At Grandma’s

***17th April 13***

We went to Paragon for my body checkup and had our lunch at Grandma’s restaurant. Over at Grandma’s, they serve local and peranakan food. After looking through a menu of mouth-watering spicy food, we decided to order curry chicken, claypot tofu and dumpling soup to go along with white rice. There are other spicy dishes that I want to order but with Darian around, it is not possible for us to have all spicy dishes for lunch. Next time then. 🙂


Papa Yap as usual while waiting! Argh…


My darling Darian


curry chicken $12.90 – The chicken meat was really tender and soft. You can easily use the fork to pull apart the meat. The curry gravy is thick and rich. Great to eat with white rice for sure.


Claypot tofu $8.90 – A pot of egg tofu, chicken meat, prawn, squid, button mushroom, lettuce, peas, carrot, onion and chili braised in flavourful thicken stock. Although there are chili slices, it is not spicy at all. Suitable for kids. 🙂


Dumpling soup – There were about 5 or 6 prawn dumplings in this chicken clear broth. Tastes good but nothing flattering. Personally I feel that $10.90 for this soup is a little overpriced.

Overall, we were very satisfied with our orders. It’s Papa Yap’s first visit to the Grandma’s and he thought the food is good. As for me, my first attempt at Nex outlet was definitely not as satisfying as compared to here. Hmm… I wonder if it is because of different chefs… Well we can always revisit Grandma’s again. 😉



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