall I think the food wasn’t really that impressive but whole place definitely is. Love the retro vintage concept environment. It is well decorated and furnished with old school furniture pieces and displays. A great place to hang out for brunch and dinner surrounded by beautiful vintage furniture and nostalgic architecture. Awesome! 🙂

Daddy and his boy ❤

Come on its just ice water! Haha 😉


Our sweetie pie! ❤

The man in thoughts

Our drinks

Junior Fish and Chips – Nothing special, just deep fried fish batter with chunky fries. But I do like the fries! 🙂

The Settlement Brunch – Toast with jam, baked beans, scrambled eggs, bacons, sausage and cherry tomatoes.

Grilled Bangers and Mash – Chunky chicken and beef sausages with savory cream sauce.  The onion rings are 100% pure deep fried onions slices which I do not like it at all.

Daddy and his girl ❤

❤ Us ❤

Little Darian on the Vespa

Mommy with her two loves ❤❤

Dino surprise! Hehee 😉

Boys on the swing

That’s all folks! 🙂


Dinner at Himawari

***13th July***

Thursday dinner was buffet at Himawari Japanese restaurant at 1 Changi Biz Park Crescent together with my sister and John. As it is located at Changi Business Park, there isn’t any crowd at all. There is currently a 4 for the price of 3 promotion going on at the restaurant. Quite a good deal! Well I don’t really fancy Japanese food and I don’t eat raw stuff but the three of them love it so much. I had only agreed to go so that Papa Yap gets a chance to satisfy his sashimi’s craving. Haha. 😉 The food was fairly good. Papa Yap finds it better than Hanabi and Shin Minori. And the buffet is inclusive of a shabu shabu hotpot as well. They gave us a pot of vegetable soup with two plates of beef shabu shabu (there is chicken and pork to choose as well). We ate so much and were really too full to finish up the shabu shabu hotpot. Hah…

After dinner, we went to Ikea to get some stuff. Darian wanted to eat fries so we went to the Ikea restaurant before shopping around. Can you imagine after such a hearty meal, me and my sis ate a chicken wing each. Haha glutton us! We just love Ikea chicken wings! Yummy 🙂


Pat’s Birthday

***19th June***

Happy Birthday Pat! 🙂

Celebrated Pat’s Birthday at Tampines Ikea together with Sherie, Lin Nah and her daughter Kylynn, Linda and her niece Clarise, and Sarinah. We used to be colleagues working in PCF Tampines North Kindergarten. Despite our age gap (me being the youngest), we are really good friends. After our resignation, we remained in contact and would usually meet up during festives and occasions. 🙂 So that afternoon, Papa Yap sent Darian and I to Ikea and went prawning with his friends. We wanted to join him there after lunch, however due to the drizzles, we cabbed home.

Clarise with Darian 🙂 Aww… Super in love with this photo. So lovely!

Both of them holding hands in Ikea! Haha 🙂