Pretend play

Darian is at the stage where he often displays imaginative play. Sometimes he picks up his green autobot and pretends it to be hulk. Sometimes he arranges his smurfs as bowling pins for some bowling fun. Sometimes he uses various things to create bridges and ramps for his little toy cars. It’s really interesting to see him going through this phase as it showed how creative he can be using things around him. At the same time, he could be building on his problem solving and cognitive skills too. I pretty much believe in learning through play. Before two, Darian was able to identify colours using his toy cars. Nope I didn’t invest much in picture cards(except for alphabet and number) which I obviously don’t find a need to. Why do you need picture cards when teaching aids are actually everywhere around us. Take for example: using his toys, we could talk about the colour, texture, size and details. On the road, we could talk about the different vehicles, their colours, sizes, number of wheels and more. At the Zoo, the animals would be the best ‘picture cards’ for sure. Basically we could use our surrounding as teaching aids to enrich children’s learning by talking to them. Children learn best when parents are actively involve in the learning process. With enough scaffolding and exploration, I believe they will learn even better.

Papa Yap and I certainly like him to continue with such play as that could save us quite a lot of moolah! Haha! Seriously you would know why if you were to see his toys back at home. 😉 Once a while he would tell me that he wants to go back to Singapore, go back Punggol, go back home. Mainly because he misses his playroom and toys! Well as much as kids have good memory of promises and their favourite stuff, they also tend to forget things real fast when they find something else to do or play. So It wasn’t hard to stop his whines at all! You just need a trick or two! Heehee 😉