Spring is sprouting

Just days before Spring…

Somehow it seemed like Winter wanted to make its end with a bang! It snowed for the entire day and the whole place was once again all covered with few inches of snow. Did I even mention that it’s only normal that school and base camp would be closed in view of the weather conditions. So for the umpteen times this winter, Papa Yap camp was on a code red thus all classes and activities were cancelled.

Well we did have our last bit of snow fun before Winter transits into Spring. Seriously weather was so cold that we couldn’t stay out for long. Still, double Ds were overjoyed with all the snow play. While Baby Dyann enjoyed herself with Papa Yap pulling her on the sled, Darian had a whole ball of fun throwing snowballs too.






We are really looking forward to this Spring. It’s time to keep those big coats and gloves for good. Time to watch the trees blossom. And it’s about time to go home soon. Yay! Darian is literally counting down to the day. Haha… It’s going to be a lovely Spring for sure! 🙂





A short trip part 2 – Massanutten Resort

***18th January 14***

Let me share about the hotel we stayed for the trip before I talk about the Massanutten resort. After the day at Luray Caverns, we checked into our hotel rooms at Residence Inn Harrisonburg. The hotel room was really spacious with kitchen and separate areas for sleeping, working, eating and relaxing. We all loved it! In fact, we had wanted to book our hotel around the snow resort which we would be going to the next day after Luray Caverns. But it was fully booked. Well I suppose it was kind of like a blessing in disguise because our room was at least 30 bucks cheaper, much bigger and with shops and restaurants around the vicinity. The only cons is that the drive to the snow resort was about 25 minutes. Still, it’s not that far. Having said so, we were extremely pleased to have had chosen there for our accommodation. The kids had a blast running around, playing hide and seek in the room. So much joy. I was even joking with Papa Yap that I could stay in the room for the whole day which somewhat did happen. Boohoo…










Alright back to the topic for the day – The Massanutten Resort. Our trip to the snow resort was quite an unforgettable one. What happened was that Dyann had high fever in the middle of the night and didn’t sleep well at all. I was worried that her fever would persist and affect our plans for the following day. Thankfully she woke up with only mild fever and so we proceeded with our plans. We did make some changes to the original plans though. Instead of spending the whole day at the snow resort, Papa Yap drove us back to the hotel after our snow tubing session which he then returned to join Feroz for their skiing session.







     Snow tubing was fun, albeit rather scary. It was definitely not what I had expected. I thought it was merely grabbing a tube and sliding down some slopes. It was actually on a very high hill and the sliding speed is so fast! Seriously there was no way Darian would want to try tubing at that height. It was way too thrilling for him to handle. Even I was feeling so nervous myself. We would rather waste that 25 bucks on the ticket than to traumatize him. If I were to know about it, we wouldn’t have even purchased his ticket in the first place. Papa Yap and I took turns to babysit the kids while Feroz had a great time tubing. Haha that’s the thing about going to such places without young kids. I had only two rounds of tubing before bringing double Ds indoor as it was freaking cold outside. After 2 hours of snow tubing, we went over to the skiing building to collect the skiing equipment for the guys. The guys went for a hour session while the three of us waited in a building and had our lunch while waiting. After which Papa Yap drove us back to the hotel and went back to continue with his skiing session.





So I ended up spending the entire afternoon in the room watching some random cartoons and the kiddos running around while waiting for Papa Yap to pick us up for dinner. It was quite disappointing that I didn’t manage to hang around the snow resort to take more photos for the guys. According to Papa Yap, skiing wasn’t that easy at all. Still it was a great and fun experience . How I wish I could have a try too. Haha! 🙂


Day 6 – Disney Magic Kingdom

***25th December 13***



Just one word to sum up Christmas at Magic kingdom…Overwhelming! Overwhelming place, crowd and queues! I got a shock when we got into the car park at 8ish. It was already packed. From the parking lot tram to the monorail station to the entrance of Magic Kingdom took us about one and a half hour. Crazy! According to the staff, Christmas is the busiest day of the year. And our friends were telling us how big the park was and apparently it was quite impossible to complete the park within a day. It’s true! Now that it’s Christmas, we couldn’t even finish half a park. That’s just how ridiculous it was. Given that it was our first time there, it seemed rather ‘wasted’ you know.  I did wonder if we have chosen the right time to visit but it was Papa Yap’s idea for us to celebrate and soak into the Christmas atmosphere. Somehow we did despite the crowd. But I am very sure there is no way for me to visit such popular theme park during any festive seasons again. 😉


Magic Kingdom surely lives up to its name. It is certainly one beautiful theme park! And I’m so in love with the castle. Anyway do you guys know that not all the castles worldwide are the same. The one in Orlando and Japan belongs to Cinderella while California, HongKong and France, has the Sleeping Beauty castle.








How can you not take photographs with Mickey, Minnie and the Disney characters when you visit Disneyland. It’s like a must-do regardless of the wait right? Anyway we could tell that Dyann likes Minnie quite a bit as she was looking and touching Minie throughout the photo taking session. So adorable! And whenever we entered a gift shop, she would be looking for Minnie stuff. Hmm… seems like we will be expecting more Minnie stuff at home! heehee 😉




We did take The Winnie the pooh ride and watch a 3D Mickey show too. It didn’t take us that long to wait for the two as we managed to grab the fast-pass tickets. So peeps if you are planning for a trip to Disneyland, do your homework and check out their fast pass stations. This can really save a lot of waiting time.









We totally enjoyed the Disney parades and managed to catch two parades in exchange for all the other rides. Yeah we really spent A LOT of time waiting. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime parade which is filled with Disney Characters, elves, reindeer, toys, candy, and also Santa atop a sleigh. The music is catchy and the floats are spectacular making it a parade not to be missed. Of course we were glad to have made it. The other one was the Disney electrical parade that is a night-time parade where Disney characters come alive in bright lit colourful floats, marching through the streets. Beautiful!





The fireworks performance was absolutely stunning! We felt that it was better than the one in Japan. Having to wait for the show since 7pm when it only begin at 9.45pm. What more can I say? By then Baby Dyann was already sleeping on the double stroller while Darian was still battling with the ‘sleeping the monster’ in him. Haha.. Well he did manage to stay awake and watch the fantastic fireworks and laser show. The moment the show ended, he sat in the stroller and dozed off. That’s just how tired he was. 😉



It was certainly one long and tiring day at Magic Kingdom. You know what… we were there until 12am yet we didn’t get a chance to finish touring the entire theme park. Seriously we got to find a way to come back again! Haha 😉 Nevertheless it was definitely a magical Christmas for us. What a splendid and wonderful Christmas! 🙂


Let it snow

Our family first snow experience! What can I say about it? Cold! Freezing cold! Ironically, we were excited for snow but when it came, I can’t wait for it to be over soon. Haha… It’s way too cold and its not even into winter yet. Well we don’t get snow showers everyday. Maybe like once or twice a week. And when it snows, we don’t really want to be out unless necessary. Blur vision and slippery roads make driving a little tat challenging.

The kids are pretty excited about snow. Darian has been asking to play out in the snow. He wants to build snowman and make snowballs to throw at Papa. That’s exactly what he said! Heehee 😉 Son, we’ll try to make it happen when the snow level increases and probably at some snow resort in January. Absolutely looking forward to it! 🙂










Autumn leaves



In the season of fall, the leaves gradually change their colours. From green to yellow, orange and red. It is such a beautiful sight, watching rows of brilliantly coloured trees as we drive along the roads and highways. Somehow it seems so surreal to be driving along a stretch of coloured forestations. Never did we expect to have such an opportunity to be living in a four seasons country. Looking at the autumn leaves, it also reminds me of our lovely Japan holiday in 2008. 🙂 Right now, we are enjoying this magnificent autumn scenic view until winter comes. Anyway the weather is getting real cold too! Till then! 🙂