December family fun time

The whole of December had been an incredibly fun and fulfilling one, mostly the second half because Papa Yap took leave from the third week of December until 4th January. The kids, especially Darian who was having his school holidays, and I were absolutely elated to have him around the house. For that past two weeks, we went out most of the days so I hardly cook. Besides, with him in the house meant having extra hands to help me with the kids. Hence, it was like a well deserved break for myself as well. 🙂

There were simply too many activities that happened in December. As such, I decided to sum up everything with this post. Anyways I was pretty sure that double Ds totally had a smashing great time throughout December!

Polliwogs at East Coast

Going to Polliwogs is always a happy time for double Ds. They seemed to have infinite fun playing there and will always ask for more. Coincidentally our dinner dates, Steven and Cassie, were around the vicinity and decided to join us for a while before going for their movie date. Later in the evening, we met up again for dinner at Junction 8. The kids enjoyed their company and we could tell that they adore double Ds as well.




Lunch at Changi City Point and playtime at the Petite Park.

It has been such a long time since I met up with my gf, Angela. So I thought meeting her, together with double Ds, at Changi City Point would be ideal for a little catch up. At least I’m confident enough to supervise the kids in that little indoor playground while chatting with Angela. Apparently Double Ds enjoyed playing with her too. She certainly was good at entertaining the kids. 🙂




Bowling at CSC Changi

We had a bowling and dinner date with Steven and Cassie. Darian was exceptionally happy to hear about our date as he has always been very keen in bowling. The bowling center at CSC Changi is newly established  and has sofa seats rather than the conventional bowling seats. The comfortable settings created a cozy environment for both bowlers and non-bowlers. It’s a great place for friends and family to get together. The other good thing is that the lanes are equipped with gutter bumpers to help kids keep their balls rolling towards the pins. This definitely kept the kids’ morale high. Now that Darian is older and could lift the lightest bowling ball, bowling seems like another family activity for us. Overall, we had a fun bowling experience with Darian and the couple. Looking forward to our next bowling session with them again. 🙂






Yes, the kids love playdates and the best time to plan for playdates is of course during school holidays. This December,we met up with SukChing and baby Tyler for a couple of times. Double Ds are always talking about baby Tyler and they certainly love visiting him at home. We also had another playdate with my friend Fiona and her two lovely kids, Jovan and Joey. It didn’t take the boys long to warm up. The girls however, were at the stage where they were unable to engage in cooperative play. Still, the playdate was an awesome one. I totally enjoyed talking to mummy Fiona and double Ds were happy to have double Js in the house too. 🙂



New Life Community Church

We brought the kids to support the grandparents and their friends for a line dance performance at the church. Darian was all focused watching the performances while Dyann fell asleep before the grandparents went up the stage. Haha…




Yap’s Family day out at the Universal Studio Singapore

Since Papa Yap’s elder brother and his family came back from London for a month stay, we decided to have a family outing to the Universal Studio. It was a good idea for everyone, especially the kids, to get together before they fly back to London. Weather was hot but still bearable. As usual, we spent lots of time queuing for rides and taking photo. While the in laws decided to leave the park at 4ish, we remained in the park until 8pm. We thought it was too early to leave and the kids obviously didn’t have enough fun. Surprisingly queues at night was very short and double Ds were so excited for the rides. Double Ds had an enjoyable day and Dyann was even happier to receive a USS balloon from one of the staff. But someone else wasn’t too pleased about it… 🙂









Christmas 2015

Christmas eve was spent at home together with Jeff and family, Richard and Yanni. Double Ds always love seeing this group of people. They love playing with Double Js all the time. It was absolutely a great occasion to hang out together. On Christmas day, we went over to SukChing’s house and stayed there till late night. Needless to say, we all had a enjoyable time there. This year, we bought a Christmas tree and had all the presents placed under the tree until Christmas Day. Somehow they did manage to wait until Christmas Day to unwrap all the presents despite all those anticipation. Double Ds were very delighted and grateful for all the Christmas presents.







SukLin and Kim’s Rom

Although we didn’t make it to SukLin and Kim’s grand wedding in Thailand, we were still glad to witness their ROM in Singapore. Their ROM was hosted in Tunglok Central and only the close relatives were invited. It’s another wonderful reason to gather with the relative. Wishing them an everlasting marriage and hope to receive ‘good news’ from them soon. 🙂




Cycling at East Coast park

It was an impromptu family activity at the East Coast Park. Weather was cloudy and windy, absolutely perfect for a evening leisure cycle. We rented a family bicycle and a small four wheeled bicycle for an hour. Darian wanted to cycle on his own and we thought it was also a good time for him to practise cycling. It’s always great to be doing such activities during the weekdays where there isn’t any crowd at all. We all had a splendid evening cycle at the beach that day.




Gardens by the bay

We managed to visit Christmas at Gardens by the bay before the theme changed for the next season. Dinner was at Satay by the bay before we began our night stroll at the Flower Dome and Supertree Grove. Luckily for us, it was a cooling night for a stroll around the park. Doubles Ds enjoyed the walk in the Flower Dome and the super tree Rhapsody. The Christmas decorations were all so beautiful to look at. We took many pretty photos and only left the park at about 10pm. Yet another happy family outing. I totally love family time like this. 🙂





Children’s Day 2014


We gave double Ds a treat to The Petite Park because it was Children’s Day. That day, Darian had a 2 hours school party in the morning before meeting their yiyi, my sister, at Changi City Point for lunch and playtime. That explained why he was wearing a costume. And because he was wearing one, Dyann got to dress up as well. 🙂


Double Ds looked so adorable in costume, especially Dyann. 🙂 They had literally gotten lots of attention from people around, so much so that my sister told me she wouldn’t want to go out with the kiddos in costumes in future. Hello sista, are you sure? I saw you taking videos of them and sending to your friends alright. Haha 😉



Lunch was at Table Manners and it was pretty yummy. Thank you sis for the treat. I love the fact how she is able to give us treats every now and then! So much love! 🙂







The Petite Park just had a revamp and it appeared better than before. Still, this place is more suitable for younger kids. I would say probably from 1 to 6 years old. The new slides with a big pool of balls totally made it more fun than ever.




My ‘Spiderboy’ who refused to change his costume while I somehow managed to convince ‘Princess Snowwhite’ to change her dress later.




As usual, double Ds always have tons of fun at any indoor playground. So the ‘Spiderboy’ and ‘Princess Snow white’ had a jolly good time there with their yiyi until Papa Yap picked us for dinner. I’m sure they had a great Children’s Day! 🙂





Changi City Point


Had a last catch up session(for the year) with my ex-colleagues at Changi City Point. Papa Yap accompanied us there so that he could help out with the duo while I chat with my friends. See how nice my hubby is! Heehee 😉 Brunch was at Eggs and Berries. For our first visit, Papa Yap and I agreed that the food quality was considerably good. Ambience was cosy and comfortable enough. However it was a little overpriced and the portion wasn’t exactly that huge as mentioned in the menu. I almost shared a platter with Papa Yap seeing the prints go “huge portion of…. blah blah…” haha…


kid’s meal






grilled chicken steak



Oops… I couldn’t recall all the name of these dishes!

After lunch, Papa Yap brought Darian and Cindy’s kiddos to The Petite Park, leaving us to chat over drinks. The kids definitely had a smashing fun time there. I think they were there for more than two hours. Needless to say, it was much more convenient for us without the kids. Kudos to Papa Yap! Heehee 😉


Lin with meimei


Min Song, Darian and Xiang Ting


Who doesn’t love ball pit?! heehee 😉


Playful boys!


It is always good to meet up with this group of ladies. Thank you for making time for this and will see you guys when we return next year! 🙂


A week of awesomeness

***16th June to 25th June***

Papa Yap took a week of leave to accompany us. We were really happy to have him around. In fact, he very much needed a break from work too! The first half of the year has been real busy and tiring for him. I had pre-planned outings to ensure that the week is well spent. Hah and we were like out of the house everyday! hehe… We enjoyed ourselves very much especially Darian. He has been really happy! So much love 🙂

(1)  Petite Park at Changi City Point ~ 16th

We were supposed to meet Mathew, Peixia and meimei Trinity there for a playdate. However, Trinity was still unwell therefore they couldn’t join us. And since we had already told Darian about going to the Petite Park, we proceeded with the initial plan. In fact the first sentence Darian said when he woke up in the morning was “Darian going to play ball.” Haha so can you imagine if we were to cancel the trip? hehe 😉 And of course he had a great deal of fun playing over at the Petite Park! 🙂 Happy boy! Poor mummy got to wait for 1hr45min sitting outside Petite Park. Being mummy is all about sacrifices, isn’t it! 🙂

It’s all worth it to see your loved one’s glowing smile 🙂

(2) Jurong Safra and IMM trip ~ 18th

Was a real sunny Monday! I decided to cook fried rice for lunch and bring Darian to Jurong Safra for a swim in the late afternoon after his nap. Thinking that it wouldn’t be too hot in the late afternoon. But I was wrong! Haha it was equally hot and glaring. Luckily for me, I was under the shade most of the time. Both father and son had a great time playing in the pool. After almost 2 hours of water time, it took awhile to persuade the little boy out of the pool. We headed to IMM for dinner and shopping before going back home. Bought a romper for meimei too 🙂

Yummy fried rice 🙂

 Good Monday! 🙂

(3) Jurong Birdpark ~ 20th

This is Darian second time to the Bird Park. First was a year ago with my friends. So this time round can be considered as our first family trip to the Jurong Bird Park. 🙂 Had our brekkie at home and reached the bird park at ten plus. We covered almost the whole bird park except for two enclosures. Little Darian definitely had fun feeding the lories at the Lory Loft with Papa Yap. I’m pretty sure Darian is much braver when he is with Papa yap for I’m one timid woman! Haha… We took a tram ride around the whole park before going for the afternoon shows. Luckily Darian took a nap during the tram ride and managed to wake up just in time for the shows. He needs to ‘recharge his batteries’ for sure! Haha… It was already 4.30pm by the time we finished both shows. As requested by Little Darian, we brought him to the kids World after the Birds of Prey show. I had prepared his swimming apparels but he was not interested in getting himself wet at all. Lucky for Papa Yap. Darian wanted to play at the dry playground and the little arcade instead. Over there, Darian got attention from a tourist who requested to take a photo of him! 🙂 This is his second time at Bird Park taking photo with tourists! Papa Yap and I were still joking that perhaps we should charge them for the photoshot! Haha just joking! 🙂 We spent 30min there and left the Park at 5.30pm.

 A wonderful Wednesday at the Bird Park with the boys! 🙂

(4) Movie at Century Square ~ 21st

Spent the half of our day at home, home cooked lunch and caught Madagascar 3 at Century Square Cinema together with Little Darian in the evening. It’s our very first movie trip with Darian! How exciting! Earlier before, I was quite worried that he might get too tensed in the cinema once the lights are off. Luckily everything turned out great! The show was hilarious. All three of us enjoyed the show so much. Even Darian said that he wants to watch it again. 🙂 After the movie, we had our dinner, brought him to Kiddy Palace (a must go to place at Century Square for Darian) and back to our home sweet home.

Porridge lunch with steam minced meat egg, stir fry french beans, steam fish and stir fry Si chuan veg 🙂

A good way to end our lovely Thursday! 🙂

(5) Seng Kang Swimming Complex ~ 22nd

On Friday morning, we brought Darian to the pool for more water fun! As usual he enjoyed himself so much. He tried to swim by holding on to his buoy and kicking water. So adorable! Papa Yap is thinking to buy him a swimmer board next year and guide him to swim. Haha we shall see about that. 🙂 We left the pool at noon, went for lunch and back home for a good nap before going out for dinner again! 🙂 Headed to Tampines for dinner and thereafter brought the little boy to Downtown East to catch the Chugginton! Over there, the Chugginton carriage was spoilt and children had to walk following the train around the place. So silly! haha… The train is suppose to bring the children to stations to complete some quest. And of course nothing comes free. You’ve got to pay ten bucks for the Chugginton Quest. If not for faulty train, we would definitely purchase the ticket for Darian. So we shopped around for a while before settling in Macdonalds for Happy Meal! As Darian wanted the Madagascar toys, poor mummy and daddy have to order two happy meals for those two toys even though we were too full to eat! Haha so in the end we brought the cheese burgers back for supper. Well, just for you my dear son! 🙂

Friday was great too! 😉

(6) Vivo City ~ 23rd

Saturday was such a lazy day! Guess it’s because we have been going out for the past few days. Hehe… We slacked at home till 5pm then we drove to Vivo City for some shopping, dinner and Darian’s haircut. Actually we were supposed to meet up with Jenny and Steven for coffee but was postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. No worries at all, I can totally understand that. 🙂 We started the evening pretty happy and ended the trip with tears. Haha… If you had read my post about Darian’s haircut drama, you would know why… Anyway, our mood got better after reaching home. Everything seems to be back to normal! 🙂 Yay!

(7) PeiJun’s 过大礼 (Betrothal) ~ 24th

Aunt Aimei and family invited our family to their place in Bishan to witness PeiJun’s betrothal. Everything was wrapped up nicely, very presentable and grand looking. Even the wedding invitation card is in hard board style. Our very first time seeing such big and heavy card. Hah seriously! They had ordered buffet lunch for all the guests and the food was fantastic! Heard that it’s from a peranakan buffet catering at Joo Chiat. Both Papa Yap and I were thinking of ordering for our Baby’s Shower. Shall see how… 🙂 Oh ya, Aunt Elaine had specially made beancurd pudding for all the guests. It was yummy! Tastes quite similar to Lao Ban beancurd. Both Papa Yap and Darian love it. Got the receipe from Aunt Elaine and will try it out soon after I pop! And as usual, Darian seems like the star of the day! (That’s what many aunties had said) He definitely got a lot of attention from the people in the house!  Haha… Many people whom we don’t know were playing around with him. He was happily playing and running around there. Such a lovable boy! 🙂

And so Papa Yap ended his leave on Monday and resumed work on Tuesday. It was definitely a splendid week of funfilled activities and outings! Well actually we missed out on the Night Safari and Marina Barrage outing as I have been walking way too much. Will do so after I give birth. Hah time flies indeed! Especially in good and enjoyable times! Though Papa Yap had spent ten days with us but it never seem enough. Haha 😉 Anyway I’m really grateful. I’m very sure Darian feels happy and blessed for having Papa Yap as his daddy too. Such a bliss 🙂 Thank you my love! We love you! 🙂


Darian’s playtime

***7th May***

Brought Darian to The Petite Park at Changi City Point on a Monday as my sis was not working. Alas, a weekday for her to accompany us out. As usually Darian was super duber excited about the trip! Upon reaching there, Darian dashed towards the indoor playground. And of course he had a great deal of fun there. This time round we took 20 mins to coax him out of the playground without him shedding any tears. Haha… Ended the day together with my mother and John for dinner. Monday was good! 😉


The Petite Park

***17th February***

Papa Yap came back early and so we decided to bring Darian to Changi beach to see the aeroplanes then followed by checking out the new mall next to the Singapore Expo. However, it started to rain heavily on our way to the beach and hence we went directly to Changi City Point instead. Hah on our way to the mall, along the long stretch of changi beach, we did saw a number of aeroplanes and a few landing and taking off. Darian was so excited! 🙂

The mall was pretty big with a number of branded factory outlets. We shopped around and bought ourselves a Nike polo t-shirt each. From far, little Darian spotted a big indoor ‘playground’ for the kids and kept asking us to bring him there. His body and soul was like attracted to that place. Lol! His patience was definitely running low each time we entered a shop. He was fussing and tugging us! haha… Finally, we made our way there. He was truly excited! 🙂 

And so the indoor ‘playgound’ is called The Petite Park. Another unplanned play that made us purchased another three pairs of socks. Hah Darian was wearing his crocs on that day too. I guess I ought to be putting socks in the baby bag in future for anymore unplanned activities. Definitely a child friendly playground with lots of colourful playthings. Overall, I personally prefered here to Kids Explorer and SingKids. I think this place is more suitable for toddlers and kids age from 1 to 5. As usual my boy is attracted to the big balloons in the netted area. He dashed towards the balls upon entering. Darian had a wonderful time playing and refused to leave after 95min of playtime. We were trying to stop a crying toddler and bring him out of the petite park. Wasn’t easy at all! Needs a little skill or two…Haha…Maybe this is his very first visit, he is too overwhelmed with the playthings and thus refused to leave the place. Most of the time, he will be rather cooperative and leave a play area aftering bidding the playthings goodbye. Hah never mind there is always a first time. ;p

My little boyfriend and me 🙂

Kungfu??? Haha

Papa and Son!

Burying himself in the ball pit.

Sititing on the rocking horse

Excuse me, crawling through the tunnel! 🙂

Building a house.

Papa trying to sit him on the moving balls! So funny! 🙂

It’s cooking time!

And his all time favourite! Choo Choo! 🙂

And so another happy day for us and little Darian especially! 🙂