Changi City Point


Had a last catch up session(for the year) with my ex-colleagues at Changi City Point. Papa Yap accompanied us there so that he could help out with the duo while I chat with my friends. See how nice my hubby is! Heehee 😉 Brunch was at Eggs and Berries. For our first visit, Papa Yap and I agreed that the food quality was considerably good. Ambience was cosy and comfortable enough. However it was a little overpriced and the portion wasn’t exactly that huge as mentioned in the menu. I almost shared a platter with Papa Yap seeing the prints go “huge portion of…. blah blah…” haha…


kid’s meal






grilled chicken steak



Oops… I couldn’t recall all the name of these dishes!

After lunch, Papa Yap brought Darian and Cindy’s kiddos to The Petite Park, leaving us to chat over drinks. The kids definitely had a smashing fun time there. I think they were there for more than two hours. Needless to say, it was much more convenient for us without the kids. Kudos to Papa Yap! Heehee 😉


Lin with meimei


Min Song, Darian and Xiang Ting


Who doesn’t love ball pit?! heehee 😉


Playful boys!


It is always good to meet up with this group of ladies. Thank you for making time for this and will see you guys when we return next year! 🙂


Happy Papa Day

***15th June***


On the way for dim sum date


At Asia Grand

Ang and Yanni gave us and Jeff and family a treat at Asia Grand Restaurant, Odeon Tower. We have already planned for this dim sum date way back in early May which I have been looking forward to. Dim sum there is really yummy. Food quality is definitely much better than Red Star but of course more pricey. We were too engrossed eating that I have forgotten to take any photo of the food. heehee 😉 We had a wonderful brunch and were all satiated! Thank you Ang for the sumptuous meal! 🙂

After lunch, we shopped in town. Halfway, Ang and Yanni left to Robinson Centrepoint while Jeff and us went to coffeebean at Ngee Ann City for a coffee break. Darian wanted to catch the Ben 1o show at Takashimaya atrium so we hang around Takashimaya while Jeff and family went elsewhere to look at soccer boots for the two Js. Apparently the duo show a sudden interest in soccer and insisted their parents to get them the boots and socks. Just how fortunate kids are these days.


Darian with his favourite


Happy boy with his ben 10 loots

The ben 10 show started at 4pm. We managed to sit in the front row as we were the first few in queue. Darian was totally excited about ben 10 making his grand appearance on stage. He enjoyed the entire show and had a photography session with Ben 10 and Gwen. He was even happier when we agreed to get him three ben 10 alien figurines and two t-shirts. He held tight to his loots and refused to let us hold it for him even though he was super tired.


Darian and Papa Yap


Love Papa Yap


Hand made card for Papa 🙂

Back at home, Darian presented our hand made card to Papa Yap. Darian did all the writing while I spelled the words, drew, pasted all the dino stickers and stamped the star and heart shape all over the card. Papa Yap was happy to see the card. It was indeed a pleasant surprise for him. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day Papa Yap. Thank you for being such a great papa to Darian and Baby Dyann. You are not only their dad but their friend, their playmate as well. Someone whom they really respect and at the same time love being with. We all love you very much!


Picotin at Turf Club Rd

***7th April 13***

It has been quite some time since we last went to Picotin. It is really a nice place for a weekend breakfast and lunch together with family and friends. Nice ambience and good food. I didn’t manage to capture any photo of the food as by the time I took out my camera, everyone has started eating. Haha… That’s the cons of bulky camera. 😉 Anyway It is surely very nice of Jeff to give us a lunch treat at Picotin. The kids had fun playing around the place too. There were rabbits, pony and horse feeding activity to keep them busy. Darian wasn’t brave enough to feed the rabbits until Papa Yap stepped in to assure him that they are harmless. haha… Don’t even talk about the horse and pony. He didn’t even want to go near them. 😉 Was indeed a great Sunday brunch for us all. Thank you Jeff! 🙂


The 3 posers


The boys with Uncle Richard


Lovely meimei


Auntie Yanni carrying meimei


The boys at the rabbits hutch


Feeding time


Finally he dares to hold on to the carrot while the rabbit nibbles


At the stable



Over the long weekend

Just nice that Papa Yap 29th Birthday was over the long weekend and we spent much quality time together.

***25th October***

We went to Ikea for our early dinner as Papa Yap came home very early. We prefer to go to Ikea during the weekdays as it is not crowded at all, quieter and at the same time getting a seat at the Ikea restaurant is so much easier. So Papa Yap bought the usual food stuff. I simply love the chicken wings there! It is like a must-eat food each time we come to Ikea. After our dinner, we brought Darian to the kids furniture department to check out some furniture pieces before we hit on the store to get some stuff. As usual, Darian was busy playing in the various showrooms while I was busy with my camera. heehee 😉

Kids meal  – French fries and nuggets

Fried rice with two chicken wings

Gravad Lax Plate (Salmon slices with sweet mustard sauce)

And so we ended the night with Macdonald Samurai burger! Our first time eating it. The beef patty is much more tender and juicy compared to the cheese burger. With a coat of the sweet teriyaki sauce makes it even more tasty. 🙂 Alright I know I shouldn’t be eating supper. It’s all Papa Yap’s fault. He was way too hungry from the early dinner. 😉

***26th October***

So the day before Papa Yap’s actual birthday, I gave him a treat at The Coastal Settlement. We went there for brunch and we feel that the food there is fairly good and quite a big portion. I couldn’t finish my order and both of us agreed that we will not order two main courses for our next visit. Overall I think the food wasn’t really that impressive but whole place definitely is. Love the retro vintage concept environment. It is well decorated and furnished with old school furniture pieces and displays. A great place to hang out for brunch and dinner surrounded by beautiful vintage furniture and nostalgic architecture. Awesome! 🙂

Daddy and his boy ❤

Come on its just ice water! Haha 😉


Our sweetie pie! ❤

The man in thoughts

Our drinks

Junior Fish and Chips – Nothing special, just deep fried fish batter with chunky fries. But I do like the fries! 🙂

The Settlement Brunch – Toast with jam, baked beans, scrambled eggs, bacons, sausage and cherry tomatoes.

Grilled Bangers and Mash – Chunky chicken and beef sausages with savory cream sauce.  The onion rings are 100% pure deep fried onions slices which I do not like it at all.

Daddy and his girl ❤

❤ Us ❤

Little Darian on the Vespa

Mommy with her two loves ❤❤

Dino surprise! Hehee 😉

Boys on the swing

That’s all folks! 🙂