The first #jiaklimnuagang outing at Coastal Settlement

***April 15***

After having several meet ups with Steven and Cassie, they organized another dinner date, this time round, with another two more couple from our secondary school clique. However only Kenny and his gf, Winnie, were able to make it.



We decided to do dinner at The Coastal settlement on Friday night. We ordered quite a bit of food. Food tasted alright but not exactly fantastic. I actually thought the price was a little steep. However the ambience was undeniably good, not to mention the company too! The kiddos had a good time with all the big brothers and sisters!




After dinner, we headed over to the CSC bowling center nearby. Darian was totally estactic to find out that we were joining the group for late night bowling games. His sense of road direction was really good. He could recall the route to CSC Changi and that was how he discovered that we were going there. Amazing!



The guys, Cassie and Darian played a few games while Winnie, Dyann and I were audiences. The last time when the guys played together was more than a decade ago. It was such a good time reminiscing our teenage’s life. Those were the days when we could stay up the entire night fooling around. Seriously, right now any time after 11pm sounds really tiring and sleepy already. Haha… 🙂


As usual the kiddos were full of energy when they were at play. They didn’t show any sign of tiredness at all. Yet they dozed off almost immediately after we start the car. Kids!


So this was exactly how team #jiaklimnuagang started! Our first outing and of course more to come! 🙂



Saturday at East Coast Park 

***April 15***

Usually we would meet up with Richard and company for some indoor lunch or dinner dates. That Saturday however, was the first time we arranged to meet up at East Coast Park for some outdoor activities instead. Hence my initial plans to the Marina Barrage was flopped. At first, I wasn’t exactly very keen on going to the East Coast Park until the thoughts about dining at the Food Centre enticed me. Well you know this is the time when one could ordered a table full of yummy local delights with all the friends whereas it’s almost impossible for just Papa Yap and I to do so.





The adults and kiddos started off with some games of frisbee and soccer on an open field. I bought Dyann a ball from the nearby kiosk when I realised there was nothing to keep her occupied. It was not a bad idea after all. She was happy. 🙂




Somehow the older kids became a little bored and requested to go cycling. It wasn’t of any issue for us as we had brought along Darian’s bicycle and the glider for Dyann while the rest rented a bicycle each. Darian had fun cycling along with them while Papa Yap and I guided Dyann on the glider and took a gentle stroll to and fro the jetty.



We were all tired and hungry after an hour of cycling and walking. Before heading over to the food centre, we took some pictures of the sand castles built in memory of the late Lee Kuan Yew. It was indeed nicely done.


The food centre was already packed at 6pm. Fortunately we managed to secure a big table, to accommodate the 10 of us, pretty fast. While the five adults went off to get the various food, I stayed behind to watch the kiddos. Well that’s the advantage of having young kids! Haha…

We had a table full of yummy food. There were satays, bbq chicken wings, oyster omelette, braised duck, fried rice, bak kut teh and sambal sting rays. Somewhat we really ordered too much food and ended up having lots of leftover. The thing about being in this group is that no one actually has the habit of taking photos of our meals. And that explained why there wasn’t any photo of our palatable dinner.

After dinner, we bought some old school ice cream from the ice cream vendor on our way to the car park. The cold and sweet dessert was certainly a good treat to end our day! 🙂


Good Friday at Jurong Bird Park


Life has been pretty mundane for March. Other than the usual weekend shopping trips or dining sessions with the grandparents, I don’t think we did anything more. At least April seemed to be a more fun and interesting month for the kids.



Our first outing for the month was to the Jurong Bird Park. Because of the SG50 promotion, the tickets we purchased entitled us a year of membership with unlimited entry. I thought we got ourselves quite a good deal provided if we revisit again. Haha. 🙂 The place was rather packed as it was a public holiday. And parking was really another headache. We couldn’t get a parking lot opposite the park and ended up parking at the top of the hill.





The plan was to bring the kids over to the water play area since we didn’t make it in time for the first bird show. Yet the area was closed for maintenances! Seriously! Just our luck! The kiddos were quite disappointed but at least the playground beside managed to keep them entertained for a while. To think that I had even checked on their website prior to the visit. If not we wouldn’t have another big bag to carry around.









Weather was really hot and humid but that didn’t stop us from walking all over the park. The kiddos were really keen to look at all the various birds in the exhibits. They even attempted feeding the lories until Papa Yap got pecked by two of them. That was when Double Ds decided that feeding was actually no fun at all! Haha 🙂











So we spent the rest of the day walking from one point to another learning about many types of birds, taking a number of pretty photos, watching the two bird shows, and looking at the man made waterfall. All these about summed up our trip at Jurong Bird Park. We were totally exhausted and hot and couldn’t be anymore happier to be back in the car!


 CNY 2015 – Year of Sheep

Woah! My last blog entry was actually in April… Since the June school holidays have just begun,  I finally found the energy and time to do some updates here. Obviously I’m going to have quite a bit of backlog posts coming up.

As I was going through my account, I realised I still had my Chinese New Year 2015 draft pending. Like seriously, Chinese New Year had already past for 4 months you know! But I feel that this significant occasion certainly deserved to be remembered. To me, it is not exactly about the goodies, yusheng, steamboats, liondance, the new clothes and redpackets but more of a yearly affair where everyone makes the effort and time for each other. You get to see those people who you hardly see in a year time. So how can I not love celebrating such a happy occasion in Singapore. Hence CNY 2015 would be my first post for the start. 🙂

***February 2015****

This CNY had been quite a crazy tiring one, given that the first day of CNY was on a Thursday, we had the luxury of having four continuous days of visiting all over the island. Although I love having the four continuous days to visit our friends and relatives, it was really tiring.



In fact, Wednesday seemed like the start of CNY already. As usual, reunion dinner was at my in laws’ place. Now that we have kids, having the reunion dinner at home would be more ideal for us. She had pre-ordered a set deal from Soup Restaurant and we thought food was mediocre only. Anyways it’s our custom for married woman to be having reunion dinner with the husband’s family. Though I miss having my mom’s steamboat, she can prepare anytime if we want. So it’s seriously not of an issue.






As usual, CNY Day 1 was spent at both the parents’ house where all the relatives gathered around. The first half of the day was at the in laws’ place before we popped over to my parents’ for dinner. The good thing is that they are both living few blocks apart which really made travelling so convenient. So the entire day was all about poker cards, foods, foods and more foods… Oh ya my mom cooked a feast! Her cooked from scratch, Deluxe Treasure Pot (aka Buddha jumps over the wall) was marvellous! We were totally amazed at her superb cooking skills. It was a pity that we didn’t take a picture of our delectable dinner. My father was telling us how early my mom woke up just to prepare the dinner all by herself. Yep we definitely appreciated her efforts and hard work but I guessed we appreciated her yummy food more. heehee 😉 With that, CNY day 1 ended nearly 12 midnight!














The next three days and the following weekend, we went around Singapore, from the west to the east, visiting our relatives and friends. It’s always such a joy seeing them during CNY. We even attended baby Tyler’s mini first birthday party. I’m sure double Ds were both elated throughout the festive period. I could see that they were totally immersed in the festive mood. Now, I’m already looking forward to the next CNY with new little ones coming. 🙂


S.E.A Aquarium




We received three free SEA aquarium tickets and brought the kids over to Resort World Sentosa on Saturday afternoon. This is our second visit there and I was hoping that the place wouldn’t be crowded. Obviously it was inevitable for a Saturday. Papa Yap and I would usually plan for a weekday visit to such places. However, it’s kind of tough for him to be taking leave on a weekday for this year and the next as he would be very very busy till then. The cycle of late nights, stay in camp, local and overseas trainings is repeating yet again. That’s why I really appreciated and enjoyed the one year quality family time in United States.







Alright back to the main point. There’s no doubt about bringing the kiddos to the aquarium which they absolutely enjoyed themselves there. They love watching the colorful assorted fishes swimming in their habitats, at the same time, learning more facts about the fishes.



Double Ds even experienced touching the starfish in the discovery touch pool. Darian was telling us how the starfish felt as hard as a rock. As for Papa Yap and I, we were more than glad that Darian was willing to touch the starfish. He has been quite a timid boy.






I had enjoyed sitting by the wide viewing panel where we watched the marine life swimming around in the open ocean gallery. Some of the fish were really huge. It was relaxing watching the sea creatures swim by while the kids have ample space moving around.





The final habitat before exiting the SEA Aquarium was the Shark Tunnel Tank. There were a number of sharks swimming around and over our heads. While Dyann was watching the sharks, Darian was busy spotting the various sharks together with Papa Yap. Overall, the Yappies had a well spent afternoon at the SEA Aquarium.  And we were wondering if we should have another staycation at RWS soon! Haha 🙂



To the Night Safari



Our first family outing of 2015 was to the Night Safari. It was rather an impromptu trip after picking Darian from his school. We thought that since it was the first day of school reopen, there wouldn’t be much crowd. But we were seriously wrong. There was already a long line forming at the entrance before it was even opened. I got to say that thankfully we were there early so it saved us a lot of time waiting for the tram ride. You should have seen the queue. It was crazy. I couldn’t imagine if we had came later. We probably got to wait more than one hour for the tram ride. Phew…




So we started off with the tram ride which took about 4o minute for the entire tour. Flash photography was not allowed during the tour as the flash would hurt and blind the animals vision. Hence we didn’t manage to capture any photos. I would think the tram ride was pretty essential as some of the routes were not reachable by foot. Yet, we didn’t get to see all the animals and even so it was considerably a brief one as the tram was constantly moving.




After the tram ride, we walked the night nature trail. I thought it was kind of hard to walk around looking at the animals at night. Some were hiding behind bushes while some enclosures were quite packed. It certainly took us a while to spot the animals. Nevertheless we managed to complete the trail.




We ended the Night Safari trip catching the Creatures of the Night show. Being the typical ‘kiasu’ parents, we waited at the entrance 40 minutes before the show. At least, we managed to get a decent view for the show. The animal show was interesting and it managed to entice the kids. Darian was still complaining that the duration of the show was too short. Haha 🙂



Overall, it was a good experience for the kids. I recalled coming to the Night Safari during childhood and when I was dating with Papa Yap. Seriously, I felt that it didn’t change much and it has been always this crowded. Haha… Papa Yap was commenting that we could come back again next year but I really doubt so. To be honest, we prefer going to the Zoo. You would get to see more animals, spend more time at the enclosures and exhibits, take really nice photos, and the kids get to play too. Besides, the Zoo tickets are cheaper you know.


Counting down to 2015 



After having a kid, attending counting down party is hardly possible. This year however was an exception. We decided to join my family and relatives for a countdown session at CSC Changi chalet. I thought it would be great to let Darian be aware of the start of a new year. I had insisted a compulsory late nap for double Ds in order for them to stay up late. It didn’t pose any issues for Dyann as she is used to having her afternoon nap. As for Darian, it was rather tough to get him to sleep. Somehow or rather he did it.










We only reached the chalet at about 7pm and began barbecuing after double Ds had their dinner. It has been quite a while since we last went for a BBQ session. I never like to barbecue but wouldn’t mind to gather with relatives and friends. As usual, there would always be that few kind souls who willingly barbecue for everybody. So I still got to eat. 🙂





After the BBQ session, we proceeded over to the bowling center for a few games while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Despite the time, the kids were still full of energy. Darian was super delighted to play a few games of bowling. Our enthusiastic boy looked all smiley throughout the session. He thoroughly enjoyed himself there. 🙂


We left shortly after the countdown and the kids totally knocked out at the back of the car. We could tell that the kids had a smashing great time counting down together with their grandparents and extended family. It was absolutely the last happy day of 2014 with the family! May 2015 be another happy year for everyone! 🙂


December family fun time

The whole of December had been an incredibly fun and fulfilling one, mostly the second half because Papa Yap took leave from the third week of December until 4th January. The kids, especially Darian who was having his school holidays, and I were absolutely elated to have him around the house. For that past two weeks, we went out most of the days so I hardly cook. Besides, with him in the house meant having extra hands to help me with the kids. Hence, it was like a well deserved break for myself as well. 🙂

There were simply too many activities that happened in December. As such, I decided to sum up everything with this post. Anyways I was pretty sure that double Ds totally had a smashing great time throughout December!

Polliwogs at East Coast

Going to Polliwogs is always a happy time for double Ds. They seemed to have infinite fun playing there and will always ask for more. Coincidentally our dinner dates, Steven and Cassie, were around the vicinity and decided to join us for a while before going for their movie date. Later in the evening, we met up again for dinner at Junction 8. The kids enjoyed their company and we could tell that they adore double Ds as well.




Lunch at Changi City Point and playtime at the Petite Park.

It has been such a long time since I met up with my gf, Angela. So I thought meeting her, together with double Ds, at Changi City Point would be ideal for a little catch up. At least I’m confident enough to supervise the kids in that little indoor playground while chatting with Angela. Apparently Double Ds enjoyed playing with her too. She certainly was good at entertaining the kids. 🙂




Bowling at CSC Changi

We had a bowling and dinner date with Steven and Cassie. Darian was exceptionally happy to hear about our date as he has always been very keen in bowling. The bowling center at CSC Changi is newly established  and has sofa seats rather than the conventional bowling seats. The comfortable settings created a cozy environment for both bowlers and non-bowlers. It’s a great place for friends and family to get together. The other good thing is that the lanes are equipped with gutter bumpers to help kids keep their balls rolling towards the pins. This definitely kept the kids’ morale high. Now that Darian is older and could lift the lightest bowling ball, bowling seems like another family activity for us. Overall, we had a fun bowling experience with Darian and the couple. Looking forward to our next bowling session with them again. 🙂






Yes, the kids love playdates and the best time to plan for playdates is of course during school holidays. This December,we met up with SukChing and baby Tyler for a couple of times. Double Ds are always talking about baby Tyler and they certainly love visiting him at home. We also had another playdate with my friend Fiona and her two lovely kids, Jovan and Joey. It didn’t take the boys long to warm up. The girls however, were at the stage where they were unable to engage in cooperative play. Still, the playdate was an awesome one. I totally enjoyed talking to mummy Fiona and double Ds were happy to have double Js in the house too. 🙂



New Life Community Church

We brought the kids to support the grandparents and their friends for a line dance performance at the church. Darian was all focused watching the performances while Dyann fell asleep before the grandparents went up the stage. Haha…




Yap’s Family day out at the Universal Studio Singapore

Since Papa Yap’s elder brother and his family came back from London for a month stay, we decided to have a family outing to the Universal Studio. It was a good idea for everyone, especially the kids, to get together before they fly back to London. Weather was hot but still bearable. As usual, we spent lots of time queuing for rides and taking photo. While the in laws decided to leave the park at 4ish, we remained in the park until 8pm. We thought it was too early to leave and the kids obviously didn’t have enough fun. Surprisingly queues at night was very short and double Ds were so excited for the rides. Double Ds had an enjoyable day and Dyann was even happier to receive a USS balloon from one of the staff. But someone else wasn’t too pleased about it… 🙂









Christmas 2015

Christmas eve was spent at home together with Jeff and family, Richard and Yanni. Double Ds always love seeing this group of people. They love playing with Double Js all the time. It was absolutely a great occasion to hang out together. On Christmas day, we went over to SukChing’s house and stayed there till late night. Needless to say, we all had a enjoyable time there. This year, we bought a Christmas tree and had all the presents placed under the tree until Christmas Day. Somehow they did manage to wait until Christmas Day to unwrap all the presents despite all those anticipation. Double Ds were very delighted and grateful for all the Christmas presents.







SukLin and Kim’s Rom

Although we didn’t make it to SukLin and Kim’s grand wedding in Thailand, we were still glad to witness their ROM in Singapore. Their ROM was hosted in Tunglok Central and only the close relatives were invited. It’s another wonderful reason to gather with the relative. Wishing them an everlasting marriage and hope to receive ‘good news’ from them soon. 🙂




Cycling at East Coast park

It was an impromptu family activity at the East Coast Park. Weather was cloudy and windy, absolutely perfect for a evening leisure cycle. We rented a family bicycle and a small four wheeled bicycle for an hour. Darian wanted to cycle on his own and we thought it was also a good time for him to practise cycling. It’s always great to be doing such activities during the weekdays where there isn’t any crowd at all. We all had a splendid evening cycle at the beach that day.




Gardens by the bay

We managed to visit Christmas at Gardens by the bay before the theme changed for the next season. Dinner was at Satay by the bay before we began our night stroll at the Flower Dome and Supertree Grove. Luckily for us, it was a cooling night for a stroll around the park. Doubles Ds enjoyed the walk in the Flower Dome and the super tree Rhapsody. The Christmas decorations were all so beautiful to look at. We took many pretty photos and only left the park at about 10pm. Yet another happy family outing. I totally love family time like this. 🙂





Mama J is one year older


Alright I’m already 31 years old, though I thought I was 32. Seriously… What a joke right? 😏 And on my 31st birthday, Papa Yap insisted that I ought to have my birthday meesua which I normally would cook for my little family. He even suggested to cook for me. Of course, I flatly rejected his kind offer. It’s kind of scary to even imagine him cooking in my kitchen… Haha… In the end, he brought me to Putien for a dinner treat, as well as fulfilling the ‘birthday meesua mission’. At least I got to eat it for my birthday as well. 😉


This year, I spent my birthday not only with my little family, but as well as my close relatives and siblings. Though it’s quite a pity that my parents were unable to join us due to their work commitment. Still, I’m happy enough.





I had organized a karaoke session at the Temasek club, the same place where Papa Yap celebrated his birthday. Looking at how spacious the room was, it was certainly enough to fit the family. Besides that, the additional soccer table would provide them with another activity to do, at the same time keeping Darian occupied. Anyways Darian was also anticipating to play the soccer table after knowing that we would be going there. Hello son, please understand that not all KTV room has a soccer table alright… Haha…






It was such a joyous night, singing and drinking with this bunch of people. I’m glad to be able to celebrate this special day with all of them. Double Ds had an enjoyable time playing with everyone too. To my siblings, aunts and cousins, thank you for your presence, as well as the presents and cake. Much appreciated.










It’s definitely a good reason for double Ds to stay up late. Isn’t it! By the way, they were really happy to be wearing their Spiderman and Snow White costumes. Silly kids! ❤



❤ ❤ ❤


Darian is 5 – Part 2


Day 2

Our first activity of the day began at Port of the Lost Wonder. This was our second visit to the water playground. We had quite a bad experience with Darian when we first visited POLW two years ago. Back then he was totally terrified of getting into the water. But now he has definitely outgrown that phase, in fact we actually need to cajole him out of the water. As for our little missy, it didn’t take her long enough to get into the pool. She seems a little more adventurous than her big brother. The kiddos had so much fun splashing with Papa Yap while I watched them played and captured all those priceless moments. Perhaps it’s time to get a water-resistant camera. 😉 Double Ds absolutely had a whale of a splashy great time there. Since then, Darian has been talking about a revisit. 🙂













Next, we brought double Ds to the Playcation event held at the Palawan beach. With a spending of 60 bucks at Sentosa, we were able to redeem two free play passes. However, the exhausted little missy was least interested about playing at all. She fell asleep soundly on Papa’s Yap arms while waiting for Darian to remove his shoes. So I ended up giving her pass to a random family. On the other hand, Darian was all ready for the next round of play. I really wondered where did he get all those energy from. The ball pool, slides, bouncing castle, rock climbing giant inflatables in the playtent kept Darian well entertained for the next 20 minutes.










After dinner at the Macdonalds, we continued with our third activity – the Luge rides. We were surprised to see how double Ds enjoyed the rides so much. We had two rounds of the Luge but they were still asking for more. They totally loved the thrills! Papa Yap was telling me how Darian kept asking him to go faster on the luge. Well Papa Yap and I did enjoy the rides too. But I didn’t like the skylift at all. So we took a bus up for our second round of Luge.







The last activity for the day was the Wings of Time show at the Palawan beach. Like the previous show, Songs of the Sea, Wings of time is yet another show of water, laser lights and fire effects. I thought it was really a fabulous way to end the night with beautiful fireworks and lights. 🙂







All of us were extremely tired after a long day outside. We snuggled into bed right after bath time. It was indeed a splendid family day at the beach. 🙂


Day 3

Like any other staycation, we would usually plan for a swim at the hotel on the last day. Double Ds were so happy to get into the pool. We brought them over to the Hard Rock Hotel where they could have both water and sand play. However, Dyann did not enjoy the sand play at all and was reluctant to walk on it. As for Darian, he was having loads of fun playing his sand play toys.







We concluded the last day of our staycation at the Trick Eye Museum. Darian was very enthusiastic about posing in front of the camera. He literally posed for almost every scenes. We could tell that he was totally enjoying it. Haha 🙂 Anyways Trick Eye Museum is similar to the Alive Museum, just of a different managing company with different photo concepts. Nevertheless, we still had a great time taking lots of funny silly photos. 🙂
















It was absolutely a terrific staycation! Awesome!

Until now, Darian has been asking for another Sentosa staycation. 🙂