Primary one registration for Darian 



I can’t believe that I have a kid going into Primary 1 next year! I know it’s a bit of a cliche to say this, but where did the time go? Seriously! It seems likes one moment he’s one chubby michelin baby, and the next moment I have a little boy who reads, writes and makes all sorts of funny smart remarks. Oh boy he is certainly growing up too fast and for a moment it’s hard for me to digest that.

Darian’s registration falls under the Phase 2C category and the whole registration took us about 50minutes. The registration started at 8am and we were already the 60th applicants when we got there at 9am. The results will only be released on Friday night and a balloting exercise will be conducted next Wednesday if there are exceeding number of applicants.

Right now, I’m crossing fingers that there’s no need for balloting.


Darian’s school sports carnival



It was a Sunday but we got to wake up exceptionally early to attend Darian’s school sports carnival at the Pasir Ris Recreation Hall. We reached there before 8.30am and waited for the carnival to commence at 9ish.


The school colour theme was blue and being the sporting us, we wore blue clothings to show our support.





The sports carnival was held indoor instead of a typical outdoor event. Although it seemed rather weird to have it done indoor, I really wouldn’t complain about staying in an air conditioned place as the weather has been crazily hot.



As usual, the event began with the arrival of the guest of honors, opening speech and a mass exercise to liven up the atmosphere. This followed by two ‘parents and children’ relay games to officially kick off the carnival.








The carnival consists of various game stations for the parent and child to complete instead of the usual competitive relay games. I supposed the purpose was not to stress the kids to compete but rather to promote parent-child participation. At the end, children would be able to receive a medal each upon the completion of all the game stations.




Here’s a picture of us with the guest of honor, Mr Teo Chee Hean! Either that he is very tall or I’m really short! Haha 🙂 



 To sum up, we did have a fun family time at the carnival and the boy was totally happy to bring home his medal! 🙂


Love you forever


Just how I love and hate this book. I love reading it yet each time when the story comes to the part about the mother being old and sick, my eyes will well up with tears. I know it’s the hard truth and this is life, I’m feeling rather emotional just thinking about it.

This is the story of how that little boy goes through the stages of childhood and becomes a man. It also depicts the enduring nature of parents’ love and how it crosses generations. The story is easy to comprehend with great illustrations. It also comes with some catchy and repetitive phrases along with a short paragraph of song. I like to sing it my way, using the tune of “Tell Laura I love her”. It fits in perfectly! If you are interested, you can actually listen to the story online .

The first time I read it to my kindergarten kids, I cried and ran out of class. Such a drama! My colleagues and students were scratching their heads, wondering what had happened. Anyway I wasn’t married at that time. And now that I’m a mother myself, I would naturally relate more to it.

I had a trial reading session with Papa Yap and…. he laughed when I cried. I know how much he would wish to capture that scene in video. Haha 😉

So I read to Darian and Dyann for the first time. I couldn’t control my emotions yet again. Before I could finish the story, I was all teary already. Darian was very upset to see me crying that he actually snatched and threw away the book. He told me that he was angry and didn’t like the book. You know how much my son loves me. 😉 Well I did eventually complete reading the book to them.


I love being the mother of my kids. I love double Ds so much. So much so that I love the two of them more than myself.

Darian and Dyann, mama love the both of you forever! ❤


Oh funny Darian

D: “Mummy my hair is getting crazy, I need a haircut.” 😉

Darian insisted to have his haircut done on Saturday while we were doing our weekly grocery shopping. He claimed that his hair was getting too crazy! Haha… Like really?! Even with us assuring him that his hair looked totally fine and could wait till next weekend, he was still persistent. Seriously! We really thought he was that vain. In the end, we gave in and Papa Yap brought him to the hairdresser. After the haircut, he came out happily with two lollipops, seeking permission to eat it. We then realized that it was actually the lollipops he wanted! Boy oh boy! Haha 😉





Bath Time

Papa Yap was lounging on the sofa before Darian’s bath time.

D: Mama can you bathe me? Papa very lazy…

M: Okie! Haha…

The next moment, I could hear Papa Yap laugh and ask him “what did you say Darian?” 😉

Eventually, neither Papa Yap nor I bathe him. He actually did it himself! I couldn’t believe how much he has grown and how fast it is.

After showering, while helping him to wipe dry his body…

M: Wow Darian you are a big boy now!

D: No mama! I am not a big boy! I don’t have a lot of hair! I want to grow up taller and faster like you and papa. I want to have a lot of hair like you and papa!

Darian Yap why are you so funny? 😉

Kids… Don’t they always say the dardest things!





On turning 4

***26th November 13***


Darian is 4! 😉

On this special day, we had a simple celebration; a dine out at Chick-Fil-A (where they have a little playground for the young kids) followed by a cake cutting session at home. We were glad to see that Darian was totally surprised and happy over dinner and cake. Simple celebration yet he was gleaming with joy. I bet he had sweet dreams that night too. Heehee 🙂


Our dinner and we thought the burgers were quite tasty.


My little dashing son!


On the slide


Finally giving me a pose!


Act cute! Heehee 😉


And Baby Dyann joined in the fun.

Dearest Darian,

It’s like a blink of eyes and you are already 4! Oh where did the time go? It’s simply amazing to watch you transform from a little adorable baby to a dashing little boy! You definitely have grown a lot. You have been a loving son and brother to Papa, mama and meimei. We all love you so much! ❤

Thank you for being such an awesome big brother to Baby Dyann. Other than the times when you two brawl over toys and iPad, we can see how much you love meimei. I love seeing how you two greet each other with hugs and kisses in the morning. It sure warms my heart. It is great that you know how to share mama’s love with meimei. Whenever meimei gets upset seeing me hugging you, you will ask her to join in the hug together. Awww… absolutely wonderful brother you are! Whenever meimei walks too slow out of the elevator, you will get worried and run back in while urging her to walk faster. It’s such simple acts that show how much you care, love and protect her.

I know you love me as much as I love you. You care so much for me that you told me, you don’t want another sibling because you don’t want the doctor to operate on me and worry that I will bleed. Just tell me how can I ever stop loving you?

Yes, papa and mama are strict in your upbringing mainly because it is our duty to educate and teach you to be a better person. Son, you have to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around you and there are certainly ups and downs in life. This is part and parcel of life and that we want you to have a strong and determine personality to overcome whatever obstacles you may face in life. Having said so, your love for us is still as strong as before. You enjoy papa’s companion and mama’s attention and is always yearning for more. ❤

Papa and mama want you to know that, every single day since you were born, you’ve added something so amazing to our world that we can’t even imagine life without you in it. Happy 4th Birthday dear son! Stay happy, healthy and safe always. We love you to bits! Muacks! ❤❤❤


Happy birthday Darian!


Haha! 😉


We love you so much! ❤


He loves me so much! ❤


Kissing papa. 😉


Aww… meimei giving gege a birthday kiss!


Making a wish and his wish was “I love mama!” Really melt my heart boy! 🙂


Let’s cut the cake.


First slice to be given to Papa.


Finally his turn to eat the cake. 🙂


Last but not least, his birthday presents from us! 🙂


Hersheys kisses


While Darian was seeking permission to eat the Hersheys kisses chocolate…

D: Mummy, what is this?

M: You sure you don’t know what that is? It is chocolate…

D: Can I eat?

M: Okie but only one. Eh Darian, tell me what does the chocolate look like? (So I was expecting him to say shit, 大便…(Oops please pardon the crudeness.)

D: (looking carefully at the chocolate) The chocolate looks like volcano!

M: Oh ya! You are right! Sure it looks like one. 🙂

Of course, I was impressed with his answer and seriously I was not expecting that too! Heehee… Later on, I got Papa Yap to guess Darian’s answer and his guess was ‘shit’. Haha… Well well I supposed it’s the parents who are full of crap rather than the kids! Heehee 😉




At the snake encounter, Papa Yap was demonstrating and encouraging Darian to overcome the fear of touching the snake…

P: Come Darian, let’s touch the snake. I will be with you.

D: NO, I don’t want!!

P: Come… See, it will not bite. See how Papa touch it.

D: NO NO NO!!!

P: Do you remember you ever touch a snake when you were a baby?

D: Last time I was a baby. Now I’m a big boy ok!!

We like his answer and had quite a laugh though. Haha 😉 Quite an epic answer. So he was trying to tell Papa Yap indirectly that when he was a baby he knew nuts about the snake. Now that he is older and totally aware of it, there’s no way he would ever get close to it! Heehee 🙂

Practice makes perfect- Writing

Darian’s writing has shown tremendous improvement over time. I am so pleased that he made it! 🙂 He has only started embarking on his writing journey in the beginning of the year and till date he is able to write them independently. Well done son! Come to think of it, back then I was ridiculously over-ambitious to start him on writing his alphabet when he was only 28 month old which evidently produced negative results. I should have known better. How could a little boy with no pre-writing experiences and poor fine motor skills be able to master the holding and controlling of pencil over night. With so much frustrations and tears, I finally decided to call it a break. Seriously, if I were to be insistent on it, I might inadvertently caused him to hate writing and lower his confidence as well. I am glad to have done the right thing.

As much as we want him to enjoy his childhood to its fullest, we got to also ensure that he is not lacking behind in terms of academic aspects. I have incorporated just an hour of writing and reading exercises during the weekdays to make sure he knows all his alphabet and numbers 1 to 20 very well. My goals for him are relatively simple. Know and write alphabets and numbers 1 to 20. Improve on his phonics. Be able to recognise and read some simple sight words. That’s about all. Achievable isn’t it? 🙂 Seriously I loathe this part of motherhood and to think that I have to repeat this with Baby Dyann… Argh… 😉

keep up the good work, my boy! 🙂


Donatello for today

So our darling boy decided to call himself Donatello for today… We were getting down the car and he remained in his seat despite me asking him to get down. “Darian, come down now!” He totally ignored me. For the second time, I repeated the sentence again and that was when he replied, “I’m not Darian, I’m Donatello okie!” Rolling my eyes, I told him “Okie Donatello, get down the car now!”. He gave a smirk and came out instantaneously! Argh!!! Haha 🙂


Photos were taken few weeks back 🙂