Mother’s Day 2015




Our first half of Mother’s Day was spent together with the duo’s paternal grandparents at the Changi Airport. As promised, double Ds got to play at the refurbished Mr Bean theme SingKids playground. Seriously we are not a fan of SingKids and have not been to one for years. Though the place did look a little more appealing now with the Mr Bean theme, the playing equipment looked mostly the same. Well I really don’t think we will be back again.








Nevertheless, the kiddos did have a fun time horsing around inside, while the grandparents and us took turn to supervise their play. After playtime, we took the sky train over to the Terminal 2 for our lunch at Astons. Airport outing is always a pleasant one especially for the kids. 🙂






The second half of the day was to meet up with my family, the duo’s maternal grandparents, to celebrate my mom’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day. My sister had booked a table at the Jin Long restaurant, Punggol Settlement earlier that week. We had a feast and it was satisfying. Somehow we did manage to finish up the birthday cake too. Heehee 🙂 After our hearty meal, we took some pictures at the turtles pond outside before heading home. The kids enjoyed watching the turtles crawling in and out of the water. It’s certainly childhood simple pleasure at its best. Darian even suggested to buy some turtle food to feed them for our next visit. Yep why not? 🙂

So this Mother’s Day was all about spending time and having a meal with both the mothers. As for me, seeing my kids growing well, healthy, happy and safe is the best gift for me already. Yes I absolutely love being double Ds’ mommy… and very soon triple Ds! 🙂




Anyways the day before, Darian participated in a RC SG50 Mother’s Day celebration event. I was touched by watching him performed a heartwarming mandarin song on stage. Aww he’s such a big boy already! That’s really one great gift for Mother’s Day isn’t it!


Counting down to 2015 



After having a kid, attending counting down party is hardly possible. This year however was an exception. We decided to join my family and relatives for a countdown session at CSC Changi chalet. I thought it would be great to let Darian be aware of the start of a new year. I had insisted a compulsory late nap for double Ds in order for them to stay up late. It didn’t pose any issues for Dyann as she is used to having her afternoon nap. As for Darian, it was rather tough to get him to sleep. Somehow or rather he did it.










We only reached the chalet at about 7pm and began barbecuing after double Ds had their dinner. It has been quite a while since we last went for a BBQ session. I never like to barbecue but wouldn’t mind to gather with relatives and friends. As usual, there would always be that few kind souls who willingly barbecue for everybody. So I still got to eat. 🙂





After the BBQ session, we proceeded over to the bowling center for a few games while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Despite the time, the kids were still full of energy. Darian was super delighted to play a few games of bowling. Our enthusiastic boy looked all smiley throughout the session. He thoroughly enjoyed himself there. 🙂


We left shortly after the countdown and the kids totally knocked out at the back of the car. We could tell that the kids had a smashing great time counting down together with their grandparents and extended family. It was absolutely the last happy day of 2014 with the family! May 2015 be another happy year for everyone! 🙂


December family fun time

The whole of December had been an incredibly fun and fulfilling one, mostly the second half because Papa Yap took leave from the third week of December until 4th January. The kids, especially Darian who was having his school holidays, and I were absolutely elated to have him around the house. For that past two weeks, we went out most of the days so I hardly cook. Besides, with him in the house meant having extra hands to help me with the kids. Hence, it was like a well deserved break for myself as well. 🙂

There were simply too many activities that happened in December. As such, I decided to sum up everything with this post. Anyways I was pretty sure that double Ds totally had a smashing great time throughout December!

Polliwogs at East Coast

Going to Polliwogs is always a happy time for double Ds. They seemed to have infinite fun playing there and will always ask for more. Coincidentally our dinner dates, Steven and Cassie, were around the vicinity and decided to join us for a while before going for their movie date. Later in the evening, we met up again for dinner at Junction 8. The kids enjoyed their company and we could tell that they adore double Ds as well.




Lunch at Changi City Point and playtime at the Petite Park.

It has been such a long time since I met up with my gf, Angela. So I thought meeting her, together with double Ds, at Changi City Point would be ideal for a little catch up. At least I’m confident enough to supervise the kids in that little indoor playground while chatting with Angela. Apparently Double Ds enjoyed playing with her too. She certainly was good at entertaining the kids. 🙂




Bowling at CSC Changi

We had a bowling and dinner date with Steven and Cassie. Darian was exceptionally happy to hear about our date as he has always been very keen in bowling. The bowling center at CSC Changi is newly established  and has sofa seats rather than the conventional bowling seats. The comfortable settings created a cozy environment for both bowlers and non-bowlers. It’s a great place for friends and family to get together. The other good thing is that the lanes are equipped with gutter bumpers to help kids keep their balls rolling towards the pins. This definitely kept the kids’ morale high. Now that Darian is older and could lift the lightest bowling ball, bowling seems like another family activity for us. Overall, we had a fun bowling experience with Darian and the couple. Looking forward to our next bowling session with them again. 🙂






Yes, the kids love playdates and the best time to plan for playdates is of course during school holidays. This December,we met up with SukChing and baby Tyler for a couple of times. Double Ds are always talking about baby Tyler and they certainly love visiting him at home. We also had another playdate with my friend Fiona and her two lovely kids, Jovan and Joey. It didn’t take the boys long to warm up. The girls however, were at the stage where they were unable to engage in cooperative play. Still, the playdate was an awesome one. I totally enjoyed talking to mummy Fiona and double Ds were happy to have double Js in the house too. 🙂



New Life Community Church

We brought the kids to support the grandparents and their friends for a line dance performance at the church. Darian was all focused watching the performances while Dyann fell asleep before the grandparents went up the stage. Haha…




Yap’s Family day out at the Universal Studio Singapore

Since Papa Yap’s elder brother and his family came back from London for a month stay, we decided to have a family outing to the Universal Studio. It was a good idea for everyone, especially the kids, to get together before they fly back to London. Weather was hot but still bearable. As usual, we spent lots of time queuing for rides and taking photo. While the in laws decided to leave the park at 4ish, we remained in the park until 8pm. We thought it was too early to leave and the kids obviously didn’t have enough fun. Surprisingly queues at night was very short and double Ds were so excited for the rides. Double Ds had an enjoyable day and Dyann was even happier to receive a USS balloon from one of the staff. But someone else wasn’t too pleased about it… 🙂









Christmas 2015

Christmas eve was spent at home together with Jeff and family, Richard and Yanni. Double Ds always love seeing this group of people. They love playing with Double Js all the time. It was absolutely a great occasion to hang out together. On Christmas day, we went over to SukChing’s house and stayed there till late night. Needless to say, we all had a enjoyable time there. This year, we bought a Christmas tree and had all the presents placed under the tree until Christmas Day. Somehow they did manage to wait until Christmas Day to unwrap all the presents despite all those anticipation. Double Ds were very delighted and grateful for all the Christmas presents.







SukLin and Kim’s Rom

Although we didn’t make it to SukLin and Kim’s grand wedding in Thailand, we were still glad to witness their ROM in Singapore. Their ROM was hosted in Tunglok Central and only the close relatives were invited. It’s another wonderful reason to gather with the relative. Wishing them an everlasting marriage and hope to receive ‘good news’ from them soon. 🙂




Cycling at East Coast park

It was an impromptu family activity at the East Coast Park. Weather was cloudy and windy, absolutely perfect for a evening leisure cycle. We rented a family bicycle and a small four wheeled bicycle for an hour. Darian wanted to cycle on his own and we thought it was also a good time for him to practise cycling. It’s always great to be doing such activities during the weekdays where there isn’t any crowd at all. We all had a splendid evening cycle at the beach that day.




Gardens by the bay

We managed to visit Christmas at Gardens by the bay before the theme changed for the next season. Dinner was at Satay by the bay before we began our night stroll at the Flower Dome and Supertree Grove. Luckily for us, it was a cooling night for a stroll around the park. Doubles Ds enjoyed the walk in the Flower Dome and the super tree Rhapsody. The Christmas decorations were all so beautiful to look at. We took many pretty photos and only left the park at about 10pm. Yet another happy family outing. I totally love family time like this. 🙂





Yiyi’s graduation day





How can we not attend my sister’s graduation ceremony? Papa Yap’s took a half day leave to attend the ceremony with us. Double Ds were both dressed up for the event and they surprised their favourite yiyi(aunt) with a bouquet of sunflowers and a little gift.





I didn’t know how popular my kids were, among her circles of uni friends, until that day. Lol! Apparently they were very familiar with double Ds as she has been showing their pictures all the time!




After the ceremony, John gave all of us a treat at the Soup Restaurant. Dinner at the soup restaurant was certainly an ideal one as papa Yap and I have been long craving for the Samsui chicken dish. Yums! 🙂


It was definitely a happy day for my sister and I truly wish her all the best for her future endeavors. To my sister: Please earn more money and buy lots of stuff for your wonderful sister and lovable nephew and niece! Heehee 😉 We love you Okies!


Welcome 2014

Goodbye 2013 and Welcome 2014! 🙂

2013 has been absolutely awesome and I wish that 2014 will be the same or even better. May we stay happy, healthy, safe always. And things will be smooth sailing for us all. 🙂


Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed 2014! May your 2014 be filled with Love, Laughter, Good health and Great times! Happy New Year! 🙂


Let us all embrace the new year with happiness and positivity! Cheers to 2014! 🙂





Baby shower

***5th October***

Unlike Singapore, baby showers here are typically celebrated before the birth of the baby and is usually hosted by either their relatives or friends. Traditionally it was a all girls party, to welcome the arrival of the baby and at the same time for mommies and mom-to-be to share birth stories and parenting experiences. Over the years, it has been increasingly common for the guys to attend the event as well.

It’s our privilege to attend Papa Yap’s classmate, Steve, first newborn’s baby shower. Our first western baby shower experience was definitely an eye opener. Awesome! It was totally different from ours. Other than food, they also had games and the unwrap the gifts session. We had a fabulous time at the party. To add on, the hosts were really nice and friendly. Shall let the photos do the talking instead! Once again congratulations to Steve and Tina on their little bundle of joy! 🙂


It’s a boy!


Yummy and soft cake!


Baby Dyann exploring the place! Heehee 😉


This is soo cute. The first game: Guess how big is the tummy of the mommy-to-be. And guess what… Papa Yap got the closest estimation and won himself a prize. I wondered if that was pure luck or was he really that good with his estimation! Heehee 😉

20131007-131547.jpgThe second game: Placing an inflated balloon underneath your top and try to untie the shoe laces around your ankle . Papa Yap was telling me how difficult it was. See it is definitely not easy being pregnant right? 😉

20131007-131606.jpgThird game: Drinking up the beer in the milk bottle. This was really one tough game. Most of the guys including Papa Yap only managed to suck a little of it.

The fourth game was to search for as many safety pins in a big bowl of rice. I didn’t take any picture of it as I was one of the participants.  Anyway I won that game. Yay! 😉


The last game: Making a baby sculpture. We attempted to mould a baby using the playdough in  5 minutes. Interesting!


The pink ‘playdough baby’ was done by me and it totally looked like an alien. Haha…


The mommy-to-be getting ready to unwrap all the gifts.


So we came home with two game prizes and two goodies bags! 🙂


Happy 48th Birthday Singapore

***9th August***

We were invited to celebrate Singapore birthday with fellow Singaporeans at the SG Embassy in Washington D.C. Papa Yap and I agreed that this would be a good experience for us all and also meaningful to be able to celebrate this joyous occasion there. We drove up to D.C together with Feroz which is about 30 minutes drive away from our place. 🙂


Go red go!


Together with Mr Feroz!

Yes we were all wearing red top to match the occasion. Actually I had wanted to get white pants for the four of us but Papa Yap thought it was really unnecessary and a little too much. I guess it was a bad excuse for me to shop after all. Haha… It is really nice to see all those oh-so-familiar faces around. The whole event was completed with a buffet spread of Singapore food. There were chicken rice, curry, rendang, mixed vegetables, satay, pineapple tarts and many more. Oh yes I was way too delighted seeing the food! Trust me you should have seen my face! It was like beaming with happiness. Haha 🙂


Desert table


Satay was good! 😉




A SG flag Cake and cake pops


I want a cake pop too!

It was a good evening with all the good food and interactions with fellow Singaporeans around. Being surrounded with Singaporeans and eating Sg food made me feel like home. Though I have been talking about how the yummy food rules over the whole event, I was definitely glad to be given this opportunity to attend this function. At the end of the day, we brought home two fun packs and Darian sure was happy to play with the light sticks. 🙂


Kiddos playing their light sticks.


Mommy and princess!

Somehow after attending the event, I started to miss home a little. Or maybe more… People tend to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. However I feel that we should learn to appreciate what we have rather than taking things for granted. Seriously we are kind of pampered in a way or so. Having a taste of living overseas now, I really think that Singapore is still one awesome country to live in! It’s a place where we belong. I am truly proud to be a Singaporean. 🙂


Once again Happy Birthday Singapore! (Photo credits: Benjamin Lee)


Happy Papa Day

***15th June***


On the way for dim sum date


At Asia Grand

Ang and Yanni gave us and Jeff and family a treat at Asia Grand Restaurant, Odeon Tower. We have already planned for this dim sum date way back in early May which I have been looking forward to. Dim sum there is really yummy. Food quality is definitely much better than Red Star but of course more pricey. We were too engrossed eating that I have forgotten to take any photo of the food. heehee 😉 We had a wonderful brunch and were all satiated! Thank you Ang for the sumptuous meal! 🙂

After lunch, we shopped in town. Halfway, Ang and Yanni left to Robinson Centrepoint while Jeff and us went to coffeebean at Ngee Ann City for a coffee break. Darian wanted to catch the Ben 1o show at Takashimaya atrium so we hang around Takashimaya while Jeff and family went elsewhere to look at soccer boots for the two Js. Apparently the duo show a sudden interest in soccer and insisted their parents to get them the boots and socks. Just how fortunate kids are these days.


Darian with his favourite


Happy boy with his ben 10 loots

The ben 10 show started at 4pm. We managed to sit in the front row as we were the first few in queue. Darian was totally excited about ben 10 making his grand appearance on stage. He enjoyed the entire show and had a photography session with Ben 10 and Gwen. He was even happier when we agreed to get him three ben 10 alien figurines and two t-shirts. He held tight to his loots and refused to let us hold it for him even though he was super tired.


Darian and Papa Yap


Love Papa Yap


Hand made card for Papa 🙂

Back at home, Darian presented our hand made card to Papa Yap. Darian did all the writing while I spelled the words, drew, pasted all the dino stickers and stamped the star and heart shape all over the card. Papa Yap was happy to see the card. It was indeed a pleasant surprise for him. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day Papa Yap. Thank you for being such a great papa to Darian and Baby Dyann. You are not only their dad but their friend, their playmate as well. Someone whom they really respect and at the same time love being with. We all love you very much!


Sukching and Irwin Big day

8th June

Papa Yap’s cousin Sukching wedding day.


All ready to go for the tea ceremony


The cousins


With the pretty bride


Me, Sukching and Suklin


Meimei and her gugu Sukching

We reached Sukching’s house at about 10am for the tea ceremony. All of us were waiting for the bride and groom to come while Darian and his cousin Ryan were running and playing around the house. It really brought back some fond memories of my customary wedding day. Which was like 6 years ago. Time flies! Finally they reached about 11ish and the tea ceremony began. It was kind of weird to be served tea. Haha… I was telling Papa Yap that I cannot wait for my sister’s turn. Guess she still has a few more years to go. 😉 We only got home about 2pm and both the kids fell asleep until 4ish. They must be very tired.

Wedding dinner was at Bliss Garden, Singapore Expo Hall. We were seated in the ballroom for their solemnisation at about 6.30pm. After which we hang around the reception area and table for some photo taking. Suklin and I were rather disappointed that we didn’t manage to take any photos with the bride using our mobiles and I don’t even think I have any photos with the bride at all. So let’s just wait for the wedding album to be ready. Dinner was probably average but we did enjoy the dinner with the relatives though. They had also engaged singers to entertain the guests throughout the dinner which I thought was good. Anyway Irwin and Sukching love singing too! They even sang a duet during their second march in. 🙂


Papa Yap and I


Us with my parents in law and Baby Gillian


The groom and I


Darian getting his thumb print done


They have got singers in da house! Nice!


Our first wedding dinner as a family


With the bride and groom

Once again, congrats to Irwin and Sukching! Wishing you two a blissful marriage! See you guys after your Korea honeymoon! 😉


Mother’s Day 13

***12th May 13***

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂



Received my very first Mother’s Day card and an early greeting from Darian last Friday. Though it was just a simple card but it means a lot to me. Plenty of happiness and love. ❤

On Sunday early morning, while lazing on the bed with Darian, he gave me a hug and I asked him:

M: Darian do you have something to tell me? (seeing if he still remembers that today is mother’s day)

D: Yes!

M: Okie so what do you want to say?

D:Happy New Year Mama!

It was really hilarious. I burst out laughing. Wahaha… Anyway he still wish me Happy Mother’s Day thereafter. 🙂


I have not regretted becoming a homemaker after giving birth to Darian till now. In fact, I feel lucky enough to be a stay home mommy to my two beautiful kids. I love those moments where we just sit together having a cuddle with nothing to worry about. Having Darian telling me that he loves me. Getting to witness their every growth milestone and being there for them. Life is definitely not easy with Papa Yap as the sole bread-winner. Yet we are satisfied and contented with what we have. Yes I do agree to a certain extent that money can buy you happiness. But seriously I don’t have to spend such big money yet gain happiness. This is simplicity at its best. Having filial kids and a loving husband, everyday is Mother’s Day to me! And most importantly, Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job raising our kids and he is really proud of me! I am one happy mommy! Life is still good and beautiful being together with my loves! ❤

Oh by the way, exactly four days more to seeing Papa Yap! So happy! Counting down yay! 🙂