The lodge

At last in August 2010, we received the HDB letter to collect the keys for our 4 rm flat  in Punggol on the 6th October 2010. We are incredibly elated to see the letter! Gosh, we are about to own a property, to have our own house, in two months time… Excited! 🙂 We didn’t manage to check out our new house immediately after collecting the keys as my uncle mentioned to us that it was not an auspicious date to go to our new house after looking through the chinese calendar. He suggested that we should do so on the 8th October(which is two days later) between 11am to 1pm. Hence we heeded his advice…

Anticipation kills.. haha.. Finally two days later, we opened the door to our very first house! Huat ah!!!The feeling upon stepping into our new house was certainly blissful. At that moment, we couldn’t wait for the renovation to commence immediately so that we could move in as soon as possible! haha.. 🙂

Open Sesame! 🙂

The long living room.

Hmm… small kitchen…

The service yard

Common bathroom

Master bedroom bathroom

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Master bedroom

We engaged an interior designer through my good friend, Sherie. Our interior designer, Byron is from Heavenly Home Space. We were comfortable with his approach, ideas and concepts. We decided to do up the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and the master bedroom. As for other two bedrooms, we did not have any fittings done as we wanted flexibility in converting the rooms in the future. As our flat is relatively small, we decided on using mirrors and glass door to make it look more spacious. Colours scheme plays an important aspect in doing so too which is why Papa Yap and i chose white as the primary colour, with a combination of black and grey to create a simple yet sophisticated, modern feel. With much discussions, our ID drafted out the 3D pictures of what we wanted our ideal house to be like… 😉

The living room


Master Bedroom

Master bedroom bathroom

 Common bathroom

It was time to finalise the flooring type, wall tiles, paints, window grills, doors, laminate for the cabinets, vanity and kitchen top. We spent a few weekends sourcing for all the fixtures, lightings, bathroom accessories as well… There were just so much to do. Tiring! And soon the big project started… Work in process! 😉

Hacked floor tiles…

 Hacked kitchen wall…

Extending the master bedroom wardrobe space by hacking down one wall and reconstructing a new wall further in for my wardrobe.

False ceiling up.

Reconstructed wall for my wardrobe in the Master bedroom.

Overlaying of tiles in the master bedroom.

Overlaying of tiles in the common bathroom.

Getting ready to lay Homogeneous floor tiles in the living room and walk way to the rooms.

Walls painted, floors are ready and lightings are up! 🙂

We love this crystal hanging pendant in our dining area. We made the right choice buying this pricey light. It is really a Gorgeous piece! 🙂

Kitchen glass sliding door is ready too. 😉

Glass doors are up and the laminated flooring for all the rooms are done too!

Shower screen fixed.

Kitchen cabinets are all mounted.

The shoe cabinet. 🙂

Full length mirror at the dining area. Beautiful isn’t it!

Vanity top in master bedroom.

Rain shower Fixed. 🙂

Our King sized customised bed! 🙂

Built in Wardrobe.

Toilet fixtures in common bathroom done.

The featured wall and TV console. Looking great! 😉

Yes! The renovation was completed in 7 weeks time. The house looked fantastic! We love it! 🙂 We spent a few days cleaning up the place with the help of my aunt, brother, cousins and helper.  Got all our stuffs shifted in, furnitures, electrical appliances, housewares all arranged and packed! We simply couldn’t wait to move in! ;p

At Last, we officially moved into our beautiful and cozy house on the 30th December 2010. A place where we belong, where we proudly call HOME. 🙂

Our TV area 🙂

Pretty Dining area 🙂


 Cozy Master bedroom 😉



13 thoughts on “The lodge

  1. Hi i was looking thru your home reno and i like some of the designs.
    Can you please tell me more about your contractor/ ID Byron.
    After 3 years of reno, is your furniture (wardrobes, cabinets etc) still in good condition? is the wood work good?
    Do you have any regrets on any part of the reno that i should look out for or avoid?
    Thank you so much 🙂


  2. Hi hi!

    My ID is a pretty efficient guy with great ideas and he is definitely very experienced in this line. So far our carpentry (wardrobes, cabinets, kitchen) is still in good condition and I think it is really due to the quality of the material used and the workmanship. Yep no regrets choosing his service for sure! As for anything to look out for, I guess the key in engaging ID is that you would need to communicate in detail with him in order to avoid any misinterpretation of ideas.

    I have to compliment on his after reno services too. 2 months after reno, my mirror was chipped by my son and he was very kind to replace the mirror without any charges. 6mths after, there were cracks on the wall ( apparently my cluster had this issue) and he arranged his painter to mend it for us.

    Anyway hope this helps and thanks for the read! 🙂


    • Hi there!

      So sorry, I do not have the quotation with me. But anyway I can share with you the total cost for the reno. Its about 36k(that was 3years back).

      Thanks for reading my blog though! 🙂

    • Hi hi! I think the brand is uninova but I got it from a shop at S&C furniture shop at Ang Mo Kio. I actually went to its showroom to check out the model and price before going down to S&C. It’s cheaper at S&C. Hope this helps! 😉

  3. Hi, came across your blog when I was searching around for some helps on overlaying. It seems that you did overlay your toilet tiles.. how is the condition now? My contractor is really against overlaying but the HDB tiles looks so gaudy, I’m having panic attacks! Would you mind sharing with me your experience? Are the tiles behaving now? 🙂

    • HI there!

      Sorry for the late reply. We have been staying here for 4 years so far and it is still in good condition. No issues, no complaint, well at least at this moment… heehee 🙂

      Good luck with your house renovation! 🙂

    • Hi there,

      We bought it at, about 4 years back, but I cannot remember the exact price. It’s should be more than 600 bucks. Anyways doubt they would have this one. Still you can try and probably they have similar pieces.

      Cheers 🙂

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