From Marina Barrage to Garden by the bay then back to Punggol


Since our previous weekend plan was unsuccessful,  Papa Yap and I decided to fulfill our family outing at the Marina Barrage during the Labour Day holiday. At the same time, visit the Tulips Mania exhibition at the Flower Dome which was about to end soon. When the #jiaklimnuagang heard about our outing, they were keen on joining us. I thought it was a great idea for our second gathering. The more the merrier right? So when I told the duo about it, they were very excited!



Surprisingly the carpark was almost full when we got there at 9ish. Kenny and Winnie who only reached at 10am weren’t that lucky. They had to park at Satay by the Bay and walked over to the barrage. We found a spot and laid out the mats and stuff on the ground while the duo were already excited to start playing around. Picnic was potluck. We bought finger food and curry puffs from Old Chang Kee, Steven and Cassie cooked spaghetti while Kenny and Winnie had prepared sandwiches. Food was definitely more than enough for all of us.







Despite the hot weather, the kids had a fabulous time snacking away, flying kite, running around, blowing bubbles and playing the ball and Frisbee with their daddy, korkors and jiejies. If only there were some big canopy or parasol to shade us from the hot scorching sun! We were literally melting away. Steven even brought along his drone. He tried playing his toy but Mr wind was too strong at times, moreover there were too many kites in the air. Seriously it wouldn’t be nice to be cutting people’s kite. 😉










After more than an hour of play and ‘sun tan’, we decided to continue with our picnic at the ground level of the Barrage. Without much hesitation, we packed our stuff and proceeded below. Apparently weather was a little too much for us to handle. At least we were all under the shade for the second half. 🙂




We stopped by Satay by the bay for some cold drinks and desserts before heading over to the Flower Dome. It was definitely very much needed in such a hot weather. Over there, the duo were happy to feed the fishes at the pond too. Cassie bought them a packet of fish food at 2 bucks each which really kept them well entertained throughout.











At the flower dome, there was a huge crowd and a long ticketing queue. Luckily, we managed to purchase the tickets online via mobile and got inside shortly. Yeah that’s the thing about being IT savvy! Still, we really shouldn’t have visited the place on a public holiday. It was hard for photography with the number of people there. The consolation was that the tulips were absolutely beautiful! I love seeing the assorted vibrant colors and their pretty display. Simply gorgeous! In conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day, there were free tulips distributed to the visitors inside. We followed the crowd to queue for it and it didn’t take us long before we got it.  Dyann fell asleep in Papa Yap’s arms shortly so he had to carry her throughout while we continued with our walk.




Having done with our outing about 4pm, the gang decided to pop over at our place for some rest before continuing with Part 3 for the day. Dinner was a last minute plan when the rest of the friends found out that we were together at Garden by the bay. So we ended up meeting more friends at the Punggol Settlement for dinner. Then it was back to our humble abode again… As beers and cards have been always the way to end the night for this group of old time friends!

It was indeed an amazing full filled, long day for us.


Outdoor fun on a lovely Saturday

***12th May***

At Marina Barrage

My Family 🙂

Mr and Miss tourist

It was an ideal weather and time for picnic-ing and kite flying. Perfect! 🙂 We reached Marina Barrage at 4-ish, met up with my sis and John and we were all ready to set up the picnic area. There was an event going on which explained the crowd and mascot. Luckily my sister and John were there early to reserve a good place for us. 

Papa Yap was preparing his kite when he realised that one of the rod for the kite was missing. Since there was a kite booth at the level one of Marina Barrage, he bought a new kite. Soon he came back with an ugly kite (which he claims that it is the prettiest at the booth).  That  “look so pirated Angry Bird” kite costs a good $15! Crappy! Anyway we still couldn’t help it but to laugh at his new kite. 😉 

Little Darian was happily hopping and running around with a bottle of bubbles solution. My sis and John took turns to play with the little active boy. My sis and John bought cake, sushi platter and old chang kee for the picnic. Coincidentally I had prepared drinks and old chang yee as well. Haha so many puffs n spring rolls to eat! Alright, kite flying seems easy but to actually do it, is definitely not that easy. John took quite a while to fly up the kite. Haha. And at the end of the day he managed to fly the kite real real high that the kite remained up in the vast sky and was never seen again! Wahahaha! Luckily the sun has set and it was almost time to leave if not we got to spend another $15 for another ugly kite. Until today little Darian still remembered John lost the kite. Haha 😉

All of us had loads of fun and laughter. We took a number of photos. Glad that the precious moments were captured and saved. Though tiring, we had enjoyed ourselves very much and looked forward to more of such outdoor activites. To sum up everything, it was definitely an awesome day! 🙂

All ready for picnic and kite flying 🙂

My sis and I

Little Darian having so much fun blowing the bubbles.

Learning  how to fly a kite.

Serious learner John! Haha

Sonny and Mommy

My big boy! 😉

#Loveslovesloves 🙂