Picnic at National Mall

***20th April***





Don’t get me wrong, the National mall here does not refer to a building but a big national park in Washington D.C, between the Capitol building and Lincoln Memorial. It is certainly a beautiful place for picnics and kite flying sessions. If not, there is also a stretch of Smithsonian museums by the sides, making this place really popular for both locals and tourists. Also, it is famous for the Cherry blossom festival. I was very disappointed that we did not make it during the second week of April for the cherry blossom festive. In fact Papa Yap felt so too.







Spring is here and it’s certainly a great time for picnic. Darian was so looking forward for this picnic. He totally couldn’t wait to run around, blow bubbles, and fly the kite under the sun. So that day we got there about 12ish and only left at 6ish. The park was pretty crowded but still we got a nice shady place for picnic and a good spot for flying the kite. Yay! We had so much fun the entire time and the kids got a ride on a carousel before we left too. We totally love family time like this. It was truly a wonderful and lovely day together. Darian was even asking for a second round. But well I suppose the next family picnic will only take place back in Singapore! So looking forward! 🙂









Precious moment. Life is good. 🙂



Madame Tussauds Washington D.C

***23rd March 14***

The visit to Madame Tussauds Washington D.C happened because…

1) we did not have anything to do and wanted to get out of the house.

2) the weather was cold and we had to do something indoor.

3) we have not been to one before.



Yeah and so we were there!

First of all, we thought that the wax museum is smaller than what we had expected. All the figures were on the same level, placed at different rooms. They didn’t look like have that many figures as compared to the one in NYC. And I really regretted not going to the one in NYC. If we have been there, we would likely give this a miss. I supposed the highlights of this museum is the President Gallery which displays all the United States Presidents. There were quite a bit of information to read up though.






It would definitely be nice to take a photo with the President and his first lady, but it could only be taken by the museum photographer which also meant paying for it. Therefore we decided to just take the side view of them. Still a decent picture eh!

Basically visiting a wax museum is totally all about photography. We were posing the entire time in the museum; even Darian and Dyann were into posing for the camera too! It was really funny how Darian requested(or rather insisted) for certain poses. Haha… What a silly boy! He’s probably getting too used to the camera and becoming quite a poser. 🙂  I must say it was kind of fun to be doing the poses with the family and there were much laughter in the midst of it. Hence the trip at Madame Tussauds wasn’t too bad after all. We did enjoy and have fun. 🙂










Impromptu trip to DC

***15th March***

While we were feeling tired from the post New York trip and supposed to be resting, relaxing, doing laundry(Tons to wash… Argh!) at home on Saturday, the weather simply has to be that great to lure us out of the house. It seemed like the sun was literally telling us to get out of the house, do something and not bum at home. Haha 😉  Papa Yap and I agreed that the weather was seriously too good to be staying home hence decided to drive down to DC and take a stroll around the White House, Washington Monument, and Reflecting Pool instead. 🙂







We began our walk around the white house, followed by the Washington monument and ended at the Lincoln Memorial. It has been quite a while since I last seen 10 over degrees temperature on my weather apps. Yet despite the bright sun, I underestimated the wind power. Weather was really chilly and we didn’t exactly wear thick enough. Still we had so much fun and laughter walking around and only left at sunset. 🙂













It was definitely a beautiful late afternoon walking around DC with the family. Nothing beats having to watch the kids running around happily, playing with their father. Absolutely simple yet wonderful family time together.



Sometime impromptu plan can just be this awesome! 🙂


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

***2nd February 14***


There are a number of Smithsonian museums in Washington DC and the best part is that they are all admission free. Yet despite staying here for 8 months, we have not been to all of them. We were actually selective and only chose museums that were more interesting for the kiddos. Besides, weather was another contributing factor which kept us away from DC this winter.

As expected the museum was crowded on a Saturday. Still, it is definitely a great place for family with young kids to visit. There are tons of interesting and educational exhibits to see for both the adults and kids. We totally had a great time walking through the exhibit halls.








We realized Darian really likes going to such museums and shows keen interest especially in animals and dinosaurs exhibits. He just got to have million of questions for us! There was the kids discovery center where Darian absolutely enjoyed himself, having fun doing some hands on activities. As for Dyann, she most probably doesn’t really understand what’s going on, however she likes doing what her big brother does. It’s kind of hard to strap her down in stroller nowadays you know.








Also for Darian, it seems that the entire museum visit would be incomplete without stepping into the gift shop. It’s only typical of Darian wanting us to visit the shop, the moment we arrive in the museum. Of course, we only allow gift shop to be our last stop for any museum visit. Obviously, it was all those toys that enticed him. I have always tried not to give in to his requests of getting any stuff in the shop. However it appears I’m quite a sucker for that. Haha… There are times when I stood really firm but sometimes(or was it most of the times) I wavered. Darian is certainly aware that there would be literally no chance for him to convince Papa Yap so he pestered me instead. As much as I don’t want to cultivate such spending habits, it’s just so hard for me to say no to him at times. Are all mommies like this too? Haha 😉


  We spent a lot of time on the first floor and didn’t have time for the second. So perhaps one fine day we would be back to the museum again. Overall, we did have much wonderful family times that day and yes double Ds went home with a plushie each. Happy kiddos, happy parents, happy day! Yay! 🙂


Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

***24th November 13***

Honestly I did not really enjoy my trip to the Smithsonian air and space museum at D.C. To clarify it has certainly nothing to do with the museum itself. In fact, on the whole, the museum was spectacular with great exhibits and loads of information. It was just me. Most probably I woke up at the wrong side of the bed. *sigh*

Well I was already feeling grumpy before we hit the road. First, it started off with the freaking cold weather and Darian was making a fuss over wearing the jacket. Next was searching for a parking lot around D.C. Parking is seriously a hassle there. Argh… Fortunately after several roundings around the streets, we spotted a family walking towards their car and managed to secure their parking space. After that, in that really cold weather, we brisk walked as fast as possible to the museum. Third, it was a Sunday, so naturally there was a big crowd. I very much prefer to visit such places with lesser crowd whereby it’s easier for us to move around. Then again who doesn’t? Hah.. It was just me! Fourth, the kiddos… One was constantly asking to move on the next exhibit while the other was struggling out of the stroller. I suppose you can tell who! Argh…

I think the trip would be much enjoyable if our kids are older. There are absolute much for them to see, explore and learn from. Nonetheless, I’m glad that Darian actually learnt a titsy bitsy about space and now he can proudly tell us that we live on planet Earth. So it isn’t that bad after all! 🙂


Finally we reached!


Little mister curious.


At the Wright brothers Exhibit.


Hi pretty! 🙂


Papa and double Ds.


The duo playing happily together.


Air plane exhibit


Learning about the planets.


It is suppose to be a dark room with a glowing Earth.


Coincidentally, Darian brought along a blue rubber ball and he was surely creative enough to tell me that it resembles Earth. That was also when I realised  he actually remembered it. Good job Darian Yap! 🙂


Always curious about everything.


Waiting to take a look at the cock pit.


Papa Yap explaining to Darian.


Smithsonian National Zoological Park

***30th August 13***


Darian taking photo at the Zoo entrance with a random kid who sat there for so long and we couldn’t wait till he leaves. Heehee 😉


With my darling❤

After seeing the Zoo en route to the Singapore embassy at Washington, we were very sure that we would be bringing the kids there soon. Darian was all grinning when he found out about the Zoo and has been asking to go. Since Papa Yap was having a long weekend break, we planned a day out to the Zoo. It took us almost an hour to reach the Zoo as some roads were closed for some sort of event. We were literally driving in circles because the GPS kept guiding us to the closed roads until Papa Yap drove away from that area.

Thankfully we managed to get a parking lot at the Zoo. It has limited parking lots and is usually full. The car park charges is quite pricey though. We paid 22 bucks for three hours or more. Regardless, it is free admission into the Zoo. How awesome is that! The zoo is situated within the housing estate so people staying around could walk over as and when they like without worrying about the parking. Seriously parking can be quite a headache in D.C. Over at the sloth bear show, an old lady was telling me that she was actually on the way to the bakery with her grandson when he insisted to turn into the Zoo instead. Haha… 😉


Darian purchasing the zoo map.


Acting like as if he is a pro at map reading. Heehee 😉


Lunch: Pizzas and kids meal.


At the panda souvenir shop


The panda hear gear is too big for Baby Dyann. 😉


My adorable panda boy! 😉

Things are of course not cheap in the park. It is exactly the same in Singapore so I am not complaining. Well we can choose to bring in our own food though. There are some picnic areas. Zoo map is at 2 bucks each so if you are unwilling to spend money on that probably you could take a photo of the map or print it at home. Anyway the admission is free, hence we could spent a little on food, souvenirs and parking. 🙂

Visiting the zoo during summer time is really hot. It doesn’t help much especially when there were plenty of walking to do, going from one exhibit to another. Hah! The park was built on the hill so the part of walking down slope, looking at the animals was definitely easy peasy as compared to walking up! You know, it seemed like a little hike for me. Seriously I had aching legs for the next two days after that. Good exercise though. Heehee 😉


Mister TianTian alone


Getting our panda penny.


Looking for the sloth bear


The oh-so-cool goriila

Looking at the crowd, the Zoo sure seem to be a popular hotspot in D.C. It is well maintained and big with many animals including the red pandas and panda. During our trip, the female panda had just given birth to a cub so they were both kept in confinement, leaving the papa panda in the exhibit. The pandas should be the people’s favourite. There were just too many people at the exhibit. 😉


The boys


Looking at the seals

We all had a fantastic day at the zoo though we were dead beat. The kids slept through the journey back home. I even totally declined Papa Yap’s kind offer to bring me shopping at a premium shopping outlet in Leesburg. See that is exactly how tired I was. Heehee 😉 So we got home at about 4pm. We bought Zoo t-shirts for the duo and a set of dinosaur mini figurine for Darian. To round up, it was a fun and happy day for the Yappies! Splendid! 🙂


Happy little girl


At the petting farm


with my lovely little girl❤


Back home with some souvenirs from the Zoo. 🙂

We did not get to see all the animals. Perhaps of the hot weather, they decided to hide and laze in the shade. I think fall should be an ideal season to revisit again. So till then! 😉