Oh funny Darian

D: “Mummy my hair is getting crazy, I need a haircut.” 😉

Darian insisted to have his haircut done on Saturday while we were doing our weekly grocery shopping. He claimed that his hair was getting too crazy! Haha… Like really?! Even with us assuring him that his hair looked totally fine and could wait till next weekend, he was still persistent. Seriously! We really thought he was that vain. In the end, we gave in and Papa Yap brought him to the hairdresser. After the haircut, he came out happily with two lollipops, seeking permission to eat it. We then realized that it was actually the lollipops he wanted! Boy oh boy! Haha 😉





Bath Time

Papa Yap was lounging on the sofa before Darian’s bath time.

D: Mama can you bathe me? Papa very lazy…

M: Okie! Haha…

The next moment, I could hear Papa Yap laugh and ask him “what did you say Darian?” 😉

Eventually, neither Papa Yap nor I bathe him. He actually did it himself! I couldn’t believe how much he has grown and how fast it is.

After showering, while helping him to wipe dry his body…

M: Wow Darian you are a big boy now!

D: No mama! I am not a big boy! I don’t have a lot of hair! I want to grow up taller and faster like you and papa. I want to have a lot of hair like you and papa!

Darian Yap why are you so funny? 😉

Kids… Don’t they always say the dardest things!





Hersheys kisses


While Darian was seeking permission to eat the Hersheys kisses chocolate…

D: Mummy, what is this?

M: You sure you don’t know what that is? It is chocolate…

D: Can I eat?

M: Okie but only one. Eh Darian, tell me what does the chocolate look like? (So I was expecting him to say shit, 大便…(Oops please pardon the crudeness.)

D: (looking carefully at the chocolate) The chocolate looks like volcano!

M: Oh ya! You are right! Sure it looks like one. 🙂

Of course, I was impressed with his answer and seriously I was not expecting that too! Heehee… Later on, I got Papa Yap to guess Darian’s answer and his guess was ‘shit’. Haha… Well well I supposed it’s the parents who are full of crap rather than the kids! Heehee 😉




At the snake encounter, Papa Yap was demonstrating and encouraging Darian to overcome the fear of touching the snake…

P: Come Darian, let’s touch the snake. I will be with you.

D: NO, I don’t want!!

P: Come… See, it will not bite. See how Papa touch it.

D: NO NO NO!!!

P: Do you remember you ever touch a snake when you were a baby?

D: Last time I was a baby. Now I’m a big boy ok!!

We like his answer and had quite a laugh though. Haha 😉 Quite an epic answer. So he was trying to tell Papa Yap indirectly that when he was a baby he knew nuts about the snake. Now that he is older and totally aware of it, there’s no way he would ever get close to it! Heehee 🙂

Donatello for today

So our darling boy decided to call himself Donatello for today… We were getting down the car and he remained in his seat despite me asking him to get down. “Darian, come down now!” He totally ignored me. For the second time, I repeated the sentence again and that was when he replied, “I’m not Darian, I’m Donatello okie!” Rolling my eyes, I told him “Okie Donatello, get down the car now!”. He gave a smirk and came out instantaneously! Argh!!! Haha 🙂


Photos were taken few weeks back 🙂


Ben Tennyson

At the hotel lobby while waiting for the bus, Papa Yap’s friend was asking Darian for his name and he proudly told him “Ben Tenneyson”. Papa yap and I burst out laughing! Wahaha 😄 So when did we give him that name? And we didn’t know Papa is Shihhao Tennyson until today. Heehee 😊 What a funny son! Anyway Ben Tennyson is actually Ben 10. One of Darian’s favourite cartoon character for sure. 😊


Mid-Autumn festival

***13th September 13***

Just as we thought that we would miss out this year mid-autumn festival, LTC Tan invited us to his house on base for a mini celebration together with some other international families. He had prepared mooncakes and lanterns as well as drinks and snacks for all of us. We arrived at about 7pm and started preparing for the walk to the Potomac river to release our sky lanterns. It was a long and cold walk down. I can feel the chill even in my cardigan. The duo were dressed in long sleeves as weather has started turning cold lately and I wouldn’t want them to catch a chill.

At about 7.40pm, we carried our lit paper lanterns and began our walk to the river. All our candles went out half way before we could reach. I think we probably took about 30 minutes walking there. We were supposed to fly our sky lanterns at the river. Most of the people were at the platform nearing the river while I was at the start of the bridge with the duo. I have this phobia standing near to the sea especially without any fencing, and naturally my legs would turn ‘jelly’ hence I didn’t want to take any chance with the duo around. Thank goodness I made the right choice as Papa Yap told me about the shaky platform thereafter. All the kids were so excited about the lanterns. The first few sky lanterns didn’t manage to fly up and landed into the water shortly. It was pretty disappointing because the sky lanterns were all scribbled with respective families wishes. Until the last one flew right up to the sky and we were all so nervous hoping that it would not land into the sea. Finally it made its way right up into the wide dark sky. I was wondering who that lucky family was. Then Papa Yap walked back and asked me if I have seen our sky lantern flying up into the sky. Woohoo! So it was ours! I was absolutely delighted and so was Papa Yap. Huat ah! 🙂


LTC Tan briefing on setting up the lanterns


Waiting for Papa


Papa Yap showing Darian how to lit up the paper lantern


Our sky lantern penned with our wishes and Darian’s little drawings. 🙂


It has been really many years since I last carried a paper lantern. heehee 😉


Darian talking to Uncle Feroz. We were all getting ready to set off.


On the platform flying the sky lanterns


The orange object at the top left. That’s our lantern up in the sky! Yay 🙂


LTC Tan helping the kids with the paper lanterns.


Papa Yap indulging in mooncake


This is the first time Darian carry a paper lantern. He was pretty much frightened that he would get burn. Haha 😉 Anyway it was a very good experience for him. For the past two years, he received like 5 to 6 musical battery operated lanterns from his grandparents and grandaunts. I can tell you how irritating those are and Papa Yap hates them. Haha… 😉


Papa Yap with his little princess.

Happy mid-autumn festival everyone! 🙂



Double Ds

❤Darian and Dyann❤



Darian has been a real doting and loving brother to Baby Dyann. Despite the fact that he is only turning 4 end of the year, he has shown much love towards his little sister. He showers her with plenty of hugs and kisses even though Dyann would literally shove him away. Being the big brother, whenever I get angry with Baby Dyann, he would step in, stop me from spanking his sister and snap at me: “Don’t beat meimei. I will protect meimei!”. I couldn’t even recall myself protecting my siblings when I was a child myself. I most probably would be hiding somewhere to prevent my mom from spanking me as well. Haha 🙂



I find it incredibly amazing to see the two of them engaging in play. They enjoy playing hide and seek, chasing each other around the house. It is such a bliss watching them chuckle and having fun together! 🙂 Sometimes I will get Darian to share his bowl of cereal puff and he will gladly feed Baby Dyann. It is awfully sweet to watch him feeds his baby sister.❤



Then again, there are also times when the duo fight over toys and usually Baby Dyann is the one who started it. She would disrupt Darian’s play by snatching his toys and is rather adamant that she will not give in at all. That of course result in a battle of screams and cries! However, the moment we interfere and ask for the toy in her hand, she will surrender it without a fuss. Baby Dyann obviously knows how to bully her brother. Most of time, I don’t expect Darian to give in as that portray biaseness and is definitely ‘unhealthy’ in the long run. Kids being kids; apparently they seem to become bff again after each fight. Well still Papa Yap and I are certain that Darian loves his sister very much. He is after all merely a four year old little boy. But can you imagine him praising his baby sister, “so cute”, “so pretty”, “clever girl”, “good job meimei”… It’s totally funny to hear him saying that yet on the other hand, I’m sure he is pretty proud of her. Heehee 😉



Nevertheless, it is truly heartwarming seeing the way the double Ds look at each other. Much affections.❤ I do hope that the duo will grow up as loving as of now; to be supportive towards each other and Darian being the big brother, protects meimei always. Loving the two of them heaps!❤❤


Funny Darian

Our cheeky and funny little boy! 🙂





Darian is one cheeky and funny little boy. We are all amused by his cheekiness and funny behaviours and actions. He is quite a quick-witted boy who simply brings so much joy and laughter to us, our family, relatives and friends. Papa Yap and I wonder why is darling Darian such a funny little one and my sister thinks that he has inherited her humour genes. Haha… Ya right… Having Darian in our life indeed brighten up our days. He really can make us laugh like crazy! Super love him to the max! Guess he is going to grow up to be one charismatic charming guy with a high sense of humour who attracts many girls. Yep, all mommies think highly of their kids, don’t they?! Heehee 😉