Disneyland Day 2

*** 11.05.14***

Day 2

Just one day in Disneyland, I’m already seeing the different colour tones on our skin. We had the kiddos applied with plenty of sunblock lotion before setting off to Disneyland park. The weather during the day was very hot yet by evening time, it turned cold and chilly. Hence jackets were essential, moreover we would be staying at the park till late night.


The Disneyland staff were distributing fresh flower pins for all mommies(Yep, I had one carnation pin.)  at the entrance of the park. We then remembered it was Mother’s day that day. We didn’t thought of it when we were first planning our itinerary but I absolutely love the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day in Disneyland. 🙂

Upon entering the park, Darian, the little observant boy spotted Mickey and friends out on the street for the meet the characters photo sessions. He chose to take a picture with Pluto and Mickey mouse first which by the time we walked over to Donald, the photo taking session has already ended. Well, he was contented still. 🙂




As we walked over to the castle, we stumbled across Mickey and friends showtime at a perfect timing. We got a superb unblock view of the performance. Darian and Dyann were all engrossed with the show. Nice!




I’m not exactly a fan of the princesses but we did have photos taken with four other princesses. I supposed all the crowd went over to Princess Elsa and Anna of Frozen. The queue there was totally insane. We tried going back later that day however, they were already closed for the day.


My all time favourite Princess Belle!

Over at the Tomorrowland, we met Thor and Captain America in the Innoventions building. There was a section of Iron man displays too. All the boys’ superheros! After that Papa Yap took Darian for a car ride while Dyann and I waited for them. The ride should be fun because the boy came back with a wide grin. 🙂




The next stop was over at Mini Toon Town.  We spent nearly two hours there visiting Mickey and Minnie houses, exploring Donald boat, took pictures with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, shopping and taking a late lunch break. Whilst stepping into Mini Toon Town, Papa Yap and I recalled our fond memories at Disneyland Tokyo back in 2008. Those were the days! Talking about Disneyland Tokyo, Darian suggested to go there for our next vacation. Haha!










How can we ever miss out watching parades in Disneyland? We simply love watching them. As usual, we got there early to secure a decent place, meanwhile making use of the waiting time to enjoy a coffee break. Oh yes it was very much needed! I’m one caffeine addict! heehee 😉 This time round, Dyann got to stand watching the entire parade. She was so excited and during the parade, she even danced to the loud catchy music. Max adorable! The Mickey’s Soundsational Parade was great! Mickey and the other Disney characters accompanying the fantastic and vibrant floats, energetic and professional performers, definitely entertained us well throughout the whole time. What a blast!








The main highlight of Disneyland Park has to be this Fantasmic show! It was certainly worth the 2 hours or more of waiting time. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Our jaws dropped when we saw the number of crowd already sitting there. Oh come on, we were almost 2 hour early alright. Since the seated area was almost taken up, we decided to find the most suitable place to watch the show. I must say because we were very early as such we managed to get a good spot. Shortly the crowd began to build up. I was joking with Papa Yap that the show better be good if not we would be literally wasting our time. Apparently it turned out to be far more than good. It was absolutely spectacular! The water show with special effects features Mickey battling the evil queen and her evil forces which includes one huge fire breathing beastly dragon. Along with princesses and their princes cruising past the river on beautiful lit up floats and Peter Pan along with Captain hook and the pirates on board a pirate ship. However it was rather difficult to take pictures as the stage was across the river, the place was dark, lots of visual effects and droplets of water was always blowing towards us. Nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed the amazing show. Thumbs up!


Look at the crowd at 8pm…


Finally the show began at 9pm.


The princesses and princes cruised by.


The big dragon


All the characters for the performance on board the ferry cruise.


We love Disneyland!


Us with our first precious! If only Dyann was awake.

To sum up, we spent both awesome days at Disneyland taking lots of pictures, queuing and waiting(1 to 2 hours) for the characters and shows, going for some fun rides and shopping for those oh-so-cute Disney stuff(I couldn’t resist!). We had an absolute wonderful family time there. Disneyland makes us very happy indeed! That’s why it is called the happiest place on earth! Woots! Papa, please bring us to Disneyland again! 😉



Disney California Adventure Park

*** 10.05.14***

We can never have enough of Disneyland. Seriously! This entire California adventures would not be complete if we hadn’t visit Disneyland. Haha… There are two Disneyland parks in Anaheim, California. Disney California adventure park and Disneyland park(the very first Disneyland). Both are really awesome and has their unique attractions and shows. Well I don’t know about the others but to us, visiting one is definitely not enough. 😉

Day 1


Taking the shuttle bus from the carpark to the entrance of the park.


All ready for fun and actions! 🙂


Father and son


Darian and I together with Jake!


The Monster Inc ride! 🙂

We decided to visit Disney California adventure park first because Darian was bursting with excitement for Cars land. You could consider this as one of a must-go place for him. Haha! Cars land is absolutely awesome! We felt as though we were in the movie set. The landscape, the design, the buildings, everything looks great. For Darian, most probably having a picture taken with McQueen and Mater was the best. He got really excited when he first saw Mcqueen and kept asking me to queue for the photo taking. And of course we did! At cars land, we went for some rides together with the kiddos and had so much fun. We went to the radiator spring ride next but Darian refused to go for it with Papa Yap as he already knew how fast the ride was. He had actually watched some clip about the ride on youtube before. That’s how amazing media technology is. As the queue was extremely long even for the fast pass holders, the clever man aka Papa Yap suggested to go for the single rider queue. He was surprised to see that there wasn’t any queue at all. It didn’t take him long to link up with us later. He bragged about how awesome the ride was, tempting me to go for it as well. In the end, I went for it and… YES! It was indeed very fun! 🙂












Not forgetting the spectacular Disney Aladdin musical! We totally enjoyed the 45 minutes splendid performance, especially the parts when the genie appeared. He was hilarious while his funny jokes makes us laugh hard. I could totally understand the full house theatre! Everyone likes great shows isn’t it! 😉



Double Ds love the Disney Junior Live On Stage show. The show was seemingly interesting and engaging enough to keep the kiddos entertained throughout. I saw Darian singing to some of the songs and Dyann dancing a little. How adorable! The kids were exceptionally happy when the bubbles and paper strips fall from the ceiling. If I were a kid, I will be happy as well! 🙂 Other than the Disney Junior show, double Ds love watching the Pixar parade too. They get to see lots of their favourite characters marching and dancing down the street. Nice! Well we always make sure we get to the parade real early to secure a good view for the kiddos, as well as photo taking.






The highlight for California Adventure Park has got to be the night-time outdoor spectacular show- World of Colour. The Big Mickey Ferris wheel at the back, accompanying the fountain, colourful lights, lasers and fire effect, is definitely stunning.  The view was fantastic! Thankfully we managed to get the fast pass for the show, otherwise I doubt we could squeeze in with the big crowd.





We left the park shortly after the show. Despite our tiredness, we were all ready for our next round of fun and action! Woohoo! 🙂



Day 6 – Disney Magic Kingdom

***25th December 13***



Just one word to sum up Christmas at Magic kingdom…Overwhelming! Overwhelming place, crowd and queues! I got a shock when we got into the car park at 8ish. It was already packed. From the parking lot tram to the monorail station to the entrance of Magic Kingdom took us about one and a half hour. Crazy! According to the staff, Christmas is the busiest day of the year. And our friends were telling us how big the park was and apparently it was quite impossible to complete the park within a day. It’s true! Now that it’s Christmas, we couldn’t even finish half a park. That’s just how ridiculous it was. Given that it was our first time there, it seemed rather ‘wasted’ you know.  I did wonder if we have chosen the right time to visit but it was Papa Yap’s idea for us to celebrate and soak into the Christmas atmosphere. Somehow we did despite the crowd. But I am very sure there is no way for me to visit such popular theme park during any festive seasons again. 😉


Magic Kingdom surely lives up to its name. It is certainly one beautiful theme park! And I’m so in love with the castle. Anyway do you guys know that not all the castles worldwide are the same. The one in Orlando and Japan belongs to Cinderella while California, HongKong and France, has the Sleeping Beauty castle.








How can you not take photographs with Mickey, Minnie and the Disney characters when you visit Disneyland. It’s like a must-do regardless of the wait right? Anyway we could tell that Dyann likes Minnie quite a bit as she was looking and touching Minie throughout the photo taking session. So adorable! And whenever we entered a gift shop, she would be looking for Minnie stuff. Hmm… seems like we will be expecting more Minnie stuff at home! heehee 😉




We did take The Winnie the pooh ride and watch a 3D Mickey show too. It didn’t take us that long to wait for the two as we managed to grab the fast-pass tickets. So peeps if you are planning for a trip to Disneyland, do your homework and check out their fast pass stations. This can really save a lot of waiting time.









We totally enjoyed the Disney parades and managed to catch two parades in exchange for all the other rides. Yeah we really spent A LOT of time waiting. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime parade which is filled with Disney Characters, elves, reindeer, toys, candy, and also Santa atop a sleigh. The music is catchy and the floats are spectacular making it a parade not to be missed. Of course we were glad to have made it. The other one was the Disney electrical parade that is a night-time parade where Disney characters come alive in bright lit colourful floats, marching through the streets. Beautiful!





The fireworks performance was absolutely stunning! We felt that it was better than the one in Japan. Having to wait for the show since 7pm when it only begin at 9.45pm. What more can I say? By then Baby Dyann was already sleeping on the double stroller while Darian was still battling with the ‘sleeping the monster’ in him. Haha.. Well he did manage to stay awake and watch the fantastic fireworks and laser show. The moment the show ended, he sat in the stroller and dozed off. That’s just how tired he was. 😉



It was certainly one long and tiring day at Magic Kingdom. You know what… we were there until 12am yet we didn’t get a chance to finish touring the entire theme park. Seriously we got to find a way to come back again! Haha 😉 Nevertheless it was definitely a magical Christmas for us. What a splendid and wonderful Christmas! 🙂


Day 5 – Disney Animal Kingdom

***24th December 13***




Out of the four Disneyland theme parks, Papa Yap and I decided to visit only the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. The Epcot and Hollywood Studio theme park seem more suitable for older kids. Like its name, Animal Kingdom, it is a Disney theme park designed based on the Animal theme. Hence, not only you will get to see Disney Characters, hop on some attraction rides, there is also a Safari where visitors can take a safari ride around the trail, watching animals freely roaming around. As well as a jungle walking trail where animals can be seen too.




  It was Christmas Eve and obviously there would be a large crowd expected at the park. The parking style is totally similar to Universal Studio. It didn’t get us long to get a car lot but walking to the entrance is really a distance. We got into the park at 9am and began our jungle expedition first with Chip and Dale, Donald Duck and the characters from Jungle Book. Clearly my kids are not camera-shy. It wasn’t that difficult to get them looking at the camera, however, Baby Dyann always has that curious look and her eyes or hands are usually on the characters instead. 😉




We headed for the Lion King Show and spent 45 minutes waiting in line. Seriously, it was really a worthwhile wait. The 30 minutes musical stage show was spectacular with awesome singers, dancers, acrobats and great set design. We totally enjoyed it! You know what, since then Darian has been singing the lyrics “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.”. heehee 🙂




The Finding Nemo musical was just that fantastic as well. A puppetry musical show, retelling the story of ‘Finding Nemo’ with stunning visual and auditory effects and beautiful giant props in about 30 minutes. Great! Darian was really attentive, watching the musical. After watching the movie for several times, he probably was familiar with the storyline and able to relate to it. Baby Dyann on the other hand, was not too enthusiastic about it. She was really trying hard to move around.












So for the entire day we caught two shows, went to the Bugs Life attraction, Rafiki’s planet watch and the Dinoland, photo sessions with a number of characters, watch the Mickey’s Jungle parade but missed out the timing for the safari ride and the jungle trail! We were like 15 minutes late for the last ride! Boohoo! I was extremely disappointed, especially with the safari ride. I bet Darian would feel so too if I were to tell him earlier. Well Papa Yap was trying to cheer me up by telling me that it was merely looking at animals and we could do it in the Zoo. Oh come on…you know the difference is obvious alright. I think it would be better if he had suggested to bring us back again. Haha… 😉


Nonetheless, it was absolutely a jolly wonderful Christmas eve for us. The Yappies sure have ton of fun and laughter at the Animal Kingdom. Happy day, happy us! 🙂