Amazonia indoor playground

***19th April 13***

I have been wanting to bring Darian to Amazonia at Great World City since last year. So instead of Polliwogs we headed there. It is definitely the best decorated themed indoor playground I have come across so far. The whole place even the bistro is designed in Jungle theme. Very attractive! Perhaps it is a little too overwhelming for Darian. He was actually rather afraid to enter. He was terrified of the dinosaur with the protruding head display at the entrance. But of course he couldn’t resist the super long blue wave slide and ball pit! One moment he was telling us how scared he was, the next moment he was already in the ball pit! Haha kids… 😉


Getting all ready to enter.


Amazonia merchandises store next to the entrance.


Bistro in the rainforest 🙂


The 8 metre high 4 level wave slide!


The toddler play area for kids 0 to 3 years old. Plenty of activities to keep the younger ones occupied and entertained. 🙂


There are a few rooms at the left side of the playground: The party rooms, the Spaceball room, and the Mini Golf room. For the Spaceball and Mini Golf room are additional add-on plays which are not inclusive of the entrance fee.

The good thing about going to such places on a weekday is that you can have the entire playground to yourself. There were only a few kids around and in fact there was a period whereby we were the only family inside. How nice! 🙂

Darian had a smashing great time there. He had a lot of fun running through the mazes, sliding down the wave slide, throwing balls around the ball pit. He enjoyed the play so much so that he didn’t even want to take a snack break. He made a friend there and was happily playing and running around with the boy (of his age). As expected after 2 hours of play, he cried for awhile and left Amazonia reluctantly. He told us how fun Amazonia was and claimed that he prefered Amazonia to Polliwogs.

By the way the entrance fee for 3 to 12 years is at $33(2 hours play) and o to 1-year old( tagging along/with minimal spending of 20$) is free. We think it is considered very expensive for a 2 hours play. But for a change and experience we feel it is totally alright. Well to us other than the thematic setup, Polliwogs is equally fun and the entrance fee is much worthwhile as compared. I think the best thing here is that it is situated in a shopping mall so we can shop around and eat before or after play. 😉


Darian navigating the play area.


In his all time favourite ball pit. 🙂


“See mummy I can balance myself”


bird eye view




Darian bouncing on the trampoline.


The loving duo


Meimei in the toddler’s ball pit. She didn’t like to be inside and cried shortly thereafter. 😉


The boys bringing meimei for a slide.


Haha so she loves thrill but not ball pit. 😉


Finally willing to stop for a while.


Recharging in process.


Meimei having her snack time too!


Playing with meimei while Darian is somewhere out there.


Such an angel. Aww… melts 🙂




Cheeky boy! 😉


Playing with his ‘friend for a day’. Haha 🙂


My two beautiful kiddos ❤


Beautifully us ❤



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